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Full text of "Official catalogue of the great industrial exhibition: (in connection with the Royal Dublin Society), 1853"

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" Srijou art toartljg, © ILortJ, fa reccifej glorg, ant Ijonaitr, airt potocr : for t^ou 
tagt crcatcti all tfjinss, anU for Ifjs pleasure tfjeg ate ant irere created."— Eeli. ifa. U. 




V \ 

MK5"fD.D'^P^ 3CH.^0SA to 

" iigain — <he band of commeroe was design'd 
T' associate all the branches of mankind; 
And if a boundless plenty be the robe, 
Trade is the golden girdle of the globe. 
Wise to promote whatever end He means, .. 

God opens fruitful nature's -various scenes. 
Each climate needs what other climes produce. 
And offers something to the gen'ral use; 
No land but listens to the common call, 
And in return receives supply from all. 
This genial intercourse, and mutual aid, 
Cheers what were else a nniversal shade. 
Calls nature from her ivy-mantrccl den. 
And softens human rock-work into men. 
Ingenious Art, with her expressive face. 
Steps forth to fashion and refine the race ; 
Not only fills necessity's demand, 
But overcharges her capacious hand ; 
Capricious taste itself can crave no more. 
Than she supplies from her abounding store : 
She strikes out all that luxury can ask, 
And gains new vigour at her endless task. 
Hers is the spacious arch, the shapely spire. 
The painter's pencil, and the poet's lyre; 
From her the canvass borrows light and shade. 
And verse, more lasting, hues that never fade. 
She guides the finger o'er the dancing keys, 
Gives difficulty all the grace of ease. 
And pours a torrent of sweet notes around. 
Fast as the thirsting ear can drink the sound. 

" These are the gifts of Art, and Art thrives most 
Where Commerce has enrich'd the busy coast; 
He catches all improvements in his flight, 
Spreads foreign wonders in his country's sight, 
Imports what others have invented well, 
And siirs his own to match them or^xeel. 
'Tis thus reciprocating, each with each. 
Alternately the nations learn and teach ; 
While Providence enjoins to ev'ry soul 
A union with the vast terraqueous whole." 



GjiORCii; Roe, Esq., Chairman. 
Mator Fairfield, Deputy Chairman. 

The Right Hon. the Lord Mayor. 
The Lord Talbot de Malahide. 
The Hon. John P. Vereicek. 
TlTe Hon. George Handcock. 
Sir John Kingston James, Bart. 
Sir Edwaro M'Donnel. 
Sir Robert Kane. 
Thomas Ball, Esq. 
Professor William Barker, M.D, 
John Barlow, Esq. 
John Barton, Esq. 
William Dargan, Esq. 

C. P. RoNEY, Esq., A.B., Secretanj. 

LuNDY E. Foot, Esq, 

Robert Harrison, Esq., JT.D,, 

Nathaniel Hone, Esq. 

John D'Akcy, Esq. 

William Di'^ges La Touche, Esq, 

John Lentaigne, Esq., M.B. 

J. W. MuRLAND, Esq. 

John Pennefather, Esq, 

Wm. Henry Forter, Esq, 

James Stirling, Esq. 

Waxter Sweetbian, Esq. 

I John. 0. Deane, Esq., Assistant Secretary^ 

Robert Heron, Esq., Secretary to the Committee. 

The following arrangement of Sub-Oonimittees was adopted for different departments of the 
undertaking : — 


Sir Edward M'Donnel. 
-George Roe, Esq. 
Major Fairfield. 

Hon. George Handcock, Chairman. 

L. E. Foot, Esq. 
Walter Sweetman, Esq. 

W. D. LaTouche, Esq. 
Sir R. Kane. 
William DargaXj Esq. 


Sir Edward M'Donnel, Chairman. 

J. W. Murland, Esq. 
James Stirling, Esq. 
William Barker, Esq., M.D. 

Lord Talbot De Malahide, Chairman. 

Sir John Kingston James, Bart. 
Robert Harrison, Esq., M.D. 

John Lentaigne, Esq. 
John Barton, Esq. 


James Stirling, Esq. 
L. E. Foot, Esq, 


Walter Sweetman, Esq., Chairman. 

Hon. J. P. Vereker. 
W. H. Porter, Esq. 

Lord Talbot De Malahide. 
John Barlow, Esq. 
John D'Arcy, Esq. 


Thomas Ball, Esq. 
Nathaniel Hone, Esq. 

General Superintendent, R. A. Thompson, Esq. 

Assistant General Superintendents,^ ■^' -t' r\'x3 ^^^^* 

Superintendents of Districts. Deputies. 

District \. Mr. C. C. Adley. C.E. Mr. J. Kennedy. 

District 2. Mr. W. Carr. Mr. J. P. Byrne. 

District 3. Mr. C. H. Bingham. Mr. W. H. Phibbs. 

District 4. Mr. Oorbigan. Mr. S. J, Pojimoret. 

Assistant to General Superintendent, Mr. Frederick G. Heatly. 


Foreign Correspondent and Superintendent of the Foreign Department, Mr. F. M. Harman; 
Deputy-Superintendent, Mr. A. A. Jacob. 

In the Fine Arts Department, the arrangement of the Sculpture was entrusted to John E. Jones, Esq. 

The hanging of the Pictures to John Gernon, Esq. 

In the Finance Department — Inspector of Accounts, Mr. Henry Brown. 

Chief Financial Officer, Mr. T. D. Jones. 
Superintendent of the Catalogue Department, Mr. William M'Dermott. 


Sale of Season Tickets, Mr. Nickson. 

Correspondence, Mr. Killingley — Mr. Ccrry. 

Registry of Letters, &c., Mr. A. Ferguson — A. Ferguson, jun. 

Charge of Postage and Delivery of Letters, Mr. Byrne and Mr. Rea. 

House Steward, Mr. Breslin. 

Custom House Agents, W. B. & C. Palgrave & Co. 













Isle of Man. 




Prince Albert. 


Lord St. Gel-mans. 


Lord Eglinton. 


William Dargan. 


Province of Leinster. 


Sir John Benson. 


Province of Connaught. 


Province of Munster. 


Archbishopric of Armagh. 


Archbishopric of Dublin. 


Lord Mayor of Dublin. 


Late Lord Mayor of Dublin. 


City of Dublin. 


City of Gaiway. 


Archbishopric of Tuam. 


Archbishopric of Cash el. 


University of Dublin. 



Queen's University. 


Royal Hospital, Kilmainham. 


Royal Hibernian Military School. 


City of Cork. 


City of Belfast. 


Guild of Merchants. 


Guild of Glovers and Skinners. 


Guild of Barbers, Surgeons. 


Guild of Weavers. 


Guild of Carpenters, Millers, Masons, 



Guild of Dyers. 


Guild of Cooks. 


Guild of Goldsmiths. 


Guild of Tailors. 


Guild of Coopers. 


Guild of Bakers. 


Guild of Feltmakers and Hatters. 


Guild of Shoemakers. 


Guild of Cutlers, Painters, Paperstainers 


Guild of Tanners. 



Guild of Bricklayers and Plasterers. 


Guild of Smiths. 


Guild of Hosiers. 


GuUd of Butchers. • 


Guild of Cun-iers. 


GuUd of Saddlers, Upholsterers, &c. 


Guild of Brewers and Maltsters. 


Guild of Tallow Chandlers. 


Guild of Joiners. 

53. Royal Dublin Society. 

55. *Earl of Harrington. 

57. *Charles Cobbe, Archbishop of Dublin 

69. *Earl of Grandison. 

61. *Sir Arthur Gore, Bart. 

63. *Robert Downes. 

65. *Winiam Maple. 

67. *Thomas Prior. 

69. Town of Drogheda. 

71. City of Waterford. 

73. Bishopric of Waterford. 

75. City of Limerick, 

77. Bishopric of Limerick, 

79. College of Physicians. 



64. Royal Irish Academy. 

56. *George Stone, Archbishop of Armagh. 

68. *Earl of Ealdare. 

60. *Viscount Lanesborough. 

62. *Sir Thomas Taylor, Bart. 

64. *Rev. John Wynne, D.D. 

66. Lord Clarendon. 

68. Province of Ulster. 

70. Town of Enniskillen. 

72. City of Kilkenny. 

74. Bishopric of Ossory, 

76. City of Londonderry. 

78. Bishopric of Killala. 

80. College of Surgeons. 

82. Bishopric of Dromore. 

Bishopric of Derry. 

* Founders of the Royal Dublin Society to whom the Charter was addressed, A.D. 1731. 


- NOETHERN B.AIjL— continued. 

88. University of Oxford.' 


University of Cambridge. 

85. Bishoprie of Cioyne. 


Bishopric of Cork. 

87. University of St. Andrews, 


College of St. Nicholas, Galway, 

89. Bishopric of Clogher. 


Bishopric of Clonfert. 

91. City of London. 


City of Edinbui'gh. 

93. Bishopric of Down. 


Bishopric of Elphin. 

95. City of Manchester. 


City of Bu-mingham. 

97. Bishopric of Kildare, 


Bishopric of Killalla. 

99. City of Worcester. 


City of Leeds. 

101. Bishopric of Leighlin^ 


Bishopric of Kilmore, 

103. Town of Liverpool. 


City of Glasgow. 

105. Bishopric of Meatbv 


Bishopric of Raphoe, 

107. Ba]la.?t Office. 




109. East India Company, 



111. *Tnrkey. 



11-3. Persia. 



115. Marhattas, 



117. Siam. 



119. China. 


Sandwich Islands, 

121. Egypt. 



123. *GrandTurk, 


Buenos Ayres. 

125. Mogul. 



127. Malta. 


Duchy of Oldenb^u-g". 

129. Heligoland. 



131. Brabant. 


Belgium (Tricolor), 

133. *Belgium (Tricolor). 


Belgium (Lion). 

135. Ionian Islp.,nds. 


Duchy of Hesse. 

137. *Atisti-ia (Merchant), 



139. *Greece. 



141. *Poi-tugaL 



143. *'France (Eagle). 


*France (Tricolor). 

145. *France CTricolor), 


*Erance (Eagle). 

147. *N'orway (Lion). 


*Sweden (Merchant), 

149. *Norway (Merchant). 



151. *Mecldenburgh Schwereixt^ 



153. *Denmark. 


Grand Duchy of Badea, 

155. *Bremen. 



157. *Hanover. 



159. *Russia. 



161. *ATnerica. 



163. *Pnissia. 



* Nations who have Consuls in Dublin, 


The history of the present Exhibition will be probably best detailed by the subjoined correspondence between 
W. Dargan, Esq. and the Royal Dublin Society, merely premising that, for the last 25 years, the Eoyal Dublin 
Society has held Triennial Exhibitions of Manufactures, and that the last Exhibition was held in 1850. 

At a meeting of the Royal Dublin Society held on Thursday, June 24, 1852, the following letter from 
W. Dargan, Esq. was read : — 

" Dublin, 24:th June, 1852, 

"Mr. Dargan understanding that the year 1853 will be the year for holding the Triennial Exhibition of 
Manufactures of the Royal Dublin Society, and being desirous of giving such Exhibition a character of more 
than usual prominence, and to render it available for the Manufactures of the three Kingdoms, proposes to 
place the sum of twenty thousand pounds in the hands of a Special Executive Committee, on the following 
conditions : — 

" 1st. That a suitable bmlding shall be erected on the lawn of the Royal Dublin Society. 
" 2nd. That the opening of the Exhibition shall not be later than June, 1853. 

" 3rd. That a Special Executive Committee shall be nominated by three gentlemen on the part of 
Mr. Dargan, to be named by him, and by three gentlemen to be selected by the Council of the 
Royal Dublin Society from that body. 
"4th. That Mr. Dargan shall have the nomination of the Chairman, Deputy Chairman, and of the 

Secretary of the Special Executive Committee. 
"5th. That at the termination of the Exhibition, the building shall be taken by Mr. Dargan, and shall 

become his property at a valuation by competent persons. 
" 6th. That if, after payment of all expenses, the proceeds of the Exhibition do not amount to £20,000, 
with interest thereon at 5 per cent., Mr. Dargan shall receive the proceeds, less all expenses 
"If the proceeds, after payment of all expenses, amoimt to £20,000, with interest thereon at 5 per cent., 
Mr. Dargan is to receive £20,000, and interest at 5 per cent. If the proceeds, after payment of all expenses, 
exceed the sum of £20,000, with interest thereon at 5 per cent., the Executive Committee is to have the 
disposal of the surplus. 

" The amount of the valuation of the building is to be considered as cash paid to Mr. Dirgan. 

(Approved.) "Wm. DARGAN." 


Upon receipt of this letter a resolution was passed by tlie Royal Dublin Society, cordially binding the 
Society to co-operate with Mr. Dargan by adopting his proposal, and referring to the Council to take steps in 
conjunction with Mr. Dargan or his appointees to carry out fully the views contained in his letter. In 
accordance with this recommendation, at a subsequent meeting of the Council, the following members were 
appointed as the representatives of the Royal Dublin Society on the Executive Committee : — L. E. Foot, 
C. J. Fairfield, and W. Sweetman; and on the part of Mr. Dargan, G. Roe, Sir E. MTDonnel, Hon. George 
Handcock— G. Roe, Esq. and C. J, Fairfield, be respectively nominated Chairman and Vice-Chairman, and C. 
P. Roney, Esq. Secretaiy. By subsequent elections the General Esecutive Committee was constituted as 
follows, and the paid officers elected : — 

Committee. — George Roe, Esq. Chairman. Major Faii-field, Deputy Chairman. The Right Hon. the 
Lord Mayor. The Lord Talbot de Malahide. The Hon. J. P. Vereker. The Hon. George Handcock, Sir John 
Kingston James, Bart. Sir Edward MTDonneL Sir Robert Kane. Thomas BaU, Esq. Professor William 
Barker, M.D. John Barlow, Esq. John Barton, Esq, William Dargan, Esq. Lundy E. Foot, Esq. Robert 
Harrison, Esq. M.D, Nathaniel Hone, Esq. John D'Arcy, Esq. William Digges La Touche, Esq-. John 
Lentaigne, Esq. M.B. J, W. Murland, Esq. John Pennefather, Esq. William Henry Porter, Esq. James 
Stirling, Esq. Walter Sweetman, Esq. 

C. P. Roney, Esq. A.B. Secretary. John C. Deane, Esq. Assistant Secretary. 

Robert Heron, Esq. Secretary to the Committee. 

The following an'angement of Sub-Committees was adopted for different departments of the under- 
taking : — 

Finance Committee. — Hon. George Handcock, Chairman. Sir Edward MTDonnel. George Roe, Esq. 
Major Fairfield. L. E. Foot, Esq. Walter Sweetman, Esq. 

BuiiDiNG Committee. — Sir Edward MCDonnel, Chairman. W, D. La Touche, Esq. Sir R. Kane. 
William Dargan, Esq. J. W. Murland, Esq. James Stirling, Esq. William Barker, Esq. M.D. 

Fine Aets Committee, — Lord Talbot de Malahide, Chairman. Sir John Kingston James, Bart. Robert 
Harrison, Esq. M.D. John Lentaigne, Esq. John Barton, Esq. 

Manufacture Committee.— Walter Sweetman, Esq. Chairman. James Stirling, Esq. L. E. Foot, Esq. 
Hon. J. P. Vereker. W. H. Porter, Esq. 

AGBicutTUEAL COMMITTEE,. — Lord Talbot de Malahide. John Barlow, Esq. John DArcy, Esq. Thomas 
Ball, Esq. Nathaniel Hone, Esq. 

General Superintendent, R. A Thompson, Esq. 

British Department. — Assistant General Supeiintendents, Mr. C. C. Adley, C.E. Mr. J. OTSagan. 

Superintendent of I>istricts. Deputies. 

District 1. Mr. C. C. Adley, C.E. Mr. J. Kennedy. 

District 2. Mr, W, Carr. Mr. J. P. Byrne, 

District 3. Mr. C. H. Bingham. Mr. W. H. Phibbs. 

■ District 4. Mr. Corrigan, Mr, S. J. Pommoret. 

Assistant to General Superintendent, Mr. Frederick G. Heatly. 

Foi-eign CoiTespondent, and Superintendent of the Foreign Department, Mr. F. M, Hatman ; Deputy 
Superintendent, Mr. A. A, Jacob. 

In the Fine Arts Department, the hanging of the Pictures was entrusted to John Gemon, Esq, 


The disposition of the Sculpture thi'ough the Building to John E. Jones, Esq, 

In the Pinance Department — Inspector of Accounts, Mr. Brown. 

Chief Financial Officer, Mr. T. D. Jones. 

Superintendent of the Catalogue Department, Mr. William MTDermott. 

Office Depaetment, — Sale of Season Tickets, Mr, Nickson. CoiTespondence, Mr, Killingly — Mr, Curry. 
Registry of Letters, &c, Mr. A. Ferguson — A. Ferguson, Jun. Charge of Postage of Letters, Mr. Byrne and 
Mr. Pea. House Steward, Mr, Breslin. 

The Executive Committee, immediately on its appointment, advertised for plans for a suitable building to 
be erected on the lawn of the Royal Dublin Society, and having requested the assistance of Messrs. Gr. Miller, 
G. W. Hemans, and Lanyon, in selecting that most suitable for the purpose, resolved to adopt that submitted by 
J, Benson, Esq. architect, who also superintended the woi'ks. The plan as originally adopted was subsequently 
modified by the addition of the northern and southern halls. In September, Mr. Dargan finding that the accom- 
modation provided by the original plans would not be sufficient for the anticipated wants of the Exhibition, 
proposed to the Royal Dublin Society to advance a still fm-ther sum of £6,000, to be applied on the same 
conditions as the first £20,000, and in February of this year he proposed to enlarge the Exhibition Building by 
the addition of buildings around the front court and the agricultm-al exhibition yard, for which purpose he 
agreed with the Royal Dublin Society to place in the hands of the Executive Committee a still further sum of 
£14,000, making the whole sum advanced by him £40,000. It is needless to say that the total expenditure has 
far exceeded this smn. 



The Queen's Contributions - - - - - - - ---11 

Objects Exhibited in the Central Hall ... .... 17 

Mining and Mineral Products - - - - - - - --25 

Animal Substances - - - - - - - - - --28 

Manufactures fi-oni Mineral Substances - - - - - - - - 28 

Manufactures from Flax and Hemp - - - - - - - -30 

Woollen, Worsted, Silk, and Mixed Fabrics - - - - - - - 33 

Cotton ............36 

Furs, Leather, Saddleiy, and Harness - - - - - - - -37 

Printing, Bookbinding, Paper, and Stationery - - - - - - - 39 

Printed and Dyed Fabrics - - - - - -- - - -42 

Iron and General Hardware - - - - - - - - - 42 

Machines for Direct Use - - -- - -- - - -48 

Can-iages ..-.-...--..51 

Manufactm-ing Machines and Tools - - - - - - - -52 

Civil Engineering and Ai'chitectural Designs - - - - ■ - - - 65 

Kaval Apparatus, Models, &c.. Ordnance and Annour - - - - - - 57 

Philosophical, INIusical, Horological, and Surgical Instruments - - - - - 59 

Lace and Embroidery, including Carpets and Floor Cloths - - • - - - 65 

Articles for immediate Personal or Domestic Use - - - - - - 71 

Cutlery and Edged Tools - - - ' - - - - - - - 75 

Glass - - - - c - - - - - - - 76 

China, Porcelain, Earthenware, &c. - - - - - - - - - 77 

Miscellaneous ........... -§2 

Jewellery, &c. - - - - - - - -.- - -87 

Furniture, Upholstery, Papier Machie, &c. r - - - - - - 91 

Chemical and Pharmaceutical Processes generally - - - - -"-96 

Substances used as Food - - - - - - - - - -98 

Agricultural and Horticultural Machines - - - - - - - - 100 

Wax Models, Carving in Wood, Ivory, &c. Fancy Work, Stained Glass, &c. - - - 104 

Mediaeval Court - - - - - - - --- - - 106 

Poor Law Unions - - - - --- ","" - - 106 

Gaols - - - - - - - - - - - - 108 

Fisheries - - -- - - - • - - - - - - 109 

Foreign States - - - - - - - - - - - 110 

East Indies -•- - -. - - -"- - - - 119 

Chinese Collection - - - - - - - - - - -119 

Eelics of Ancient Art - - - - - - - ... 128 

Koyal Irish Academy - - - - - - - - - -128 

Fine Arts - -'- - - - - - - - - - 151 

Vernon Gallery - - - - - - - - - . . 187 

Sculptui-e - - - -■- - - - - - - - 190 


Des. Designer ; Eng. Engraver ; Imp. Importer ; Inv. Inventor ; Manu. Manufacturer ; 

Mod. Modeller ; Pat. Patentee ; Prod. Producer ; Prop. Proprietor ; 

Sculp. Sculptor or Carver. 



Name and Description 

By Tvtioni Presented 
to Her Majesty 

SET OF ARMS, No. 1. 

Perjama or Trowsers. — Green velvet outside, and silk 
inside, with chain mail lined in between them. 
Crimson silk waistband and sash, with two silver 
and gold cord-worked ends. Ci-imson and gold 
edging at bottom of the legs. 

Kortee or Coat. — Plain steel chain mail, collaT, each side 
of breast, back, and wrists worked in gold spangles 
and cord, forming stems, leaves, and flowers. In- 
side of collar and breast lined with crimson velvet, 
and fastened by 11 silver hooks and eyes. 

4 Body Plates, consisting of breast, back, and two side 
pieces; brown steel and raised gold ornaments in 
scrolls ; outer border of flowers and leaves, with an 
inner one lined with crimson velvet gold lace 
border; steel and gilt buckles; criinson velvet 

A pair of Annlets in bro^vn steel ; raised gold ornaments, 
nearly similar to Body ~ Plates, excepting outer 
scroll instead of flower border; gold hinges; 2 
lozen-shaped pieces of gold at wrists of each ; steel 
and brass chain hand covers attached to wrists, 
lined throughout with crimson velvet quilted, edged 
with gold lace ; 2 buckles to each. 

Toopee or Helmet, steel stained brown, with gold raised 
ornaments in scrolls of same character as Body 
Plates ; rim of gold in sunk panels ; chain necking 
of steel and brass, forming diamond pattern ; Nasal 

East India Co. 





Tliis . Set of Arms, 
Nos. 1 to 13, was 
selected for pre- 
sentation fi"om the 
late Lahore Dur- 
bar Eoshakhana. 



Xame and Description 



SET OF ARMS, No. 1—cmitinued. 

Guard, spike at top, and 2 keelgees holders, steel, 
inlaid with gold in zigzags ; ends of Nasal Guard in 
scrolls ; crimson velvet lining. 
Keelgees. — 2 large Keelgees of heron feathers; gold and 
silver v/ire Avorked stems for helmet. 2 japanned 

Shield. — Brown steel and gold raised ornaments, similar 
in general design to Body Plates ; centre formed by- 
double border, encircling 4 panels with Asiatic 
characters between 4 bosses in gold open-work 
ornaments, the centres of the latter being each 
studded with 6 small Rubies and 1 Emerald ; outer 
rim of shield, formed of naiTow leaf pattern border; 
lined inside with green velvet, gold lace edging; 
crimson and gold brocade knuckle part; hand 
straps attached by 4 gold rings. 

Bow, brown japanned in flowers, divided into spaces by 
white grass twisted round ; one end broken ; partly 
coloured string, cat-gut ends. 

Quiver, covered in green velvet, with ends and centre- 
band of gold, in flowers and open-work at edges; 
green velvet strap, and 4 silk cords; 2 crimson 

Arrows, 21, ornamented in Japan work ; 7 inches down 
at feather ends and small bands ; iron spear heads. 

Powder Horn, covered in green velvet; top and end of 
Horn finished with solid gold ornaments, in open- 
work; the top jewelled with 70 Rnbies (1 missing) 
and 19 Emeralds, and the end with 21 Rubies and 
18 Emeralds; stopper attached by gold chain, and 
jewelled with six Rubies. A steel, partly gilt, 
afiixed with white and crimson silk cord. 

Shoulder Belt and 3 small Bullet Boxes, attached by 
sliders on belt, the whole covered in green velvet, 
edged with gold work; strap, tipped in gold, jewel- 
led with 11 Rubies and 7 Emeralds, and the buckle 
at reverse end with 14 Rubies; solid gold orna- 
mented fastenings to Boxes, jewelled with 14 Rubies 
and 8 Emeralds to each fastening ; 47 lead buUets of 
two sizes, and fuzee, in gilt holder, in the Boxes. 

Drum. — ^Small gold Kettle Drum, ornamented in ribs 
for saddle bow, with gold fringe at top; green 
velvet stick holder on one side, and pad, with strap 
and buckle, on other ; wadded green silk top cover, 
and swivel-ring at bottom, with long tan leather 
strap. 1 stick broken. 

By whom Presented 
to Her Mijes-ly 


East India Co. 








This Set of Arms, 
Nos. 1 to 13, was 
selected for pre- 
sentation from the 
late Lahore Dur- 
bar Foshakhana. 



Name and Description 








By ^vliom Presenied 
to Iler Miije.-ty 

SET OF AEMS, No. 2. 

Perjama or Trowsers, crimson and gold brocade, lined 
with crimson silk ; green waist-band ; crimson silk 
sash; 2 end ornaments in gold and silver wire- 
work, sis pendants to each ; steel and brass chain 
leggings, the brass forming solid diamond-shaped 

Kortee or Coat. — Steel and brass chain mail, zigzag 
pattern, with 2 small copper bands at bottom of 
coat and arms. Collar and breast facings of crimson 
and gold brocade to match trowsers. 

Toopee or Helmet. — Steel and gold ornaments, inlaid 
with gold border's in flowers and scrolls; nasal 
guard; top and side Keelgee holders, also inlaid 
with gold. Steel and brass chain mail necking, the 
brass forming open diamond pattern. 

Keelgees. — 3 Keelgees, gold wire steins and heron fea- 
thers, the top one having 71 pearls round it, in 
three rows. 3 japanned Keelgee boxes. 

Shield. — Black japanned leather, ornamented outside with 
4 gold bosses and a crescent inlaid with diamonds, 
each boss being set with 50, and the crescent with 
47, making in the whole 247. 3 enamelled studs, 
and puce velvet hand holds and knuckle pad at- 
tached by 4 gold rings on inside. 

Matchlock Rifle — black steel barrel, marked by sunk 
wavey lines throughout ridge at top, inlaid at breech 
with gold in flower, and 2 panels containing eastern 
characters ; gold muzzle formed into crocodile head, 
with two rubies set for eyes; gilt fore and hind 
sight ; brown wood stock, with gold scolloped edges 
alongside of baiTel, and plates in open-work, form- 
ing flowers on each side at breech. Engraved and 
open work gold butt; gilt iron trigger, pan, and 
cover, picker, and holder — the picker attached by 2 
small gold chains ; 4 gold open-work bands round 
barrel and stock. 2 gold sling rings, with red and 
white silk sling, and gold buckles ; slow match 
twisted ro\md small of butt ; iron ramrod, gilt top. 


Gold Hookah — in 3 parts, the lid to top held by 2 small 
gold chains; stopper also fastened to end of pipe 
by 2 similar chains ; and part of neck of bowl also 
attached by two other gold chains. 

East India Co. 






This second Set of 
Arms, Nos. 14 to 
19, was likewise 
selected for pre- 
sentation from the 
late Durbar Fosh- 


This and following 
articles, excepting 
Nos. 61, 62, and 
63, were in the 
London Exhibi- 
tion of 1851. 


1 ^° 

Name and Descriptiun 

By Presented Remarks 
to Her Jiajrsty 


1 * , - 


Silver Ornaments. — -2 silver gilt vases in open-work in 

1 Baboo Murhut 


flowers ; leaf-edge round top 5 inches Mgh. Black 

i Partramgeer of i 


stands and glass covers made in London. 

Mirzapore. i 


Silver Ornaments in raised work, foiining flowers and 

j MahaEajahGholab | 


scrolls, on green coloured ground, consisting of 8 

Sing, of Cash- 

pieces, viz. : — 

mere. 1 


An ewer and cover, lunged, the spout and handle 
terminating with reptile heads — 16 inches high. 


A basin, with open-work cover attached by 2 plain 
silver chains, and cup inside, 13 inches in diameter. 




A bottle, with top held by 2 small silver chains, 12 
inches high. 


A vase and covei-, 7 inches high. 



A tea-pot and cover, the latter hinged, and also 
attached by 4 small chains — 8 inches high. 


A. plate and cover, 8 inches diameter. 

I 28 

Bronze. — A camel on square stand, 5 inches high. 

East India Co. 

1 29 

A Brahmin bull, 4| inches high. 



Inlaid Metallic Ware : — 


i SO 

A black vase, inlaid with sUver, forming trees, 
flowers, and other devices,'23 inches high. 


A basin and centre cover, inlaid in silver flowers, 
12 inches in diameter. 


A cup, stand, and cover; cup inlaid in silver, with 

landscape and figm-es, and sportsmen shooting 


birds. Stand, on three feet, inlaid with flowers ; 


and lid with hoiises, trees, and figm-es in com- 

partments — 12 inches high. 

Ivory Ornaments: — 



Set of chessmen, highly carved. 


Elephant's head, carved, and supported on teak- 
wood frame. 


Small elephant's head, carved, on stand 5 in high. 


A miniature cai-ved back-scratcher, with cow and 
milk-maid at top, 2.^ inches long, in small deal 

Horn : — 



A whole bom, polished, for a diinking hom, en- 

graved at rim and end, the latter cai-ved as an 


elephant, with ivory tusks. 


A circular upright box, engi-aved, 5 inches high. 


A fiat hom box. 


2 black tigers, on stands, supporting a light-co- 
loured, shallow, circular dish, engraved. 



Porcupine Quill. — Basket and cover made of same. 




Name and Description 

By wlidin Prpsented 
to Her MaJKSty 

Remarks | 




Alabaster Ornaments : — 


A pair of white grotesque fish. 

East India Co. 


A pair of white swans. 


A pair of white jars and covers, 6| inches high. 


One white bottle and lid, 10 inches high. 


Agate Ornaments : — 



Moss agate vase, with scolloped top edges ^nd foot, 
^ 8 inches high. 


Two dozen agate green, square, and flat round 
knife handles. 


A white agate cup and saucer. 


Model of a cannon and gim carriage, with two 
wheels, all white, attached to green bloodstone; 
ammunition carriage, supported on two wheels, 
with two boxes, pole, and cross-bar. The whole 
fitted with gold mountings complete. 



Green bloodstone inkstand and penholder. 

Pottery : — 



A bottle, brown, ornamented with silver or white 
lines, forming trellis work, with sprigs in centre, 
and leaf borders, glazed, 12 inches high. 


A bottle, red, \^dth black and yellow heart-shaped 
pattern round neck; red trellis and yellow 
ground, with trees in centre of each, between 
two borders, round body of bottle; highly glazed, 
9i inches. 


A bottle, black, plain glazed, 9 inches high. 


A bottle, stone coloui-, with five raised leaves round 
body, each shaped at top into five parts, 10| 
inches high. 


A cup with side handles and cover, richly orna- 
mented in raised figures, black painted and 
glazed to imitate polished iron, 12 inches high. 


A bottle, body fluted, and stand perforated in holes, 
black painted, in imitation of flowers, and slightly 

Woods : — 


A sandal-wood box and lid highly carved in figui-es 
of flowers, 18 inches by 12. 



A polished sandal-wood box, inlaid with ivory and 
metals, ivory feet. 



Model of a Hindoo temple in pith. 

Baboo Ram Pershan 


Eour baskets made of Khuskhus, three with and one 

Sing of Benares 

without lid. 




Name and Descriptioa 

By wh^m Presented 
to Ilei" Majesty 



Velvets, Silks: — 


Cloth of gold chabraque, raised pattern formed into 

Baboo Ram Pershan 

irregular squares, flowers in the centre wholly 

Sing of Benares 

in gold thread, crimson and gold cord round, and 

gold and silver open scolloped border on two sides 

and shaped end ; lined with pale blue silk. 


Cloth of gold chabraque, small portion of piirple 
silk and gold thread worked into raised flowers, 
crimson and gold cord round edge, gold and silver 
open scolloped border on two sides and the shaped 
end ; lined with pale blue silk. 



A buff silk and gold brocade chabraque, pattern 
formed in red silk, and velvet work encircling 
silver thread flowers and stars alternately ; gold 
and puce colour square cord all roimd, and gold 
and sUver fringes on two sides and ends; lined 
with crimson silk. 



A ros^ color gauze and silver worked Hookah cover. 

East India Co. 


A purple velvet Hookah carpet, embroidered with 
silver and gold spangles as flowers, gold and silver 
tinsel fringe. 



A hand punker, silver and gilt handle, two flappers, 
worked in flowers with seed pearls, emeralds, and 
rubies, all perfect except the centre flower, on 
one side 46 pearls and 9 emeralds of which only 
now remain. 



Black velvet chair cover, worked in silk and gold 
thread, 19 inches square. 



Nine pieces of shawl wool cloth, each 12 yds. long. 

Maha Eajah Gholab 


Eive pieces of PuiTcepuz (a new fabric) each 10 feet 

Nine specimens of cashmere silk thread. 

Sing of Cashmere. 




Twenty-three specimens of cashmere paper. 



This department is the most important in the entire Exhibition, for the class of objects which it contains 
have ever been the most potent instruments of man's dominion and progress. Without the lever, the wheel, 
the cord, and the inclined plane in its various forms, he could neither have tilled the ground nor subdued 
the wild beast in the infancy of our race ; in its maturity, the printing press, the steam engine, and the 
electric telegraph are the earthly ministers of his destiny. Machinery, as the great origin of its name 
implies, is the triumph of intellectual power over mere force, which it disposes and transforms at pleasure 
though it cannot create it. Even the more obvious and palpable energies which surround us, animal strength, 
the fall of water, the wind, will scarcely serve us without its aid ; and the mightier but invisible agencies 
of heat, affinity, electricity, magnetism, and light, will not obey us. Yet it controls even these to work our 
will, and to realize for us in each passing hour prosperity beyond the dreams of fable — marvels surpassing 
the wonder of enchantment. 

Machines may be considered, with respect to the three points indicated, first as collectors of poijrer; 
secondly, as modifying its distribution ; thirdly, as guiding its application ; and all are well illustrated here. 
A few references may not be useless. For the first — 

1. Water-power, so abundant in this country, is utilized by wheels, turbines, &c, 

2. Heat is represented by the steam engines. 

In connexion with these, the Indicator should be studied, which traces a record of the action at every 
other point of the stroke. Fire arms belong to the same class. 

3. Electric apparatus : voltaic batteries of various forms, in which chemical action evolves electricity; 
magneto-electric — in which magnetism, combined with mechanical power, produce it ; and induction coils — 
which, by the intermittance of a feeble current of electricity, produce one of consideraMe intensity. 

4. Electro-magnetic apparatus : it evolves magnetism by the transfer of electricity ; electro-magnets, 
more powerful than any other machine in which the action is a motive force; electric clocks, and various 
kinds of electric telegraphs. 

5. Electro-metallurgic apparatus ; applying electricity to subvert chemical affinity, and deposit metals 
in given forms, performing the work of the engraver and goldsmith. 

6. Photographic apparatus, where light forms pictures by evolving chemical forces. 

Secondly — Machinery fulfils still more important purposes, by concentrating either of the two elements 
of power, force and space. One can be increased by lessening the other. If a great resistance is to be 
overcome by a small force, this must be accumulated in the working point duruig a proportional time or 
space, and then made to act. Examples are the steam hammer, printing machinery, and all kinds of 
presses. Less obvious illustrations are the Dioptric Lighthouse apparatus and the telescope, the former 
condensing into a horizontal sheet the light which its lamp would scatter unprofitably in every direction ; 
the other condensing into a point the rays which fall on its object-glass or mirror, and thus giving them 
intensity enough to affect the eye. Grubb's object-glasses, the largest ever made in Ireland, have been 
polished by machinery. 

On the other hand, it is often necessary to obtain a speed far surpassing that of the moving force, or to 

• This preface to the Section "Machines for direct uue," was accidentally omitted from its proper situation in the Catalogue. 
It vhoold btand in page 48. 


extend the time of it» operation ; this mode of action is shown in the balances of Oertling, when a minute 
difference of weight produces a considerable motion of the index ; in clocks, when a weight raised a few feet 
in a few seconds, maintains the motion of its pendulum for days and weeks ; in circular saws, and in the 
machines for drying cloth or purifying sugars by centrifugal force ; in many of the instruments of measurement. 
And last, and most important, machinery guides the application of power with precision according to any 
given law. Eye and hand of even the best workmen may err, but the machine never fails ; and nothing 
gives a higher idea of the endowment which man has received from his Creator, than to see these inamiaata 
combinations doing in perfection, tasks which seem to belong only to living and thinking agents. This 
principle pervades every machine in the Exhibition, but some deserve special reference. 

1. The Machine for Weighing Gold — The bank clerks did this slowly and imperfectly; in fact 
(and this applies to all processes which do not exert the intellect) such work injures the mind. This works 
twenty times as fast, separates the correct and light, and makes no mistake. 

2. Lathes, and the analagoos Machines for Planing and Boring In these the points c^ the 

material to be fashioned, or the tool, are guided to move in circles, right lines, elipses, or the complicated 
curves of epicycloids and rose-work. With this, high speed is often combined ; and the result is truth of 
workmanship, which the hand alone could not reach, and rapidity of production : which two combined, are 
the essential causes of the perfection to which machinery has attained. 

3. Looms for Figured Textures In forming these, the warp and weft must intersect variously 

according to the proposed pattern. In the east this variation is still made directly by hand ; and though 
the more effective means afforded by the tapestry loom have long been kno^vn in Europe, yet they bear no 
comparison with the invention of Jacquard. In it the changes are made by perforated plates (themselves 
furnished by a machine whose action is mechanical. And it has produced a complete revolution in every 
branch of this manufacture. The old stocking loom, and the machine for sewing and knitting, are still more 
curious examples of rivalry with human fingers. 

5. Grobb's Great Equatorial. — When a star is observed with high powers it will leave the field 
of the telescope in a few seconds. The instrument, must, therefore, be made to follow in its track, and with 
its speed. Extreme accuracy in both is necessary, as the mass to be governed is very great, and any error 
is greatly magnified. The clock which moves it deserves special notice. 

6. This principle even applies to operations which at first seem purely intellectual ; and calculating 
machines are the result. 

The simplest mathematical process is addition ; it is shown by the counters of metres, the machinery 
for numbering railway tickets, and in Grubb's machine for numbering bank notes. But nearly all mathe- 
matical relations can be developed by addition ; and thus, Mr. Babbage was enabled to execute, by mechanism, 
the computations of mathematical tables, and even to solve questions which are above any known rescourees 
of the geometer. 

These examples have been indicated with a view to show in what spirit this part of the collection should 
be examined by those who wish to view it with something better than ignorant wonder. To Ireland the 
instruction which it offers is peculiarly important, for her industrial resources are, to a great extent, 
paralysed by the want of machinery ; and whatever diffuses a knowledge of its powers will develope them. 





Baron Marochetti. This work is exhibited by the kind permission of the "Committee of the Queen's 
Statue," at Glasgow, where it is about to be erected in bronze. 

1139 His Royal Highness Pkince Albert. — 
Her Majesty's Grand Centre Piece — was executed 
xmder the instructions of H. R. H. Prince Albert ; it 
represents a group of horses round a Temple or Kiosk, 
with their attendants, the figures and horses with 
Persian greyhound, wei"e grouped, designed, and 
modelled by Mr. Cotterill ; the Kiosk was modelled 
by Mr. E. Percy, formerly of Dublin ; and the base 
by Mr. William Spencer. The whole executed in 
silver, by the Messrs. Garrard, Haymarket. 

1152 The Earl of Eglintojt and Winton. — The 
''Emperor's Vase," v^'on at Ascot, by the Earl of 
Eglinton's "The Flying Dutchman," by Bay Middle- 
ton, out of Barbelle, in June, 1850 ; ridden by Marlow. 
— Subject : Eighth Lab jur of Hercules. Hercules 
having heard of the atrocius cruelties practised by 
Diomedes, Tyrant of Thrace, he being in the habit 
of causing his captives to be torn in pieces by his 
ferocious horses, he slew him and the animals, and let 
the captives free. This vase and group were designed 
and modelled by Cotterill, of London, and executed 
in silver by the Messrs. Garrard, Haymarket. 

1152a The Goodwood Cup, won by the Earl of 
Eglinton's " Van Tromp," by Lanercost, out of 
Barbelle, in July, 1848 ; ridden by Marlow. — Subject : 
" The Battle of the Standard." 

1138 Colonel THE Earl of Cardigan and the 

Officers of the 11th Hussars. — Silver equestrian 
statue by Cotterell, presented to the officers of the 11th 
Hussars by their late Colonel, his Royal Highness 
Prince Albert, February, 1844. 

1140 Colonel & Officers of the 7th Hussars. 
— Silver equestrian statue of the Marquis of Anglesey, 
by Cotterell, presented to the officers of the 7th Hus- 
sars, by the Marquis of Anglesey. 

M. Andre, Paris. — ^A fountain in cast iron, 
designed by Lienard. 

88 London & Penzance Serpentine Co. Mr. John 
Organ, Manager, Penzance, Cornwall, Prod. — Ladies' 
inlaid work tables ; octagon vases ; Albert vase ; pedes- 
tal and vase ; chimney piece ; pan* of Luxor obelisks ; 
scrap inlaid zodiac vase ; pair of Hebe ewers ; pair of 
King's needles ; large ink-stands ; pair of Hebe jugs 
and centre piece ; pair large of bell vases ; large tazza ; 
Wellington tablets; pair of fluted vases; miniature 
table ; crosses ; polished slab. 

321 CoALBROOKDALE COMPANY, Coalbrookdale, 
near Wellington, Shropshire, Des. Inv. and Prop. — An 
ornamental tent, with pilasters, &c. of iron ; an 
ornamental iron fountain ; "The Combat," bronzed ; 
register stoves and fenders, of new and unique design ; 
hat, coat, and xunbrella stands, of unique design, 
bronzed ; garden and hall chairs, and tables ; orna- 
mental vases in cast iron ; brackets for gas, &c. electro- 



bronzed ; hot air stoves ; flower pot stands ; eookin^- 
glass and frame, in iron, gilt ; an economical cooking 
range, complete ; two flower vases in bronze, electro 
gilt ; a variety of ornamental castings of figures, &c, 
electro-bronzed. Samples of pig-iron, bar iron, and 
plates, as follows : — grey pig iron for light and heavy 
castings ; strong grey forge pig iron ; mottled iron j 
white iron ; samples of forge and of finished bars ; 
chequered jjlates for flooring. 

503 PiM^ Beotheks, and Co. Dublin, Manu. — 
Loom for the manufacture of velvets ; jacquard loom 
with brocading machine at work upon a pattern de- 
signed in the Dublin School of Design. 

196 Atkinson, E. & Co. Dublin, Manu. and Des. 
— Eich gold tissued and brocaded Irish poplins, 
(designed by pupils of the Dublin School of Design) ; 
Irish poplins, plain, figured, double, plaided, shot, and 
in various other styles ; gold tissued and figured poplin 
waistcoatings ; specimen of tapestry v.'oven in Dublin 
in 1738, being a portrait of George II. in a fi-ame. 

196 a Fiji, Bkothebs, & Co. Des. and Manu.— 
Specimens of plain watered tartan ; fancy rich figured 
and rich brocaded tissue poplin ; poplin robes ; Glac^ 
silks, rich velvets, vestings, &c. ; specimens of Limerick 
lace, manufactured by David M'Clure of Limerick. 

504 Atkinsoit, E. and Co. Dublin, Prop. — Ma- 
hogany and brass moimted Irish poplin loom, with 
jacquard machine, and new brocading apparatus, at 

500 Todd, Bukns, & Co. 47 Maiy St. Dublin, 
Manu. and Prop. — Jacquard machine at work manu- 
facturing an original design in Irish poplins, brocaded 
in three colours ; jacquard machine turned by steam 
power, and at work, manufacturing original patterns 
in silk figured ribbons, in ten different pieces of 
various colors. (Made by Sharp, OdeU, and Jury, 
Coventry). Specimens of Irish fronting linens, 
bleached by a new process, occupying only 10 days ; 
Irish cambric handkerchiefs ; muslin lace cm-tains ; 
Limerick lace ; Coventry ribbons ; Irish needlework 
and crochet lace ; upholstery ornaments, with chair 

in Irish needlework ; foreign and British printed mus- 
lins, silks and shawls ; historical piece in Irish needle- 
work, in gilt frame ; drawing and diniBg-room cur- 
tains in Prench brocatelle with gold cornices ; library 
cm-tains of crimson damask, of Irish manufacture, 
with gold cornices ; bed-room curtain, ia French 
printed Toumay, with patent noiseless pole and rings; 
rich brass and iron tube bedsteads, with specimens of 
damasks ; patent Axminster cai-pets. 

501 Keely & Leech, 108 Grafton Street, Dublin, 
Prop. — A jacquard loom for weaving poplin. 

154 Keeit & Leech, 108 Grafton St. Dublin, 
Manu. and Des. — A rich tobined poplin, the flowers 
shaded in various colours, the ground composed of 
antique scroll work, veined with gold tissue brocade. 
Plain, figured, watered, double and demy cords ; 
Bayadere poplins ; plain and fancy waistcoating. 

893 Chance, Beothees & Co. Birmingham, Manu. 
— First order fixed dioptric lighthouse apparatus, with 
catadioptric zones, constructed according to the sys- 
tem of Augustin Fresnel : the lamp in the centre- of 
the apparatus on the moderator principle, consisting 
of burner with foui" concentric wicks, is of immense 
power, the light in clear weather being visible 50 miles 
distant. Concentric polyzonal lens, eight of which, 
arranged octagonally, constitute the revolving portion 
of a first order dioptric revolving light. Fourth order 
dioptric lighthouse appa,ratus, similar to the first 
order light, but on a reduced scale, suitable for 
lighting the entrance to harbom-s, rivers, &c. visible 
at a distance of 15 miles. Glass shades, round, oval, 
and square. 

140 EoYAL Society for the Peosiotion and 
Impeovement of the Geowth of Flax in Ieeland, 
Belfast. — Series of specimens illustrating the prepa- 
ration of the flax plant for manufacturing purposes, 
and the diSerent processes employed in the course of 
manufacture in Ireland : — 

1. Flax-straw, dried with the seed on. 

2. Flax-straw after steeping. 

,, Samples of seed ; samples of seed capsules. 



S. Flas-straw, steeped and rolled for scutching. 
,, Sample of scutclimg-to-w. 

4. Scutched flaz fibre of various qualities. 

5. Hackled flax fibre of various qualities. 

6. Hackle-tow of various qualities. 
7- Line and tow sliver. 

8. Line rovings for 130 lea, and 260 lea jrams. 
,, Line and tow yams from 6 lea to 280 lea. 

9. Specimens of unbleached and bleached fabrics, 

including heavy and light linens, drills, 

diapers, damasks, lawns, cambrics, musquito- 

netting, &c. &e. 
10. Specimens of fancy, dyed, and printed febrics, 

including drills, bed-ticks, floor-cloths, lawns, 

cambrics, linens, &c. &c. 
Series of samples of foreign flax, used in the Irish 
linen manufacture, and of Irish and English flax, 
treated by peculiar pi-ocesses, viz. :— Samples of Eus- 
sian, Dutch, Belgian (Com-trai and Eiemish), and 
Egyptian flax, in the scutched and hackled state ; 
samples of English and Irish flax, prepared by the 
patent processes of Schenck (hot water), and of Watt 
(steaming), and of Irish flax, dried and steeped on the 
" Courtrai" system. Case of specimens of linen yams, 
&c. the manufactiire of Messrs. Gradwell, Chadwick & 
Co. Drogheda. Case of specimens of linen labi-ics, &c. 
the manufacture of Messrs. John Hind & Sons, Belfast. 
1149 Classon, J. Northumberland Buildings, 
Dublin, Manu. and Prop. — Carvings in bog oak of 
several of the antiquities of Ireland, comprising the 
rock of Cashel, Clonmacnoise, Monasterboice, Glenda- 
lough, &c. contained in a glazed fi-ame, the front of 
which, carved by the celebrated Grinling Gibbons, 
represents as emblems of war, the weapons used at the 
battle of the Boyne ; brooches, bracelets, and other 
ladies' ornaments in bog oak. 

1401 Williams, H. — Model turned in ivoiy from 
Sir John Benson's original design for the pi-incipal 
front of the Exhibition Building. 

Specimen of amateur eccentric turning in concentric 

1402 Shaw, C. — Specimens in ivory of mechanical 
sculptui-e, produced in a turning lathe by machinery 
invented by exhibitor. 

1 125 Pkice's Patent Candle CojaPANX, Belmont, 
Vauxhall, SuiTey, Inv. and Manu. — Specimens illus- 
trating the Company's patent processes for making 
palm oil and other fatty substances into pure white 
candles by distillation, &c. ; specimens of the pahn oil 
fruit, and of vegetable tallows, butters and waxes ; 
specimens illustrating the manufacture of night lights ; 
candles, night lights, and oils of various descriptions. 

213 Maksland, Son & Co. Manchester, Des. and 
Manu. — Cotton, in skeins and on reels, for sewing, 
crochet, gmpure, knitting and embroidery purposes; 
samples of horse hair, scarlet, white and black ; 
brooches, bracelets, wreaths, head-dresses, fancy 
buttons and other ornaments made of horse hair. 
Gold and silver thread ; di-ess ornaments of gold and 
silver, mixed with hoi-se hair. 

684 Grubb, Thomas, 15 Leinster Sq. Bathmines, 
Dublin, Inv. and Manu. — Large equatorial instru- 
ment, with improved clock-work, and system of coun- 
terpoise, carrying achromatic telescope of 12 inches 
clear aperture, and 20 feet focus ; model equatorial, the 
form being specially adapted for carrying large New- 
tonian reflectors (to 6 feet diameter), the present model 
carrying one of 15 inches ; small equatorial, adapted 
to refracting telescopes, of from 3 to 5 inches aper- 
ture ; case of achromatic object glasses for telescopes, 
and photographic purposes; improved ozyhydrogen 
microscope, polariscope, and economic double lantern 
(requiring only one-half the usual quantity of the 
mixed gases for dissolving views). 

699 Kikkman, J. & Son, London, Inv. and Manu, 
— Pianofortes of various styles and descriptions, 

712 Moses, Marcus, 4 & 5 Westmoreland St. 
Dublin, Imp. — Specimens of pianofortes and harps, of 
difierent classes, and in various woods, manufactured 
to order, expressly for this Exhibition, by Messrs. 
Broadwood and Sons, Messrs. CoUard and CoIIard, 
and Messrs. S. and P. Erard. 




1126 Eathbokne, J. J. Essex St. Dublin. — A 
block of refined spermaceti, illustrative of its crystali- 

185 HouLDSWORTH, J. & Co. Portland St. Mills, 
Manchester, Manu. and Des.- — A collection of fabrics 
for furniture and ecclesiastical decorations, maniifac- 
tured in Manchester by the exhibitors. 

Central Compartment. — Embroideries by patent 
machinery on cloth, satins, &c. This kind of em- 
broidery is peculiar, and has advantages, inasmuch as 
the needlework is equally complete on both sides of 
the material on which it is wrought. An application 
of embroidery to panelling is illustrated. The design 
in the central panel embodies a compUmentary national 
allusion, and is suggestive of the introduction of 
heraldic insignia, cyphers, monograms, and special 
symbols, in similar positions. A variety of embroidered 
valances is exhibited along the top of the case. 

Compartment on the left hand. — Specimens of figured 
satins, damasks, brocatelles, guipurettes, &c. The 
guipurette is an entirely new fabric of a very efiective 
character ; it is equally rich and perfect on both sides 
of the fabric, and therefore no lining is necessary. 

Compartment on the right hand. — Bordered satins, 
and bordered Terrys. Several medallions and smaller 
borders are exhibited in harmony with the various 
styles, valances, coverings of chairs, sofas, &c. Bor- 
dered cloths and Heps curtains, eligible for dining 
room, libraries and morning room. 

1 10 M'BiENEY, CoLLis, & Co. Aston's Qy. Dublin, 
Prop. — Damask table cloths ; "The Hunt" table cloth 
(improved) ; napkins ; fine hand-spun linen ; strong 
linen made from Irish flax ; Irish cambrics ; cambric 
handkerchiefs ; silk stockings, plain and embroidered ; 
Balbriggan stockings ; gloves ; embroidered shawls, 
mantles and bonnets ; dresses ; ribbons ; artificial 
flowers ; counterpanes ; Limerick lace and Irish em- 

1153 Elkington, Mason, & Co. — A selection of 
sxi manufactures in electro gold and silver plate ; 
dessert service, with subjects taken from Shakspeare, 

designed and modelled by Charles Grant ; a general 
assortment of electro-plated wares. 

1174 Phillips, E. 31 Cockspur St. London, 
Prod, and Prop. — Signet rings in 22 carat gold ; pins, 
with sporting and other designs ; a series of works in 
oxidised silver, enamel, niello, and coral ; statuettes 
of a British Life Guard and colour-sergeant of the 
Scot's FusUier Guards, modelled from life, in oxidised 
silver and gold, the accoutrements detach at pleasure; 
the same in bronze and electro silver ; miniature 
models of same, moimted and dismounted, in oxidised 
silver and gold on malachite pedestals ; statuette, in 
oxidised silver and gold, of Lablache as Caliban, taken 
from life at Her Majesty's theatre ; statuettes of the 
Emperor Charles V. and Marguerite of Panna, in 
silver, gold, and precious stones, enamel, &c. from the 
celebrated models of Messrs. Weiskampt of Hanau ; 
miniature statuette of Guttenberg in oxidised silver j 
desk seals in gold, lapis lazuli, and oxidised sUver ; 
oriental agate cup, in oxidised silver and gold ; gold 
cup in the Byzantine style ; tazza in crystal ; small 
dagger with silver gilt handle, enriched with pearls 
and emeralds ; silver vase of antique form, engraved 
with subjects from the Pompeian frescoes. 

1181 Wateehouse & Co. 25 Dame St. Dublin, 
Exhibitor. — A silver centre piece, presented to Joseph 
Green, Esq. Kilkenny ; a silver electrotype shield, 
("Acis and Galatsea"), presented to the Count Sitrelitzke, 
by the Poor Law Unions of Ireland ; a service of plate, 
presented to Michael Hyland, Esq. ex-mayor of 
Kilkenny ; a centre piece (stags), presented to the , 
Eev. Joseph Gabbett, of Kihnallock, co. Limerick ; 
the "Farmer's Gazette" challenge cup, won by Char- 
les Towneley, Esq. M.P. ; a service of plate, presented 
to A. G. Judge, Esq. of Athy ; 2 large salvers and the 
Boyne obelisk, in silver, presented to J. B. Kennedy, 
Esq. Dame St. ; large cup, presented to the 1st 
Di-agoon Guards ; large silver snufl" box, presented to 
the 62nd Regiment ; a silver trowel, presented to the 
Right Hon the Lord Bishop of Tuam ; service of plate, 
presented to Doctor Gray, by the co. Monaghan ; 



large silver tray, presented by his tenantry to C. P. 
Leslie, Esq. M.P. ; large silver tea urn, presented to 
Henry Mitchel, Esq. of Glaslough ; Loughree regatta 
prize, won by Major Goode, 62nd Eegt. ; the original 
royal Tara brooch, found in Meath in 1850 ; several 
copies of antique Irish brooches, and ancient jewellery 
of Ireland ; and 12 coffee and tea services, presented 
to clergymen, doctors, &c. &c. 

1164 HiGGiNS, Fkancis, 40 Kirby St. Hatton Gar- 
den, London. — Silver knives, forks, spoons, and various 
small articles, mugs, plates, &c. 

1142 AcHESON,'W. 109 Grafton St. Dublin, Manu. 
and Imp. — Bog oak casket, set with Irish gems in 
silver gilt ; bog oak brooches, bracelets, &c. ; elastic 
band bracelets, with fibulae and bog oak mountings ; 
antique brooches, set with malachite, pearl, &c. ; electro 
plated moderator lamps ; specimens of electro plating ; 
gold jewellery, set with precious stones ; antique tea 
and coffee services ; plated flower stand ; fish cai-vers. 

1147 Bennett, T. 73 Grafton St. Dublin.— 

1. Specimens of Irish wrought silver plate, consisting 
of salvers, tea and coffee sei-vices, kettles and stands, 
claret jugs, children's cans, &c. &c. 

2. Specimens of electro-plate in salvers, kettles, and 
stands, tea and coffee sets, claret jugs, &c. &c. 

3. Specimens in working of gold, precious stones and 
gems, bog oak work, &c. &c. 

4. Newly designed centre candelabra for flowers. 

5. Silver presentation centre piece. 

1170 North, T. 49 Grafton St. Dublin, Manu.— 
Two part skeleton clock, with lever escapement, strikes 
the hours on a large gong, and the half hours on a 
bell ; electro magnetic clock, on an improved principle ; 
ladies' and gentlemen's gold watches ; candelabra of 
new design in brass, and electro-plated ; electro-plated 
goods, in variety ; specimens of electro-plating on 
brass, copper, German silver, glass, china, and delph ; 
electrotypes, &c. 

1156 Gabdner & Co, 111 Grafton St. Dublin.— 
1st Case : — A silver fountain, intended to form a 
centre for the dinner or supper table, which will emit 

for six hours continuously, upon one application of the 
winding key, a spray of rose water, to a height variable 
at pleasure, and through a variety of fancy jets, which 
can be severally attached to it. 

2nd Case : — A variety of specimens of massive gold 
and silver plate ; Jewellery after the antique and mo- 
dern designs; Marine chronometer and Gardner's patent 
astronomical and nautical timekeeper ; Curiosities, 
&c. &c. &c. 

3rd Case : — The celebrated humming bird clock. 
4th Case : — Silver horsemen and figures. 
Candelabra, &c. 
177 Locke, J. 119 and 127 Regent St. London, 
Manu. — Scotch wooUens ; mauds ; ladies' shawls ; 
Cheviot Tweeds ; milled angolas ; milled clan tartans, 
as worn by the Highland regiments ; the shepherd's 

173 Clabburn, Sons & Crisp, Norwich, Manu. — 
Brocaded, check, tartan, corded, watered, and plain 
poplins ; brocaded and fancy dresses, in organzine, 
tram, spun, hard single silks, yams, and cottons ; 
Paramattas for mourning ; gentlemen's scarfs and 
hunting wrappers. 

1025 Ferguson, Millar & Co. Heathfield Works, 
Glasgow. — A fountain in terra cotta. 

320 Robertson, Carr, & Steel, Chantrey Works, 
Shefl&eld, Manu. — Hall stoves ; dining and drawing- 
room grates ; fenders, fire-irons, &c. 

316 Benham & Sons, 19 Wigmore St. London, 
Manu. — Cooking apparatus and kitchen ranges in 
various designs ; improved smoke jacks ; broiling stove 
and hot plate, with pastry oven ; steam hot closet ; 
Elavel's patent kitchener ; dinner lifting machine ; 
copper steam kettles ; Bainmarie pan ; model of com- 
plete kitchen apparatus ; emigrants' or cottagers' 
stoves ; emigrants' portable kitchen ; perforated pedes- 
tals for hot water pipes ; stair bannisters and newels 
in various style of ornament ; warm air stove ; bright 
register stoves, with burnished steel, onnolu, and 
natural bronze mouldings ; Noirsain's patent register 
stove ; turf grates ; dog stove With encaustic covings ; 



fenders and fire irons in polished steel, ormolu, and 
bronze ; ornamental fire dogs ; Telekouphonon or 
improved speaking pipe. 

1146 AtrsTiN, G. 6 amd 7 St. Andrew?- St. Dublin, 
Mann. — Silver monmted and plated dressing cases, 
•writing desks, work boxes, bagatelle tables, teapoys, 
and Davenports ; papier macb^ tables, ink stands, 
tea trays, and waiting desks ; clothes, hair, and tooth 
bi-ushes ; despatch boxes ; tourists' eases ; French and 
German fancy goods, &c. 

795 FoEEEST, J. & Sons, Grafton St. Dublin, 
Manu. — Irish guipure, point, and appliqufe lace; 
Limerick tamboured and shaded lace. Irish blonde 
dresses. Eich guipure floimeings, scarf, &c. Lime- 
rick lace bridal dress and veil, ball and court dresses, 
&c. Guipure berthee, handkerchiefe, collars, mantles, 
&c. Irish embroidery. 

1280 MoBEELT,W.Landsend,nr. Whitby, Manu. — 
Half caskjof alum; sample of refined Epsom salts (patent). 
387 MooNEY, "W. 9 Lr. Ormond Qy. Dublin, Manu. 
— Ormolu chandeliers and candelabra, in various styles. 
1145 AsKEN, J. 19 Upper Sackville St. Dublin.— 
A suit of diamonds and turquois of great value, pre- 
sented by Napoleon I., on the day of his coronation 
to Madame Sa Mere. 

1091 GoNNE, Mrs. Anne W. 26 Clare St. Dublin.— 
Specimens of rare flowers modelled in wax fi-om nature. 
Water lilies modelled in wax fi-om nature. Victoria 
Eegis modelled in wax from nature. Spiing flowers 
modelled in wax firom nature. 

39 Geiffith, R. LL.D. Chairman of the Board 
of PubKc Works, Ireland. 

Geological map of Ireland. 
Beduction of same. 

Four views of the basaltic range of the Giant's 
Causeway, north coast of Antrim. 

Section of the Ballycastle coal field, Antrim. 
Section fi:om Fair Head, Antiim, to Moira, co. 
Down, showing coal beds on mica slate, &c. 

Section of the beds of rock salt at the Hill of 
Duncrue, co. Antrim. 

Section from Cultra shore, to the limestone of 
Castle Espie, co. Down. 

Section fi-om the granite near Pomeroy, Tyrone, 
to the shore of the co. Down, showing the Irish sedi- 
mentary series. 

Section from SlievgaUion to the mica slate of 
Fallagloon, Londonderry. 

View of contact of Syenite with Chalk Taur, 
CO. Antrim. 

View of contact of Trap and Chalk, Mmiough 
Bay, Antrim. 

Section from Grouse Hall, Doneg-al, to Scott's 
House, CO. Monaghan, showing Devonian, Silurian, 
and Carboniferous rocks. 

Section fi-om Benbulben, co. SHgo, to Butler's 
Bridge, CO. Cavan, showing siiecession of carboniferous 

Section of granite veins in gi-eenstone-porphyry, 

Vertical section of the basaltic formation. 
Section of the Ballaghaderreen Silurian district^ 
CO. Mayo. 

Section of the lower Carboniferous strata of the 
north coast of Mayo. 

Section of the Silurian and Crystalline district, 

north and south of XiUery harbour, Galway and Mayo. 

Section of the chair of "Kildare silurian district. . 

Section of the Siltirian Eocks of Portrane, co. 


Section at Hook Head, Wexford, showing junction 
of Devonian, Silmian, and Carboniferous rocks. 

Section of the sUui-ian and Cambrian rocks 
of the CO. Wexford, firom Ballyleigh to Cai-nsore 

Sectional view of MacgUlicuddy's Eeeks, from 
Mangerton, co. Kerry. 

Section from Cahirconree Moxmtain to the coal 
country beyond Castleisland, co. Kerry. 

Section from the Valley of Kenmare to the Gap 
of Dunloe, co. Kerry, showing the Silmian, Devonian, 
and Carboniferous Rocks. 


Section sHowing the Silurians, &c., near Killar- 
ney, co. Kerrj. 

Section of the Silurian district of Dingle. 

Section showng the Coal Country from Tippo 
Mountain to Eallyfomoyle. 

Section of a bod of Recent or Pleistocene Shells, 
Tei-mon Hill, Mayo. 

View of contact of Mica-Slate and Granite, 
Tennon Hill, Mayo. 

Sectional view of the Fault, on the west side of 
the Gap of Dunloe, co. Kerry. 

Section of the millstone-grit, and coal districts of 
the counties of Cork and Limerick. 

Section of the Traphill and adjacent Rocks, 
Xnockferina, Limerick. 

Section of Carboniferous and other Strata, near 
Dungarvan, Waterford. 

40 Cabinet of the carboniferous fossils of Ire- 
land, collected by Mr. Griffith, and systematically 
arranged in 80 drawers, according to the subdivisions 
on his Geological Map of Ireland. 

•41 Cabinet of the siZiwiaw fossils of Ireland, col- 
lected by Mr. Griffith, and systematically ari'anged in 16 
drawers, as specified on his Geological Map of Ireland. 

846 Millar & Bbatty, 16 Dame St. Dublin, Imp. 
— Velvet, tapestry, Brussels and Kiddei-minster car- 
pets ; stair cai-peting ; oil cloths ; veh^et and Irish 
worsted hearth-rugs ; cocoa mats. 

812 Hendesson & WiDNELL, Lasswade, near 
Edinbui-gh, Manu. — Patent velvet ; British tapestry, 
and fine velvet, for curtains, portieres, &c. ; velvet rugs. 
385 Hodges, T. 99 Middle Abbey St. Dublin, 
Manu. — Lai-ge church bell, cast a perfect note, B. 6, 
attached to M 'Master & Sons' turret clock ; church 
bells of assorted sizes ; farm bells, with emblematical 
devices, assorted sizes on stand ; handsome bell, 
mounted for yacht ; highly fijiished gongs, on ebony 
stands ; coil composition gas pipe on roller, containing 
2,400 feet in one length, weight 8 cwts.; coil inch 
lead pipe on roller, containing 1,100 feet in one 
length, weight, 20 cwts. — made from Irish lead ; brass 

lifting and force pumps on mahogany planks, with 
air vessels ; cast iron pumps on oak planks ; glass 
case, containing specimens of sundry brass work, 

388 MuEPHT, J. 15 Thomas St. Dublin, Manu.— 
A peal of eight joy bells in the key of D ; a large bell 
weighing about 40 cwts.; a gong or altar bell; farm 
yard bells. 

554 The Cokporatioit of Dublin, per Parke 
Neville, C.E.— Ordnance map of the City of Dublin, 
on the scale of 88 feet to one inch, with the lines of 
the sewerage laid down thereon ; also showing the 
plan proposed by Mr. Neville, the borough engiaeer, 
for extending and improving the sewerage. 

721 Maxwell, M'Mastee, & Son, Gi-afton St. 
— A tuiTet clock. 

1165 Hunt & Roskell, late Storr & Mortimer, 
156 Now Bond St, London, Manu. — ^A candelabrum 
in silver — a testimonial presented to the Most Noble 
the Marquis of Tweeddale. 

The group represents an incident recorded in 
Buchanan's History of Scotland, said to have occurred 
in the reign of Kenneth III. A, D. 980, and to which 
tradition ascribes the origin of the noble house of Hay. 

" The Danes having invaded Scotland, were unsuc- 
cessfully opposed by the Scots who fled. A country- 
man named Hay, was, with his two sons, ploughing in 
a neighbouring field, by the pass of Luncarty ; when 
Hay seized the yoke from his oxen, and his sons, 
whatever instruments came readiest, and took their 
stations in the narrow pass, through which the 
fugitive Scots must proceed, and forced their country 
men back upon the Danes ; and, joining in the conflict, 
successfully routed the latter. After this gallant 
exploit. Hay entered the city of Perth in triumph, 
carrying his yoke, and accompanied by his sons and a 
nmnerous retinue." 

"At a consultation of the nobles, held a few days 
after at Scone, nobility was conferred upon Hay and 
his sons ; and the king gave them as much land as the 
falcon would fly over. The falcon flew over sis miles 
of country, afterwards called En"ol. The king also 



assigned them three shields, or escutcheons, to 
intimate that the father and two sons had proved the 
three shields of Scotland." 

These two latter scenes are displayed in basso relievo 
on the base, which is also embellished with figures of 
the wolf, boar, and dogs, illustrative of the sports of 
the period. The flowing branches of the candelabrum 
are enriched with vine. 

A silver group — "Mazeppa." 

A group in silver "St. Michael and Satan," 

after Flaxman, executed for the Earl of Chesterfield. 
Four equestrian statuettes, in silver : — 
Joan of Arc. 
A Cavalier. 
An Arab. 
A Hussar. 
(Executed for the Earl de Grey). 

The Doncaster Cup of 1850. Subjects : — Victory 
crowning the Horse ; alti relievo representing Chariot 
Eacing ; Kacing with the Torch ; Italian and the 
Modem Eace ; Groups of vrild and domestic horses. 
The property of the Earl of Zetland, 

The first prize given by the Emperor of Eussla to 
the Ascot Eaces. On the summit is a copy of the 
famous statue of Peter the Great, in the Place Isaac, 
St. Petersbm-g. The equestrian statuettes represent 
a Cossack, a Circassian, and an Imperial Guard. The 
basso relievo represent Minim and Pajorsky ; St. George 
of Eussia, and views of the Kremlin at Moscow ; the 
winter palace of St. Petersbm-g, and Windsor Castle. 

630 Telfoed & Telfobd, Stephen's Gr. Dub- 
lin. — Organ, built for the College of St. Peter, Eadley, 
Oxford, in solid oak Gothic cases ; the choir organ 
placed in front, the front pipes of pure tin, polished 

and burnished ; three complete manuals from CC to 
G in alt ; the pedal organ from CCC to C, two and 
a-half octaves, six composition pedals, five copulse, 
fifty stops ; the great organ, containing 1,146 pipes ; 
the swell organ, 1,000 ; the choir organ, 356 ; and the 
pedal organ, 414 ; total, 2,921 pipes. (At the west 
end of the central hall). 

658 Bevingtok, & Sons, 4S Greek St. Soho Sq. 
London, Manu. — Church organ, in carved Gothic cjfee, 
with gilt speaking-pipes in front ; boudoir organ, in 
carved cabinet rosewood case. 

1871 Fine Arts Committee of the Great In- 
dustrial Exhibition of 1853. — Stone cross from 
the Market-place of Tuam, co. Galway, erected by 
Turlogh O'Conor, King of Ireland, and Edan O'Hoi- 
sin, Comharba of St. Jarlath, in the beginning of the 
twelfth century. There are four inscriptions on this 
cross, two on the base, and two on the shaft, which 
ask for prayers for the fotmders, and the artist, GUlu 

1872 Stone cross of SS. Patrick and Columba, fi-om 
the churchyard of Kells, co. Meath, lent for exhibition 
by the Very Eev. T. A. Stopford, D.D., Archdeacon of 
Meath, and Eector of Kells. This cross is of very 
great antiquity, and mentioned in early records. 

1873 Cast of St. Boyne's stone cross at Monaster- 
boice, CO. Louth. 

1874 Cast of the great stonecrossatMonasterboiee. 

1875 Cast of the stone cross at Kilcrispeen, co. 

1876 Cast of the stone cross at KUkeiran, county 

These crosses wherever foimd are all of siliceous 




1 Royal Dublin Society, Prop. — A collectiou 
of the marbles of Ireland ; door-case ; bust pedes- 
tals ; granite columns. See also amongst Philosophical 

Samples of steel made from bar-iron, by a 
new and rapid process, in the Society's laboratory. 

A collection of 245 specimens, representing the 
natural rocks, minerals, soils, &c. &c. of the county 
Dublin, and illustrating the progress of the disintegra- 
tion of rocks, and the formation of soils ; presented to 
the society by Henry O'Hara, Esq. C.E. 

A complete collection of Irish clays, suitable 
for manufacturing purposes, with specimens of articles 
made therefrom. 

2 Kenny, Courtney, of BaUinrobe, co. Mayo. — 
Black and white Irish marble tables ; pyramids in 
marble ; specimens of double refracting spar, from 
the CO. Mayo, the property of Mrs. Clark, of Willfield. 
Specimen of amethyst, from Achill. 

2 a Specimen of rock crystal, from a cave in 
Blasket Island, co. of Kerry. 

3 Hob AN, Michael, 12 Beresford PI. Manu. — 
Tables of Irish marbles and peti-ifactions. 

4 HoEY, R. 11 City Q,uay, Dublin, Prod. — Geo- 
logical model of a colliery, Wigan, Lancashire, (in cen- 
tral hall,) (Earl of Crawford and Balcarras, Prop.) Coal 
therefrom. Cannel and Anthracite from South Wales. 

4a Russell, Mrs. Dunfanaghy. — Specimens of 
Dunlewey marbles. West Donegal, the source of 
employment in Mrs. Russell's Missionary Industrial 

5 DuNNjM. Newcastle-ou-Tyne,Inv.andProp. — 
Anemometer to shew the velocity of air currents in 
mines. Steel mill used for giving light in mines before 
invention of the safety lamp in 1S15. Section of 
Jarrow colliery. Seven safety lamps by different 
makers. Specimens of coal and iron-stone. 

5a Oliver, Northumberland, Prop. — Two draw- 
ings of Walbottle colliery. 

6 Moore, J. M.D. Saville Row, London. — Spe- 
cimens of iron ore, raw and roasted ; iron, bar, flat, 
plate, and round ; case-hardened iron ; steel ; fire-brick 
clay ; brick and tile clay ; moulding sand ; coals, from 
Arigna collieries ; coke made therefrom ; peat charcoal ; 
maps of the Arigna mines, and fine art castings in 
Arigna iron, English ii'on, and Berlin iron, to illus- 
trate the value by comparison. 

7 Byers, J. Stockton-on-Tees, Prod, and Manu. 
— Specimen of lead ore from Willy Hole mine, Teesdale; 
specimen of silver and litharge from lead ; one pig 
each of refined, common, and slag lead, mark, J. 
Byers, Stockton; sheet and pipe lead. 

8 Penny, J. 51 Stephen's Green, Dublin, Prop. — 
Specimens of Irish marbles. 

9 Local Committee for County of Kerry. — 
Specimens of lead and copper ores from the Keuraare 
mines at Clontoo and Shanagarry. 

10 Lord Talbot de Malahide Minerals : — 

Green porphyry, from Lambay ; red conglomerate, from 
same place; lias limestone, from Marston, Somerset- 

11 Blood, W. Wicklow, Prop. — Specimens of 
Wicklow pebbles, with cabinet. 

12 Morgan, R. W. 14 Lr. Gloucester St. Dublin, 

Imp Green oil stone hones from Snowdon, North 


13 Kyle,S. M. Archdeacon of Cork, Dyke House, 
Cork. — Specimens of amethyst from co. Cork. 

14 MoNKLAND Iron and Steel Co. W. Murray 
33 West George St. Glasgow, Prod. — Specimens of 
coal, ironstone, limestone, fire clay, freestone, &c. from 
eo. of Lanark ; iron in various stages of manufacfem-e ; 
section of the carboniferous strata of Lanarkshire. 

15 James, C. H. 9 Cavendish Row, Dublin. — Pig 
iron ; clay band ironstone, raw and calcined ; black 
band ii'onstone, raw and calcined, from Eglinton Iron 
Company, Ayrshire. 

16 General Mining Co. for Ireland, 2 Burgh 
Quay, Dublin. — Specimens of silver lead ores, argenti- 
ferous copper ores, iron pyrites, from Gurtnadyne and 
Shallee, near Silvermines, co. Tipperary. 

17 Wicklow Copper Mine Co. E. Barnes, Resi- 
dent Director, Prod. — Specimens of ores, &c. from 
Ballyraurtagh Mine, co. Wicklow. 

18 J. Shield, Son, & Co. Ringsend Dock, Dublin, 
and Ballymacarrett, Belfast, Manu. — Railway and 
foundry coke made from Marley Hill coal. Coal from 
Marley Hill Colliery, Newcastle-on-Tyne. 

19 O'Fflahertie, G. F. Lemonfield, Oughterard, 

Prop Galena, barytes, fluor spar, carbonate of lime, 

sulphuret of zinc, iron pyrites, from co. Galway. 

20 HuTCHiNS, S. Portlands, Charleville, Cork 
Pi'op. — Copper ore from Berehaven Mine, co. 


MEsriFG ainT) musterai. products. 

21 Armstrong, W. New Hall, Ennis, Prop. — Sil- 
ver, lead, and antimony ores, from Kilbreckan Mines. 

Sand stone flags from the Kildeema Quarry. 
Slate flags, from the Kilkee Quarry, co. Clare. 

22 Sadlier, T. Tullamore, Jlanu. and Inv. — 
Uueharred peat ; peat charcoal, in sods, and gi'anu- 
lated ; apparatus for household use of peat charcoal. 

23 Bernal, J. Limerick, Prop — Marble in blocks 
and slabs ; chess table mlaid with marble, 

24 Butler, J. Laurence, Liverpool, Prop. — King 
and Pemberton Coal, Cannel Coal, a,nd Coke, from the 
mines of the Moss Hall Company, Ince, near Wigan. 

25 RoAKE, J. W. Newbury, Berksliire — Peat 
from Newbury-, Berkshire. 

26 Wandesforde, C. Castlecomer, Prop. — An- 
thracite, ironstone, fire clay, slate clay for red pottery 
and aluminous slate. 

27 Morgan & Sons, Llanelly, Carmarthenshire, 
Prod. — Anthracite, or stone coal, for drying malt hops, 
and corn; fuel for steam boilers; for Ai-nott's stoves 
and cooking purposes. 

28 Fawcett, J. Douglas, Isle of Man, Prop. — 
Coal and gypsmn, from Leitrim . 

29 Moore, Rev. Ogle, Blessington, co. Wicklow. 
— Black oxide of manganese. 

30 Marquis of Downshire, Prop. — Rock salt 
(from beds 860 feet down), containing 94 per cent, of 
pure chloi'ide of sodium, of which 50 per cent, is of 
soda, from co. Antrim. China manufactured at the 
Pottei'ies, from clay found in co. Down. Steel wire, 
copper sulphur, hematite and kidney iron, manganese, 
fuller's earth, emery stone, and lead, from county 
Down. Granite and "Irish freestone," from county 

Edenderry Lead, from the Blundell mines. — 
Flag, containing the impression of a fern, found at 
Foynes, co. Limerick ; Flag, containing specular iron, 
found at Ballybunnion, co. Kerry. 

31 Skellern, R. H, 11 Great Castle St. Regent 
St. London. — Coloured sands from Alum Bay, Isle of 

31a Jacob, Dr. 23 Ely Place. — Drawing of a 
horse and cart, made from the colored sands of the 
Isle of Wight. 

32 Hill, J. 58 Gt. Brunswick St. — Samples of 
salt, manufactured from the rock-salt found at the new 
mines Duncrue, Carrickfergus. 

33 Lynam, James, Raheen Lodge, Ballinasloe, 
Hill, John, Ennis. — Agricultural soils from counties 
of Clare, Galway, Limerick, Meath, &c. 

84 Marshall, S. Letterkenny,Prop. and Prod. — 
Pearls found in a species of muscle in the river Lanan. 
Fl?x. Potter's clay, peat, lead ore, and otlier minerals 
from county Donegal. 

85 Deering, J. & Co. Cork. — Samples' of silex 
and clay, and ware manufactured therefrom. 

36 Mining Company of Ireland, R. P. Allen, 
Sec. Lower Ormond Qy. Dublin, Prod, and Manu. — 
Specimens of copper ore, native copper, and silver lead 
ore, from Knoekmahon mines, V/aterford ; lead ores 
from Luganure mines, Wicklow ; silver lead ore and 
native silver, from Bally corus mine, Dublin; coal from 
Slievardagh collieries, Tipperary, and Lisnacon coUiery, 
Cork ; manufactured lead, litharge, and cake of silver 
from Ballycorus works, Dublin. 

37 Thomas, W. Prod. — Silver lead ore, contain- 
ing 41 oz. of silver to the ton, from Killinogue Mines, 
Bantry, co. Cork. 

38 Limerick Local Committee, D. W. Raimback 
and W. Fitzgerald, Sees. — Marbles from Limerick ; 
Iron, lead, sulphur, galena, copper, and other ores 
from Galway, Kerry, Tipperaay, Clare, and Limerick. 
Peat or "turf." Cuhn. Carrigeen moss, used in 
pulmonary complaints, also food for cattle. Building 
stone. Limerick. Fire clays ; pottery clay, Ballysimon. 
Silicious sand, Ballysimon. Flax from same county, 
dressed and i>aw. Fossil remains, &c. 

39 Griffith, R. LL.D. Chairman of the Board 
of Public Works, Ireland. 

Geological Map of Ireland. 

Reduction of same. 

Four Views of the Basaltic range of the Giant's 
Causeway, north coast of Antrim. 

Section of the Ballycastle Coal field, Antrim. 

Section fi-om Fair Head, Antrim to Moira, Co. 
Down, showing Coal beds on mica slate, &c. 

Section of the beds of Rock-salt at the Hill of 
Duncrue, Co. Antrim. 

Section from Cultra Shore to the limestone of 
Castle Espie, Co. Down. 

Section from the granite near Pomeroy, Tyrone, 
to the shore of the Co. Down, showing the Irish sedi- 
mentary series. 

Section from Slievgallion to the mica slate of 
Fallagloon, Londonderry. 

View of contact of Syenite with Chalk Tanr, 
Co. Antrim. 

View of contact of Trap and Chalk, Murlough 
Bay, Antrim. 

Section from Grouse Hall, Donegal, to Scott's 



House, Co. Monaghan, showing Devonian, Silurian, 
and Carboniferous rocks. 

Section from Benbulben, Co. Sligo, to Butler's 
Bridge, Co. Cavan, stowing sitccession of Carboni- 
ferous strata. 

Section of granite veins in greenstone-por- 
phyry, Carlingford. 

Vertical section of the basaltic formation. 

Section of the Ballaghaderreen Silurian district 
CO. Mayo. 

Seotion of the lower Carboniferous strata of the 
north coast of Mayo. 

Section of the Silurian and Ciystalline district, 
north and south of Killery harbour. Gal way and 

Section of the chak of Kildare Silmian district. 

Section of the Silurian Hocks of Portrane, Co. 

Section at Hook Head, Wexford, showing junc- 
tion of Devonian, Silurian, and Carboniferous recks. 

Section of the Silurian and Cambrian rocks of 
the Co. Wexford, from Ballyleigh to Carnsore Point. 

Sectional view of MacgiUicuddy's Reeks, from 
Mangerton, Co. Kerry. 

Section from Cahirconree Mountain to the Coal 
country beyond Castleisland, Co. Kerry. 

Section from the Valley of Kenmare to the Gap 
of Dunloe, Co. Kerry, showing the Silurian, Devonian, 
and Carboniferous Rocks. 

Section showing the Silurians, &c., near Killar- 
ney, Co. Kerry. 

Section of the Silurian district of Dingle. 

Section showing the Coal Country from Tippo 
Mountain to Ballyiomoyle. 

Section of a bed of Recent or Pleistocene Shells, 
Termon Hill, Mayo. 

View of contact of Mica-Slate and Granite, 
Termon Hill, Mayo. 

Sectional view of the Eault, on the west side of 
the Gap of Dunloe, Co. Keriy. 

Section of the Millstone-g-rit, and Coal districts 
of the Counties of Cork and Limerick. 

Section of the Traphill and adjacent Rocks, 
Knockferina, Limerick. 

Section of Carboniferous and other Strata, near 
Dungarvan, Waterford. 

40 Cabinet of the Carhoniferous fossils of Ireland, 
collected by Mr. Griffith, and systematically arranged 
in 80 drawers, according to the subdivisions on his 
Geological Map of Ireland. (In Cental Hall.) 

41 Cabinet of the Silurian fossils of Ireland, col- 
ected by Mr. Griffith, and systematically arranged in 
16 drawers, as specified on his Geological Map of Ire- 
land. (In Central Hall.) 

42 Field, H. C. M.D. Blackrock, Dublin.— Crys- 
tal of quartz, weight 87 lbs. found on the property of 
Exhibitor in the co. Londonderry. 

43 Ansted, D. T. 17 Manchester St. London, 

Prop Specimens of native gold, and ingot of gold, 

from Virginia and North Carolina ; garnet rock, asso- 
ciated with the auriferous rock in Virginia ; aui-iferous 
quai'tz and crystalline native gold from California. 

44 Lee, J. Dale End, Birmingham, Inv. — "Com- 
bination " gold-digging tool, available for use as a 
shovel, scrape, pick-axe, granite breaker, and crow-bar. 
A patent oval tubular crow-bar. 

45 WiLLANS, Obadiah, Island Bridge, Dublin, 
Prod. — Ores of iron, lead, manganese; decomposed 
granite, yellow ochre, sulphate of barytes, and rotten 
stone, from counties of Donegal and Leitrim. 

46 Royal Hibernian Mining Company, 17 Gi-ace- 
church St. London. — Specimens of silver lead ore from 
Glogher and Castlemaine Mines, in the co. of. Kerry. 

47 Waeeen, Latham C. Esq. 38 Fitz\villiam PI. 
— Three frames of arranged specimens of ferns. 

48 Ely, Maeqis of, Ely Lodge, Euniskillen. — A 
pedestal of polished freestone; a block of rough freestone. 

49 Barker, W. M.D.- — Specimens of Porcelain 
clays from different localities in Ireland. 

50 Cash, J. Dhurode Mine Company's Office, 26 
Throgmorton St. London — Copper ores from the 
Dhurode mine, in West Carbery, co. of Cork, on the 
estate of Lionel J. Fleming, Esq. 

51 Godfrey, Sir W. D. Bart. Kileoleman Abbey, 
CO. Kerry — Lead ore containing 82 per cent, of lead, and 
40 oz. 16 dwts. of fine silver, per ton, as per assay, raised 
at tlie east Annagh mines on the Godfrey estate, Castle- 
maine, in the county of Kerry. 

52 Graves, Rev. James, A.B. ; Laloe, Joseph, 
Es(i., M.D. ; Carter, Sampson, Esc^., Jun., C.E., 
M.R.I. A., on the part of the Literary and Scientific 
Institution, — Geological model map of the co. of 
Kilkenny, showing specimens of the rocks and clays 
in their relative positions ; a collection of minerals 
and fossils from same locality. 

53 D'Alton, J. 48 Summer-hill, Dublin. — Bog- 
iron-ore ; containing 69'2 per "cent, of oxide of ii-on, 
equivalent to about 4S"3 per cent, of pure iron, from 
Mr. Philips's estate of Clonmore, co. Mayo. A spe- 
cimen of coal from same locality. 


54 Stephens, — , Esq. Melbourne, Australia. — 
The " Prince Albert" nugget of gold, weighing nearly 
six pounds. 

55 Flayelle, J. 5 D'Olier St. Dublin, Imp. and 
Prop . — Specimens of gold as found in the matrix and 
washed gold from the districts of " Ophir," the " Turon 
River," " Braidwood," the " Hanging Rock," or Peel 
River diggings, Port Philip, &e. &c. 

56 Browne, Markham, Connoree Mine, Rath- 
drum, Prop. — Specimens of ore from the above mine. 

57 NiCHOLL, W. & P. Dalkey. — Obelisk of 
Dalkey granite ; model of a monmnent. 

58 Dove, D. Glasgow, Prod. — Grindstones from 
quarries near Glasgow; stones fi-om Bui-nfield quarry. 

59 WooDWAED Beothees, Rhosy Madre Quar- 
ries, near Ruabon, Denbighshii-e, Manu. — Welsh 

59a Geeene, J. B, 108 Lr. Baggot St. Dublin. — 
Specimens of purple sulphuret of copper, fi-om Sorse 
Island, CO. Cork. 

60 Headech, W. Kill aloe, Manu.— Roofing 
slates ; slate flags ; lead ore f i om the slate rock. 

60a Evans, S. Newtownards Mining Co. — 
Specimens of lead ore from the Newtownards Mines. 


60 b Daegan, William, Mount AnviUe, co. 
Dublin, Ex. — Three fleeces of wool of this year's clip, 
from sheep bred by Exhibitor. 

61 Millner, R. Dublin, Prop. — Long wool(Irish) 
for combing purposes ; short wool (Irish) for clothing 

62 Davis, W. H. Newbury, Berkshire — Speci- 
mens of Southdown wool. 

63 Whelan & O'Brien — Samples of Irish grown 
Hogget fleece wool, Wedder fleece wool, Wicklow 
mountain's wool ; Australian grown fleece wool ; alpaca 
wools, white and brown. 

63 a Nowlan, J. 21 D'Olier St. Dublin.— Speci- 
mens of wool. 

64 Kyle, William Cotter, M.R.D. S. 8 
Clare Street, Dublin, Proprietor. — Horns, skulls, &c. of 
wild animals from Cape of Good Hope, Southern Africa. 

65 Marsh & Edenborough, Salvador House, 
Bishopsgate St. London. — Colonial wools. 

65 a Mahont, M. & Beothees, Camden PI. Cork, 
Manu. — Knitting worsteds and yarns ; Irish wool in 
the fleece and sorted ; wool in the several stages of 
the worsted-spinning process, and of the yai-n-spinning 


66 Beresford & Kelly, Florence Court, Manu — 
Earthenware, crucibles, bricks, tiles, &c. manufactured 
at the Florence Court Tile Works, the property of the 
Earl of Enniskillen. 

66a Johnston, Wm. Kinlough House, co. Leitrim. 
■ — Tiles for draining purposes. 

67 Ritchie, F. & Sons, Belfast. — Asphalte flag- 

68 MiNTON, HoLLiNS, & Co. Stoke-upon-Trent. 
— Encaustic, Venetian, and Mosaic pavements. 

69 Warner, P. Ardeer, by Saltcoats, Ayrshire, 
Prop. — Smoke nuisance and wind guard chimney cans ; 
fire and common bricks. 

70 Robinson, J. Belfast, Des. and Manu. — Stone 
flower vase ; Sienna marble chimney piece. 

71 Davis, S. Dublin, Manu.— Roman cement and 
plaster of Paris ; Roman cement stone ; Porthmd 

72 Wright, H. Belview Steam Mills, Dublin, 

Manu. — Buttons of bone and wood ; bone dust manure ; 
Indian meal ; cow-hair (washed) ; potato farina. 

73 Fahie, J. K. Tipperary, Manu. and Prod. — 
Filter, vases, &c. of stoneware; drainage j^ipes ; fire 
bricks ; hollow bricks ; tesselated tiles ; white black, 
and red clays; delft (made in Staffordshire) of Irish 
clay ; iron, copper, and lead ores, from county Tip- 

74 Padgett, Wm. & Co. Tipperary.^ — Fire-bricks. 

75 QuiLLiAM & Creer, Castletown, Isle of Man, 
Manu. — Cruciform monument in Manx marble. 

76 Lawrie, W. Downham Market, Des. and Prod. 
— Alms box and pedestal for a church, in Caen stone, 
cai'ved (style early English). 

77 Denny, Sir E. & W. T. Cbosbie, Esq. Prop. 
— Pipe drain tiles, manufactm-ed at Currone Tilery, 
near Tralee. 

77a Davidson & Armstrong, 18 «& 20 Piccadilly, 
Manchester. — A roll of laminated lead, manufactured 



for the Chinese market, and used by them for lining 
tea chests, also by our merchants, for packing snufffor 
export, &c. &c. ; roU of pure lead, plated with block 
tin on both sides, and polished, used for making cis- 
terns for containing water for diinking and culinary 
purposes ; roU of quarter-patent gas pipe, plated with 
pure tin — the plating preserves the lead, stiffens the 
pipe, and renders it suitable for ornamental glass, 
chandeliers, &c. ; length of 5-inch lead pipe, plated 
inside and outside with block tin. 

78 Brown, R. Surbiton Hill, Surrey, Inv. and 
Manu. — Improved Italian tiles ; grooved ridge tiles ; 
ornamental plain tiles, and valley tiles ; plain Gothic 
ridge tiles. 

79 Limerick Local Committee, per D. W. Raim- 
back and W. Fitzgerald, Secretaries. — A tomb, from 
the design of Mr. John Duggan, architect. Limerick, 
exhibited also as a specimen of the building stone of 
Rossbrien Quarry, near the city of Limerick. 

80 Meinig, C. Leadenhall St. London.— Hones, 
oilstones, and grindstones. 

81 Blashfield, J. M. Mill Wall, Poplar, London, 
Manu. — Group in terra cotta of virgin and child, from 
model by W. Innes. Terra cotta copy of antique bnst 
of Anadne. Terra cotta pedestals ^various patterns.) 
Terra cotta vases after the antique. 

81a Millar, John, Edinburgh. — Statue of her 
Majesty the Queen and his Royal Highness Prince 
Albert, in hard fire clay, capable of resisting the 
weather. Eagle vase and pedestal, richly carved stone, 
from Malta. Wine cooler and cover from Stafford- 
shire. Dresden china time piece, antique. Black 
marble time piece with rubies, from Paris. China vase 
lamps, new moderator principle. Silver, glass, and 
ormolu lamps, new moderator prin^ple. China figure. 
Burns' Highland Mary, Staffordshire. Specimens of 
breakfast and tea china, Scotch heath, and thistle. 

82 Flood, Henry, Viewmount, Whitehall, Kil- 
kenny, Prop. — Flags suited for street flagging and 
flooring generally; a chimney piece, made from flags, 
suited for cottages or second class bed-room. 

83 Deane, A. York Terrace, Cork. — Chimney 
piece and table tops manufactured from marble raised 
on the estate of exhibitor in the co. of Cork. 

84 Brown, R. Ferguslie Fire Clay Works, Paisley, 
Manu. — Vases, chimney tops, glazed pipes with socket 
joints, cattle trough, all made of fire clay. 

85 Kenneth, A. & Co. Kilwinning, Ayrshire, 
Manu. — Fountain, sun dial pillai", chimney cans, and 
glazed pipes made of fire clay. 

86 Garnkirk Coal Co. Garnkirk. — Vases, flower- 
pots, chimney-pots, manufactured from fire-clay. 

87 Henderson, J. 149 and 150 Townsend St. 
Dublin, Imp. — Bridgewater, Welsh, and Irish bricks ; 
Welsh slates ; chimney tops ; wind guards (registered) ; 
vases and pedestals ; Grecian chimney piece ; pipes, 
&c., made of fire clay. 

87a Ferguson, Miller, & Co. Heathfield, Glas- 
gow, Manu. — Fire bricks, ornamental terra cotta, 
glazed sewerage pipes, &c. 

Set of three Gothic chimney tops, do. 

Ornamental wind-guard, do., do. 

Copy of the "Warwick vase," do. 

Nuptial vase. 

Garden vase. 

Specimen of vent lining. 

Specimen of glazed sewerag'e pipes. 

88 London & Penzance Serpentine Co. Mr. John 
Organ, Manager, Penzance, Cornwall, England, Prod. — 
Ladies' inlaid work tables ; Octagon vases ; Albert 
vase ; pedestal and vase ; chimney piece ; pair Luxor 
obelisks ; scrap inlaid zodiac vase ; pair Hebe ewers ; 
pair King's needles ; large ink-stands ; pair Hebe jugs 
and centre piece ; pair large bell vases ; large tazza ; 
Y/ellington tablets ; pair fluted vases ; miniature table ; 
crosses ; polished slab. 

89 Abbott, H. Mullingar, Prop. — Block of Gal- 
way Marble. 

90 Cassidy, Robert, Esq. Monasterevan . — Two 
pillars of siliceous sandstone, beautifully worked, from 
the quarry of Rosenalis, Queen's co. — This is the 
quarry from which the ancient crosses and stone monu- 
ments of Ireland appear to have been taken. 

91 B4LLANTINE, ALEXANDER, 126" Up. Dorset St. 

Dublin, Manu. — Gothic chimney piece of Galway 
black marble. (In Dublin Society's collection.) 

Baptismal font in the Norman style of Caen stone. 

Bust pedestal of marble, from Skerries, co. Dublin. 

92 M'CuLLOUGH, D. Armagh, Manu. — Chimney 
piece of Armagh marble, (In Dublin Society collection.) 

93 Synge, F. Glanmore, Asliford, co. Wicklow, 
Prod. — Specimens of slate flags manufactured from the 
Glanmore slate and flag quarry. 

94- Williams, D. Baugor, N. Wales, Manufacturer. 
— Billiard tables, baths, cistei-ns, grave stones, and 
other articles made of slate. 

95 Battam, Thos. & Son, Gough Sq. Fleet St. 
London. — Decorated terra cotta vases, tazzas, &c. ; 
fac-similes of those known as Etruscan and Greek, 
which for elegance of form and exquisite painting are 



esteemed among the choicest works of antiquity. 
This collection includes many interesting copies of 
vases in the British Museum and other galleries, and 
illustrates the progress of reproductive art in ■ that 
class of art manufacture. 

98 Farnley Iron Company, Wortley, near Leeds, 
J.Ianu. — Vases and pedestals, baptismal fonts, urns, 
flower boxes, balusters, chimney tops, and shafts ; 
omamentfil trusses, architectural mouldings, &c., all 
in teiTa cotta, and in various styles. 

97 Local Committee of the County Kerry, 
Prop. — Chimney piece of Kerry marble; marble slab ; 
bust pillar marble : draining tiles, and pottery made in 
CO. Kerry. 

98 James, J. Courtown Harbour, co. Wexford, 
1^'fauu. — Draining pipes, tiles, bricks, and pots. 

99 MoLLOY, J. Tullamore, Ireland, Manu — A 
marble table, marble dish, and marble fish — carved 
from marble, the produce of BallyduS" quarries, near 

100 I\IoRGAN & Rees, Jewin Cres. London, Imp. 
and Prop. — Plumbago melting pots for refiners, one of 
which has been used 60 times at Brown & Wingrove's, 
London. German and English black lead melting 
pots ; Hessiaa crucibles for goldsmiths and assayers ; 

Cornish and London cnicibles for chemists ; creosots, 
employed by French refiners ; sHttlepots used by 
silversmiths, &c. 

101 Barnes, W. H. Tamworth. — Original designs, 
suitable for borders, &c. ; circular or centre designs 
in labyrinthan style ; designs for brooches, shawl 
fasteners, chains, paper hangings ; embossed ornaments 
for book cases'; original designs for pipe bowls, 
modelled in fire clay from Glascote clay works, near 
Tamworth ; modelled designs in clay for glasses for 
ink-stands and various other purposes ; set of 
draughtsman in the same material ; design for a 
tazza top in a new style of oi'nameutatiou. 

102 M'Anaspies, Messrs. Great Brunswick St. 
Dublin. — Portland and granite stone cements, castings, 
&c. ; Scagliola and Oriental marbles. 

103 Blackburn, B. Valentia, co. Kerry, Prod. — 
Articles in slate from the quarries in the Island of 
Valentia, co. Kerry, viz. : — Round tables for the 
Eefeeshment Room ; flooring slabs, roofing slates, 
cisterns to contain 1,200 and 500 gallons, billiard table 
slabs, garden seat, orange tree box, table of slate 

103a Power, James, Esq., 20 Earcourt St. — A 
marble vase. 


104 Geoghegan, J. and R. 20 Up. Sackville St. 
Dublin, Manu. and Prop. — Irish linens, sheetings, 
table linen, shirts, collars, worked cambric handker- 

105 Leadbetter, J. & Co. Belfast, Ireland, j\Ianu. 
— Specimens illustrative of Watt's process for the 
preparation of flax : — 

a Flax straw as from the field. 

i Flax straw with seed and capsules taken off and 
made ready for steam chambers. 

c Flax seed. 

d Flax seed, capsules, or husks. 

e Flax straw, steamed in chambers. 

/ Flax liquor from chambers, containing important 
feedhig properties. 

g Flax straw with epidermis or outer bark removed 
by wet rolling, and made ready for drying and 

h Flax fibre after undergoing the process of 

i Flax fibre heclded. 

j Yarn spun at Mile Water Spinning Mill, Belfast. 
h Yarn bleached. 
I Cloth as from loom, 

m Cloth bleached at Messrs. Richardson and Co's. 

106 Clibborn, Hill, & Co. Linen Merchants, 
Bleachers, Banbridge, IManu. — Bird eye diapers,manu- 
factured from prime lioen yarn. 

107 Lindsay, D. Ashfield, co. Do%vnj Manu. — Table 
cloths, and napkins, of single and double damask ; strong, 
light, and fancy drills ; musquito netting; linen mushn; 
shirt fronts, plaited in the loom, without using a needle, 
all unbleached. Shii't fronts, bleached. 

108 Oldham S. & Son, 12 Westmoreland St. 
Dublin, Prop.— Irish linens, sheetings, diapers, lawns, 
damask cloths, cambric handkerchiefs, specimens of 
Irish embroidery, quilts, toilet covers, doyleys. 

109 CouLsoN, James & Co. Lisbm'u, co. Antrim — 
Specimens of superfine damask table cloths, napkins, 



&c. similar to those in preparation for Her Majesty 
and Prince Albert, and their Excellencies the Eai'l and 
Countess of St. Germains. 

110 M'^BiRNEY, CoLLis, & Co. Aston's Q,y. Dublin, 
Prop. — Damask table cloths ; " The Hunt " table 
cloth (improved) ; napkins ; fine hand-spun linen ; 
strong linen made from Irish flax ; Irish cambrics ; 
cambric handkerchiefs ; silk stockings, plain and em- 
broidered ; Balbriggan stockings ; gloves ; embroidered 
shawls, mantles and bonnets; dresses; ribbons; arti- 
ficial flowers ; counterpanes : Limerick lace and Irish 

111 Rowland, J. Drogheda, Manu.^ — Damask and 
diaper sheeting of all breadths, huckaback, Drogheda 
linens, dowlas, tickens, hoopings, glass cloths, stair 
covering, rollering, drills in various colours. 

112 Kirk, W. & Son, Ann vale, Keady, co- Armagh 
Manu. — Rough brown linens; linen Hollands; bleached 
linen diapers ; lining, family and fronting linens ; 

113 Cradavell, Ciiadwick, «&: Co. Drogheda. — 
Yarns in hanks, manufactured from Irish flax. 

114 Fenton, Son & Co. Linen Hall, Belfast. — 
Case of linen fabrics. 

115 Mair, J. Son, & Co. Loudon and Glasgow. — 
Embroidered muslin and merino robes ; window 
muslins and lenos ; printed Bandannas ; Challis 

116 M°Cay, T. Dromore, co. Down, Mann. — Fine 

117 Bell, T. & Co. Bellview, Lurgan, ManiT.— 
Cambric handlverchiefs,bordered,printed,hem-stitched, 
tucked, and embroidered (in the loom), pi-inted 
dresses also embi-oidered (in the loom). 

118 Andrews, M. Royal Manufactory of Linen 
and Damask, Ardoyne, Belfast, Des. Manu. and Prop. 

No. 1. One super-extra double damask table cloth, 
new pattern, "the Clarendon pattern;" the border is 
composed of a rich selection of flowers drawn from 
nature ; the centre, a group of flowers, also from nature, 
which springs from a scroll resting on a shell, and sup- 
ported by bulh'ushes, &c. &c. ; the filling consists of a 
lai'ge piece of shamrock and flax, with detaciied amaryllis 
and convolvulus surrounding the centre, the whole in- 
terspersed with small sprigs of flax and shamrock com- 
bined. Two table napkins to match, one with, and one 
without sprigs, — this pattern was designed specially 
for the table linen presented by the Royal Society for 
the Cultivation of Flax in Ireland, to the Earl of 
Clarendon when Lord Lieutenant, with his lordship's 

arms emblazoned in the centre, surrounded by various 
heraldic embellishments. 

No 2. One super- extra double damask table cloth, 
new pattern, " the Ardoyne Exhibition Pattern ;" the 
border is composed of a rich scroll, each compartment 
terminating with a distinct flower ; the corners 
represent rhoao lendron in flower, while groups of 
hyacinth, crown imperial, hollyhock, foxglove, stocks, 
lilac, &c. compose the end and side centres of the 
border, and the margin represents heart's-ease leaves, 
with the flowers laid thereon ; the centre of the cloth 
consists of a basket of rich flowers placed on a rustic 
stump, which rests on a group of flowers at the base, 
and is supported by an arum on the one side and 
strehtzia on the other, the whole being surrounded by 
a light wreath of flowers chiefly climbers, with a run- 
ning ground harmonizing in the same style — the 
flowers all from nature. Two table napkins to match. 

No. 3. One extra double damask table cloth, new 
pattern, " the Fern Rustic Pattern" ; border composed 
of branches of trees interlaced with flowers and various 
climbers, and shamrock mai'gin ; the centre is a varied 
collection of ferns, supported by pieces of trumpet 
flowers and leopard's bane, with festoons of rimning 
flowers between, and a filling of a variety of fern 
sprigs, all drawn from nature. 

No. 4. One table napkin with coat of arms, and one 
with emblems of Ireland. 

119 The Local Committee of the Co. Kerry, 
Tralee, Prop. — Hand loom diaper table cloths, from 

120 Murland, H. Castlewellan, Bleacher and 
Prod.— Irish linen for the United States Market. 

121 Ferguson, Frederick C. Fair St. Drogheda 
and Linen Hall, Dublin, Manu. — Imperial and fancy 
linen drills ; linens, lawns, and platillas. 

122 Harrison Brothers, Dromore, co. Down, 
Manu. — Linen shirt frontings, in various patterns, 
all woven in the loom ; fi'ontings, embroidered, veined, 
printed, .&c. (Exhibited by M'Birney, Collis, & Co.) 

123 Speedie, R. & Sons, Kirkcaldy, Manu. — 
Bleached linen sheetings ; bed ticks ; window blinds, 
contills huci;abacks, diapers, towels, &e. 

124 Roddy, R. Belfast, Prop. — Double damask 
table cloths, napkins, linens, lawns, diapers, and other 
linen fabrics; mill .ind hand-spun yarns ; bleached drills. 

125 Carson, R. Randalstown, co. Antrim, Manu. 
— Bleached linens. 

126 Knox, A. Linen Hall, Dublin, Manu. — Irish 
Sheetings, diapers, and towellings. 



127 LocKHART, N. & Sons, Kirkcaldy, Manu. — 
Linen l>ed ticks, rough and calendered, all woven by 
hand ; grain sacks, hand-wove ; diaper and Portobello 

. Bath towels, all linen ; water twist ; gingham checl«. 

128 Bp.emner, John, Kirkcaldy .^Bleached Can- 
vass, tow, twine and yarns ; the yarn spun by Messrs. 
R. & I. Aytoun, of Kirkcaldy. 

129 Nelson, J. & Co. Selby, Yorkshire. — Flax 
prepared on a new process, and dressed by improved 

130 Ratnet, Knox, and Co. Glasgow. — Canvass, 
Sheetings, &c, robes made from cotton, silk and wool 
in a Jacquard loom, for dressing gowns. 

131 Wilson, R.Dublin, Mann. — Hawsers ; stand- 
ing rigging wormed ; lanyard rope ; bolt rope ; flat 

j-ope for mining. 

», 132 Watson, J. 7P Jamaica St. Glasgow, Manu. — 

..Fishing lines and twines. 

133 Preston, J. & Co. Belfast. — Samples of Flax 
in the undressed state, grown in the counties of Down, 
Antrim, Monaghan, and Armagh. 

134 Finlatson,Bousfield, & Co. Johnstone,near 
Glasgow, Manu. — Specimens of tailor's thread, in 
various colours and Nos. made up in rolls and skeins ; 
patent satin finish thread ; shoe thread ; hemp thread 
and closing thread ; fine white gimp thread for lace ; 

:fine black silk thread. 

135 Rattray, J. Broadlie jNIills, Neilston, Manu. 
— Machine made nets, as used in Scottish herring 
fisheries ; herring-net twines of hemp and flax ; shoe 
threads ; Scottish flax, used in the shoe thread manu- 

136 Elliott, J. 94 Thomas St. Dublin, ]\Ianu. — 
Ropes and twines, from Irish hemp and flax. 

137 Aitken, a. &. M. I. Pinchbeck, near Spalding, 
- . Lincolnshire Flax, dressed and in the raw state. 

138 Grant, G. & Co. Armagh, Prop. — Sail can- 
vas ; canvas yarn in the green state ; canvas yarn in 
the boiled state, all made from hand-scutched Irish 

139 SoPER, R. S. London, Manu. — Patent sash 
lines ; thread and worsted blind lines. 

140 Royal Society for the Promotion and 
Improvement of the Growth of Flax in Ireland, 
Belfast. — Series of specimens illustrating the prepa- 
ration of the flax plant for manufacturing purposes, 
and the different processes employed in the coui'se of 
manufacture in Ireland : — 

1 . Flax-straw, dried with the seed on. 

2. Flax-straw, after steeping. 

„ Samples of seed ; sample of seed capsules. 

3. Flax-straw, steeped and rolled for scutching. 
„ Sample of scutching-tow. 

4. Scutched flax fibre of various qualities. 

5. Hackled flax fibre of various qualities. 
5. Hackle-tow of various qualities. 

7. Line and tow sliver. 

8. Line rovings for 130 lea, and 260 lea yams, 
„ Line and tow yarns from 6 lea to 280 lea. 

9. Specimens of unbleached and bleached fabrics, 

including heavy and light linens, drills, diapers, 

damaslis, lawns, cambrics, musquitto-netting, 

&c. &c. 
10. Specimens of fancy, dyed, or printed fabrics, 

including di-ills, bed-ticks, floor cloths, lawns, 

cambrics, linens, &c. &c. 
Series of samples of foreign flax, used in the Irish 
linen manufacture, and of Irish and English flax, 
treated by peculiar processes, viz. : — Samples of Rus- 
sian, Dutch, Belgian (Courtrai and Flemish), and 
Egyptian flax, in the scutched and hackled state ; 
samples of English and Irish flax, prepared by the 
patent processes of Schenck (hot water), and of Watt 
(steaming), and of Irish flax, dried and steeped on the 
" Courtrai" system. Case of specimens of linen yams, 
&c. the manufacture of Messrs. Gradwell, Chadwick 
& Co. Drogheda. Case of specimens of linen fabrics, 
&c. the manufacture of Messrs. John Hind & Sons, 

140a Specimens sent in 1774 to the Society of 
Arts by Lady Moira of Montalto, Ballinahin. 

1. Cotton made of heckled fllax. 

2. Ditto not boiled so long. 

3. Coarse wrappering for linens for furniture from 
the backings of tow. 

4. Coarse dimity for upper petticoats. 

5. A piece of Lady Moira's own gown. 

141 Hughes, Thomas & James, Clonmel. — Sam- 
ples of prepared flax. 

142 FiTZGiBBON, J. Glm, CO. Limerick, Prod. — 
Grey and white linen duck. 

143 Fletcher, A. & Co. St. Rollox Flax Mills, 
Glasgow.- — Linen Threads. 

143 A Vandeleuk, Colonel, co. Clare. — Coil of 
rope manufactured from bogwood, from the west of 
the CO. of Clare. 

143 b Davy, Edward, Crediton, Devon, Flax 
Spinner and Manu. — Specimens of flax and tow 
yams, prepared under a patent recently granted to 



14.4 M'DoNAiiD, H. Leioster Row, Kevin St. 
Dublin. — Patent sash line, manufactured from Irish 
and foreign hemps, window blinds, cords and fancy 
twines, a six strand machine line, the first made in 

144 a M^^Neale, A- Exhibitor. — Dressed flax. 

144 b Tough, Alex. & Son, Greenock, Mann. — 
Coils of rope, each 6 and 9 inches, formed upon the 
highest angle with the greatest tension on the lesson, 
and maintained during the subseciuent operations. By 
this plan a great amount of strength and durability is 


145 Craven and Harrop, Bradford, Yorkshire, 
Spinners and Mann. — Registered damasks, all wool, 
cotton and wool, silk and wool; registered damask table 
covers, all wool, cotton and wool, silk and wool ; Or- 
leans, Coburgs, double twills, merinos, moreens, Cir- 
cassians, alpacas, alpaca-lustre, alpaca serge, alpaca 
mottled crapes, chambord cloths, &c. 

146 Allen, R. 28 Lr. Sackville St. Dublin, Prop.— 
Fine and superfine waterproofed Eblana friezes ; heavy 
Irish wool friezes ; superfine heavy friezes ; tweeds 
and doeskins ; embroidered vests, worked in Ireland ; 
superfine wool-dyed Irish black cloth ; treble-milled 
Irish black, blue, and drab box cloths ; English and 
foreign cloths, &c. &c. 

147 Neill, C. & Sons, 11 Usher's Qy. Dublin, 
Manu. — Brown, grey, and Oxford friezes ; a blanket. 

148 Porter, J. G. V. Belleisle, Lisbellaw, near 
Eniiiskillen, Manu. — Tweeds, friezes, and blankets. 

149 Read, J. 13 Usher's Qy. Dubhfl, Manu. — 
Treble-milled diab, blue, and black cloths; friezes; 
lama cloths ; elastic tweeds. 

150 Edmonds & Co, Bradford, Wilts, Manu Black 

cloth, wool-dyed and manufactured on a new principle; 
blue and colored cloths. 

151 WiLLANS, Brothers, & Co., Island Bridge, 
Dviblin, Manu. — Extra superfine black cloths, kersey- 
meres, and doeskins ; superfine Eblana friezes, shep- 
herds' plaids, and fancy tweeds ; regulation tartan for 
officers, sergeants, and privates ; fine shawl woollen 
yarns ; hosiery and knitting yarns. 

152 CoMYNS, Birch, & Co. 10 College Gn. Dublin, 
Prop, and Des. — Melton cloths, Eblana friezes, shep- 
herds' plaid, angolas, fancy trowserings, and tweeds 
— Irish, English, and Scotch specimens of each ; Irish 
embroidered kerseymere vests ; black doeskins of west 
of England, Yorkshire, Irish, Prussian, and German 
woo] ; extra superfine black Saxony cloth ; a variety 

of fine six-quarter tartans ; a general assortment of 

153 Wright, E. 17, 18 and 19 Corn Market, Dub- 
lin, Prop. — Superfine blue clotli, black doeskins, and 
kerseymeres ; invisible green cloths ; black elastic, 
colored, and fancy tweeds ; mixture heather, for sum- 
mer coats and vests — all of Irish manufacture; Wick- 
low friezes, single milled, grey, brown, and drab; Irish 
and French embroidered vests; single milled doeskins; 
Zurich velvets and silks. 

154 Keely & Leech, 108 Grafton St. Manu. and 
Des. — A rich tobined popHn, the flowers shaded in 
various colours, the ground composed of antique scroll- 
work, veined with gold tissue brocade ; plain, figured, 
watered, double, and demy cords ; Bayadere poplins ; 
plain and fancy waistcoating. 

155 Wrigley, J. & T. C. & Co. Dungeon Mills, 
near Huddersfield, Manu. — Fancy and reversible coat- 
ings ; partridge and heather mixtures for shooting 
coats ; fancy trowserings, &c. 

156 Logan, J. 17 & 18 New Row South, Dublin, 
Manu. — Irish manufactured fine black cloth, napped ; 
fine beavered brown frieze ; woollen mops ; all made of 
Irish wool. 

157 LuPTON, W. & Co. Leeds, Manu. — Superfine 
cloths, doeskins, pilots. Meltons, and black Vene- 

158 Ikwin, E. 24 Albion St. Leeds, Drab, Blue, 
wool dyed and other cloths ; doeskins, pilots and 

159 Mecbedt, J. Spiddall, co. Galway, Prop. — 
Tweeds manufactured at the Spiddall Industrial 
School, West Galway. 

160 Walker, Brothers, Greek St. Leeds, Manu. 
— Cloths, royal cashmeres, and Gention plaids, for 
ladies' cloaks. 

161 Day & Fox, Low Mills, Mirfield, Yorkshire, 




Mann.— Crown and grey friezes ; piece and wool-dyed 
pilot clotii. 

162 DiLLOjj-, L. 7 Parliament St. Dublin, Mann. 
and Prop.^Iiish friezes and other woollens ; Irish 
embroidered vests ; Irish made coats, vests, and 
trowsers, and ladies' riding habits. 

163 HASTii'GS, Brothers, Hnddersfield, Mann. — 
Woollen cloths of various colours and qualities. 

16-1 SwiTZEE, Beattt, & Co. Grafton St. Dublin, 
Manu. — Dress and frock coats, paletots, wrappers, 
surtouts, shooting suits, dressing gowns ; lady's habit ; 
trousers in various styles and materials ; silk, wedding 
and embroidered vests, and other articles of clothing. 

165 BiDGooD, Reside, & Co. 21 College G-reen, 
Dublin, and 6 Vigo St. London, Des. and Imp. — 
Superfine West of England cloths ; scarlet hunter, 
and mixed army cloths ; Jacquard and fancy trowser- 
ings ; hunting cords ; Irish friezes, lamas and tweeds; 
Scotch mauds ; embroidered kerseymere shapes and 
brocaded silks. 

166 Bull & Wilsow, 52 St. Martin's Lane, 
London, Des. and Prop. — West of England superfine 
broad cloths, livery cloths, Devons, &c., kerseymeres 
and doeskins, dress and fur beavers^ Melton cloths, 
summer cloths, hunting cords ; prize black cloth and 
doeskin, fancy trousersings, &c. 

167 DiCKSONS & Lalkgs, Hawick and Glasgow, 
Manu, a,nd Merchants. — Cheviot and Saxony lambs' 
wool and Saxony wool hosiery, and under-clothing ; 
tweeds ; travelling plaids and ladies' wool shawls and 

168 Nicolls, a. 29 Brown St. Cork, Manu- 
factm-er. — Blankets, swanskins, flannels, tweeds, 
friezes, &c. 

169 Halpin, J. & J. Blanchardstown MiUs, near 
Dublin, Manu. — Fringe worsteds, in oil and stoved ; 
laced worsteds, in oil and stoved ; knitting worsteds, 
in various colours. 

170 Pawson, Son, & Martin, South Parade, Park 
Row, Leeds. — Superfine woollen cloths. 

171 Geundt, J. & E. 26 High St. Manchester, 
Manu. — Lancashire, Saxony, silk warp. Gal way, and 
other flannels ; dyed flannels ; swanskins ; kerseys ; 
plaidings, serges, baizes, blankets, printed druggets, 
crumb cloths, and table covers ; travelling rugs, &c. 

172 Walmsley, H. Failsworth, near Manchester, 
Manu. — Silk and cotton fabrics, viz.: — Poplin and 
barege bayadere robes ; Jacquard figured robes ; 
poplins, plain, striped, and chene ; antique poplin and 
figured vestings ; cotton damaska. 

173 Clabbues-, Sons & Crisp, Norwich, Manu. 
—Brocaded, check, tartan, corded, watered, and 
plain poplins ; brocaded and fancy dresses, in organ- 
zine, tram, spun, hard single silks, yams, and cottons; 
Paramattas for mouiTiing ; Gentlemen's scarfs, and 
Hunting wrappers. 

174 Kelsall, R, & J. Rochdale, Manu. — Saxony 
flannels, white, pink, blue, and scarlet ; medium and 

175 Sanderson R. & A. & Co. Galashiels, Manu. 
— Gentlemen's travelling plaids of fine Saxony wool. 

175 A RoBEET.s, W. & Co. Galashiels.— Scotch (aU 
wool) Shawls. 

176 Walkee, James, & Co. Leeds, Manu. — 
Shawls and cloths in various colours ; manufactured 
from the down of the Jemlah goat, a native of the 
Himalayan mountains. 

177 Locke, J. 119 and 127 Regent Street, Lon- 
don, Manu. — Scotch woollens ; mauds ; ladies' shawls ; 
Cheviot tweeds ; milled angolas ; milled clan tartans, as 
worn by the Highland regiments ; the shepherd's check. 

178 Keelt, B. 81 Meath St. Dublin, Prop.— 
A glass case containmg between two and three hun- 
dred various shades of fancy skein dyed silks. 

179 Anketell, Mathew, Esq. Eymvale, co. Mona- 
han. — Ginghams and other fabrics woven on the- 
Anketell gi-ove estate. 

150 ScHOFiELD, A. Oldham Rd. Newton Heath, 
Manchester, Manu.- — Patterns of goods made betwixt 
the years 1780 and 1820 ; patterns of woollen cloths 
and cashmeres ; wooUen shawls. 

151 Murray, W. 17 Chamber St. Dublin, Manu. 
— Irish friezes and fine tweeds, &c. 

182 Perfect, H. G. & Co. Halifax, Yorkshire, 
Manu. — Damask of wool, cotton and worsted, and 
silk and worsted, table covers of silk and worsted, 
and cotton and worsted, and all wool ; covers of wool, 
cotton and worsted, and silk and worsted. 

183 M'Crea, H. C. &Co. Lumbrook Mills, Halifax, 
Manu. and Des. — Damasks, all worsted, worsted and 
cotton, (})iece-dyed and yarn-dyed), silk and worsted ; 
velvet, Italian, Geneva, and Balmoral damasks. 

184 HouLDSWORTH, J. & Co. Hahfax and Brad- 
ford, Manu. — Union and worsted damask in registered 
designs ; Yam dyed damasks ; silk and wool damasks ; 
Victoria and merino covers, &c. Printed satinetts 
for summer curtains). Table covers, silk and 
v/orsted, all worsted, and worsted and cotton. 
Ponchos, plain and brocade, (worn by the South 



185 HouLDSWORTH, J. & Co. Portland St. Mills, 
Manchester, Manu. and Des.— A collection of fabrics 
for fui'niture and ecclesiastical decorations, manulac- 
tured in Manchester by the exhibitors. 

Central Compartment. — Embroideries by patent 
machinery on cloth, satins, &c. This kind of em- 
broidery is peculiar, and has advantages, inasmuch as 
the needle work is equally complete on both sides of 
the material on which it is wrought. An application 
of embroideiy to panelling is illustrated. The design 
in the central panel embodies a complimentary national 
allusion, and is suggestive of the introduction of 
heraldic insignia, cyphers, monograms, and special 
symbols, in similar positions. A variety of embroidered 
valances is exhibited along the top of the case. 

Compartment on the left hand. — Specimens of figured 
satins, damasks, brocatelles, guipurettes, &c. The 
guipurette is an entirely new fabi'ic of a very effective 
character ; it is equally rich and perfect on both sides 
of the fabric, and therefore no lining is necessary. 

Compartment on tJie right hand. — Bordered satins, 
and bordered Terrys. Several medallions and smaller 
borders are exhibited inhai-mony with the various styles, 
valances, coverings of chairs, sofas, &c. Bordered 
cloths and Reps curtains, eligible for dining room, 
libraries, and morning room. (Centre Hall.) 

186 Lees, R. & G. Galashiels, Manu. — Plaids, 
shawls, tartans, and dresses of Saxony lambs' wool. 

187 CoRDNEE, R. D. & Co. 34 Dame St. DubHn, 
Manu.— Rich silk curtain, in amber tabaret, with silk 
fringe ; carriage laces ; silk tabarets for curtains ; velvet 
plush and London cOi-ds for carriage lining ; vallance 
fringes and borderings for window cm-tains ; Brussels 
carpet for coachniakers' use. 

183 BiiAY, C. & Co. Coventry.— .Fringes, dress 
trimmings, and plain and fancy ribbons. 

■ 188 Browstt, W. & H. Coventry, Silk Dyers, and 
Manu. — -Ladies' dress trimmings ; fringes, in various 
styles and materials ; fancy braid gimps ; ladies' and 
.goat bindings ; fiilled ribbons. 

190 Sharp, Odell, & Jury, Coventry, Manu. — 
Samples of ribbons of medium quality. 

191 Cornell, Ltell, & Webster, 15 St. Paul's 
Church Yard, London, Nuneaton, "Warwickshire, and 
Battersea, Surrey, Manu. — Ribbons. 

192 MoRAN, E. 8 & 9 Mark's AUey, Dublin, Manu. 
Velvets, — Irish poplin, plain, figm-ed, brocaded and 
watered vestings, &c. 

192a Burgess, Alfred, & Co. Leicester. — Foreign 
wools ; knitting yams ; hosiery yams ; embroidery and 
fiincy hosiery yams. 

193 Jones, E. St. Andrew St. — Plain and figured 
poplins and velvets. 

194 Fry, W. & Co. 31 Westmoriand St. Dublin, 
Manu. Des. and Imp. — Loom at work, making broca- 
telle ; silk winding engine ; plain, corded, and watered 
tartan ; figured and brocaded Irish poplins, &c. 
Bayadere poplins ; gold and silver tissues and vest- 
ings ; striped tabarets and damask furniture poplins ; 
Irish brocatelles ; British printed chintzes and velvets ; 
foreign chintzes and challis; velvet-pile and Brussels 
carpeting ; carriage silks, laces, and trimmings ; rose- 
wood ottoman, sofa, and chairs, upholstered in amber 
damask poplin ; ricMy carved and gUt chimney glass. 

195 Dunne, W. 7 Mark's Alley, Dublin, Manu. — 
Double watered, figured, fancy, and plain poplins ; 
silk velvets. 

196 Atkinson, R. & Co. Dublin, Manu. and Dea. 
Rich gold tissued and brocaded Irish poplins, (designed 
by pupils of the Dublin School of Design) ; Irish 
poplins, plain, figured, double, plaided, shot, and in 
various other styles ; gold tissued and figured poplin 
waistcoatings ; specimen of tapestry woven in Dublin 
in 1738, being a portrait of George 11. in a 

198 A PxJi, Brothers, & Co. Des. and Manu. — 
Specimens of plain watered tartan ; fancy rich figured 
and rieli brocaded tissue poplin ; poplin robes ; Glac^ 
silks, rich velvets, vestings, &c. ; specimens of Limerick 
lace, manufactured by David M'Clui'e of Limerick. 

c 2 




197 Clarke, J. P. King Street Cotton Mills, 
Leicester, Mann. — Specimens shelving the various 
winding of sewing and crociiet threads, and the 
manufacture of embossed wood, and other plain and 
fancy reels. 

198 Mellodews, Emmott, & Co. Albion Mill, 
Oldham, Lancashire, Manu. — Self Nankeens for card 
making, tent cloth, tailoi s' trimmings, or stays ; 
stiffening Nankeen for boot linings, tailors' trimmings, 
cork making, or book-binding ; superfine twills for 
petticoats ; heavy Croydon cloth, in imitation of linen. 

199 Glennt, C. Balbriggan House, 33 Lombard St. 
London, Manu. and Prop.— Balbriggan hosiery ; ladies' 
stockings of various degrees of fineness ; ladies' fine 
lace stockings; gentlemen's fine half hose (all manu- 
factm-ed at Balbriggan, Ireland). 

200 Brook, Jonas & Brothers, Meltham Mills, 
Huddersfield, Manufacturers and Winders. — Raw 
cotton, cotton in process of manufacture; sewing 
cotton in hanks, bleached and unbleached, and on 
spools ; crochet and knitting cords in hanks, bleached 
and unbleached, and on spools; Valenciennes thread 
on spools. 

201 Martin, W. & Son, Bolton and Manchester, 
Manu. — Hair cord dimity; furniture dimity; dice, and 
damask dimities ; satin damask. 

202 Clugston, J. & Co. Power Loom Cloth 
Manufacturers and Bleachers, Glasgow, Manu. — 
J. Forbes, 5 Eden Quay, Dublin, Agent. — Scotch Hol- 
lands of all qualities ; twilled Cotton Sheetings ; bufiF 
and white window Hollands; Denies furniture, and 
jane stripes, &c. 

203 M'^Bbide & Co. Glasgow, Inv. and Manu. — 
Cotton diaper ; cotton damask and table cloths ; cotton 
bird-eye diaper ; cotton huckaback towelling ; furniture, 
regatta, and coach stripes; ginghams, apron checks, 
and cross-over stripes — all woven in power looms, 
invented, and first applied by Mr. J. M'= Bride.- — (See 
next number). 

204 M'^Bride, J. Glasgow, Inv. and Patentee. — 
Power loom for working ginghams, &c., vrith patent 
shiftuig shuttle box apparatus to work two to five 

shuttles ; also, patent combination of loose reed, with 
shifting shuttle boxes. 

205 Johnson, J. 44 Spring Gardens, Manchester, 
Manu. — "\^Tiite and colored toilette quilts and covers ; 
fancy wove quiltings and shapes for vests; quilting 

206 Gill, F. J. & R. Manchester, Manu. — Cotton 
and sUk stitched double nankeens and contUs, consist- 
ing of two cloths woven and stitched in the loom, for 

207 Wilson & Armstrong, 12 Nassau St. Dublin, 
Manu. — Ladies' fine, superfine, and lace Balbriggan 
stockings; gentlemen's Balbriggan socks, vests and 
drawers ; stocking frame at work. 

208 Moss, Sigismund S. KUteman Cotton JNIiU, 
Golden Ball, co. Dublin, and 37 High St. Dublin, 
Manu. — Cotton in various stages of preparation, ma- 
nufactured from the raw material to the cleaned state, 
carded in the sliver, from drawing frames ; on bobbins 
frame preparatory to spinning ; spun cotton in the 
cop, and in the skein, unbleached and bleached ; cotton 
candlewick unbleached and bleached ; mould and dip 
candlewick in balls for cutting by machine and by 
hand, unbleached and bleached ; fine bleached cotton 
in the skein for spennaceti candles ; plaited wicks 
prepared for spermaceti and composite candles, cut to 
the required lengths; and looped cheques woven by 
power ; cheques and ginghams. 

209 Baelow, Gooddt, & Jones, Albert Mill, 
Bolton, and 81 Fountain St. Manchester, Manu. — 
White and coloured toilet bed covers ; patent counter- 
pane, worked by machine ; coloured toilet bed cover 
(exhibited for its cheapness ;) welted and printed 
bed covers ; damask, heavy marseiUes, and alham- 
bra quilts ; colomred counterpanes ; cotton blankets ; 
toilet covers ; quiltings for vests ; white and coloured 

210 Magrane, C. Balbriggan, Manu. — Cotton 

211 Mair, J. 95 Hutcheson St. Glasgow, Prop. — 
Friends' book muslin and tarlatan ; handkerchiefs of 



212 Symington, R. B. & Co. Glasgow, Manu. — 
Figured harness muslm window curtains, in leno and 
book muslin grounds, (made by the jacquard loom); 
Figured harness muslin short blinds. 

213 Marsland, Son, & Co. Manchester, Des. and 
Manu. — Cotton, in skeins and on reels, for sewing, 
crochet, guipure, knitting and embroidery purposes ; 
crochet, guipure, and embroidery worked therewith ; 
samples of horse hair, scarlet, white aud black ; 
brooches, bracelets, wreaths, head-dresses, fancy 
buttons and other ornaments made of hoi-se hair. 
Gold and silver thread ; dress ornaments of gold and 
silver, mixed with horse hair. 

214 MoELET, J. & R. London and Nottingham, 
Manu. — Ladies' stockings of cotton, white Lisle 
thread, Balbriggan, silk, silk with cotton tops, silk 
and Balbriggan with lace open-work ; children's 
stockings and socks ; children's spun silk Braganza 
gloves, fleeced ; ladies' and children's coloured silk 
gloves ; gentlemen's half hose of menno, Balbriggan, 
Dei-by ribbed, cotton, with spun silk double feet, &c. ; 
gentlemen's silk shirts, &c. 

214 A M'BiENEY, CoLLES, & Co. Dublin, Exhi- 
bitors; R. & J. Workman, Belfast, Manu. — Jaconet 
muslin ; Mull muslin ; Bishop's lawn ; India Book ; 
Tamboured Book and Jaconets ; Swiss mull. 


215 Clarke, C. & J. Street, near Glastonbury, 
Somersetshire, Inv. and Manu.- — Angora rug, dyed 
in one piece to a many-coloured pattern ; hearth 
rug, the centre of white English lamb-skin, with 
flowers — each coloxir being a separate piece sewn in, 
with border of crimson Angora goat skin ; sheep 
skin, lamb skin, and Angora carriage, door, and 
window rugs ; Angora aud sheep-skin boas ; caps of 
slink lamb-skin ; harvest and house-maids' gloves, &c. ; 
boots and shoes (registered) ; patent elongating gutta 
percha galoshes ; men's heavy, and ladies' and chil- 
dren's boots and slippers, &c. 

216 Heacock, J. 31, Dame St. Dublin, Manu. — 
Ennine; chinchilla grebe; monkey sable and sable 
tail; muffs, boas, and cuffs ; fur coats and aprons; and 
a variety of foreign skins. 

217 Corcoean, J. & Co. 28 Westmoreland St. 
Dublin, Manu. & Prop. — Foreign skins and manu- 
factured furs. 

218 Hudson, S. 65 Dawson St. Dublin, Manu — 
Chariot and phaeton harness; jaunting car and cab 
harness ; improved side saddles ; gentlemen's saddles ; 

, suits of horse clothing. 

't. 219 Barnardo, John M. 4 Dame St. Dublin, 
Manu. — Muffs, boas, and cuffs of Russian sable, royal 
ermine, chinchilla and greebe ; ermine cardinals, muffs 
and cuffs ; South Sea seal-skin coats ; and fui- wrappers 
in various foreign skins. 

2^0 M'Naught, G. 53 Maxwell St. Glasgow. 
Manu. — Saddle trees, several varieties; polished and 

black hames for Scotch cart, van, and stage ; 
polished Scotch cart rigwoodie, with shaft rings; 
draught chains, &c. 

221 Jones, William D. 5 High St. Shrewsbury. — 
A light saddle of full length for racing, 26 oz. weight, 
embellished in relief by hand-labour only — design, 
roses, thistles, and shamrocks, interspersed with oak 
foliage and acorns. 

222 Lynch, G. 43 Lr. Sackville St. Dublin, Manu. 
— Portable travelling cabinet, containing couch, six 
chairs, bedstead, and round table; portable secretary 
chest of drawers, the cases forming a sideboard and 
two tables ; portable mahogany wash-stand with tub, 
the top forming a table ; portmanteaus ; square hat 
case, containing dressing case; enamel waterproof 
bags, &c. 

223 M^MuLLEN, B. 54 Dawson St. Dublin, Inv. 
and Manu. — Saddles ; child's chair saddle ; bridles ; 
chariot harness, car or gig harness, on a new construc- 
tion, whereby the horse can be disengaged in a 
moment in case of accident; military appointments; 
horse clothing, &c. 

224 Penny, J. 37 Union St. Middlesex Hospital, 
London, Heraldic Chaser, Manu. — Model state bridle 
for the Prince of Wales; the Victoria Elizabethan 
bridle ; the designs by Mr. W. Harry Rogers. 

225 Molloy, B. 22 Kildare St. Dublin, Manu.— 
Harness with newly invented hames, trace fasteners 
and driving bits; gutta percha shoes, suitable for 
labourers, &c. 

F^ r^ ^ a~\ rf 7 ■'^-.T-^fr'^r«^/-..<;t' 


226 Holmes, , Cork. — Silver plated motuited 

harness; saddles; Victoria side saddle withleapingliead. 

227 Blackwell, Samuel, 259 Oxford St. London. 
—One Patent dumb jockey, with elastic India-rubber 
springs, crupper, and girth complete ; one patent dou- 
ble girth ; two girth-straps, with elastic springs ; one 
stable roller, with elastic spring ; one servant's coat 
belt, with elastic spring ; two India-rubber web boots 
to prevent horses cutting ; one harness bridle com- 
plete, with apparatus to prevent horses running away. 

228 Pollock, J. 151 Stockwell, Glasgow, Manu. 
• — Scotch cart harness, for city and agricultm-al use. 

229 Leake, Frederick, & Co. 9 Warwick St. Regent 
St. London, Des. and Prod..— One mahogany glass- 
panelled bookcase or cabinet, in two heights, with old 
marble slab on table height — the cases richly moimted 
in relievo leather ornaments, in the place of carvings, 
and the whole velvet-lined, and filled with — two large 
square letter-boxes for ladies, with reliefs in leather 
(after Gibson's), and silk-lined ; two small oblong 
envelope boxes, do. do. (from School of Design) ; 
tVo small square work-boxes, and cigar-cases ; two 
oval frames in relievo leather mountings of foliage and 
flowers (after Grinling Grobons) ; two sheets of gilt 
and coloured relievo leather hangings for walls, stair- 
cases, halls, ceilings, and cornices (after old speci- 
mens) ; ten books (various), richly bound in relievo 
leather bindings. 

230 Lennan, W. 29 Dawson St. Dublin, Des. and 
Manu. — ^A set of state coimcil pair horse harness, made 
by order of Her Majesty ; single and double harness, 
silver mounted, and half covered and silver mounted ; 
improved safety buckles, and safety breeching ; side 
saddles with horizontal trees ; hunting, steeple chase, 
and racing saddles ; children's chair saddles ; riding 
bridles, bits, &c. 

231 Cummins, J. 108 James St. Dublin, Inv. and 
Manu. — Side saddle ; hunting saddles ; silver mounted 
dray harness with newly invented breeching chains, and 
improved crupper ; a chain invented as a substitute 
for top strap ; brass mounted harness, with a new 
crupper ; plain cart hai'ness. 

232 Cowan, L. Barrhead, Manu. — Scotch cart 
harness, as in use in the west of Scotland. 

233 Larue, T. 12 Leinster St. Dublin, Manu.— 
Side saddle, covered with hogskin, hunting, steeple 
chase and racing saddles ; light phaeton pair horse 
harness, silver plated on German silver ; car or 
gig harness, half covered and silver plated. Kersey 
horse cloths. 

234 Ka;,'e, G. 69 Dame St. Dublin, Des. and 
Manu. — Military and camp furniture ; a bos, making 
couch or bed, and caiiying an easy chair, table, wash- 
stand and circular tent 18 feet in diameter ; a portable 
house, furnished, 18 by 16 feet : made from the cases 
constructed to contain the Furniture y military bath 
forming ottoman, and wash-stand, with dressing table, 
&c. ; portmanteaus of various designs ; an enclosed 
set of camp drawers with chifFonier top, cabinet fi-ont 
in frett work ; case of drawers fonning wardrobe and 
dijmer table ; a box, 7 inches deep, when 'opened forms 
an easy chair, upholstered in Morocco. 

285 Faerell, R. 38 College Green, and 55 & 56 
Fishamble St. Dublin, Des. and Manu. — Ladies' and 
gentlemen's portmanteaus, of new and various designs ; 
coat cases, hat cases, capable of holding a suit of clothes, 
&c. ; railway tourists' companion, of new designs, 
with dressing case, &c. ; improved travelling bags; 
ladies' and gentlemen's travelling trunks of various de- 
signs ; improved bonnet boxes ; ladies' dress cases, £c. 

236 White, James Chadnor, Liverpool Street, 
London. — Set of silver-mounted pair-horse carriag-e 
harness, with White's patent safety tugs ; set of gig 
Brougham harness, with patent safety tugs to the 
traces, backhands and crupper ; specimens of carriage 
and gig tugs finished with silver, brass, or covered 

237 Perry, J. 11 Grafton St. Dublin, Manu.— 
Portable furniture ; drawers and book case, with ward- 
robe cases forming tables ; portable bedsteads without 
screws, (jiatented) ; chairs, in morocco leather ; basin 
stand ; threefold portable trunks, with dressing case 
and writing desk; improved trunks and travelling 
cases ; bonnet and hat cases of various designs ; 
leather bags, with portmanteau bottoms, fitted with 
dressing case ; railway and overland portmanteaus, 
and other articles. 

238 Box, W. E. & Co. DubUn, Mann.— Curried 
leather, hogskins, bridle, stirrup and harness leather ; 
japanned leather ; enamelled hides ; japanned bag hides ; 
patent splits ; stout middlings ; japanned cloth ; hunt- 
ing, exercise, and racing saddle trees ; side saddle 
trees ; harness and pad trees ; driving, hunting, ftnd 
hand whips ; specimens of heraldic devices in silver 
and brass, chased and embossed, for state and plain 
carriages and harness ; coach handles ; harness furni- 
ture, plain and embossed, in silver and brass ; polished 
steel bits and stirrups ; machinery belts and hose 

239 Atkinson, W. 19 Montpellier Hill, Dublin, 


.;: Manii. — Enamelled cliaifse and welting hides ; fcrace, 
. Jiarness, and japanned split hides, for coach purposes. 

240 Byrns, a. & Son, New Row, South, Dublin, 
Manu. — Fancy colored morocco leather skins for car- 
riages, upholstery, and bookbinding pui-poses ; Russia 
kid, or chamois ; black morocco, and grained calf and 
goat skkis for boots and shoes. . 

241 Haet, p. 27 & 28 Y/atling St. Dublin, Manu. 
— Irish and Buenos Ayres hides, tanned with oak bark 
and valonia. 

242 Ord, a. 83 Cork St. Dublin, Manu. — Tanned 
Buenos Ayrean hides, and native hides of tanned 

^ 243 Lesteakge, C. & Son, 63 James's St. Dub- 
<lin, Manu. — Butt leather hides. 

244 Hates Brothers, Dublin, Manu. — Tanned 
leather ; tanned hides, native growth and manufacture ; 
East India kip butt ; native kip butt ; native rounded 
calf skin ; native black grained calf skin ; hide Spanish 
cordovan ; hide native cordovan ; native horse butt. 

245 Fletcher, W. 19 Clare St. Dublin, Manu.— 
Photon harness, with silver chased and covered 
buckles ; silver-mounted gig harness ; hunting sad- 

246 Browning, W. & R. 35 Stockwell St. Glas- 
gow, Manu. — Set of cart harness. 

247 Watson, B. Mullingar, co. Westmeath, Manu. 
— Side saddle, with leaping head, and ornamented ; 
hunting, cut back, steeple chase, and racing sad- 

248 Deed, J. S. 8, 9, and 10 Little Newport St. 
Leicester Sq. London, Manu. — Specimens of morocco 
leather for upholsterers, coach makers, bookbinders, 
and bootmakers ; dyed sheep and lamb skin, for 
wool rugs or mats. 

249 HiNKSON, J. 20 Charlemont St. Dublin, Mann. 
— Improved side saddle, with moveable pannel, so as 
to fit any horse ; improved hunting saddle, with 
moveable pannel, and without nailing ; gig saddle ; 
improved chariot pads ; horse clothing, ornamented. 


250 Industrial Printing School, Bonmahon, 
established Oct. 20, 1851, by Rev. David A. Doudney, 
Curate of Monksland, Bonmahon, co. Waterford. — Dr. 
Gill's Commentaiy on the Holy Bible. Four volumes 
of this woi'k have been printed at this school since its 
establishment in the above obscure village. Upwards 
of twenty tons of paper have been consumed ; and the 
whole (comprising nearly four thousand pages) has 
been composed by boys varying from ten to fifteen 
years of age, who, previously, had never so much as 
seen a printing type ! 

251 Hibernian Bible Society, Sackville Street, 
Dublin, Imp. and Prod. — 120 specimens of the Holy 
Scriptures in different languages (the property of T/il- 
braham Taylor, Esq. of Hadley Hurst, Barnet, 
Middlesex, who has kindly lent them for exhibition.) 
A selection from 175 versions of the Bible, in whole or 
in part published by the British and Foreign Bible 
Society, which, since its institution in 1804, has circu- 
lated upwards of 25 millions of copies. Several editions 
of the Scriptures in the English and Irish languages 

have been published by the Hibernian Bible Society, 
which has circulated more than two miUions of copies 
in Ireland. 

252 Ddfft, J. 7 Wellington Quay, Dublin, Pub- 
lisher. — 300 volumes of standard Roman Catholic 
works, and other books relating to Ireland, printed 
in Dublin, including Bibles, Testaments, Missals, 
Prayer Books, &c. in rich binding, designed and exe- 
cuted in exhibitor's estabUshment. 

253 Bellew, G. 79 Grafton St. Dublin, Manu. — 
Bookbinding in its various branches, exhibited in about 
200 volumes of modern authors, and 50 volumes of 
illustrated books. Legers, and other accoun books ; 
paintings on vellum, &c. 

254 BiNGLET, M. 10 Lawrence Pountney Lane, 
City, London, Inv. and Manu. — Patent headbands 
for bookbinding, made by machine. 

255 Commissioners of National Education in 
Ireland. — Set of books published by the Commission- 
ers, and used in the Irisli National Schools. 

A set of books not published, but sanctioned by the 



Commissioners of National Education in Ireland, for 
use in the Irish National Schools. 

Sketches from nature taken with the dagueireot-ype 
by James Claridge, Esq. an amateur. 

256 CaI/DWELL, M. Scnith Frederick St. Dublin, 
Manu. — Specimens of bookbinding. 

257 Van Voorst, J. London, Prop.— Books pub- 
lished by exhibitor, and richly bound by Hayday, and 
Clarke and Bedford. 

258 Powell, J. H. 15 Westmoreland St. DubEn, 
Bookseller and Pubr. — Bibles, Prayer Books, and 
Church Services in rich bindings; maps of Ireland, &c. 
engraved by ELirkwood, (of Dublia), and printed on 
satin, calico, cards, &c.; Cellarius' ancient maps on 
satin, calico, and paper ; View and pbji of the Exhibi- 
tion Building, in gold, on gelatine, &c. ; guide books ; 
specimens of stationery, and steel and copper-plate 
engravings, &c. 

259 Slater, I. 37 Foimtain St. Manchester, and 
Fleet St. London, and Dublin, Pub. and Prop, — 
Slater's general directory of the United Kingdom, and 
British atlas; union map of England and Wales ; plan 
of Manchester ; travelling maps of Ireland and Scot- 
land ; new coin table of all coins now circulating in 
the world, or commercial exchange standard, mounted 
on rollers, &c. 

280 LuNTLET, John, 3 New Broad Street Court, 
London, Mann.— Patent ticket receipt till book, for 
checking receipts of money by shopmen ; frames for 
holding same ; pocket cases ; glazed show bill. 

261 Chambers, J. & Son, 36 Dame St. Dublin, 
Manu. — Account books for bankers' and mercantile 
use ; stationery cases ; all of Irish material and manu- 

262 Greeb a. & Co. Cork, Manu. — Specimens of 
paper : post, foolscap, and pott in variety ; brown, 
whited brown, and sheathing or roofing paper. 

263 Saunders, T. H. London, Manu. — Best Kent 
hand and machine made account book, drawing, and 
letter papers, bank-note and patent cheque papers, 
plain and water-marked ; loan or parclmient paper ; 
a transparency, showing specimens of ornamental 
water-marks used for prevention of frauds. 

264 Mansell, J. 35 Eed Lion Square, London, 
Des. and Manu. — Illuminated and embossed orna- 
mental wrappers for linens, damasks, &c. ; perforated 
and embossed ornaments and tickets for muslins, 
woollens, &c. ; satin damask writing papers, on which, 
by a patented process, pictorial illustrations are pro- 
duced in alternate dull and glazed surfaces ; ornamen- 

tal writing papers in imitations of lace, embroidery, 
&c. ; wedding stationery and valentines. - 

265 Newbert, J. & p. 2 & 3 Hemlock Court, 
Carey St. Lincoln's-inn Fields, London, ManUr — 
Specimens of gold, silver, and colom-ed foil papers, 
plain and embossed ; coloured gla^zed papers ; gold and 
silver borders ; fancy papers in variety j screen 
handles ; fancy coloured tissue and marble papers, 

266 BousQUET I. 28 Eed Cross St. London, Manu, 
— Bimaished gold paper embossed, for paper stainers ; 
patterns of embossed gold and silver borders ; plain 
and flocked gold and silver papers ; foil papers. 

267 Etan, W. & E. 1 Merdiant's Quay, Dublin, 
Manu. — Paper made from straw. 

268 Seton, E. Edinburgh, Des. and Manu. — Imi- 
tation of the illuminated books of the middle ages, 
bound in yellow morocco, &c. 

269 Cowan & Co. London, Edinburgh, and 16h 
D'Olier St. Dublin, Manu.^ — Writing, drawing, and 
printing papers of various qualities ; envelopes ; 
account books in various rulings and bindings, the 
pages numbered by machinery : bibles and testaments 
in various bindings. 

270 Maguire, J. Dublin, Prop. — Hudson's Bay, 
swan, Eussian, Irish, duck, and crow quills and pens j 
portable pens ; toothpicks. 

271 McDoNNEL, J. & Co. Swift Brook Paper' 
Mills, eo. Dublin, Manu. — Papers: blue laid medium ;^ 
large blue and bank post ; blue laid and cream laid 
foolscaps ; cream posts ; music paper and printing ; 
also a roll of paper 2000 feet long by 5 feet wide. 

272 Hawthorne, J. 77 Charring-ton St., St. Pan- 
eras, London, Manu. — Specimens of wood sponged over 
with an admixture of ink to match paint. Samples of 
ink of various colours and descriptions ; hair dye ; 
evaporated ink forming a varnish for shoes. 

273 Todd, J. Perth, Manu. — Specimens of office, 
copying, and other inks, black, red and blue ; ink- 
powder, &c. 

274 McDermott, E. & Co. 33, Arran Qy. Dublin, 
Manu. — Printing and writing inks of various kinds ; 
perfumery in variety. 

275 Waterston, G. Edinburgh, Manu. — Samples 
of Great Exhibition prize medal sealing wax, in great 
variety, for home and foreign use; wax used for the great 
seal of Scotland, and other official seals ; wafers, &c. 

276 Cooke, J. & Sons, 84 Cannon St. London, 
Manu. — Sealing wax, and medallion wafers. 

277 FiGGiNS, V. & J. London, Manu. — Speci-, 
mens of newspaper, book, and fancy types. ff/f 



278 Feeguson, Brothees, Edinburgh, Manu. — 
Specimens of the Aldine series of new book and news- 
paper types. 

279 Reed & Pardon, Paternoster Row, London, 
Prod. — Specimens of letter-press printing from English 
and foreign types. 

280 Rownet, & Co. 51 Rathbone Place, London, 
Inventors, Printers, and. Publishers. — Frames contain- 
ing specimens of typo-chromatic printing, or fac-simUe 
water color drawings. 

281 Reeves & Sons, 113 Cheapside. London. — 
Boxes of water colors ; Cumberland lead drawing pen- 
cils, and other mateiials for the use of artists. 

28lA. Faiebairn, R. 37 Gt. Cambridge St. Hack- 
ney Road, London, Manu.- — Specimens of wooden type 
for printing, &c. 

282 Stephenson, Blake, & Co. Sheffield, Manu. 
— Specimens of printing types. — A new script, or 
writing character ; and a series of old English types 
(registered) ; specimen books of types ; borders and 
other ornamental designs for fancy printing. 

283 Fleming, A. B. & Co. Leith, Manu. — Speci- 
mens of printing with the Scottish printing ink, black 
and coloured. 

284 MuiR, R. Dunlop St. Glasgow, Imp. — Im- 
proved composition for letter-press printer's rollers ; 
and specimens of printing from gutta percha plate, 
made from wood cuts by exhibitor. 

285 CoE, J. Bank of England, London, Prod. — 
Bank Cheque, printed by letter-press (electro type 
blocks,) or surface printing. 

286 Webb & Chapman, 107, Gt. Brvmswick St. 
Dublin, Prod. — Specimens of books printed by 

287 Gill, M. H. University Press, Dublin. — 
Various volumes of books, in 4to and 8vo., printed 
in the English, Latin, Greek, Hebrew, Oriental 
an Irish Languages. Specimens of illustrated and 
scientific printing. 

288 HoLDEN, W. Dublin, Manu. — Specimens of 
printed music ; letter-press printing ; and stereotype 

289 NovELLO, J. A. 69 Dean St. Soho, and 24 
Poultiy, London ; and 389 Broadway, New York, 
Manu.- — Specimens of musical and other typography; 
ornamental title pagei. 

290 FowLE, Thomas Lloyd, Amesbury, Wiltshire, 
Prop. — Music composed by exhibitor to celebrate The 
Great Exhibition, entitled "Hymn of Praise for All 
Nations ;" and in honor of the Duke of Wellington, 

entitled " Rest on thy Marble Couch, Brave Wanior 

291 Baxtee, G. 11 & 12 Northampton Sq. London, 
Inv. and Prop.— Specimens of oil colour picture print- 
ing, by a patent process. 

292 Appel, R. 43 Gerrard St. Soho, London, Inv 
— Specimens of anastatic or appelotype printing, 
showing the original engraving or printing, the zinc 
matrix, and the copy printed therefrom. 

293 Bateson, S. 4 King's Bench Walk, Temple, 
London, Prop. — Specimens of anti-acid and anti- 
anastatic paper — (Glynn and Appel's patent)— -for pre- 
vention of forgery by the anastatic process. Manufac- 
tm-ed by Charles Venables, jun. Maidenhead. 

294 Betts, J. London, Inv. — Betts' improved 
educational maps ; interrogatory maps, with book of 
exercises ; railway and commercial and tourists' maps ; 
London modem atlas ; geographical slates ; dissected 
games and puzzles, &c. 

295 Coulter, W. 7 Synge St. Dublin, Inv. — Map 
of London, with moveable index. 

296 Morris, J. P. C. E. Sandymount Rd. Dublin, ' 
Des. and Prop. — Manuscript chronological charts of 
thehistory of England, Ireland, &c., highly illuminated. 

297 Hanhart, M: & N. 64 Chariotte St. Rath- 
bone PI. London, Prod. — Specimens of lithography 
and chromolithography. 

298 Foestee & Co. 2 Crow St. Dublin, Des. and 
Manu. — Specimens of lithographic printing in colom-s. 

299 Plowman, J. 1 St. Aldgate St. London. — 
Books and stationery. ' 

300 Goodall & Son, Camden-town, Londdiii' 
Manu. — Specimens of playing cards. ' ' 

301 Fitzgerald J. 45 Dawson St. Dublin, Des.— 
Specimens of plain and ornamental penmanship, with 
etchings, and other illustrations. 

302 Wren, A. Keswick, Manu. — Black lead pen- 
cils ; specimens of pure Cumberland lead ; compressed 

303 Adair, R. & Co. Mai-yport, Cumberland, 
Manu. — Specimens of black lead for pencils, and oT- 
improved composition, cleansed and purified ; illustra- 
tions of the several processes of pencil making ; saws ; 
rounding machine, &c. ; pendl drawings, in various 
shades, showing the different qualities of the pencils. 

304 Banks, Son, & Co. Keswick, Cvim"berland, ' 
Manu. — Black lead pencils ; and illustrations of the 
processes of the manufacture. 

305 Brookman & Langdon, 28 Gt. Russell St. 
Bloomsbury, London, Manu. — Fine drawing pencils. 



806 WiGHTMAN, W. M'Cleaet, 24 Nassau St. 
Dublin, Imp. and Prop. — Artists' oil and water 
colours ; sable, camel, and hog hair bru.shes ; sketcb 
books ; tracing paper ; graduated scraping tinted 

307 STEPHEi-rs, H. 54 Stamford St. Blackfriars 
Road, London, Manu. — Specimens of liquid colors for 
staining woods, a.nd of woods stained therewith : liquid 
colors for writing purposes, &c. ; specimen of blood 
preserved more than four years by the oil of tar, show- 
ing its strong antiseptic qualities ; specimens of newly 
invented pencils and rulers. 

308 Smith, W. H. & &os, 1 Eden Quay, Dublin, 

• — Newspapers in ornamental stands for the perusal of 

309 WiSEHEAET, J. 23 Suffolk St. Dublin, Prop. 
— Specimens of engraving ; die sinking in colors, &c. ; 
painted arms, crests, &c. ; Berlin work patterns ; spe- 
cimens of lithographic and music printiug ; album 
binding; fancy stationery ; valentines, &c. 

309a Norsis, Miss, Clara, King's County.— A 
map of Great Britain, in penmanship, with an 
elaborate border. 


310 BuETON & Gaeeawat, Bethnal Gt. London, 
Manu. — OrchU, in the raw state ; manufactured orchil 
liquor dye ; cudbear ; silks, wools, and morocco skins, 
dyed and printed with preparations of orchil or cud- 
bear ; indigo, in the raw state ; extract of indigo ; 
silks, wools, and kid leather, dyed or printed with 
extract of indigo. 

311 Makland & Whitcombe, 6 New High St. 
Slanch ester, Manu. — Cotton cloths of various colours ; 
sUescias ; shalloons ; Italians ; Orleans serge ; imita- 
tion morocco ; Niagaras ; Platas, and bookbinders' 
cloths, &c. 

312 Latour, Bateau & Co. 130 New Boifd St. 
London, Manu. — A dyed satin mantle and skirt, show- 
ing the process of embossing a brocaded figure upon a 
worn and faded fabric, with other specimens of goods 
dyed and renovated ; specimens of the process patented 

by L. Rateau and Co. for renovating soiled kid gloves, 
ribbons, Limerick lace, &c. 

313 Yates, Taylor & Co. 42 and 43 Gutter Lane, 
London, and Fountain "Works, Mitcham, Mann. — 
Printed cloth table covers ; embossed table covers, 
shown as specimens of embossing ' in imitation of 
needlework, &c. 

314 Oer, EwinCt & Co. Glasgow, Manu. — Cambrics 
and printed cottons, dyed in Turkey red. . 

314a Lee, Daniel, & Co. JNIanchester, Manu.— 
Turkey red damask furniture; chintz furniture for 
sofa coveiings ; imitation damask furnitures : plain 
and fancy stripes for sofa covering; prints— blue, blue 
and white, green and yellow, blue and orange, blue, 
orange, and white, blue, green, and white, blue and 
yellow; cotton Damasks; chintzes in great variety of 
manufacture and design. 


315 Brown, E. Lyme Regis, Dorsetshire, Inv. and 
Prop. — Working model of cooking apparatus and 
roasting jack ; improved cooking apparatus ; improved 
cottage or emigrant's stove ; brass self-acting tobacco 
till ; improved valve for cisterns ; steam closet auto- 
maton roasting apparatus; cb'mney piece for large 
cooking apparatus. 

316 Benham & Sons, 1» \Vigmore St. London, 
Manu. — Cooking apparatus and kitchen ; ranges in 
various designs ; improved smoke jacks ; broiling stove 

and hot plate, with pastiy oven ; steam hot closet 
Flavel's patent kitchener ; dinner lifting machine 
copper steam kettles ; Bainmarie pan ; model of com- 
plete kitchen apparatus ; emigrants' or cottagers' 
stoves ; emigrants' portable kitchen ; nerforated pedes- 
tals for hot water pipes ; stair bannistei-s and newels 
in various style of ornament ; warm air stove ; bright 
register stoves, with burnished steel, ormolu, and 
natural bronze mouldings ; Noirsain's patent register 
stove ; turf grates ; dog stove with encaustic covings ; 



fenders and fire irons in polished steel, ormolu, and 
bronze ; ornamental fire dogs ; Telekouphonon or 
improved speaking pipe. 

317 Tylor, J. & Son, ^Vai-vxick Lane, London, 
Prop. — ^Wlieel of Wellington car ; moderator lamps 
in bronze, ormolu, alabaster and china bron2ed tea 
urns ; bronze yases and tripods ; ornamental coal 
scoops ; imperial standard measures. 

Bath in mahogany frame, with heating apparatus 
affixed. Patent high pressure closets and cocks, at 
work. Copper goods for kitchen purposes. Patent 
garden syringes. Vapour bath. 

317a Gas bath at work. (In Carriage Department.) 

318 Shesidan, J. 163 Church St. Dublin, Manu. 
— Church bells ; platfoiin weighing machine ; fire- 
proof safe ; eagles with pedestals ; weighing beams and 
scales ; wrought iron gate with piers ; hall door en- 
tablature in cast iron ; balustrades and lamp posts ; 
portable corn mill on a new principle oi two-horse 
power ; improved portable steam engine, (two-horse 
power) designed and made by Thomas Sheridan, C.E. 

319 CuTTS, W. W. & Co. Atlas Works, Sheffield, 
and 95 Hatton Garden, London. — Chandeliers of 
various designs for gas and candles ; brackets ; vase 
lights, and hall lanterns for gag, in great variety of 
patterns, in rich gold, lacquer, and bronze ; patent 
atlas oil lamps with stands ; candle lamps ; railway 
carriage, side, tail, and signal lamps ; working model 
of Cutts' patent railway signals, &c. 

320 EoBERTSON, Care, & Steel, Chantry Works, 
Sheffield, Manu. — Hall Stoves; dining and drawing- 
room grates; fenders, fire-irons, &c. (In Central Hall.) 

321 CoALBROOKDALE COMPANY, Coalbrookdale, near 
Wellington, Shropshire, Des. Inv. and Prop. — An 
ornamental tent, with pilasters, &c., of iron; an 
ornamental iron fountain; "The Combat," bronzed; 
register stoves and fenders, of new and imique design ; 
hat, coat, and umbrella stands, of unique design, 
bronzed; garden and hall chairs, and tables; orna- 
mental vases in cast iron ; brackets for gas, &c. electro- 
bronzed ; hot air stoves ; flower pot stands ; cookiag- 
glass and frame, in iron, gilt ; an economical looking 
range, complete; two flower vases in bronze, electro 
gilt ; a variety of ornamental castings of figures, &c. 
electro-bronzed. Samples of pig-iron, bar iron, and 
plates, as follows : — grey pig iron for light and heavy 
castings; strong grey forge pig iron; mottled iron; 
white iron; samples of forge and of finished bars; 
chequered plates for flooring. (In Central Hall.) 

322 Morton, J. 32 Eyre St. Sheffield, Manu. and 

Des. — Ormolu and steel, Berlin black, and bronze 
fenders; cast iron bronzed table, with marble top. 

323 Hodges J. & Sons, 16 Westmorland St. DubUn, 
Manu. — Kitchen range, containing open fire gra.te, 
wrought iron boiler, double action smoke-jack, oveQ, 
set of charcoal stoves, hot plate, hot closet, and grilling 
iron ; economical open firs kitchen range ; siindry 
culinary articles ; a small grate with tubular bars for 
heating water ; scroll Imlustrade for gallery and stair 
case ; shower and sponge bath. 

323 a Bailey, John, Eegent St. Salford, Manu.— 
Improved copying press. 

324 Maguire, J. 10 Dawson St. Dublm, Manu. 
— Kitchen range ; sporting canteen ; bedstead ; chum ; 
baths ; japaned ware ; garden chairs ; table with mar- 
ble top ; smidiy specimens of iron-work ; miniature of 
Dean Swift, which belonged to and was worn by 

325 GoDDARD, H. Nottingham, Inv. and Manu. — 
New patent economical cooking apparatus, either for 
a closed or open fire. 

326 Potts, William, Binningham, Manufacturer ; 
Gregg & Son, 18 Upper Sackville Street, Dublin, 
JExhibitors. — Chandeliers of various patterns ; Grecian 
dishes ; etched and stained lanterns ; globe lights, 
(original design) ; candle lamps ; candelabra ; ormolu 
mirrors ; mantel-piece gas brackets ; lacquered and 
bronze spill pots ; fancy bronze letter weights ; epergne 
candelabra, in Parian and ormolu, &c. 

327 Ritchie, D. & Co. Glasgow, Manu. — Kitchen 
ranges ; cottage ranges ; Dundee kitchen grates ; 
register grates ; dressing irons, &c. 

328 Kennard, R. W. & Co. 67 Up. Thames St. 
London, Manu. and Prop. — ^Iron castings ; a large 
Christ, cast in one piece, by Ducel of Paris, the cross 
of oak ; a dog on base ; candelabra (a copy from Andrfe, 
Paris) ; self-acting kitchen range. 

329 Glennie, G. & Co. Springbank Iron Works, 
Glasgow, Manu. — Register grates ; boiler ; pots ; camp 
oven and cover ; air bricks ; gutters ; gas and water 
pipes, in variety ; chimney cans ; bar scale weights ; 
hay rack and manger ; skyhght and frame ; cart 
bushes ; Allan's patent iron pavement plates, and 
many other articles in iron. 

329 a Todd, Burns & Co. Mary St. DubUn. — Por- 
table iron bedsteads. 

330 The Hibernian Gas Light Co. Foster Place, 
Dublin. — No. 1. Bennett's Gas Cooking Range for 
roasting, baking, boiling, and frying. No. 2. Same 
construction as No. 1. No. 3. "Same construction as 



Nos. 1 and 2, but with three roasting ovens, to cook 
for eighty persons. No. 4. Boggett's Duplicate Gas 
Oven, suitable for baking bread, pies, and pastry ; it 
is also arranged for warming apartments. No. 5. 
Boggett's Gas Cooking Range, which, by its peculiar 
method of burning gas, is capable of heating an oven 
for baking and boiling, and adapts itself for frying, 
boiling, and stewing ; also for radiating heat in apart- 
ments. No. 6. Boggett's Portable Gas Cooking Range, 
furnished with an oven for broiling and baking, with 
a stove for frying and boiling, and with the extra 
appendage of a steaming apparatus. No. 7. Gas 
apparatus for halis for keeping water hot, or making 
coflFee, &c. Nos. 8 and 9. King's Gas Stoves, for 
warming halls, apartments, offices, &c. No. 10. 
Boggett's Asbestos Gas Stoves, for warming apart- 
ments. In this apparatus the gas is consumed in 
contact with asbestos, whereby a cheei-fol fire 
is obtained. No. 11. Boggett's Tinsmith's Gas 
Stove, for heating soldering irons. No. 12. Boggett's 
Druggist's Stove. This apparatus contains a hollow 
spatula heated by gas ; it also forms a small stove for 
heating iluids. No. 13. Boggett's Salamander, for 
cooking steaks and chops, &c. ; also for boiling, steam- 
ing and fi-ying. No. 14. Bennett's Gas Light Stove, 
for the breakfast room, nm'sery, or sick chamber. 
No. 15. C. H. Hall's Patent Gas and Vapour Cooking 
Lamp, for the use of emigrants, tourists, &c. It 
affords a steady and efficient source of heat for cooking 
by the combustion of vapour from wood, spirit, or 
alcohol, in situations where gas cannot be procured. 
It is equally applicable for cooking by the heat fi'om 
gas. By its peculiar construction it converts the 
whole of the gas into a flame twelve inches high by 
one and three-quarter inches in diameter, perfectly 
free from sooty deposits. 

330a Lawless, T, Dundalk. — Self-adjusting lock, 
with fourteen tumblers and three detectors. 

331 Henshaw, T. & Co. Clonskeagh Iron Works, 
and 81 Abbey St. Dublin, Manu. — Quarry tools : 
sledges, picks, hammers, iron pulley block, scrap 
iron quarry bars, refined cast steel jumpers, &c. 
Smiths' and Horse Shoers' Tools : portable forge, 
smiths' and horse shoeing sledges ; hand, bench, turn- 
ing and shoeing hammers ; pincers. Iron and steel 
quoits ; pulley blocks ; Agricultural Implements, 
spades, shovels, draining tools. Irish and miners' 
shovels ; manure and hay forks. Irish, Kent, Felling, 
and American axes. Carpenters', coopers', and ship 
adzes. Slashing or hedging hooks ; bill hooks ; picks ; 

mattocks ; refined cast steel mill picks, and chisels ; 
Australian miners' tools, &c. 

331a Fraseb, S. 45 Mary St. Dublin, Des. and 
Manu. — Japanned shower, hip, toilet, foot, sponge, 
and children's baths ; japanned toilet ware, and pails ; 
improved garden wateiing engTnes ; camp pedestal 
basin and washing stand; improved portable hot air 
stoves ; emigrant's cooking stoves ; cream forcers for 
making butter and iced or whipped creams ; potato 
steamers; Irish horse, shoe, hair, plate, and other 
brushes ; improved baking and roasting apparatus ; 
washing machine; Irish fire-clay chicaney pots; im- 
perial double-acting prize churns; japanned hat case 
and plate warmers, with numerous culinary articles. 

332 Anderson, R. 35 Greek St. Dublin, Manu. 
& Imp. — Brass cocks ; pumps, pump valves, plugs, 
waste washers, &c. ; shower baths ; metal and delph 
sinks, plumber's basons, &c. ; one slide valve water 
closet, as supplied to the British West India and 
North American Royal Steam Packet Companies ; one 
Brahma valve water closet, used on deck houses ; steam 
pressure indicator, as used in the Clyde steamers ; 
Lambert's patent spirit and water cocks, &c. 

332 a Whitestone, G. & W. 24 Nth. Earl St. and 
36 Grafton St. Dublin, Imp. and Manu. — Shower 
baths ; deed safes and boxes ; papier machd trays ;- 
imperial mangle ; washing and wringing machine ; 
tea urns; toUet furniture; umbrella and hat stand; 
coal vases; horse clothing; metal table and flower 
stand ; specimens of electro plated and Britannia 
ware ; brushes ; bridles ; cutlery ; and miscellaneous 

333 RocHFOKD, J. & Son, 35 City Quay, and 
Clonskeagh, Dublin, Manu. — Anchors, jack screws, 
chains, purchase blocks, crabb wynches, ship and 
yacht cabooses ; drainage tools, shovels, spades, forks ; 
window guards, pumps, &c. 

333 a Ross & Murray, 92 Middle Abbey St. 
Disi)lin, Des. and Manu. — Reclining and shower bath ; 
d&tible acting pump ; toilet table and fittings ; spe- 
cimen of plumber's brass work ; model of heating 
apparatus, as fitted up in the large pahn house of the 
Royal Dublin Society's Botanic Garden, Glasnevin. 

334 Harrison Radcltffe, & Blunt, Eagle 
Foimdry, Leamington, Manu. and luv. — Kitchen 
ranges on a new and improved plan. 

335 Russell, J. & Co. Wednesbury, Manu. — 
Gasfittings, tubes, cocks, burners, &c. of various di- 

336 Bramhall, T. 1 Union St., St. George's Road, 



Southwark, Inv. and Manu. — A wind guard (made 
of zinc) for the cure of smokey chimneys. A bath. 

337 Langston, Scott & White, Grand Surrey 
Canal Dock, Rotherhithe, and 10 Lombard St. City, 
London, Manu. — White oside of zinc, an innoxious 
substitute for white lead, of various shades and quali- 
ties, used for paint, and in numerous manufactures, 
also for chemical purposes ; zinc driers, without litharge 
or lead base, patented. 

338 Tatlob, W. 11 Sheepcote St. Birmingham, 
Inv. and Manu.— Taylor's registered shutter bars ; 
ornamented door-spring and sash fasteners ; steel bell 

339 Avert, J. 29, North St. Hackney, London, 
Inv. — Improved water closet, fixed without nails, 
screws, or brads ; improved ball lever tap with round 
water way. 

340 Jennings, G. 29, Gt. Charlotte St. Blackfriars 
Road, London, Inv. & Manu. — India rubber tube 
water closet, the valves, cranks, levers, &c. generally 
employed being wholly dispensed with ; earthenware 
water closet ; India rubber tube cocks ; sluice valves ; 
fire-cocks and hydrants ; traps for drains, &c ; joints 
for connecting lead and other joints without solder ; 
pump of a new construction ; cistern ; all patented. 
"Valves, lavatories, and shoes for corners of shop 

341 Pearson, T. 11 Little Ship St. Dublin, Manu. 
— Wove brass wire cloth, six feet wide, 60 meshes to 
an inch, for paper paanufacture ; copper wire cloth, 
100 spaces to an inch ; flour machine wire, 90 meshes 
to an inch ; improved separator for cleaning corn ; 
brass sieves for medical purposes ; wire garden chairs ; 
ornamental flower stand. 

342 Armitage, Morgan & Henry & Co. Mouse 
hole Forge, near Sheffield. — Smiths' anvils, &c. 

343 Johnson, Cammell, & Co. Cyclops Steel 
Works, Sheffield, Manu. — Specimens of steel, in great 
variety, for the use of engineers, machinists, ship 
builders, and all other purposes ; specimens of files of 
every description, for engineering, machine, and every 
other general purpose ; specimens of railway carriage, 
waggon, and truck springs, also for locomotive engine, 
and tenders, and of other railway tools and work. 

344 Classon & Courtney, 39 Bridgefoot St. — 
Specimens of blister steel. 

344 a Young, Charles D. & Co. Edinburgh, Glas- 
gow, Liverpool, and London, Manu. — Lodge and 
entrance iron gates ; iron field gates, under their 
scheme for the reduction of the prices of iron manu- 

facttu-es ; simultaneous acting iron gates for railway 
level crossings ; plain and ornamental iron and wire 
fencing ; hare and rabbit proof wire netting ; galvan- 
ised wire netting for Australian fencing ; galvanised 
netting for salmon fisheries; wi'ought and cast iron 
garden chairs and seats; new French iron and gal- 
vanised wire seats; pheasant feeder; plant guards; 
flower stands, vases, fountains, dial stands, &c. 

345 Daniel, P. 44 Grafton St. Dublin, Manu. 
& Imp. — Drawingroom grates, fenders and fire steels ; 
locks, and articles of ironmongery ; hip, sponge, and 
shower baths ; papier mache and japanned trays ; coal 
vases and japanned goods in variety. 

346 Parkes, John C. Ill Coombe, Dublin. — 
Case of medals and military instruments. 

347 Whitley, John, Ashton, near Warrington, 
Lancashire, Manu. — Wrought-iron Hinges ; Cathedral 
Hinge ; Locomotive Hinges ; Shutter Bar Joints. 

348 Barnwell, T. &, Son, 46 Bishop St. Dublin.— 
A case of locks. 

349 Chubb & Son, 57 St. Paul's Churchyard, 
London, Inv. Pat. and Manu. — Chubb's patent bank 
lock ; gothic and other ornamental locks and keys ; 
locks for various purposes. A suite of large and small 
locks, all to open Avith gold master key set in a ring. 
Fire-proof banker's safe, well safe, &c. 

350 Stocker (Brothers), S. & G. 3 and 4 Arthur 
St. New Oxford St. London, Pat. and Manu. — ^A 
recess counter for the use of licensed victuallers, with 
separate compartments for beer and spirits. The top 
is covered with pewter, supported by carved emblematic 
trusses. It is furnished with savealls in convenient 
places for beer and spirits, and for the drainage of 
glasses when washed. It has two water basins with 
supply and waste, twelve spirit cocks, and a six-motion 
beer engine. Stocker's patent beer engine. Stocker's 
patent horizontal tapping cock. 

351 Geatbex, C. & Co. Walsall, Manu. — Sad- 
dlery, including bridles, stirrups, snaffles ; steel, gig, 
and carriage bitts ; spurs ; harness mountings ; horse, 
water, and spoke brushes ; rosettes ; harness collars in 
miniature, smallest weighing 8 grains ; curb chains ; 
crests, ornaments, and armorial bearings. Silver 
mounted gig and carriage lamps ; coach lace ; coach 
door handles and hinges ; whip sockets ; miniature 
eliptic can-iage spring ; CoUinge's patent axle. 

352 Patent Shaft Axle-tree Company, Bruns- 
wick Iron Works, Wednesbury. — Patent faggoted axle, 
solid, as finished by the forge hamn^er ; patent faggoted 
axle, hollow, shewing section of metal; piece of im- 



proved hard surfaced locomotive tyre bar ; sections of 
iron for railway v^aggon fi-ames. 

S53 GiLLOT, Joseph, Binningham, Inv. and Manu. 
— Specimens of metallic pens and holders, in gold, 
steel, silver, &c. 

354 HoBBS, Ashley, & Fortescue, 97 Cheapside, 
London. — The celebrated permulating locks ; solid key 
locks, with moveable stimaps, &c. ; chest, till, pad, 
portfolio locks. 

355 Lambert, T. Short St. New Cut, Lambeth, 
Londonj Manu. — Samples of black tin pipe ; flexible 
diaphragm water valves for very high pressure ; gun 
metal steam fittings for locomotive engines. 

358 MoFFiTT, T. 30 Chancery Lane, Dublin, Manu. 
■ — Wrought iron safes of diiferent sizes, &c. 

357 HuxHAMS & Brown, Exeter, Manu. — Emi- 
grants' and cottage stoves (Registered) with iron flues 
completed inside ; cooking apparatus, with oven and 

858 Edjiundson, J. & Co. 35 & 36 Capel St. and 
50 & 51 Stafford St. Dublin, Manu. and Imp.— Gas 
fittings ; gas lustres, pillars, brackets, &c ; Tuscan 
pillai- of brass, with pedestal, adapted for a lamp post 
or bust stand ; furnisliing ironmongery, brushes, grates, 
fenders, and kitchen ranges ; electro-plated goods ; and 
light-house lamps, with plated reflectors. 

359 Nash, R. Ludgate Hill Passage, Birmingham, 
Manu.' — Spoon, collar, and medal dies ; medal collar ; 
livery, coining, and shank hole dies ; piercing tools ; 
hubbs ;• ofB.ce desk seals ; embossing, piercbig, and 
copjdng presses. 

330 CoRTis, W. 28 & 29 Chancery Lane, Dublin, 
Manu. — Brass cocks for steam, gas, and water ; also 
guage cocks, valves, and other brass furniture, for 
steam engines ; brass furniture for railvv'ay and private 
carriages ; brass fittings, cocks, swivels, and bracket 
backs, for gas ; general brass work for doors and shop 
windows ; a garden engine. 

SGi Kent, G. 329 Strand, London, Inv. Pat. and 
Manu. — Kent's patented inventions iox domestic 
puq^oses ; rotary knife cleaning machine in various 
sizes ; section of rotary knife cleaning machine, show- 
ing the internal construction ; rotary cinder silter ; 
portable mangle ; portable washing apparatus ; triti- 
cating strainer for soups, &c. &c. 

362 TiNDALL, Enoch, Oldfield, Scarborough, Inv. 
and Manu. — Imperial mangle with hoi-izontal spring 
pressure ; imperial mangle, combined with napkin 
press ; washing and wringing machine. 

3G3 Woodhouse, J. 39, Lower Ormond Quay, 

DubKn, Manu.— Gilt and plated buttons, and brass 
moimtings for militai-y accoutrements, with partial 
illustration of process of manufacture. 

364 LiNGARD, Edward A. Birmingham, Manu. — • 
Coffin ornaments. 

384a Corcoran, Brtan & Co. Mark Lane, Lon- 
don. — Specimens of woven vra-e ; model of an improved 
malt kiln. 

365 Elliott, W. & Sons, Regent Works, Bir- 
mingham, Manu. — Buttons. 

365 a Brown, Robert, Toxteth Park, Liverpool. 
— Horse shoes and shod feet. 

366 FoLHT, H. 24, College Green, Dublin, Manu. 
— Aimy, navy, liveiy, hunt, and club buttons. 

367 Martin, J. 26 City Quay, Dublin, Manu.— 
Steel Pens, made in Ireland ; and specimens showing 
the process of manufacture. 

368 Myers M. & Son, 8 NewhaU Street, Bir- 
mingham, Inv. and Manu. — Steel pens ; quill pen 
holders, and cylindrical spring pen holders (registered); 
patent metallic pointed quill pens ; patent axissary 
pens, and self-acting ink propeller ; pens and pen- 
holders made in gold, silver, and other metals. 

369 Archer, W. H. Ironworks, Lucan, near 
Dublin, Manu. — Rolled Iron ; Kieve Hoops ; saw- _ 
plate for stonecutters' use ; sledges ; stonemasons' 
hammers ; quarry picks ; plough and axle sock moulds; 
shovels of various patterns, showing the forms used in 
the different counties of Ireland. 

370 Barter, R. St. Ann's Hill, Blarney, County 
Cork, Inv. — Machine for cutting or grating roots, 
&c.; a substitute for a wing or swivel joint in gas 

371 Billinge, James, Ashton, near Wigan, Lan- 
cashire,- Llanu. — Wrought iron hing'es, locks, latches, 
and chains. 

o72 Brigham, J. Drifiield, Yorkshire, Inv. and 
Prop. — Catch and fastener, with door and frame 
showing application of same ; catch for park gate. 

373 Dycek, E. 130 Stephen's Green, Dublin, Inv. 
and Prop. — A horse's head ; improved horse ball 
administrator ; horse shoes. 

374 Francis, E. 1 Camden PI. Dublin, Des. and 
Manu. — Lnproved horse-shoes for diseased and healthy 
feet ; horses' hooves, showing the mode of shoeing, 

375 Fencely, H. 34 Denmark St. Dubhn, Inv. 
andProp. — Spiral expanding andcompressing machines 
for sweeping chimneys ; elastic descending machine 
for sweepmg cliimneys with horizontal flues. 



375 a Hird, Dawsox, & Hardy, Low Moor Iron 
"Works, near Bradford, Yorkshire. — Specimens illus- 
trative of the niauufaoture of iron, &c. 

S78 Gatchell, R. 33 and 34 Pill Lane, Dublin, 
Manu. — Scales of various kinds and sizes ; chemists', 
bankers', jewellers', sovereign, and hydraulic scales ; 
gilt beam ; weights ; imperial copper measures ; bur- 
nished gold drums ; tulip-shaped vases, richly orna- 
mented ; sample boxes, bov/ls, and vases ; show boxes 
and bowls ; Chinese paintings on glass ; fancy tea 
canisters ; twine boxes, &c. 

377 Greening, N. & Sons, Warrington, Lanca- 
shire, Manu.- — Extra strong drying kiln floor wire ; 
and strong-wove wire for separating minerals, &c. 
woven by steam looms, and exhibited for their great 
width, strength, and regularity of meshes. 

378 Hawkins, J. Birmingham, Manu. — Brass, 
copper, and iron screws and bolts. 

379 Hill, J. IS Isling-ton, Birmingham, Manu. — 
Specimens of stamped ornaments for lamps, chande- 
liers, and gas fittings ; lamps in various styles ; patterns 
for centre husks, balance weights, bracket arms, stands, 
vases, &c. 

380 Ingram, T. W. Bii-mingham, Des. and Manu. 
— Improved Horn buttons. 

381 LocKERBT, T. Glasgow, Manu. — Gas chande- 
liers ; in florentine bronze, and relief, and in grand 
bronze and rehef. 

382 Chopping & Sslbt, Argyll Works, Birming- 
ham. — Improved horse shoes. 

383 Martin, J. 23 Peter St. Dublin, Manu.— 
Anatomical preparations of the leg and foot of the 
horse, and shoes for the security and preservation of 
the feet of the animal. 

334 The City op Dublin Bolt, Screw, and Rivet 
Company, S. M'Coemick, 14 Fleet St. Dublin, Manu. 
— Wood screws, screw bolts, rivets, and railway 

385 Hodges, T. 99 Middle Abbey St. Dublin, 
Manu. — Large church bell, cast a perfect note. B. 6, 
attached to M 'Master & Sons turret clock; church 
bells of assorted sizes ; fann bells, with emblematical 
devices, assorted sizes, on stand ; handsome beU, 
mounted for yacht ; highly finished gongs, on ebony 
stands ; coil composition gas pipe on roller, containing 
2,400 feet in one length, weight, 8 cwt. ; coil inch 
lead pipe on roller, containing 1,100 feet in one 
length, weight, 20 cwts. — made from Irish lead ; 
brass lifting, and force pumps on mahogany planks, 
with air vessels ; cast iron pumps on oak planks ; 

glass case, containing specimens of sundry brass 

386 Vieille Montagne Zinc Mining Co. per Mr. 
H. F. Schmoll, Agent General to the Company, 
12 Manchester Buildmgs, Westminster, Prod. Inv. 
and Manu. -Bronzed zinc statues of Her Majesty, 
Sir Robert Peel, Prince Albert's favourite grey- 
hound "Eos;" gilt-zinc candelabra and chandeHers ; 
holy water vase ; Corinthian capital ; weather- 
cock ; doors with architraves ornamented with mould- 
ings ; ballustrade ; cornices ; centre ceiling ornaments ; 
models of ships, showing the manner of using zinc for 
ship sheathing and bolting ; models of zinc roofs, &c. ; 
dormer windows ; baths ; coppered zinc wire ; suspend- 
ing vases for flowers, &c. ; candle branches ; gutter ; 
candle mould ; cans and other water vessels ; bowls 
containing samples of zinc nails, spikes, &c. ; white 
and grey zinc paints and oxides ; rolled zinc ; spelter 
fi-om the Vieille Montagne Mines ; slab of slate painted 
five years ago with zinc paint, and subjected to severe 
test ; zinc rope and wire ; perforated zinc blinds, and 
numerous other articles of zinc ; calamine, &c. from 
which the zinc is produced. 

387 MooNEY, W. 9 Lower Ormond Quay, Dublin, 
Manu. — Onnolu chandeliers, and candelabra, in various 

388 Murphy, J. 15 Thomas St. Dublin, Manu.— 
A peal of eight joy bells in the key of D ; a large bell 
weigiiing about 40 cwt. ; a gong or altar bell ; fai-m 
yard bells. 

389 Miles, W. Nile St. Cork. Manu.— Specimens 
of horse shoes for sound and unsound feet, and defec- 
tive action. Patten shoe, &c. 

390 XiXEY's, W. G. 22 Moor St. Soho, London, 
Inv. — Nixey's patent revolving till, for prevention of 
fraud and error in paying and recei^ang money, and 
to facilitate the detection and conviction of the utterers 
of base coin. 

391 Ney, R. 166, Gt. Britain St. Dublin, Manu. 
and Des — French iron bedsteads ; camp bedstead ; couch 
bedstead foiTuing a child's cot, chair, or table ; the 
same folded, showing the space it occupies. 

392 Perry, J. & Co. 37 Red Lion Square, Lon- 
don, Inv. and Prop. — Patent gold and steel pens and 
patent penholders of various sorts ; patent silver- 
mounted travelling and drawing-room inkstands ; also, 
patent filter and gravitating inkstands. 

393 PiM, T. & S. Mountmellick, Queen's co. 
Manu. — Riding and di-iving bits, snaffles and stirrup- 



394 Eeid, J. Thornton PI. Aberdeen, Des. and 
Manu. — Improved portable mangle. 

395 StrarPTiON, J. 14 Ebury Sq. Pimlico, London. 
— Cock box and key for water and gas works. 

396 Tarin, M. L. a. 61 Mount St. Grosvenor Sq. 
London, Inv. and Prop. — Self-supporting Ordertz dust 
pan (patented) ; candle lamp, with reflectors, the pillar 
being needle work of gold embroidery ; lantern with 
reflector, producing a crescent light ; glass reflectors 
for diflusing light (patented). 

396 a Milnee & Son, Phoenix Safe Works, Lord 
St. Liverpool, and 47 a Moorgate St. London. — Patent 
holdfast and fire-resisting safes, chests, and deed boxes. 

397 TuPPEE & Caee, London and Birmingham, 
Manu. — Patent galvanized iron ; sheet iron for out- 
buildings, roofing, sheathing of ships bottoms, &c.; 
roll and ridge capping ; wrought and cast iron gutter- 
ing ; rain water pipes ; round and flat bars ; hoop iron, 
rivets, burrs, nails, and screws ; wire ; roll game net- 
ting ; wire stand for fencing, &c.; garden chair; sail 
thimbles and chain ; gas tubing and fittings ; house 
pails ; coal scuttles, boiling pans, and other articles of 
wrought and cast iron. 

397 a Allawat & Sons, Sydney, Gloucestershire. 
— Charcoal tin plates made of Cinderford iron. Spe- 
cimens of the iron from which the plates are made. 

398 PiEHCE, William, 5 Jermyn St. London, 
Manu. — Stoves, grates, fenders, cottager's grates, &c. 

398 a Jack, Adam, Bristol. — Tin plates. 

399 Warriner, G. Snow HiU, Birmingham, Manu. 
— Osmazome, or essence of meat ; biscuits made with 
essence of meat. Gas stove, heating water for a bath 
in five minutes, at a cost of one penny. Gas stove of 

399 a Hart & Son, London. — -Ornamental door 

ftmiiture ; door handles ; bell pulls ; locks, knockers, 

400 Love, J. 20 St. Andrew Sq. Glasgow, Inv. — 
Room grate of new construction, for obviating smoke 
and presei-ving heat. Gas apparatus and steam boiler, 
for generating gas and steam in one apparatus. Im- 
proved portable gas stove for lighting and heating 
churches, &c. Gas generating and cooking stoves. 
Portable hot air stove for heating and ventilating large 
buildings. Ornamental ventilator for centre of ceiling. 

400 a Bartleet, W. & Sons, Redditch, Broms- 
grove, Worcestershire, Manu. and Patentees. — Oval 
perfect-eyed needles, and sewing needles of every 
description ; sail, pack, surgeons', tambour, crochet, 
netting needles, &c. ; Sea and River Fish hooks of all 

401 Goddard, E. Ipswich, Inv. and Manu. — Gas 
cooking stove, lined with white glazed porcelain. Gas 
cooking apparatus, with chambers for roasting and 
baking, hot closet, copper boiler, steamer, and hot 
plate. Goddard's patent asbestos gas fires. 

402 LoMAS, Feomings, & Stkes, Shefiield, Manu. 
— Working model of Froming's patent forge hammer, 
smiths' anvils and vices ; water tueiron ; hand sledge 
hammer ; millwright's and engiaeer's chipping ham- 

402 a Alldritt, J. 27 Blackball St. Dublin. — A 
self-acting cofliee pot. 

403 Wiley, W. E. & Co. 34 Gt. Hampton St. 
Birmingham, Manu. — Card of gold pens, pointed with 
the native alloy of iriditun and osmium, the hardest of 
known metals. 

403 a Dixon, George, Upper Eme St. Imp. — 
Moderateur vase ; pedestal and stand lamps ; candle 
lamps, shades, transparencies, lamp oils, &e. 


403 b Faiebairn, William, & Co. Manchester. — 
A 50-horse high pressure engine, (ordered by the Com- 
mittee of the Great Industrial Exhibition for dri%'ing 
the machinery in motion) ; a wrought iron tubular 

404 Shekleton, J. Dundalk, Manu. — Eighteen 
horse power portable high pressin-e steam engine ; four 
horse power horizontal high pressure steam engine; 
upright tubular steam boiler. 

404 a Miller, G. M. Engineer, Great Southern and 
Western Railway. — ^Portable high pressure engine and 
boiler with pumps, as used on the Great Southern and 
Western Railway. 

405 Geendon, T. & Co. Drogheda, Manu. — 
Passenger locomotive engine : stroke 18 inches, 
diameter of cylinder 14 inches, of driving wheels 5 
feet 6 inches, number of tubes 137. Direct acting 
pumping engine: diameter of steam cylinder 10 inches, 



of pump 5 inches, length, of stroke 10 inches. Portable 
double cylinder high pressure and condensing engine, 
45 horse power, on M 'Naught's patent principle: 
diameter of condensing cylinder 28 inches, length of 
stroke 4 feet 6 inches, diameter of high pressure 
cylinder 25 inches, length of stroke 27 inches. Im- 
proved upright tubular boiler, for 45 horse engine. 
Agricultural steam engine, 4 horse power. 

405 A RoUEKE, E. — Small hydraulic ram. 

406 The Irish Engineering Company, Seville 
Iron works, Seville PI. Dublin, Manu. — A vertical, 
direct acting, portable, high pressure steam engine 
and boiler, complete, on one bed-plate. '' 

406 a Gilson, 0. — Model of carriage or waggon 
break work. 

407 Simpson & Shipton, Manchester, Inv. — Three 
horse power reciprocating steam engine : an eccentric 
revolves in its own diameter, this being the most direct 
method of obtaining circular motion from the recti- 
linear. — ^The chief features of this invention are 
economy in space, first cost, and consumption of fuel. 

408 BoTD, W. Jun. Walworth, Grand Canal, 
Dublin, Prop. — Model steam engine, exhibited for its 
superior workmanship. 

409 Lawrence, Charles, 13 North Cumberland 
St. Dublin, Manu. — Small high pressure steam engine. 

410 Watt, J. & Co. 18 London St. London, and 
Soho, Birmingham, Manu. — Working model of a 
locomotive engine, made by Mr. Murdoch of Soho, in 
1785, showing the application of steam to locomotion, 
as patented by Mr. Watt in 1784. Model of an oscil- 
lating engine, made in 1785, to illustrate Mr. Watt's 
patent of 1784 for making the cylinder work on an 
axis. Machine invented by Mr. Watt about 1790, for 
registering continuously the successive but varying 
lengths of stroke in mining pumps. 

411 Mallet, E. Engineer, Dublin, Inv. and Manu. 

• — Patent wrought-iron buckled plate for fire-proof 
and other floors ; specification enrolled April, 1853. 

412 Turner, R. 30 Nassau St. Dublin, Manu. — 
A pendulous oscillating double cylinder high-pressure 
steam engine, one horse pov/ er. 

413 Geeig, D. & J. Edinburgh. — A lithographic 
printing press. 

414 Lynch, C. Ballycurrin Castle, Headford, co. 
Galway, Inv. — Model paddle wheel, the floats enter- 
ing and emerging vertically, without vibration. 

415 Sheridan, H. & Co. Bridgefoot St. — Machine 
for cutting hay and straw ; machine for bruising oats 
and beans. 

416 Graham, W. (late L'Estrange & Co.) 33 Smith- 
field, Dublin, Manu. — Steam-power thrashing ma- 
chine ; improved hay and straw cutter. 

416 a Barrett, Exall, & Andrewes, Reading, 
Manu. — Portable steam engine for agricultural pur- 

417 GwYNNE, Son & Co. Essex WTiarf, Strand,. 
London, Prop. — Gwynne's patent centrifugal pump, 
with fittings, &c. This pump has a rotary movement, 
and works without valves. 

418 Carrett, Marshall & Co. Sun Eoundry, 
Leeds. — "Patent steam pump," or "water lift," size 
No. 3 A, can raise 22,000 gallons 50 feet high in 10 
hours, producing a continuous stream ; applicable 
also for supplying steam boilers with water. 

419 Warner, J. & Sons, Jewin Crescent, London, 
Manu. & Prop. — Cast iron frames, with wheel and 
pinion, and pumps for raising water to any height ; 
overshot copper water wheel, with 3 force pumps ; 
Warner's improved ship force pump, or fire engine ; 
patent lift and force pumps ; church beUs ; London 
fire brigade engine ; water closets ; water, gas, and 
team cocks, guages, valves, unions, &c. ; screw down 
high pressure cocks ; garden syringes ; gun metal im- 
perial standard measures and weights ; plumber's 
cocks ; steam and gas cocks. 

420 Sheridan, Thomas, Dublin. — Portable two- 
horse high pressure steam engine. 

421 Drake, Thomas, & Son, 3 Aston's Quay, Dub- 
lin, Inv. &Manu. — Portable fire engine for ships' use, 
in wetting sails, pumping water out of tanks in 
hold, &c. with suction, hose, hand pipe and leather 
bucket ; double barrel fuU water-way pumping engine, 
with frame, fly wheel, crank and pinion motion, and 
valves attached to moveable doors for repairing with- 
out disturbing any of the works; Kirkwood's improved 
tubular water closet, on cast iron frame. 

422 Shand & Mason, 245 Blackfriars Road, Lon- 
don, Inv. and Manu. — Patent ship fire engine — (in 
Centre Hall). 

423 Tyloe, J. & Son, Warwick Lane, London, 
Manu. — Soda water machine, and bottling appar- 
atus ; diving machine, and dresses, &c. ; ship's fire 

424 Samuelson, M. & Co. Hull, Engineers.— 
Hydraulic press for extracting oil from seed, and 
making oU cake ; double kettle, for heating the seed ; 
and small table steam engine to work the press. 

425 Peile, J. J. Whitehaven, Inv. and Manu. — 
Improved ships' screws for stowing ship's cargoes, &c. ; 




"turnip cutters, with oil cake crusher ; straw or chaff 

426 Hewitt, T. Cork, Inv. and Prop. — Model of 
a mashing ton ; the steam is apphed ^vhilst the ma- 
ehineiy is in motion. 

427 Sholdham, M. Portishead Bristol, Inv.— 
Models of apparatus for an improvement in the 
mechanic power of the wheel and axle, and for 
transmitting power by ropes. 

428 GoMPBRTZ, Lewis Esq. The Oval, Kennington, 
near London, Inv. — Prints of mechanical inventions 
on land and water locomotion, railway transit tooth 
machinery, and other objects. 

429 Guy, E,. Rutland Mills, Rutland Avenue, 
Dolphin's Bam Bridge, Dublin, Manu. — Improved 
CoUinge axles for Broughams,, outside cars, &c. ; pony 
phaeton, improved mail patent axles. 

430 HoxHAMS & Brown, Exeter, Inv. and Mann. 
■^— Deck- winch, with two wooden rollers and ends; 
MiU-stones of French burrs. 

431 PooLET, H. Albion Foundry, Liverpool, 
Manu. — Patent dormant platfonn weighing machine ; 
portable weighing machines on wheels, &c. ; computer 
balance, dispensing with loose weights ; indicator of 
large weigh-bridges for road or railway waggons ; 
counter scales and weights ; bankers' v/eighing ma- 
chines to weigh from 1 to 1,000 sovereigns, as re- 
commended in Granville Sharp's prize essay on 
banking ; plans of engine weig-hing tables ; drawings 
of various kinds of weighing machines. 

432 Elliott, J. Sheffield, — Quadrant weighing 
machine, adapted to both English and French weights. 

433 Greaves, H. Palatine Buildings, Manchester, 
Inv. and Prop. — Patent cast iron surface packed 
sleepers, with various forms of joint sleepers and joint 

434 Palmer, E. O. 43 Lower Dominick St. Dub- 
lin, and Traiee, Inv. — Model of a new double pieq,e 
of ordnance ; model of a new bomb shell, to be fired 
either from a mortar or howitzer. 

■ 435 Models of a new propeller for steam boat ; and 
o'f self-acting break for railway carriages. 

436 Thornton, J. & Sons, Birmingham, Manu. 
- -Hydraulic lifting jacks ; improved railway screw, 
and other jacks ; railway signal and other lamps ; 
miner's safety lamp ; railway carriage wrench ; Thorn- 
ton and M'Connell's patent waggon conplins ; &c ; 
exhibitors of Stirling's patent gun metal for bearings ; 
toughened cast iron ; hardened rails ; tin zinc ; leaded 
zinc ; and Britannia metal ; also Wright's patent ropes ; 

&c. ; Griffith's and Co. patent painted trays in oil ; and 
tea service, made of patent tin zinc. 

437 BoAKE & Reilt, Dublin, Inv. and Manu. — 
Railway signal post, constructed of iron frame-work, 
">vith aerometric lamp. Invented by J. F. Boake- 
Model of iron -framed signal post, without the ap- 
paratus for raising the lamp. 

488 Eastwood & Frost, Railway Iron Works, 
Derby, Manu. — Kirtley's patent rolled spoke solid 
wrought-iron railway wheels, made of same, with and 
without tiers. 

439 Pollen, H. 10 Serpentine Av. near Dublm, 
Inv. and Prop. — Improved double railway signal 
lamp for night, and arms for day. 

440 Gregory,^ Rev. Dr. T. Paget Priory, Eilcock. 
— Drawing and section of an improved locomotive 
passenger engine by Val. Tighe Gregory, Esq., Super- 
intendent of the locomotive department, St. Peters- 
bm-gh and Moscow Railway. 

441 Dunn, Hatterslet & Co. Windsor Bridge 
Iron Works, Manchester. — Models and Drawings of 
patent turn-tables and traversers, for removing engine 
from one line of rail to anothei". 

442 Lees, T. & Sons, 20 Mottram St. Stockport, 
Inv. and Manu. — Compressed air alarm whistle. 

443 Rock, J. Jun. Hastings, Sussex. — Inv. and 
Prop. — Drawings of a patent railway carriage ; model 
of patent railway buffera ; goods' trucks with patent 
tarpaulin roller ; the simultaneous carriage step ; 
model of a patent spring. 

444 The Belfast Iron Company, per T. M. 
Gladstone, C. E. Belfast, Mani.i. — Patent double "f 
wrought-iron for beams and joists of fire-proof ware- 
Louses, &c., instead of cast-iron. Best boilerplate; 
also samples of best bar iron. 

445 Sloan & Leggett, T. J. Empire Iron 
Works, New York, Manu. — Patent hydrostat for 
preventing steam boiler explosions. Invented by T. 
J. Sloan, 28 St. George's Road, New Kent Road, 

446 Seward, N. Caherconlish, Pallasgreen, Co. 
Limerick, Inv. — Model railway forty-eight feet long 
and one foot wide, with reservoir carriages and small 

447 Saunders, J. M. Dubhn, Inv. — A new rail- 
way guard alarum signal, for communicating between 
railway guard and engine driver. 

447 a The Fire Annihilator Co. 105 Leadenhall 
St. London, Exhibitors. — Phillip's Patent Fire Anni- 
hilator. This invention consists in the application of 



a vapour compcsed of carbonic acid, nitrogen gas, and 
steam, by the action of which the flame is annihi- 
lated, the smoke absorbed, the heat reduced, and the 
atmosphere rendered perfectly respirable. The machine 
is in operation in 30 seconds, and consists of an iron 
vesselLhaving an air and a water chamber, and two 
moveable perforated cylinders. Into the inner cylinder 
is placed a material composed of saltpetre, coke, and 
charcoal. This material gives out carbonic acid and 
nitrogen gases — ignites on the application of a spark, 
and burns down rapidly, like a pastile. This material 
is fired by means of a fusee inserted in the neck of the 
machine, which is lighted by the discharge of a gun 
cap ; the gun cap is struck by the hammer appended 
to the machine. This mode of igniting the material 
is an improvement on the original mode. The opera/- 

tion of the machine is duplex. The material gives 
out the gases as before mentioned ; the gases passing 
throiigh the perforated cylinders, find their way into 
the upper chamber formed by the cover; simiiltan- 
eously the intense heat rarifies the air in the air 
chamber, the expanded air forces the water out of the 
water chamber up the pipe forming the handle, the 
water is then received by a copper pipe running round 
the interior of the body of the machine, and by means 
of small holes pours down on the heated sides of the 
large perforated cylinder — the water is converted into 
steam, the steam mingles with the gases in the upper 
chamber, they rush out together, forming the anni- 
hilating vapour. The Fire Annihilator is a Vapour 
Fire Engine. 

Cornelius Carleton, Agent, 11 Eden Qjr. Dublin. 


448 MoLLOT, B. 22 Kildare St. Dublin, Prop.— 
A Pedemotive— made in Bristol. 

449 Bates, E. Gorey, co. Wexford, Manu.— Self- 
balancing tax cart. 

450 Thorn, W. & F. 10 John Street, Oxford St. 
London, Inv. & Manu. — An unproved Brougham, 
with patent <3iquimotive springs and new carriage 

451 Thomson, G. Stirling, Des. and Manu. — 
Phaeton for one or two horses ; lever balancing dog- 
cart, for riegulating the weight upon the horse. 

. 452 Rock & Son, Hastings, Sussex, Inv. and 
Manu. — Improved pony carriage with patent spring, 
invented bv Jas. Rock, jun. ; drawings of the patent 
dioropha carriage. 

453 QuAN & Sons, 10 Talbot Street, Dublin, 
Manu. — Mail phaeton ; a segmental-fronted brougham 
with unproved lock ; a vis-a-vis ; pony phaetons ; out- 
side cars, (one similar to that ordered by his Royal 
Highness Prince Albert ;) pilentmn phaeton ; light 
phaeton for one pony. 

454 Petebs, T. & Sons, London, Des. and Manu. 
— A double Brougham, for one or a pair of horses ; a 
single Brougham, for one or pair of horses ; a mail 
diiving phaeton. 

455 Offoed, R. 79, Wells Street, Oxford Street, 
London. ^ — Crystal barouche ; Clarence carriage. 

456 NuTMAN, I. 99, Lr. Dorset Street, Dublin, 
Des. and Manu. — Models of pedestrian carriages ; an 
accelerator, and an improved pedomotive. 

457 Menzies, a. Glasgow City.— Omnibus and 
harness, capable of carrying 17 inside and 18 outside 

458 Newnham, B. 19 Broad Street, Bath, Des. 
and Manu. — Three wheeled bath invalid wheel chair, 
with patent ventilated head, &c. ; a reclining spinal 
bed wheel chair. 

459 Mason, W. H. Clapton and Kingsland Road, 
Basin, London, Manu. — A light mail phaeton. 

460 Magili,, J, 9 Mercer Street, Dublin, Inv. 
and Manu. — Brougham, with semicircular glass front, 
affording an additional seat ; sporting phaeton ; a car 
on a new principle adapted to carry seven persons. 

461 Magill, G. 14, Redmond's HiU, Dublin, Manu. 
A Clarence ; Brougham, with segmental front and 
back ; a pony phaeton ; outside car, with slides and 
screw by which the balance can te adjusted for or 
without a driver. 

462 HuTTON, J. & Sons, SummerhiH, Dublin, 
Manu. — A dress coach, fully appointed for town use, 
built for Her Majesty the Queen. 

463 A chariot ; and a barouche, on C and under 

464 An outside car with lancewood and whale- 
bone shafts. 

465 KiLLiNGER, C. 20 Westlaiid Row, Dublin, 
Des. and Manu. — Killinger's Irish jaunting car (regis- 
tered) ; park phaeton, 

466 LoNGBOTTOM, R. I. 63 Mortimer St. London, 
Inv. and Manu. — Noiseless carriage-wheel, with engine 

D 2 



turned iron tire and .vnlcanized India-rubber band 
(Thomson's patent) ; truck wheels ; model, showing 
the method of fixing the India-rubber tire; piece of 
tire in use for above two years on a street cab, in 
London, having travelled about 15,000 mUes. 

467 Hooper, W. 28 Haymarket, London, Des. 
and Manu. — ^Working model of an elliptic spring 

468 Hallmakke, Aldebeet & Hailmaeke, 57 
and 58 Long Acre, London, Manu. — A circular-fronted 
Brougham; a park phaeton. 

469 Gordon, J. F. Strangford, co. Down, Inv. — 
A four-wheeled carriage, with a new kind of fore-axle, 
called "The Caster Axle." 

470 Gradt, R. E. 38 Dawson St. Dublin, Manu. 
— An emempton, forming a close or open carriage, at 
pleasure; a light driving phaeton; an outside car, 
with grasshopper springs, &c. 

47 1 DoEAN, Messrs. 4 Up. Ormond Qy. Dublin, 
Manu. — A light driving phaeton (Queen's pattern) ; a 
family outside car, with well, moveable driver's seat, &c. 

472 Dillon, J. 42 Grafton St. Dublin, Manu. 
and Prop.— A "Hansom" safety cab, the first buut 
in Ireland ; an outside jaunting car. 

473 Dawson, J. S. & Sons, SackvUle PI. Dublin. 
Manu. — A Clarence Brougham, with circular front; 
park phaeton ; outside jaunting car ; a cab. 

474 COATES, Blizard, & Co. 7 Park Lane, Picca- 
dilly, London, Des. and Manu.- -The Eoyal Maude 
Barouche, a new style of open carriage. 

475 Buchanan, J. & Co. Glasgow, Manu. — An 
Australian dog cart. 

476 Browne, W. 167 Gt. Brunswick St, Dublin, 
Manu. — A Bastema pilentmn forming a close or an 
open carriage ; a Malvern cart, to carry four persons 
vsdth luggage or dogs ; a pony phaeton, with moveable 
driving seat ; an outside jaunting car, built on the 
same principle as the one for which exhibitor was 
awarded the prize medal at the Exhibition of 

477 Bianconi, C. Longfield, co. Tipperary, Prop. 
- — ^A fly mail car, used by Mr. Bianconi for the con- 
veyance of mails and passengers, in 19 counties of the 
north, south, and west of Ireland. 

478 Begbie, J. East Lothian Coach Works, 
Hadding-ton, Inv. and Manu. — Patent Dog cart, with 
shifting apparatus enabling the driver to regulate the 
weight on the horse's back, without leaving his seat ; 
the wheels and springs of an improved construc- 

479 Anneslet, E. 118 Grafton St. Dublin, Manu. 
— Bath and Albert chairs, with hoods, aprons, and 
other fittings, &c. 

480 Bathuest, W. Belfast, Manu. — ^A light step- 
piece-shaped park barouche, mounted on full C and 
imder springs, with hind standard, &c. ; a full sized 
Bastema landau, with coach box and hind seat, 
mounted on platform springs behind, eliptic do. in 
front, and self-acting steps to the body ; a light Vic- 
toria shaped pony phaeton, with hind rumble and large 
side splash g-uards. 

481 Andrews, P. 42 Gt. Brunswick St. Dublin, 
Manu. — A coach car {Ccyi'h pattern) ; outside car ; a 
faniUy car ; a velocipede. 


482 Ingram, H. 198 Strand London, Prop. — 
Printing machine, printing a newspaper with en- 

483 GUNN & Cameeon, Dublin, Prop. — Double 
cylinder newspaper printing machine at work, printing 
the " Exhibition Expositor." 

484 Courtney & Stephens, Blackball Place, 
Dublin, Manu. — Double acting patent Platen printing 
machine ; Improved Columbian printing press ; im- 
proved machine for making tUes. 

485 O'TooLE, J. M. 13 Hawkins' St. Dublin, 
Prop. — Columbian piinting press and improved metal 
inking table, with cases and type, plain and ornamental 

printing in operation, and the art exhibited in all its 

486 GoNNE, H. 26 Clare St. Dubhn, Prod.— 
Printing, engraving, and lithography exhibited in 
operation ; specimens of plain and ornamental print- 
ing and engraving, &c. 

487 WooDHOUSE, W. 23 Molesworth St. Dublin, 
Manu. — Large press with fly-wheel for striking 
medals, and lathes for skinniag and edgeing medals, 
at work upon medals commemorative of the Great 
Exhibition of 1853. 

488 Waller, J. 20 Suff'olk St. Dublin, Prop.— 
Copper plate printing machine. Specimens of stamp- 



ing note paper and envelopes in colors ; armorial 
engraving ; commercial and fancy engraving ; ai-morial 
bearings for Berlin work. 

489 Watson, H. Newcastle-on-Tyne, Manu. and 
Prop. — Improved pulp strainer, for the paper manu- 
facture ; Sir Humphrey Davy's, the George Stephen- 
son, and the Clanny safety lamps, used in the coal 
mines of Northumberland and Dui-ham. 

490 Sullivan, T. Foots Cray, Kent, Inv. and 
Manu. — Registered dandy rollers for producing 
water marks in machine made paper. 

491 Strakes. S. 80 Bishopsgate St. Within, Lon- 
don, Manu. and Inv. — Improved lithographic presses, 
with and without registering machine, and of va- 
rious sizes ; lithographic inking table ; French seamed 
printing rollers, and German stones. 

492 Marlow, Brothers, 11 Merchant's Quay, 
Dublin. — Lithographic press and ink table ; litho- 
graphic stones, with drawings thereon, to be printed 
in the Exhibition. 

493 Manlove, Alliott, & Setrig, Lenton Works, 
near Nottingham, Manu. a ad Prop. — Centrifugal 
sugar purifying machiae and drying machine, with 
engine to work same ; centrifugal drying machine, to 
be worked by hand ; circular looms for making hosiery 
and woven fabrics ; circular stocking frames. 

494 Long, T. Paul's Works, Edinburgh, Manu.— 
Improved Columbian printing press. 

495 OxLEY, W. & Co. Manchester, Manu. — Work- 
ing model of a patent steam heating apparatus, suitable 
for flax spinners, bleachers, &c., also for ventilation ; 
patent self-acting regulator, for working dampers 
of steam boilers ; patent steam indicators, showing 
the pressure in steam boilers, and the vacuum in 
engines ; Lee's and Haley's safety signals for steam 
boilers ; patent self-acting oil lubricators for shafting. 
Tin roving or sliver cans for spinning mills, with 
various oil cans. Store oil cistern to hold 325 gallons ; 
safety reflector, and large ornamental gas lamps ; 
improved cottage bee hive. 

496 Crosskill, A. Beverly, Yorkshire, Manu. — 
Bamett's patent flour mill ; corn cleaning machine ; 
Crosskill's patent eccentric mill for grinding farm 
produce, &c. ; Crosskill's patent eccentric mLU for 
grinding bones, minerals, &c, 

497 Greenwood, J. Water Lane, Leeds, — Cir- 
cle used in combing wool ; hand hackles ; gills for 
preparing flax and wool. 

498 Lawson, S. & Sons, Belfast, Inv. and Manu. 
— Patent double flax scutching machine ; portable 

drilling machine ; small slide lathe ; a case showing 
the difierent stages of flax, from the seed to the linen 
cloth in its finished state. 

499 CoDT^ P. 8 Windsor Terrace, PortobeUo, 
Grand Canal Bank, Dublin. — Machine in opei-ation, 
cutting, boring, and polishing sheUs, in the manufac- 
ture of buttons ; mother-of-pearl buttonis of various 
sizes and patterns, and new designs ; and specimens 
of shells from which they are manufactured. 

500 Todd, Burns, & Co. 47 Mary St. Dublin, 
Manu. and Prop. — Jacquard machine at work 
manufacturing an original design in Irish poplins, 
brocaded in three colours ; jacquard machine turned 
by steam power, and at work, manufacturing original 
patterns in silk figured ribbons, in ten different pieces 
of various colom's. (Made by Sharp, Odell, and Jury, 

500a Jones, Edward, 23 College Green, Dublin. 
— ^A velvet loom at work. 

501 Keelt and Leech, 108 Grafton St. Dublin, 
Prop. — A jacquard loom for weaving poplin ; figured 
and plain poplin, in various colours. 

502 Walmslet, Henry, Failsworth, near Man- 
chester, Manu. and Prop. — Jacquard loom complete. 

503 PiM, Brothers, and Co. Dublin, Manu. — 
Loom for the manufacture of velvets ; jacquard loom 
with brocading machine of the newest description at 
work, upon a pattern designed at the Dublin School 
of Design. 

503 a M 'Bride, J. Glasgow, Inv. and Patentee. — 
Power loom for working ginghams, &c. with patent 
shifting shuttle box apparatus to work two to five 
shuttles ; also, patent combination of loose reed, with 
shifting shuttle boxes. 

504 Atkinson, R. and Co. Dublin, Prop. — Ma- 
hogany and brass mounted Irish poplin loom, with 
jacquard machine, and new brocading apparatus, at 

505 Gibson W. & Co. Glasgow, — Power and hand 
loom shuttles for cotton, linen, and woollen weaving. 

506 Preston, F. Manchester, Manu. — Various 
spindles and flyers used in machinery for preparing, 
spinning, and doubling cotton, silk, wool, and flax. 

507 Ward & Hodgkinson, Belfast. — Handhackles ; 
machine hackles ; gills used in the prepara tion of flax. 

508 PuRKis & Nelson, Joy's Entry, and Union 
Street, Donegal Street, Belfast, Manu. — Hand and 
machine flax hackles and giUs, made of Child's im- 
proved pointed and tempered steel hackle pins. 

509 Watkins, W. & T, 131, Bridge Street, Brad- 



ford, Yorkshire, Prop. — Porcelain guides, steps, shuttle 
eyesj washers, &c. used in the weaving and spinning of 
cotton, worsted, flax, silk, &c. 

510 Mason, J. Eochdale, Inv. and Manu. — 
Patent slubbiag frame for cotton, flax, and other 
fibrous substances, with Mason's patent long collars or 
bearings to the spindles, separating plates and other 
improvements ; patent roving frame for cotton, flax, 
&c., with the patent coUars and other improvements. 

511 Parker, C. E. & C. Dundee, Inv. and 
Manu. — Parker's and other power looms ; Parker's 
self-acting, parallel and step winding machines. 

5 12 Waithman & Co. Bentham Mills, near Lan- 
caster, Pat. & M&nu. — ^Two double blow power looms, 
for weaving linen, &c. by giving the weft a double 
blow by only one tmrn of the crank. 

5 13 Combe, J. & Co. Belfast, Inv. and Manu. — 
Patent reversing cylinder hackling machine for dress- 
ing flax. 

514 Dawson. John, Greenpark, Linlithgow, Inv. 
and Prop. — Distillers' recording close safe, for the 
better securing the revenue arising from British spirits 
made in distilleries in the kingdom, and likewise for 
the protection of distillers dxrring the process of distil- 
lation from thefts committed by their operatives at the 
worm ends. 

515 De Bergue & Co. London, and Strangeway 
Mill, Manchester, Manu. — Patent vulcanized India 
rubber bufiers, drawsprings, and bearing springs for 
railway carriages ; model of a railway chair, recently 
invented, one of cast and one of vsrought iron. 

516 De Beegue, C. Strangeway Mill, Manchester, 
Manu. — Eeeds and dents for weaving, made and 
polished by patent machinery. 

517 Eustace, E. & J. 10 Weavers' Sq. Dublin, 
Manu. — Specimens of saddle girth, roUer, suspender, 
brush, and other webs; horse cloth binding; all made from 
Irish materials ; an improved girth web loom at work. 

5 18 MiRFiN & Selby, Leicester, Manu. and Prop. 
— Patent circular knitting machine for making seam- 
less elastic petticoats ; specimen of yarn. 

519 Service, W. 8 Rutland Terrace, Homsey 
Koad, EoUoway, London, Inv. and Manu. — Machiae 
with new stop motion, for making elastic braid. 

520 Rtder, W. Bolton, Lancashire, Inv. and 
Manu. — Patent forging machine, to be worked by 
steam power ; specimens of iron and steel forged, 
drawn down and swaged by same. 

521 Lewis, F. & Sons, Manchester, Manu. — Shding 
and screw cutting lathe ; planing machines ; portable 

drilling and boring machines ; models of MacLardy 
and Lewis' patent spindles, for slubbing, roving, and 
doubling frames. 

522 Shaep, Stewart, & Co, Engineers, Man- 
chester, Manu. — Curvilinear planing and shaping 
machine ; seK-acting planing machine ; locomotive 
tank engine for passenger traffic, with outside cylinders 
11 in. diameter, 18 in. stroke, on i wheels; a power 
loom to weave linen. 

523 Coates & Young, Belfast, Manu. — A set of 
side pipes with steam chests and self-regulating conical 
valves of a new construction, calculated for a steam 
engine of 30 horses power, manufactured by exhibitors 
at the Lagan Foundry, Belfast. 

524 MoEBAiL, A. Studley, Redditch, 40 Gresham 
St. City, London, and 5 Gravel Lane, Salford, Man- 
chester, Inv. and Manu. — Machines and apparatus for 
stamping, eyeing, filing, and polishing needles ; model, 
showing the process of scorning needles j samples of 
needles made by hand, and the tools used, previous to 
the introduction of machinery, by exhibitor ; samples 
of Mon-all's needles. 

525 Kennan T. & Son, 18 & 19 Fishamble Street, 
Dublin, Inv. & Manu. — Amateur tiu-ning lathes of 
difierent sizes and constructions, with many original 
contrivances for ornamental turning, &c. ; slide rests, 
with Kennan's imiversal cutter or eccentric and fly 
cutters ; grinding stones, on iron fi ames, vrith improved 
tool holders; portable vice stand, or filing bench ; im- 
proved jomers' benches ; circular savidng machines, to 
be worked by foot or power ; machine for planing 
metals ; "right-line-dividing-engine," capable of draw- • 
a thousand lines per inch ; letter copying and embossing 
ing presses ; jointed ladder ; apparatus for blasting 
roots of trees, &c. ; improved apparatus for straining 
wire for fences ; surface plates, or planoscopes, with 
various other mechanical tools and contrivances. 

526 FuENESS, W. Liverpool, Prop. — Machines for 
wood planing, moulding and sash-making, morticing, 
tenoning and boring, grooving and rebating, &c., 

527 Glennt, Charles, 33 Lombard St. London, 
and Balbriggan. — A frame at work making Balbriggan 
cotton hosiery. 

527 a KeeRjW. H. & Co. Eoyal Porcelain Works, 
Worcester. — The art of pottery. — Processes illus- 
trating the manufactm-e of China and Porcelain in its 
various stages, by workmen from the manufactory of 

528 The Bank of iBELAjfD, per W. Gbaves, Sec. 



Dublin, Prop. — Grubb's numbering maehine ; Cotton's 
patent automaton -weighing machine. 

529 Bennett, J. Manchester, Des. — Plan of a 
radial driUmg and boring machine, with self-acting 
down motion without change of geer ; the table may 
be set to any angle for boring ship's knees. 

5S0 Lemon, G. & Co. 49 Lower- Sackville St. 
Dublin, Manu. and Prop. — Steam confection pan ai, 
work, showing how comfits are made, and wrought b}^ 
their workmen ; also samples of comfits, boiled comfec- 
tions, and bon-bons made in every shape — pure in 
materials and coloring. 

531 Hall, W. Castiecomer, co. Kilkenny, Inv. 
and Prop. — Working model of an apparatus for con- 
verting dried peat into charcoal in 15 minutes, by the 
simultaneous and continuous operations of charring, 
extinguishing, pulverizing, and cooling ; a working 

model of a winding machine for mining operations, by 
which motion is instantaneously stopped or reversed, 
wliile the steam engine or water-wheel is at fall 

533 Lyon, A. 32 Windmill St. Finsbury, Lon- 
don, Inv. and Miinu. — Noiseless sau age-making 
machines ; seamles.s leather rollers for lithographic 

533 Gardneb, R. J. & W. Liverpool and Flint, 
Manu. and Imp. — Boxwood bobbins and bcsses, 
lancewood creel pegs, for flax, cotton, and worsted 
spinners and weavers ; boxwood gimblet heads, button 
moulds, squares for bobbin bushes, aud scales or 
rules ; lignum vitje beam and rub boards, for cui-riers 
and bleachers ; boxwood blocks for wood engravers. 

534 Pejibeston, G. Dublin. — A model of a small 
steam engine. 


§35 Barkes, J. & E. 32 Up. Abbey Si. Dublin, 
Inv. assisted by the Rev. A. Wynne and Mr. James 
MAHister. — Roof intended for the small tower of 
Lisnaskea New Church, co. Fermanagh ; v/ith weather 
vane and lightning conductor on a new plan ; this 
conductor and vane is applicable to towers aud spires 
or high buildings. The peculiarity of this invention is 
that the conductor rises above the vane without 
interfering with the evolution of the vane. 

536 Beadon, W. Otterhead, Honiton, Devon, Inv. 
— Imperishable roof gutter patent tiles ; improved 
gable bricks ; wall ■gutter copings ; smooth roof tiles. 

537 Croggon & Co. 2 Dowgate Hill, London, 
Manu. — Asphalte felt for roofing ; inodorous felt for 
damp waUs and floors, or for lining iron houses ; ship 
sheatliiug felt, and hair felt for clothing boilers and 
steam pipes ; all patented. 

538 Malone, F. Maynooth, co. Kildare, Des. — 
Model of a double truss girder on a new plan. 

539 Ritchie, F. & Sons, BeUast, Manu. — ^Asphalte 
roofing felt ; inodorous felt for lining damp walls, &c. ; 
boiler felt ; asphalte fiagging ; black and bro wn mineral 
paints ; fire lights ; manures ; creosote (coal tar oil). 

540 Gates, W. Mu-field, Yorkshire, Inv. — Model 
of a self-acting water slmce. 

541 Dillon, J. 28 Upper Buckingham St. Dublia, 
Inv. and Des. — Dillon's' improved railway break. 
Design for a railway terminus. A specimen of a map 

reduced and drawn in different colours, with an im- 
proved pentagraph, by one operation. 

542 Doyle, J. Donnybrook, near Dublin, Inv.; 
and Manu. — Improved flower labels. Model of the, 
testimonial erected in Limerick to Lord Monteagle ; 
model of one-half of a double swivel bridge, proposed 
to be built at the Grand Canal Docks, Ringsend. 

543 Benson, Sis John, C.E. — Design for town 
hall, Cork. 

544 Klasen, p. J. Ferlane, King's co. — Model of 
a girder and truss timber and iron viaduct, in two 
spans of 240 feet each (scale ^ in. to the foot). Work- 
ing model of a quartz crushing and cleaning machine 
(scale 1 ia. to the foot). 

545 Kennedy, T. Kilmarnock, Inv. — Water meter 
to uphold pressure (patented). 

546 M 'Sherry, M. 3 James' St. Limerick, Inv. 
and Prop. — Model of a boiler plate iron stove for 
heating conservatories, &c. by circulation of pure warm 
air, moist or dry, as required. Chimney tops for 
curing return smoke. 

647 Cuthbert, C. D. 5 N. Frederick St. Dublin, 
Des. — Model of a design for a Mechanics' Institute 
(scale 8 feet to an inch), showing internal arrange- 

548 Ball, R. LL.D. Dublin University Museum, 
Inv. — A naturalist's dredge, capable of bringing up~ 
from great depths the various objects of research ; 



recommended for its portability, certainty of action, 
small labour of working, and its indestructibility. 

549 O'Keepfb, M. T. C.E. 92 Patrick St. Cork, 
Des. — Model of Cork harbour, with the adjacent towns 
and villages (scale a foot to a mile). Model of an iron 
spring distention girder foot bridge (scale | inch to a 

550 Fulton, H. M.D. Stillorgan, near Dublin.— 
Models : a temple, in a proposed new order of archi- 
tecture ; a gatehouse, or labourer's cottage (exterior 
and interior), with a plan for effective ventUation; a 
railway bridge for crossing a river subject to occasional 

551 LiNEHAN, J. C.E. Nurney, Kildare, Des. 
— Model, plan, and sections of a mode of house drain- 
age, and for applying the liquid manure to the irriga- 
tion of land. Plans and sections of works of arterial 
and thorough drainage (with tiles), as executed by 
exhibitor. Model, sections, and maps, of the Barrow 
river district, illustrative of a plan for drainage, 
navigation, and other improvements. A level and 
other instruments applicable to land surveying and 
civil engineering. 

552 Stowell, F. Castletown, Isle of Man, Inv. 
and Des. — Model of a geometrical staircase to reading 
desk and pulpit, all supported by one pillar. 

553 CoGHLAN, J, Esq. M. D. Wexford.— Models in 
card board of a tower and an exchange ; (made by 
the owner, G. W. Hart, C.E. Australia). 

554 The Cokpoeation of Dublin, per Parke 
Neville, C.E. — Ordnance map of the City of Dubhn, 
on the scale of 88 feet to one inch, with the lines of 
the sewerage laid down thereon ; also showing the plan 
proposed by Mr. Neville, the borough engineer, for 
extending and improving the sewerage. 

555 Mann, F. Dublin. — Model of a castle on one 
of the islands in Lough Erne. 

556 Stmes, S. 58 Lower Dominick St. Dublin, 
Prod. — Model of Killiney Hill, in the co. Dublin. 

557 Bland, James F. Derriquin, Kenmare. — 
Model of Staig foi-t. 

558 Jebmtn, J.W. Kenmare, co. Kerry, Inv. — Self 
acting boat tackle hook, for suspending and lowering 
ships' boats at sea, &c. 

559 Deane, Sir T. Dundanion, Blackrock, co. 
Cork. — Architectural drawings. 

560 Dknch, E. King's Road, Chelsea, London, 
Inv. and Manu.— Two patent hot houses, 12 feet wide 
by 16 feet 6 inches long, each. 

561 Fabrell, I. 12 Fleet St. Dublin, Inv.— The 

Albert window, a model of an improved French win- 
dow ; model of a new railway break, to be attached to 
each carriage, and so contrived that aU the breaks in 
a train are simultaneously applied. 

562 Stokes, Henet, C. E. Tralee. — Model of an 
ancient Hermitage, built of dry stone-work, situated 
in the townland of GaUeross, in the county of 

563 Geoghegan, C. 17 Westland Row, Dublin, 
Architect, Des. — Design for a national monument to 
the late Thomas Moore. 

564 O'Flahertie, G. F. Lemonfield, Oughterard. 
— Model of the R. C. chapel, Oughterard, in the coimty 
of Galway, made by Sweeny, a boy 14 years old. 

565 MoBEWOOD, M. MovUle, co. Donegal.— Model 
of Dunluce Castle. 

566 Peat, David, Market Place, Thirsk. — Model 
of Thirsk Church. 

567 Etee, S. R. Lord St. Liverpool. — Architectural 
models. Model of St. Alban's Catholic church, Liscard, 
Cheshire; model of the great Central Horse and Carriage 
Repository, Southwark ; model of an Itahan mansion, 
Prince's Park, the residence of a Liverpool merchant. 

568 Vaughan, E. Rutland Sq. — Map of KUruddey 

569 Healy, Oliver, 13 EUen Street, Limerick, 
Arch. — ^Aixjhitectui'al drawings of a town hall, and 
farm house and offices. 

570 Lyons, J. 17 Westland Row, Dublin, and 10 
St. Mary Axe, Leaden Hall Street, London, Des. — 
Architectural designs for a Grecian villa ; presbyterian 
college, Belfast ; mansion house recently erected at 
Abbeyfeale, co. Limerick, for R. EUis, Esq. ; and con- 
vent and schools, Ballinrobe. 

571 Sloane, John S.C. E. 114 Gt. Britain St. Dub- 
lin, Des. — Designs for a new bridge on site of present 
Carlisle bridge, Dublin ; markets, model lodging houses, 
baths and wash-houses, shops, &c., proposed to be 
erected on site of Cole's Lane Market, &c. ; cast iron 
light-house ; railway caniage break. 

572 Hemans, G. W. Dublin, Des.— Manuscript 
map of part of Ireland, (14 ft. by 17 ft. 6 in.) to illus- 
trate a system of railways recoromended for the pro- 
vince of Connaught. 

573 TowNSEND, Wm. Uniacke, C.E. Spa Hill, 
Kilfinane, co. Limerick, Prop, and Maker. — !Model of 
Lansdowne suspension bridge across the Kenmare 
river, co. Kerry. 

574 O'Kelly, M. J. Esq. 17 Usher's Qy. Dublin, 
(Hon. Sec. of Monument Committee). — Model of in. 



tended monmnent to the memory of Daniel O'Connell, 
Esq. M.P. designed by George Petrie, Esq. LL.D. 

575 O'Kellt, Miss, Eochestown House, Dalkey. — 
Model of Claddagh Castle, in the co. Galway, and of 
Gowran Abbey, in the co. Kilkenny. 

576 The Deaj^ op St. Patrick's, Deanery House, 
Dublin. — Coloured di-awings : interior of St. Patrick's as proposed to be restored ; elevations of 
north aud south fronts ; western and eastern elevations 
and St. Patrick's Cathedral as it stood in 1843. 

577 Graves, Rev. James & Lalor, J. M.D. Kil- 
kenny, Prop, on behalf of the Literary and Scientific 
Institution of Kilkenny. — Models of a new French 

window sash, and a new Propelling Engine applicable 
to steam power. 

578 Raymond, R. Moore Abbey, Monasterevan, 
CO. Kildare, Prod. — Model of Moore Abbey, the seat 
of the Marquis of Drogheda — (scale, one quarter inch 
to a foot). 

579 White, J. D. Cashel.— Model of the buildings 
upon the Rock of Cashel. 

580 Lavertt, Alexander, Giant's Causeway.— 
Model of the Giant's Causeway and Headlands. 

580a Cullen, Wm. Irishtown, co. Dublin.— Model 
of a bathing stage for the sea coast. 


581 The Lords Commissioners of the Admi- 
ralty, Whitehall, London. — Models of ships, viz.': 
The Great Harry, (rigged) built in the reigTi of Henry 
VIII. , in glass ; the Poyal George, 100 guns, sunk at 
Spithead, 1782 ; the Royal Sovereign, built at Wool- 
wich, by Peter Pelt, in the reign of Charles I. 1637 ; 
the Queen, 116 guns, built at Portsmouth, 1840 ; the 
Vanguard, 80 ; the Cumberland, 70 ; the Vernon, 50 ; 
the Pique, 40 j transverse sections of the Queen, lid 
guns, and the Vanguard ; half model of the Coliing- 
wood, 80, showing the interior, (scale ^ in.) ; a series 
of nine boats for a first-rate ship ; admiralty models of 
the Victoria and Albert, and the Fairy Royal Yachts, 
(made by Daniel Harvest, i scale). 

582 AiCKiN, T. M.D. 1 Merrion Sq. South, 
Dublin, Inv. — A 'life boat, 20 ft. long, 8 ft. beam, 
with air cases, &c. 

583 Allen, A. P. Hon. E. I. Co's. Service, 
Ballystraw, co. Wexford, Prod. — Model of a Corvette 
ship of 20 guns ; scale, three-tenths of an inch to a 

584 Armstrong, R. Newbridge Barracks. — 
Wooden model of improved battery gun, also of a field 
gun, and balls for same. 

585 Allport, H. Cork, Manu. — Double fowling 
pieces ; minie rifles ; small breech loading rifle, for 
rook and rabbit shooting ; pistols. 

586 Shearer & Barr, Ardrossan, Ayrshire, Prop. 
— Five models of ships. 

587 Barry, J & W. M'G. 151 South Bridge, 
Cork, Des. and Prop. — Models of a 50 gun frigate ; a 
merchant screw steamer, 1,100 tons, (length over 9^ 

times the beam) ; a paddle steamer ; clipper yacht, 50 
tons ; clipper schooners of 200 and 150 tons ; model 
of a screw vessel. 

588 Blair, John, jun. Irvine, Ayrshire, Inv. and 
Prop. — Iron portable camp cot, capable of being con- 
verted into a tent, couch, or bedstead. 

589 Burton, E. H. 11 Wentworth PI. Dublin, 
Des. — Model of a schooner yacht. 

590 Cotter, J. B. Monkstown, co. Cork, Inv. 
and Patentee.- -Models of life boats (scale, 1 inch to 
a foot) ; model of a truck for conveying life boats from 
point to point ; improved portable anchor for life 
boats ; samples of strong waterproof canvas for cover- 
ing life boats, and for ships and railway purposes, 
(patented) ; spring portmanteau. 

591 Canning, J. RockviUe, Malin, Cam, Inv^ — 
A smooth-bored gun barrel, throwing conical bullets 
with the force and precision of a lifle. 

592 Carey, A. L. 5 Smith's BuUdings, Dub- 
lin, Prop. — A Java crisse, with Damascus blade, 
curiously wrought, and poisoned, the sheath of gold 
enamelled and studded with diamonds, — wrested from 
the Sultan of D'Jocjocarta, at the storming of his 
palace in the Crattan. 

593 Royal Humane Society, 3 Trafalgar Sq. 
London, per J. Charlier, Sec. — Models of pole and 
rope drags ; ice boat of wicker-work, covered with 
raw hide, on wooden rockers, (made at Hamburgh), 
and breaker ladder used for extricating persons who 
have broken through the ice ; print descriptive of tlie same. 

594 Clarke, J. A. Birkenhead, Des. and Prop. — 
Model of a first-class merchant steamer, about 900 



tons, fitted with patent paddle wheels, and eveiy other 
recent and patent improvement. 

595 CONL^LN, W. J. Esq. Kingstown, Des. — Fore 
and aft schooner model yacht for sailing. 

596 CocKBORNE, J, 9 SaUymount, Eanelagh, 
Dublin, Des. and Prop. — Model of a Brig. 

597 Colt, Col. S. 1 Spring Gardens, Cockspiu- St. 
London, Inv. and Patentee. — Patent repeating pistols 
or revolvers, of different sizes and styles of finish ; 
skeleton pistol, showing the working of the various 
parts ; holster or cavalry, six shots ; navy or belt, 7 j 
inch barrel, six shots ; four, five, and six inch barrel 
for belt or pocket, five shots— all rifle barrels ; repeat- 
ing carbines, six shots. [Diplomas, gold medals and 
diamond snuff box awarded to Col. Colt.] 

T\Tiite polar bear, (shot with Colt's revolver, by an 
officer of the U. S. exploring expedition). 

598 Cooper, W. 2 Corrig Ter. Kingstown, Des. 
— Half models of cutter yacht "Irish Lily," 80 tons 
0. M. ; American clipper pilot boats, "Moses H. 
Grinnell," 117 tons O. M., and "Mary Taylor," 94 
tons O. M. ; a plan of a schooner yacht, proposed to 
cheat both "Old" and " Eoyal Mersey Yacht Club, " 
measm-ement, with centre board astern. 

599 Dick, M. High St. Irvine, Ayrshire, Inv. of 
1 & 2, Exhibitor of No. 3 :— 

1. An articulated metal tube, or protective covering 
for submarine or land telegraph wires and other pur- 
poses, being a continuous series of ball and socket 
joints, or form of spine or vertebral column ; its 
recommendations are, its simplicity, perfect protection 
of the wires from injury, flexibility to enter into 
aU unequal parts of groimd surface, strength and 
cheapness of construction. 

2. Model exhibiting an entirely new method, (by 
means of vulcanized India rubber bags), of raising 
sunk vessels, and other materials fi-om deep water. 

3. Model of a vessel, with variety of screw pro- 
pellers, made and experimented with in the year 1828, 
invented by WiUiam M'Cririck, Gimsmith, Irvine. 

599 a Yakborough, The Earl of, 17 Arlington St. 
London. — Models of the bows and stems of ships 
in Her Majesty's service, designed by Captain 
Symonds, R.N. and presented by him to the late Earl 
of Yarborough. 

600 Dillon, A. G. 1 Up. Buckingham St. Dublin, 
Inv. — ^An improved lanthorn for telegraphing orders 
to the helmsman in steam vessels. 

601 DwTER, M. Com. R.N. Samuel St. Woohvich, 
Inv. and Prop. — Model and sections of a life boat 

with expanding sides, which cannot be upset ; model 
of a gun biig, showing a new plan of coppering ships' 
bottoms ; section of steam ship, with unproved method 
of hoisting and lowering the paddle box boats ; model 
of horizontal propeller ; a bow section with relieving 
bitts ; after body section ; new plan of hanging rudder, 
and of steering, should the rudder-head be carried 
away ; model of anchor for a 40 gun frigate ; model of 
a boat v/ith a safety plug always ready. 

602 Earron, G. Boat Builder, South Shields. — 
Model of a boat. 

603 Grantham, John, C.E. Liverpool, Des.^r-f'. 
Model of the screw steamer "Eagle," built for Mr. 
Dajgan, from designs by exhibitor — to ply between; 
Newry and Liverpool. 

604 MoxHAii, P. Granard, co. Longford, Inv. — 
Model of steam-boat paddle wheel. 

605 Grisdale, J. E. 2 Bloomsbury St. Holbom, 
London, Inv. — Model of screw boat, with new form 
of rudder,. {called a "balance rudder,") haying nearly 
equal resisting surface on each side of its axis or 
centre of motion ; boat stems, showing another appli- 
cation of the balance rudder. 

606 Healt, W. 96 Harcourt St. DubHn, Prop.— 
Model of a steam-boat, showing by a simple contri- 
vance of machinery a manner by which the oar of the 
paddle-wheel can be made to feather, obviating the 
evil effects of back water, and also by the turning of a 
screw one paddle-wheel can be made to reverse its 
paddle, causing the boat to tum on its own centre. 

607 King, Harman, Hon. L. Newcastle, 
Ballymahon, co. Longford, Inv. — Model of an 
improved method of lowering boats from vessels in 
cases of wreck, fire, &c. 

608 HoDSMAN, J. 2 Banna Villa, Mount Pleasant 
Avenue, Dublin, Manu. — Models of self-igniting sig- 
nal light, for the rescue of shipwrecked seaman, ana 
the self-protector pocket light. 

609 JuDSON, Vincent, 8 Barrow-street, Dublin, 
Des.— Yv^orking model of a steamer with an improved 
screw propeller ; model of an American schooner yacht. 

610 Dick, Maxwell. — Two lances used at the 
Grand Tournament at Eglinton castle, in a tilting 
match between the Earl of Eglinton and the Marquis 
of Waterford. 

611 Grant, C. W. Lieut. Col. Bombay Engineers, 
Brunswick House, Great Malvern, Somersetshire, Des. 
— Model of a wrought-iron bridge, adapted for rail- 
ways in India. 

612 Model cf a ship's gun, from the wood of thg 


Royal George, turned by the late Robert O'Callaghan, 
Newenham, Esq., who witnessed the awful event. 
— Royal George sunk 1782 — raised 1841. 

613 Whittojs', C. R. Esq. Mountjoy Sq. Dublin, 
Prop. — Working model of a paddle marine steam 

614 Mastchesteb, the Duke of, Tanderagee. — 
Model of the "America," by Steers, of New York, 
the builder of the vessel ; model of a famous Baltimore 
schooner, showing the different style of building. 

615 Kavanagh, W. & J. 12 Dame St. Dublin, 
Manu. — Guns, pistols, and rifles. 

616 Norton, Captain, Cork, Inv. — Models of 
projectiles for militaiy operations, &c. 

617 Redmond, J. 2 Donnybrook Road. — Model of 
a boat. 

618 RiGBT, AV. & J. 24 Suffolk St. Dublin, 
Manu. — Staunchion gun, with improved plan of 
ignition, &c. ; case of twin double guns, with extra 
rifle, the locks, barrels, and triggers fitting either gun ; 
single and double barrelled guns, rifles, and pistols, 
with various improvements ; revolvers, for 6, 12, or 
more shots, &c. ; specimens of gun barrels, rifled and 
otherwise ; various parts of the gun, to illustrate the 
several stages of the manufacture; gun and pistol 

619 Richards, Westley, Birmingham, and 170 
New Bond St. London, Manu. — Double barrelled guns 
and rifle ; large single rifle for shooting wild animals ; 
patent 5 shot revolving pistol, with one barrel ; 
duelling pistols. 

620 Robinson, G. & Co. Cork, Manu.— Models of 
a ship of 1,000 tons, barque of 304 tons (now building), 
schooner of 150 tons. 

621 Rock, J. Hastings, Sussex, Prop, and Exhibi- 

tor. — Model of Hastings fishing lugger. Obtained 
prize medal at Great Exhibition of 1851. 

622 Smith, H. 208 Rotherhithe, London, Des. and 
Prop. — Model of a steam vessel, intended for river na- 
vigation, (scale 5 in. to a foot). 

623 Pollen, H. Sandymount. — Model of railway 
signals for day and night. 

624 White, Arthur. 34 Boot Lane, Dublin. — 
Guns, pistols, percussion oaps, wadding, shot belts, 
pouches, &c. 

625 Millers & Thompson, Liverpool. — Model of 
the clipper ship " Star of the East." 

626 Teall, H. Ringsend, Dublin, Inv. and Des. 
— Rotary steam engine ; models of marine steam en- 
gine, yacht, life boat, a ship, a built mast and yard 
for large ships. 

626 a Ward, J. R. Inspector of Life Boats to the 
Royal Institution for the Preservation of Lives from 
Shipwreck, London. — "Life Belts." 

627 Trulock, E. & Son, 9 Dawson Street, Dublin, 
Manu. — Double and single barrelled guns, rifles, and 
pistols, of various patterns and designs ; large boat 
gun for shore shooting ; complete Indian outfit ; cen- 
tripetal double-barrelled gun ; air-gun ; gun and rifle 
barrels in the stages of manufacture ; gun and pistol 
cases, &c. 

627a Laird, John, Birkenhead. — Models of screw 
and paddle steam ships of various sizes. 

628 Walker, S. & Co. 12 Legge St. Birmingham, 
Manu. — Percussion caps, for military and sporting use ; 
patent metallic gun wadding, &c. ; metal lined caps, 
and double waterproof caps. 

628 a Matthew, John, 19 Valentine Ter. Green- 
wich, Prop. — Model of "John Penn & Son's OscUlating 
Marine Ensrines." 


829 Rudolph, Rose, & Co. 38 Southampton St. 
Strand, London, Manu. — Flutes. 

630 Telford & Telford, St. Stephen's Gr. Dublin. 
— Organ, built for the College of St. Peter, Radley, 
Oxford, in solid oak Gothic cases ; the choir organ, 
placed in front, the front pipes of pure tin, polished 
and burnished ; three complete manuals from CC to G 

in alt ; the pedal organ from CCC to G, two and 
a-half octaves, six composition pedals, five copulee, 
fifty stops ; the great organ, containing 1,146 pipes; 
the swell organ, 1,003 ; the choir organ, 35(3 ; and the 
pedal organ, 416 ; total, 2,921 pipes. (At the west 
end of the central hall.) 

631 Sang, J. Kirkaldy, Fifeshire, Inv. and Manu. 



— Platometers, or self-acting calciilators of surface, tell- 
ing the area of any figure, however irregular, on 
carrying the tracer round the boundary. 

632 Haggard, W. D. Bank of England, Inv. — 
A double protractor for measuring angles and dis- 
tance at the same time. (Registered). 

633 Solomons, E. 19 Nassau St. DubHn, and 27 
Old Bond St. London, Inv. and Manu. — Improved 
sight preserving spectacles ; amber applied to spec- 
tacles ; various specimens of lenses m their rough 
state, and also in the different stages of manufacture ; 
the organic vibrators for relief of deafness. 

634 Brtson, J. M. 65 Princes St. Edinbiirgh, 
Manu.— A series of Nicol's prisms and crystals for 
the polarization of light. 

635 Vivian, — Oxford. — Manu. — Self-registering 
thermometer, hygrometer, Augeometer, pluviometer, 
constructed for weekly observations. 

635 a Phelan, W. T. 19 Heytesbury St. Dublin. 
— Spectacles manufactured from Irish pebble found at 
the island of AchUl ; specimens of the pebble from 
which they are manufactm-ed ; a visometer for ascer- 
taining the exact number of lens suitable for the eye. 

636 Yeates, G. 2 Grafton St. Dublin, Manu. and 
Prop.^ — Transit instrument ; improved transit theodo- 
lites, levels, sextants, &c. ; Attwood's apparatus for 
demonstrating the laws of accelerated motion ; standard 
barometers ; station staves. 

637 KiNGSLET, J. 4 Queen's Sq. Dublin, Inv. — 
Model for registering the names of the members of the 
House of Commons, the numbers polled at elections, &c. 

638 MuRPHT, B. Slane, co. Meath, Inv. — An 
improved instnnnent for cutting in the tailor trade. 

639 Hall, G. F. 15 Norfolk St. Eitzroy Sq. 
London, Inv. — A standard bar measurer and pyro- 
meter, a philosophical apparatus for measuring minute 
differences of length, also adapted for a pyrometer 
to give to the millionth of an inch the ratio of expan- 
sion of metals. 

640 Dering, G. E. Lockleys, Welwyn, Hertford- 
shire, Inv. — A pair of electric telegraph instruments, 
with improvements — (patented). 

641 Lyons, M. 143 Suffolk St. Bu-mingham, Inv. 
and Prod. — Apparatus for bright electro and magneto 
plating and gilding, with specimens illustrating the 

642 Oertling, Ludwig, 13 Store St. London, 
Manu. — A Balance, with agate knife edges, to carry 
1 lb. in each pan, tiu-ning with the 100th part of a 

643 Robinson, J. Polytechnic Museum, 65 Graf- 
ton St. Dublin, Manu. and Imp. — Achromatic and 
compound microscopes of various forms ; microscopic 
preparations ; large astronomical and other telescopes ; 
opera, race, and exhibition glasses ; stereoscopes of 
vaiious forms, with diagrams and proofs ; cameras for 
the daguerreotype, calotype, and collodion processes ; 
various specimens of photography on paper and on 
glass ; magic lanterns ; polyoramas, and other cuiious 
optical and scientific toys ; cheap and effective air- 
pumps ; models of electric telegraphs ; electro-mag- 
netic machines, and galvanic batteries ; magnets ; ba- 
rometers and thermometers ; gazogene apparatus for 
making soda and other aerated waters ; vacuum coffee- 
pots ; moderateur and gazogene lamps, with various 
other applications of science to useful purposes ; opera- 
glasses, stereoscopes and diagrams, &c. ; cameras for 
the daguerreotype, calotype and collodion processes ; 
magic lanterns, &c. ; polyoramas ; phenakisticopes ; 
cylindrical mirrors ; air-pumps ; models of electric tele- 
graphs ; electro magnetic machines ; galvanic batteries ; 
magnet ; barometers and thermometers ; gazogene 
apparatus for making soda and other aerated waters ; 
vacuum coffee pots ; gazogene and other lamps, with 
various other chemical and philosophical apparatus, &c. 

644 Cox, G. 5 Barbican, London, Manu. — The 
orthochronograph, a portable instrument for ascer- 
taining correct time by equal altitudes of the sun ; 
the periphan, illustrating astronomical phenomena ; 
beam draining levels ; moveable rackwork astronomical 
diagrams for the phantasmagoria lantern. 

645 GoDDARD, J. T. 2 Jesse Cottage, Whitton, 
near Isleworth, Middlesex, Manu. — An achromatic 
5 feet telescope. 

646 Spear, R. 28 College Gn. Dublin, Manu.— 
Barometers, thermometers, hydrometers ; spectacle 
cases ; ivory scales ; phantasmagoria lanterns ; optical 
pillar ; magnetic sim dials ; eye glasses and spectacles, 
mounted in gold, silver, &c. ; opera-glasses ; magni- 
fying glasses ; condrometer ; pentagraph ; stereoscopes ; 
sympiesometer ; microscopes ; telescopes ; ship com- 
passes ; binnacles ; drawing instrmnents ; level ; theo- 
dolite ; sextant ; quadi-ant ; with other philosophi- 
cal instruments, &c. 

647 Mayall, J. E. 224 Regent St. London.— 
Views of the Great Exhibition of 1S51, and other 
specimens of daguerreotype. 

648 Allison, R. 108 Wardour St. London, Manu. 
and Prop. — Exhibited by J. Scates, 26 College Gn. 
Dublin. — Bichord grand pianoforte in rosewood • 


microchordon pianofortes of rosewood and walnut 

649 Weiss & Co. London. — Surgical instru- 

650 Barker, R. 100 Lr. Leeson St. Dublin, Prop. 
— Perspective views ; miniature flower stand. 

651 Baxter, J. P. 49 Lr. Baggot St. In\^. and 
Prop. — Stethescopes, with lateral tubes, containing a 
fluid to increase the power of hearing. 

652 Barter, R. St. Anne's Hill, Blarney, co. 
Cork, Inv.- — Aparatus for applying cold water to the 
head without wetting other parts of the person. 

653 Beauford, R. 1 Sackville St. Dublin, Inv. 
and Manu.— Lenses wdth accelerators ; Photographs. 

654 Berthon, Rev. E. L. M.A. Fareham, Hants, 
Inv. — Patent perpetual logs, an hydrostatic instru- 
ment for indicating the speed of ships; clinometers 
and other instruments for showing the trim and list of 
ships; working model of a collapsible life boat, 

655 Royal Dublin Society. — Models of Boyne 
viaduct. Lord Rosse's telescojie; case of philosophical 

656 Fannin & Co. 41 Grafton St. Dublin, Props. 
— New aneurism compressors for the treatment of 
aneurism by compression, as finally improved by A. 
Carte, M.D. A.M. F.R.C.S.L 

657 Bevan, p. M.D. 21 Lr. Baggot St. Dublin, 
Inv. — A new rectilinear screw splint for fi'acture of 
the thigh. 

658 Bevington & Sons, 48 Greek St. Soho Sq. 
London, Manu. — Church organ, in carved Gothic 
case, with gilt speaking-pipes in front ; boudoir organ, 
in carved cabinet rosewood case. 

659 Blackwell, J. C. Queensferry Rd. Edin- 
burgh, Inv. — The "dulcion," or portable seraphme, 
a new musical instrument of remarkable sweetness 
and power, in six different sizes. 

659a Hodgson, Mrs. 122 Baggot St. Dublin.— 
Stethotenist or chest expander, 

660 Blunt, H. Shrewsbury, Prod. — Three draw- 
ings of remarkable portions of the Moon's surface ; 
from observations made with a Newtonian reflecting 
telescope, of 9 in. aperture, 7 feet focal length, and a 
magnifying power of 400. 

660a Murray, Sir J. M.D. 19 Temple St. Dublin. 
— A new instrument for comparing the relative specific 
gravities of difierent liquids, at the same identical 
density and temperature of the atmosphere ; it is styled 
Sir James Murray's differential hydi-ostatic balance in 

relation to identical degrees of atmospheric temperature 
and density. 

661 Bray, J. 26 "Westmoreland-street, Dublin, 
Manu. and Prop. — Enlarged double action harps ; with 
stands, music desks, and stools. 

662 Brodrick, W. 16 Essex Quay, Dublin, Manu. 
— Clocks ; gold and silver watches ; gold chains, and 
silver plate, jewellery, &c. 

663 BussELL, H. Dublin. — Pianofortes ; harps ; 
music ; military musical instruments. 

663 a Fleury, Rev. C. M. 24 Up. Leeson St. 
Ex. — Harmonic flute, invented by a clergyman ; 
properties: vast increase of tone, perfect tune, open 
ventage, with facility of fingering ; compass : three 
octaves and two tones. 

664 Cadby, C. Liquorpond St, London, Inv. and 
Manu. — A rosewood semi-grand pianoforte, with royal 
patent, suspended, and adjustable sounding board. 
An elegant rosewood oblique pianoforte, with three 
strings, handsomely carved case. Two pianoforte 
backs, one with the ordinary bracing, the other with 
patent iron truss bracing. A model to explain the 
latter, showing its superiority over the former. 

665 Caldwell, S. M'Caetney, 1 Mountjoy Sq. 
Dublin, Prop. — Carved ebony piccolo pianoforte, 
manufactm'ed by the late John M'Culloch, Bel- 

666 Chance, Brothers & Co. Birmingham, Manu. 
• — First order fixed dioptric light-house apparatus, 
with catadioptric zones constructed according to the 
system of Fresnel. 

667 Chancellor, G. W. Sackville Street, Dublin, 
Inv. and Manu. — Small turret clock, with right angle 
dead beat escapement. 

668 Chapman, J. 15 Essex Quay, Dublin, Manu. 
and Prop. — Three part skeleton brass eight-day clock, 
with Galway marble pedestal, &c.; chronometer clock; 
a case of jewellery, Irish pearls, Tara brooches, rings, 
Albert chain of gold and pyrites, &c. 

669 Chappuis, A. 10 St. Mary Axe, London, 
Manu. — Patent daylight reflectors, for diffusing light 
into dark places. 

670 De la Motte, P. H. London, Prod. — Photo- 
graphs taken by the Collodion process. 

671 Dillon, Thomas Arthur, 1 Upper Bucking- 
ham St. Dublin, Inv. — 

1. Portable photographic camera, intended for 
glass plates, paper, or daguerreotype process. 

2. Pontoon bridge. 

3. Life-boat, formed of three or more longitudinal 


pieces of timber, covered with hide or canvas, inter- 
lined with air tubes. 

4. Compensating pendnlmn, homogeneous metal. 

5- Pendulum and clock arranged within a glass 
chamber, and preserved at an invariable temperature 
by a casing of steam. 

6. Self-registering barometer and storm courier. 

7. Double conical expanding rifle bullet. 

8. Specimen of gutta percha equally strong in 
every direction. 

9. Blasting apparatus — ^by an endless cord and cork. 

672 DOBBTN, G. 13 Wicklow St. Dublin.— As- 
tronomical clock with mercm'ial pendulum, (at sidereal 
time) ; Regulator clock with zinc compensation pendu- 
lum ; Tell-tale or Watchman's clock ; railway, cham- 
ber, and house clocks, &c. 

673 DoNEGAN, J. 5 Up. Ormond Qy. and 32 Dame 
St. Dublin. — Gold and silver watches ; church plate. 

674 DoN-ovAN, M. 11 Ckire St. Dublin, Inv.— 
Philosophical instruments, viz. : a table gas-lamp, 
generating gas by machinery within ; improved galva- 
nometer ; a volta-magnetometer for measuring and 
regulating the magnetism of galvanometer needles ; 
a combined hygrometer, psychrometer, and hygroscope, 
for indicating changes in the dryness of the atmosphere. 

675 Edwards, E. J. Burslem, Staffordshire, Inv. 
and Prop. — Instrument for giving strength and flexi- 
bility to the fingers of instrumental perfonners. 

676 The EtECXEic TELEGKArn Company, (Incor- 
porated 1346) England — Principal Office, Lothbury, 
London — 448 West Strand, London, Prop. — A system 
of electric telegraphs for communication with various 
parts of the Exhibitioii building ; comprising single 
and double needle instruments, batteries, bells, mag- 
neto-machines ; method of insulation ; maps of tele- 
graph in operation ; scale of charges, &c. 

677 Freeman, St. George, Beresford St. Waterford, 
Des. and Manu. — Specimens of the various modes of 
adapting ai-tificial teeth to the mouth ; mineral teeth ; 
teeth and jialates, carved from the tusk of the hipj)©- 
potamus ; contrivance for regulating the growth of 
children's teeth ; specimens of carious natural teeth. 

678 Geakt, Brothers, 5 Grafton St. Dubfin, 
Des. and Prop. — Photographers ; photographic pic- 


678 a Gloag, J. W. Esq. 11th Hussars. — Speci- 
mens of seals made by the electrotype process. 

679 Glukman, Professor, 24 Up. Sackville St. 
Dublin, Inv. and Prop. — Machine for polishing 
daguerrotype plates ; photogi-aphic specimens ; stand 

for camera ; electric apparatus for communicating 
between guards and engine-drivers of railway trains, 
house bells, and knocker ; regulator for electric light. 

680 Good, S. A. Pembroke Dock, Pembrokeshire, 
Inv. and Prop. — Work on velvet (by Mrs. Good), 
showing the principal stars visible from Great Britain 
and Ireland, grouped in a new method. 

681 Gore, G. 8 Broad St. Birmingham, Inv. and 
Manu. — Improved medical galvanic apparatus. 

682 Grossmith, W. E. 175 Eleet St. London, 
Manu. — Artificial human eyes ; artificial legs, with 
new patent action knee and ankle joints, for ampu- 
tations above and below the knee ; artificial hand and 
arm, with improved mechanical joints ; artificial nose ; 
artificial fingers, and other specitnens of surgical 

683 Gray & Halford, GosweU Eoad, London, 
Manu. — Artificial eyes ; doUs' eyes ; eyes for was 
figures; animals' and birds' eyes, &c. 

684 Grubb, Thomas, 15 Leinster Sq. Eathmines, 
Dublin, Inv. and Manu. — Large equatorial instru- 
ment, with improved clock-work, and syst-em of coim- 
terpoise, carrying achromatic telescope of 12 inches 
clear aperture, and 20 feet focus ; model equatorial, the 
form being specially adapted for carrying large New- 
tonian reflectors (to 6 feet diameter), the present model 
caiTying one of 15 inches ; small equatorial, adapted 
to refracting telescopes, of from 3 to 5 inches aper- 
ture ; case of achromatic object glasses for telescopes, 
and photographic purposes ; improved osyhydrogen 
microscope, polariscope, and economic double lantern 
requiring only one-half the usual quantity of the 
mixed gases for dissolving views. 

685 Wyld, James, Leicester Sq. London, Manu. — • 
A portion of Mr. Wyld's large model of the earth. The 
circiunference of the globe is one hundred and eighty 
feet ; the land is modelled upon a scale of ten miles to 
the inch, and the mountains upon a scale of one mile 
to the inch ; the globe is composed of nearly 6,000 

686 Hanlin & Egbert, 40 Westmorland St. Inv. 
and Manu. — Eight day clock, with pendule movement ; 
marine chronometers ; gold and sUver Geneva watches. 

987 Harrison, C. W. Larkfield Lodge, Eich- 
mond, near London, Inv. and Prop. — Specimens of 
Harrison's patent insulated subterranean electric 
telegTaph lines, protected on Chatterton's principle; 
model of electro-magnetic naotive-power engine (pro- 
visionally registered.) 

688 Hart, A. S. 3 Trinity College, Prop.— A draw- 


ing, illustrative of the signs, proposed to be published 
in a dictionary for the instruction of the deaf and 

689 Heaps, J. K. Leeds, Manu. — Violoncello, 
constructed on mathematical principles. 

690 Hill, W. Rose Bank, Patricroft, Manchester, 
Inv. and Prop. — Cards, showing Hill's system of 
teaching the alphabet, spelling, reading, and music. 
"Tlie Memory of Language," a book explanatory of 
the system, illustrative diagrams, &c. 

691 HiLLiARD, W. B. 148 Buchanan St. Glasgow, 
Manu. — Surgical instruments, tooth forceps, invented 
and patented by Mr. J. A. Young ; manufactured by 

692 Young, James A. of A. S. Young and Son, 
Surgeon Dentists, 185 Buchanan St. Glasgow, In v. — 
Patent forceps, &c. for the extraction of human teeth, 
reducing the pain to i minimimm,. 

693 HiNTON, C. 10 Corporation Row, Clerkenwell, 
London, Manu.^Watch and timepiece enamel dials ; 
dials in the various stages of manufacture, with speci- 
mens of the different kinds of enamel used. 

694 HoRNE, Thornthwaite, & Wood, 123 and 
121 Newgate St. London, Manu. — Daguerrreotype 
apparatus, with improved Bromine apparatus for pre- 
paring the plates. Portable folding camera and com- 
pound achromatic lens, with apparatus for the calotype 
and Collodion process. Portraits, &c. produced by 
the Collodion process. Medical galvanic apparatus, 
and instniments for administering galvanism. 

695 Jameson, J. 87 Grafton St. Dublin. — Regula- 
tor clock. 

696 Jones, J. 17 Duke St. Livei-pool, Inv. — 
Symmetrometer, a tailor's instrument to draft coats ; 
waistcoat and trousers rules. 

697 Johnson, Zachariah, M.A. F.R.C.S. Kil- 
kenny, Inv. — Surgical Instruments, viz. : — Protean 
fracture splint ; convertible suspension plane ; tracheal 
trochar ; a fracture bed ; portable dactyloplast. 

698 Hug, William, South Great George's St. 
Dublin. — A chronometer timepiece. 

699 KiRKMAN, J. & Son, London, Inv. and 
Manu. Mackintosh & Co. Exhibitors. — Pianofortes 
of various styles and descriptions. 

700 L'EsTRANGE, F. Surgeon, 39 Dawson St. 
Dublin, Inv. — Various surgical instruments ; patent 
trusses for the cure of hernia ; lithotritic instruments ; 
instruments for arranging fractures of the lower jaw. 

701 Little, R. J. Bloomfield, Charlton Rd. Wool- 
wich, Inv. — Apparatus for loss of the arm attached to 

a canvas waistcoat ; some tools (manufactured by Gage, 
Beresford St. Woolwich) ; connecting tap with double 
plug ; couplings for hoses, basins, and drain pipes ; 
single tap, improved by Winn. 

702 Lover, William, M.D. 46 Talbot St. Dublin, 
Inv. & Prop. — Educational models ; novel arrangement 
of hydrogen generator for the oxy -hydrogen microscope; 
working model of electric clock, with novel galvanic 
contact maker ; novel mode of moving electro magne- 
tic machinery, by compound levers and lever of La 
Garousse ; galvanic battery for electro-typing, and 
electro -plating, on a new arrangement ; novel plan 
for illustrating the pump-like action of the heart, with 
other philosophical models. 

703 LowEY, S. 33 Spencer St. Goswell Road, 
London, Inv. and Manu. — Marine chronometer per- 
fectly air and water tight ; a collection of watch 
movements in the rough and finished state. 

704 Ltnam, J. Raheen Lodge, Kiltormer, BaUin- 
asloe, CO. Gal way. — A lithographed coloured chart of 
the climates of the earth. 

705 McNaught, W. Glasgow, Manu.— Steam 
engine indicator and instrmnents for measuring the 
power exerted by steam engines ; oil test : an instru- 
ment for measuring the relative tenacity or friction 
of oils. 

708 M'"Neill, J. 146 Capel St. Dublin, Manu.— 
Cornopeans with front and back action, of improved 
construction ; cornetto in D flat inventor of ; Cam- 
bridge trumpet-bugle. 

707 MoENiG, C. 103 Leadenhall St. London, Prop. 
— Portable galvano-voltaic batteries, for medical 
practice, and to be worn on the body for curative 
purposes ; figures exhibiting their application ; inter- 
rupting apparatus and other accessories. 

708 Metzler, G. 37 Gt; Marlborough St. London, 
Manu. Marcus Moses, Westmoreland St. Exhibitor. — 
Cottage and microchordon pianofortes ; an oak har- 
monium, with patent percussion and harmoniphone 

709 Gray, J. Strand St. Liverpool, Manu. — ■ 
Binnacles and compasses on an improved principle, 
including a compass similar to that supplied to Her 
Majesty's yachts "Victoria," and "Albert," and 
"Fairy," for counteracting vibratory action. 

710 Morrison, J. D. 18, Elder Street, Edinburgh, 
Manu. — Artificial teeth, made from the raw material ; 
specimens of the raw materials in the natural and 
prepared state. 

711 Moore, B. R. & J. 38 and 39, Clerkenwell 


Close, London. — An eight-day clock, chiming hours 
and quarters upon cathedral bells. 

712 Moses, Marcus, 4 and 5 Westmoreland St. 
Dublin, Imp. — Specimens of pianofortes and harps, of 
different classes, and in various woods, manufactm-ed to 
order, expressly for this Exhibition, by Messrs. Broad- 
wood and Sons, Messrs. CoUard and CoUard, and 
Messrs. S. and P. Erard. 

713 Nelson, W. late Dame St. Dublin, Manu. — 
An agricultural level for drainiag purposes; do. to be 
used on top of walking stick ; a plumb level for laying 
down roads, drains, &c. ; concave lens for landscape 
drawing ; convex lens for landscape drawing ; portable 
boat compass. 

714 NuNN, E. M. M.R.C.S.L. Wexford, Inv.— 
The Universal Hydrometer, an instrument to ascertain 
the specific gravity of all Uquids, its range, including 
0'600 and 2'OCJ; medical inspirators, for the more 
exact and efficient administration of chloroform and 
other anaesthetic agents. 

715 O'CoNinELL, D. 48 Eanelagh, Eathmines, Inv. 
and Prop. — A horizontal dial ; geographical clock ; per- 
petual almanac ; quadi-ant, and circumferentor. 

716 O'CoNNELL, E. Bury, Lancashire. — Regis- 
tered infant feeder. 

717 Oliver, F. London, Inv.— Portable single 
and quartett music stands. 

718 Cheve. a. de Beaunhelder, of Warsaw 
(Poland). — Model of a music or book stand, cut out 
of the solid piece of wood, and working on an in- 
genious hinge of the same piece, designed and cut out 
by Mr. Fall, of Manchester. 

719 PexnikCtTON, J. Camberwell, London, Manu. 
— Two-day chronometers ; gold and silver watches. 

720 Claudet, a. Regent St. London. — Stereo- 
scopes and photographic specimens. 

721 M']Master, Maxwell, Grafton St. Dubhn, 
Manu. — A turret clock. Chronometers, with ex- 
amples of the various stages in the process of 

722 Prince, Miss Aeleinde, 29 Norfolk Cres- 
cent, Hyde Park, London, Inv. — "Giocodi Euterpe," 
a musical game ; the Polyglot Cards, a game pro- 
moting the acqviisition of modem languages. 

723 Racine & Co. Switzerland, and Nassau St. 
Dublin, Manu. — Gold Geneva watches. 

724 Read & Co. 4 Parliament St. Dublin, Inv. 
and Prop. — Surgical instruments ; cutlery. 

725 Reid, R. M.D. 19 Heriot Row, Edinburgh, 
Inv. — Compress for arresting excessive bleeding after 

extraction of teeth, with model head and chin for 
showing the application of the apparatus. 

726 Rein, F. C. 108 Strand, London, Inv. and 
Manu. — Rein's acoustic instruments, of various form 
and descriptions, for the relief of deaftiess ; conical 
flexible whisper tube ; models of acoustic pulpit, and 
accoustic chair ; acoustic walking stick ; ear specula, 
ear syringes, and various other instruments. 

727 Robertson, A. 22 Bachelor's walk, Dublin, 
Inv. and Manu. — Improved stomach pumps ; me- 
chanical leeching apparatus, vsdth glasses for cupping 
internally, an instrument invented by Surgeon Zach. 
Johnson, Kilkenny, for the trachea ; gum elastic 
syphons, (designed by Dr. E.. Kennedy); pieces of 
elastic tubing ; elastic check-string, or voice-conduc- 
tors for carriages ; stethoscopes, and other medical and 
surgical apparatus. 

728 Rowley, J. Lewis St. Wolverhampton, Manu. 
— Spectacles of various descriptions ; single and 
double eye glasses ; eye protectors or travelling spec- 
tacles, with recent improvements. 

729 ScATES, J. 26 College Gn. Dublin, Manu! — 
Treble and Barytone Concertinas, with Tympanums. 

730 SCHOLEFIELD, D. Freeman's Sq. Huddersfield, 
Des. — Improved metronome ; school and pocket 
metronomes, for the use of singing classes, &c. 

731 ScEiBEB, M. & J. 34 South Great George's 
St. Dublin, Manu. — Clocks of different descriptions. 

732 ScRiBEE, John, Westmoreland St. Dublin and 
Geneva, Manu. — Geneva watches on a new principle, 
dispensing with the usual winding, setting of hands, or 
use of key ; duplex, lever, and horizontal ' i^hes, 
made on the premises, 23 Westmorland St. and leva; 
specimens illustrative of the various stages which the 
watch undergoes in the process of manufacture ; a 
small watch the size of a fourpenny piece, set in 
diamonds ; extra flat watches, not one-eighth the usual 
thickness; English made patent lever watches, gold 
and silver; the new Sultan ladies' gold chains and 
jewellery, in imitation of flowers, leaves, branches, 
&c. ; French ormolu, bronze, marble, and mechanical 
clocks ; a two-tune music box in a gold seal ; musical 
boxes of various desciiptions, with overtures, qua- 
drilles, polkas, national au'S, &c. 

733 Smith, R. Blackford, Perthshire, Inv. — Spe- 
cimens of photography. Specimens of textUe fabrics, 
rendered fire-proof by Smith's new chemical process. 

734 Statham, W. E. 29 Sussex PL Rotherfield St. 
IsHngton, London, Inv. and Manu. — Chemical cabinets 
and portable laboratories for students, chemists, lee- 



turers, &c ; agi'icultural test chests, for analysing soils, 
manures, &c. ; toxicological test chests, for detecting 
and analysing poisons ; hydro-pneumatic apparatus, 
combining a pneumatic trough, large gas jar tray, 
hydraulic blow-pipe and gasometer ; pocket and other 
blow-pipes for mineralogists ; mineralogical cabinet ; 
photographic apparatus, chemicals, &c. 

735 TuFNELL, J. Esq. F.E.C.S., M.E.I.A., Des. 
— Gutta percha stethoscope. This stethoscope com- 
bines all the properties of the ordinary wooden, 
instrument, with the durability of gutta percha. 
The ear piece is moulded to fit that organ, and is 
encircled by the vulcanized India rubber band for 
percussion. The bell is rounded at its edge, which 
enables it to be applied without causing pain to the 
chest (or any other part) when very sensitive from 
disease, and the length, for convenience in carriage, is 
such, that it wiU fit into the crown of any ordinary hat. 

736 Tenison, E. K. KHronan Castle, Keadue, 
CO. Roscommon. — -Photographs. 

737 TiLLET, James, Lieut. R.N. Fivehead, Taun- 
ton, Somersetshire, Prop. — Anatomised leaves ; por- 
trait of a snake, made from strawberry leaves ; the 
rise and fall of the elm leaf. 

738 Thompson, C. T. 1 Campden Hill Ter. Ken- 
sington, London, Prod. — Photographs. 

739 Walsh, E. 19 Parliament Street, Dublin, 
Manu. — Eight day clocks, of various patterns and 

740 Weedon, T. 41 Hart Street Bloomsbury, 

London, Manu. — Instruments for microscopical dis- 
section ; dental instruments and cutleiy. 

741 Wells, Capt. G. G. MuUingar, co. West- 
meath. — Specimens of Talbotype drawings. 

742 White, J. B. 3 West Square, Southwark, Des. 
The national anthem, a specimen of music printed on 
calico by hand with single types. 

743 White, P. F. Mus. Doc. Wexford, Prop. — 
Eoyal patent Victoria harp lyre, a new instrument of 

744 Beopht, J. 24 College Green. — Case of arti- 
ficial mineral teeth. 

745 White, John & Sons, Organ Builders, 17, 
Bishop Street, Dublin, Manu. — A finger organ in a 
gothic case. 

746 Young, A. K. Monaghan, Inv. — A surgical 
bed for invalids. 

747 Knox, Eev. T. Prop. — Large burning glass, 
five feet diameter. 

747 a Newall, E. S. Gateshead. — Samples of 
submarine telegraphs, similar to that laid down between 
Portpatrick and Donaghadee. 

748 Hanson, G. & Chadwick, D. Salford, Man- 
chester — Patent high pressure water meter, on an 
entirely new and novel principle, whereby the smallest 
to the largest quantities of water can be accurately 
measured, and the water delivered without destroying 
the pressure. 

748 a Hatden, Chaeles, Balbriggan. — Specimens 
of electrotype. 



749 Andrews, W. Castle St. Dublin, Imp. — 
Floor cloths, (made by John Hare & Co. of Bristol) ; 
Axminster carpet, (made by Templeton& Co. Glasgow). 

750 Annette, J. & L. 32 Priory Ed. Wands- 
worth Ed. London. — Tapestry ; two German scenes : 
" The Hawking Party" setting out, and the " Hawking 
Party" on their return. 

751 Aethub, M. Airdrie, Inv. — Vase of artificial 
Powers, made of silver and silk ; some of the same 
kind adapted for costume. 

752 Bannister, J. 2 Sir Harry's Mall, Limerick, 

Manu. — Dress, shawl, pocket handkerchief, and pair 
of sleeves of Limerick lace. 

753 Barber, J. L. & Co. Norwich, Manu. — 
Sewing and crochet threads ; specimens of three, six, 
and new patent vulcanized nine cord sewing prize 
crochet and brocade threads; registered designs by 
Homsby, for diamond netting or crochet ; netted anti- 
macassars, covers, etc. worked with Barber and Co's. 
vulcanized nine cord and brocade thread ; collars, 
sleeves, berthes, &c. worked in the Irish industrial 
schools, with Barber and Co's prize crochet thread. 



754 Baenes, E. Y. 11 City Ed. London, Manu. — 
Specimens of decorative floor cloth. 

755 Baek, J. Caledon, Manu. — ^Woollen and spun 
silk shawls of various patterns ; silk scarfs and aprons ; 
ladies' dresses of spim silk and silk and wool ; embroi- 
dered vests ; tweeds ; guipure cape. 

756 Bertwell, E. 24 Nassau St. Dublin, Prop. — 
A knitted counterpane. 

757 Bleaklet, Mes. J. St. Mary's, Bandon, co. 
Cork. — Specimens of muslin, embroidery, and crochet, 
worked in Ballymodan school. 

758 Beittain, W. 5 Montpelier Hill, Dublin. — 
Two crochet quUts. 

759 Beown, M'Laeen, & Co. KUmarnock, Manu. 
—Brussels, Kidderminster, and Thruply cai-peting. 

760 Beown, H. & Co. 100 and 104' Virginia 
PI. Glasgow, Manu. — Tamboured and Sewed Muslin 
Dresses ; Sewed Book and Cambric Habit Shirts, 
Chemisettes Sleeves and Collars, French Cambric 
Handkerchiefs ; Pattern Cards of Cambric and Book 
Trimmings and Flounces. 

761 Beown, J. E. & W. Bangor, co. Down, Manu. 
— Sewed muslin collars, habit shirts, chemisettes, 
handkerchiefs, and robes. 

762 Beown, Samuel E. & Thomas, 78 Queen St. 
Glasgow, Manu. — Specimens of muslin embroidery 
worked by the Irish peasantry in robes, frocks, 
collars, habits, &c. ; specimens of lace goods embroi- 
dered by the Irish peasantry in black and coloured 

763 Bagot, Mrs. Castle Bagot. — Specimens of 
fancy v/ork done by children of Castle Bagot 

764 BucKMASTEE, W. & Co. 55 Dawson St. Dub- 
lin, Manu. — Military and civil tmiforms, richly em- 
broidered in gold and silver ; mihtary caps and 
equipments, &c. ; the whole being specimens of Irish 
embroidery and workmanship. 

765 BuETON & Co. 52 Wigmore St. Cavendish Sq. 
London, Des. and Manu. — Church robes : — Chasubles 
and cope ; specimen of appliqufe work ; laces, embroid- 
ered satins, &c. Church plate and metal work. 

766 Byene, F. 23 Albert PL East, Dublin.— 
Pattern worked in tapestry. 

767 Canning, M. Eockville, Malin, Cam. — 
Needle and crochet work, comprising basket covers, 
doyleys, trimmings, &c. by girls at Malin. 

768 Caetee, J. Mountmelick, Queen's co. Des. 
and Manu. — Embroidered quUt, toilette cover, sachet, 
doyleys, and other work. 

769 KJEANE, Mrs. Leopold, Cappoquin House, co. 
Waterford. — Specimens of knitting executed by the 
childi-en of the Cappoquin school. 

770 Claeke, E. Deopham, "Wymondham, Nor- 
folk, Prop. — Crochet and pointwork collars, in 
imitation of Honiton and old marguerite guipure lace. 

771 Cleaet, Miss M. Clonmel, co. Tipperary. — 
Specimens in Berlin wool work : — 

1. Horses at the fountain. 

2. The Angel Gabriel. 

3. The Wandering Jew. 

4. Earl of Leicester's last interview with Amy 

772 Clincht, Miss K. 1 Townsend St. Dublin, 
Prop. — ^A piece of tapestry work. 

773 Clincht, Miss L. Des. — ^A gentleman's robe 
de chambre in needlework, composed of 7,500 small 

774 Coghill, Sir J. J. Bart. Malmaison, Castle, 
Townsend, near Skibbereen, co. Cork, Prop.^ — Berlin 
work, by an amateur. 

775 COLLIEE, M. Sidney Parade, Sandymount, 
Dublin, Prop. — Specimens of Berlin wool work. 

776 Constable, H. D. 3 Anne St. Clonmel, Des. 
■ — Specimens of crochet work. 

777 Cox, Miss E. BaUynoe, Ballingarry, co. Tip- 
perary, Prod. — Specimens of crochet work. 

778 CuTHBEETSON & Tatloe, Kilmamock, IMann. 
- — Imperial and Kidderminster carpets. 


Dublin. ^Specimens of work executed by pupils of 
National Schools. 

780 Daet & Son, 12 Bedford St. Covent Garden, 
London, Manu. — Specimens of carriage lace, (of 
original designs) ; a series of patterns exhibiting in 
chronological order the progress of the art of coach 
lace weaving, from 1818 to the present time. 

781 Davis, C. M. 60 Waterloo Eoad, Dublin, 
Des. — Lace cmiiaias, with border of crochet work. 

782 Deane, The Misses, Dundanion, Cork. — Spe- 
cimens of crochet. 

783 De Beligand, Madame A. Convent of the 
Good Shepherd, Limerick, Des. — Church vestments : 
chasuble and preaching stole ; Brussels lace veil, and 
several patterns of Valenciennes lace. 

784 DoEAN, Miss C. 1 Harcourt St. Dublin, 
Prop. — A lady's dress, flounced, knitted with Irish 
thread, weighing only 8 ounces, formed without a 
scissors. N 

785 Douglas, A. & J. Glasgow, Des. — Embroi. 



dered velvet hassock ; silk cushion ; chenille sachet ; 
hand screens ; braided leather slippers. 

786 DuNDEUM, Central Lunatic Asylum of, co. 
Dublin, per Dr. Corbet. — A new writing desk; a cage 
for bird ; boot-hooks, which, joined by a pin, form a 
bootjack; pair gentlemen's boots; ladies' boots; pair 
shoes for women (patients) ; pair for men (patients) ; 
pair boots for patients, with locks; two fancy shirts; 
two embroidered silk vests ; two worked baby's dresses, 
and other articles ; four pair fancy knitted stockings ; 
a large knitted quilt. 

787 DuNEAVEN, Dowager Countess of, Adare 
Manor, co. Limerick, Manu. — Altar cloth for the 
parish church of Adare, of velvet manufactured by 
Mrs. Moran, Mark's Alley, Dublin ; the pattern 
designed by Mrs. Beard, Eegent St. London, and 
executed by the Countess Dowager of Dunraven and 
Lady Anna Maria Monsell. 

788 Adaee Industrial Schools, co. Limerick — 
Countess of Dunraven, Patroness — A netted quilt, 
from a German design ; a pair of crochet lace sleeves ; 
a Berlin tapestry worked chair; an embroidered pocket 
handkerchief of Irish cambric, for the Countess of 
Eghnton; a cambric pocket handkerchief for the 
Countess of Eglinton, trimmed with crochet lace and 
insertion ; a pair of lamb's wool socks. 

789 Edwards, J. F. Eoebuck, Dundi-um, near 
Dublin, Des. and Prop. — Carpet, worked in wool, by 

790 Banneeth, M. Bannerth St. Limerick. — 
Framed picture in Berlin wool. 

791 Eglinton, Countess of, Ayr, Prop. — ^A Scotch 
cambric muslin quilt, counterlined with blue satin, 
and embroidered with the initials E. and W. and 
coronet, and trimmed with Limerick lace (worked in 
Ayrshire). A quilt, richly embroidered in the centre 
with the Eglinton arms, and worked over vTith sham- 
rocks, roses, and thistles ; designed and executed in 
one of the schools in the north of Ireland. 

792 Ellis, S. A. Kildemoc, Ardee, co. Louth. — 
Irish pearl tatting, worked by the poor females of the 
parish of Kildemoc. 

793 Erskine, Miss E. Harristown, Ai-dee, co. 
Louth.- — Specimens of Irish point lace. 

794 Fiddes, G. E. Eathmines, Dublin. — Land- 
scapes in needlework, executed by Mrs. Captain 

795 Forrest, J. & Sons, Grafton St. Dublin, 
Manu. — Irish guipure, point, and Applique lace ; 
Limerick tamboured and shaded lace. Irish blonde 

dresses. Eich guipure flouncings, scarf, &c. Lime- 
rick lace bridal dress and veil, baU and court dresses, 
&c. Guipure berthes, handkerchiefs, collars, mantles, 
&c. Irish embroidery. 

796 Franklin, J. 61 and 62 Great Strand St. 
Dublin, Manu. — Floor cloth, 48 feet by 18 feet, woven 
without a seam. 

797 Freeman, M. 68 Leinster Ed. Eathmines, 
Dublin. — A pole screen, with flowers painted in water 

798 Furlong, Miss E. Wallstown, Castletown 
Eoche, CO. Cork. — Knit cotton quilts. 

799 Trench, Maria M. 44 James's St. Dub- 
lin, Des. — A piece of embroidery. 

800 Gregory, Thompsons, & Co. Kilmarnock, 
Ayrshire, Manu. — -Velvet pile carpet. 

801 Grout & Co. Foster Lane, London, Manu. — 
Specimens of black crape for mourning, of various 
qualities ; Aerophane used for caps, trimming dresses, 
flowers, &c. ; crfepe lisse and lisse gauze. 

802 Gray, Haeriet A. 17 Brompton Crescent, 
near London, Des. — ^A piece of fine crochet work. 

803 Greene, Miss Eliza, 14 Molesworth St. 
Dublin. — A knitted quilt. 

804 Greyson, E. M. S. Stanbrook Hall, Worces- 
ter, Des. — Articles cut with scissors on vellum, designed 
and executed by the comnmnity of Benedictine nuns, 
Stanbrook Hall, near Worcester. 

805 Chambers, Mrs. E. E. Grenville St. Dublin. 
- — Carpet in needle work. 

806 GuBBiNS, Dora J. The Glebe, Ballingarry, 
CO. Limerick.— Specimens of knitting, crochet and 

807 Hall, J. J. 7 High St. Deptford, Kent.— 
Crochet cover in cotton for back of sofa. 

808 Hallowell, Miss E. 3 Lr. Hartstonge St. 
Limerick. — Shawl knitted of red and white wool; a 
veil knitted from black wool ; horse's ear net done in 
crochet work 

809 Hand, Miss C. Clones Eectory, co. Monaghan, 
Prod. — Specimens of work in crochet guipure, pro- 
duced for charitable purposes. 

810 Hanigan, Miss M. T. Presentation Convent, 
Cashel, Prop. — Berlin work; embroidery; crochet; 
purses ; chair covers, &c. 

811 Harding & Co. 68 Long Acre, London, 
Des. and Manu. — Specimens of laces, just supplied 
for a new dress coach to her Majesty. 

812 Henderson & Widnell, Lasswade, near 
Edinbm-gh, Manu. — Patent velvet ; medallion carpets; 

E 2 


British tapestry, and fine velvet, for curtains, por- 
tieres, &c. 

813 Henderson, Miss F. M. Mount Anthony, 
Rathmines, Dublin, Des. — Satin doyleys, with etch- 
ings in marking ink. 

814 Hunt, Miss Maeia, Killashee. — A vase of 
flowers in crochet. 

815 Hetman, N. & Alexander, Nottingham. — 
Lace curtains ; antimacassars ; short window curtains. 

816 Hill, B.Olney, Buckinghamshire. — Specimens 
of pillow thread lace edging and insertion; pillow 
thread infant cap and trimming lace, and lace 

817 Hill, E. Bryansford, Castlewellan, co. Down, 
Prop. — Embrodered pocket handkerchiefs, habit shirts, 
collars, sleeves, &c. 

818 Tallaght Industrial School, Mrs. Lan- 
taigne. Patroness, Tallaght House, Tallaght, near 
Dublin. — Specimen of muslin worked by the children 
of Tallaght industrial school. 

819 Ladies' Industrial Society for Ireland, 
76 Grafton St. Dublin. — Specimens of Valenciennes, 
guipure, Buckingham thread, French black and blonde 
lace, &c.; Spanish point lace, crochet, guipure, and 
tatting, from schools in Kildare, Wexford, and Fer- 
managh. Muslin embroidery. 

820 Kettlewell, Miss Mart, Lissenure House, 
Clonmel, Prop. — Knitted capes, scarfs, lappets, &c. 
Trimming lace. A black lace veil (worked by the 

821 Adelaide Industrial School, 8 Duncan 
St. Cork. — Crochet and other ornamental needle 

821a Harvey, The Misses, Mahn Hall Industrial 
School. — Specimens of rochet work. 

822 Lambert & Burt, Limerick, Des. and Manu. 
— Half squares, berthes, jackets, handkerchiefs, scarfs, 
falls, chemisettes, and collars, of tambour Queen shaded 
(Limerick) lace. 

823 Lambert, Brown, & Clowes, 27 Dame St. 
Dublin, Manu. — Figure of staff officer in full dress 
imiform. Army, navy, deputy lieutenants', and court 
swords, and sword knots. Rich gold army, navy, 
and other laces ; field officers', staff, militia, and other 
epaulettes. Gold cross and glory for church ; gold 
tassels for pulpit. Gold Bible (a copy of the engraving 
in Smith's " Collectanea Antiqua" of the Bible used 
by King Charles I. on the scaffold.) Court dress 
waistcoats, masonic aprons, sashes, &c. 

824 La Touohe, Miss Isabella, Bellevue, Del- 

gany, co. Wicklow. — Knitted shawls, scarfs, veils, &c. 
of Shetland wool. 

825 DiGGES LaTouche, The Misses, Upham, Kille- 
naule, co. Tipperary. — Specimens of Irish Honiton 
lace, worked by the poor girls of KiUenaule. 

826 Leonard, Miss Annie, Cork St. Dublin. — 
Netted curtains. 

827 Leonard, Miss Margaret, Cork St. Dub- 
lin. — Netting work. 

828 Daley, Mrs. Rafford, co. Gal way. — Specimens 
of work executed by the children of the Tallow Con- 
vent Industrial School. 

829 Levey, Miss, 3 Merrion Row, Dublin. — Berlin 
tapestry worked on canvas : Swiss peasants. 

830 Levey, Miss E. 3 Merrion Row, Dublin. — 
Berllii tapestry, on canvas : Scotch boy with dogs. 

831 Dingle Mission Schools, per Mrs. Lewis, 
Dingle, co. Kerry. — Children's robes, collars, and hand- 
kerchiefs, worked in satin stitch ; knitted socks, stock- 
ings, quilt, &c. ; doyleys, antimacassar, &c. of linen 
specimens of fiax grown on the mission farm. 

832 Limerick Local Committee, per D. W. 
Raimback, and W. Fitzgerald Limerick. — Specimens 
of work from the industrial schools, gaols, and work 
houses in Limerick, and its vicinity. Specimens of 
lace made by the orphans of Mount St. Vincent. 
Valenciennes lace, St. Mary's Convent, Limerick. 

833 LiNDESAY, F. J. Sandys, Esq. 17th Regt. 
Richmond Barracks. — Carpet worked by the ladies of 
the United Kingdom, and presented to exhibitor. 

834 Louth, M. 112 Cork-street, Dublin.— Quilt 
in crochet work. 

835 McCarthy, Hamilton, Mrs, 17 Albert Ter- 
race, Knightsbridge, London, Des. — Fire screen and 
chair, with improved painting on velvet. 

836 Sweetman, Mrs. 2 Pembroke St. Dublin.— 
An opera cloak handsomely embroidered; a baby's 
cloak embroidered. 

837 Macdonald D. & J. & Co. 83 Miller Street, 
Glasgow, Manu. — Embroidered muslin, being speci- 
mens of the needlework of the females in the North 
and "West of Ireland. 

838 Maclean, Mrs. Rectory, Tynan, co. Armagh. 
—Specimens of guipure and Irish point lace. 

839 Magrath, Miss A. Clifton Lodge, Blackrock, 
near Dublin. — Ottoman cover, in crochet work. 

840 M'Dowell Miss S. 9 Joy St. Belfast. — Irish 
point lace head-dress, collars, and lappets ; real point 
lace berthe, collars, and lappet; handkerchief, &c. of 


841 McCuLLOCH, Mrs. 15 Nth. Cumberland St. 
Dublin. — Cheval screen ; table and picture, worked by 

842 M'Gee, J. G. & Co. Belfast. — Gentlemen's 
richly embroidered vests ; ladies' embroidered mantles ; 
full dress court suit, sword, hat, &c. ; military uniform; 
civic robe ; clerical gown, &c. 

843 McNaught, Miss, 2 Hanover St. Edinburgh. 
— Cotton bed covers, worked in crochet. 

844 Meyer & Richaedson, 3 Dawson St. Dub- 
lin. — Gold laced coatees, uniform waistcoats and over- 
alls ; silk braided military frock ; gold epaulettes ; 
uniform forage caps ; hunting caps ; and military 
Highland appointments ; brest plates ; military and 
piplomatic swords ; regimental dirks ; brooches : a 
silver engraved Highland dirk mounted in ebony ; a 
pair of silver mounted Highland pistols. 

845 MiDDLETON & Answokth, Norwich and Lon- 
don, Manu. — Checked satin and Norwich poplin 
dresses ; Bayadere Barege robes ; rich figured Baya- 
deres ; Paramatta dresses, &c. 

845 A GiRDWOOD, J. Belfast, Manu. — Matting made 
of the Typha Latifolia. 

845 b Giedwood, J. Belfast, Imp. — East India 
carpet, made at Masulipatara. 

Royal velvet tapestiy carpet. 

846 Millar & Beattt, 16 Dame St. Dublin, Imp. 
— Turkey velvet, tapestry, Brussels, and Kiddermin- 
ster carpeting ; stair carpeting ; velvet. Mosaic, 
worsted, and figured hearth-rugs. 

846 a Holden, John, & Co. Belfast. — Specimens 
of worked muslin executed in various districts in 

847 Millet, Miss H. R. Millbrook, Dundrum, 
Cashel, Des. — Table cover of Irish tweed, worked in 
Berlin wool ; vase of flowers made of wood shavings ; 
book of native mosses, in a cover of fancy leather work. 

847a Tighe, Lady LouiSA,Innistioge. — Specimens 
of Innistioge lace. 

848 Montgomery, Miss, Benvarden, Ballymoney, 
CO. Antrim, Prop. — Crochet work, in imitation of 
Brussels lace and guipure ; specimens of crochet in- 
sertions and edgings, &c. 

849 Lady Naas, Palmerstown, Naas, co. Kildare, 
Prop. — Baby's robe, worked by girls in the village of 
Kill, CO. Kildare. 

850 Nairn, M. Kirkcaldy, Fifeshire, (Mr. James 
Forbes, 5 Eden Quay, Dublin, Agent), Manu. — 
Floor cloths, in chintz, oak, marble, and granite 

851 Nairn, T. G. Limerick, Manu. — Blue em- 
broidered frock for the Royal Horse Artillery, and 
scarlet embroidered vest, worn under the frock. 

852 Nicholson, Miss M. Steele, Ontario Terrace, 
Dublin, Des. — A painted white silk quilt ; ink-stand made 
of leather, ornamented with some of the Irish emblems. 

853 Osborne, Miss G. Kingstown, near Dublin, 
Des. — Dahlia and flower mats of crochet work. 

854 Parker, Mrs. W. 102 Rathmines, Dublin, 
Prop. — Berlin needlework : Landseer's Temperance ; 
Esther pleading before Ahasuerus ; and Joseph pre- 
senting his father to Pharoah. 

855 Perrin, J. and J. 32 Chancery Lane, Dublin, 
Manu. — Printed floor cloth. 

856 Powell, Mrs. 15 Westmorland St. Dublin. — 
Berlin wool work. 

857 PuECELL, Mrs. M. Halverstown, Kilcullen, co. 
Kildare, Prop. — Spanish point lace, wrought at Hal- 
verstown school ; frock, cap, handkerchief, collars, 
&c. in braid guipure ; silk embroidery on cloth and 
cashmere ; sewed muslin work. 

858 RossMOEE, Lady, Rossmore Park. — Speci- 
mens of lace and embroidery work executed by the 
children of the Rossmore Estate, co. Monaghan. 

859 Robinson, J. J. 15 Cork Hill, Dublin, Des. 
— Court Vest, in the old style of embroidery. 

860 Ross, Miss M. Newtownlimavady, co. Lon- 
donderry, Prop. — Pole screen of black bog oak, 
enclosing a wreath of cut paper flowers ; carved bog 
oak box for a dressing table, enclosing in the lid a 
group of cut paper flowers ; the wood work by Messrs, 
Curran, Lisbm-n, the flowers by the exhibitor. 

861 Ryan, Miss C. Prop. — Landscape and figures 
in Berlin work. 

862 Reckless and Hickling, Messrs. 49 St. 
Mary's Gate, Nottingham. — Muslin embroidery. 

863 Ryan, Mrs. Inch House, Borrisoleigh, co. 
Tipperary. — Infant's cap and robe in finest crochet 
point ; openwork berthe ; caps, collars, and sleeves, 
&c. in crochet guipure. 

864 Saston, a. 21 Hollow Stone, Nottingham, 
Manu. — Lace, jacquard, and filet shawls ; toilets ; 
antimacassars tray covers ; knitted toilets, &c. ; ladies' 
silk mitts and gloves, embroidered. 

865 Sempstresses' Association, 76 Grafton St. 
Dublin. — Plain needle work. 

866 Sheeidan, P. 22 & 23 Parliament St. Dub- 
lin. — Mosaic landscapes for walls ; Mosaic hearth 
rugs ; Brussels carpets and rugs. 

867 Sibthoepe, Miss Fanny Lodisa, 2 Bank PI. 



Limerick. — Scenes in Berlin wool : Cardinal Wolsey 
and Catherine of Arragon ; Death of Douglas — ^from 
the Abbot ; Haddon Hall in days of Yore ; Titian's 
Daughter, &c. 

868 The Sisters of Meect, Lower Baggot St. 
Dublin — Limerick lace dress and Bishop's rochet ; 
guipure flounce, berthes, and sleeves; double point 
crochet berthe, lappets, sleeves, &c. ; embroidered 
baby's robe, collars, handkerchiefs, &c. Honiton lace 
crochet collar and sleeves ; gold embroidery on white 
satin. The work of the children of the industrial 
school of the Sisters of Mercy. 

869 Sisters of Meect, Kinsale.— Irish point 
lace; crochet; Limerick lace; Honiton lace; embroi- 
dery in silk and gold ; feather and maslin flowers ; 
satin stitch embroidery. 

870 Smail, Mrs. James, 4 George PI. Plymouth, 
Prop. — Worsted embroidery : Pharaoh's Horses. 

871 Heacock, J. 49 Dame St. Dublin, Prop. — 
Chenile embroidery : Bird of Paradise, and branches 
of flowers. 

872 Smith & Babee, Knightsbridge, London, 
Des. and Manu. — No. 1. Specimen of floor cloth, 
showing the various stages of the process of manufac- 
ture, from the raw material of stout canvas to the 
finished fabric. No. 2. Finished piece of floor cloth 
with the separate impression made by each print ; also 
the 3 prints by which the pattern was executed. 

873 Society foe the promotion of Irish Manu- 
facture AND Industry, 33 Anglesea St. Dublin. — 
A glass case containing specimens of needle-work 
executed in the Training School of the Society. 

874 Stephenson, Miss Maegaeet, 54 Meath St. 
Dublin. — Couverte, in netting work. 

875 Stokes, S. Kevin St. Police Barrack, Dublin, 
Prop. — Table cloth of mosaic cloth work, detailing the 
life of a British soldier, containing 250 figures, and 
consisting of small pieces of cloth fine-drawn together. 
Pictures of the same work. 

876 Stmes, Miss Charlotte, RoseviUe, Clane. — 
Table cover made of feathers, principally Irish, but 
some Indian, embroidered and lined with silk. 

877 Taylour, Miss L. CorbaUis, Drogheda, Prop. 
— Fire-screen, with family arms emblazoned thereon 
in needlework. 

878 Thomson, W. Stonehaven, Des. and Manu. — 
Strong cover carpeting, made of wool engine waste. 

879 Todd, Burns & Co. 47 Mary St. Dublin, 
Prop.^ — Specimens of Irish fronting linens, bleached 
by a new process, occupying only 10 days ; Irish cam- 

bric handkerchiefs ; muslin leno curtains ; Limerick 
lace ; Coventry ribbons ; Irish needlework and crochet 
lace ; upholstery ornaments, with chair in Irish needle- 
work ; foreign and British printed muslins, silks and 
shawls ; historical piece, in Irish needlework, in gilt 

879 A Drawing and dining-room curtains in French 
brocateUe with gold cornices ; library curtains, of crim- 
son damask, of Irish manufacture, with gold cornices ; 
bed-room curtain, in French printed Touraay, with 
patent noiseless pole and rings ; rich brass and iron 
tube bedsteads, with specimens of damasks ; patent 
Asminster carpets. 

880 Townsend, G. Friars Walk, Exeter, Des. — 
Designs for book illustrations, for lace, and for 
brooches, &c. 

881 Waeren, Mrs. H. M. 14 Molesworth Street, 
Dublin, Prop. — Embroidered counterpane, in needle- 

882 Welsted, Mrs. H. S. BaEywaiter, Castle- 
townroche, co. Cork. — Richly embroidered cainbric 
pocket handkerchief, collar, chemisette, baby's cap, 
&c. worked in Shanballymore industrial school. 

883 Williams, Mrs. J. E. Home Ville, Rathmines, 
DubUn. — Berlin wool tapestry: Ossian, and Night 
and Morning, from Scott's Pirate. 

884 Whytock, Richard, & Co. Edinburgh. — Spe- 
cimens of New Tressel Fringe ; and Patent Tapestry 
net for curtains. 

885 Woodward, H. & Co. Kidderminster, Manu. 
— Carpets; Totimay velvet pile — style, Persian, Tur- 
key, Brussels ; style, scroll chintz. 

886 Whitwell & Co. Kendall, Manu. — Speci- 
mens of Kidderminster carjjeting. 

887 Browne, Mrs. Clayton, Browne's Hill, Car- 
low. — Embroidered pocket handkerchief, worked by 
Miss Mary Hickey, of Johnstown, co. Carlow. 

888 Berry, Rev. E. F. Tullamore, King's co.-- 
Two worked children's frocks ; worked body for ditto ; 
and a pair of knit socks, worked at the Charleville 
School, Tullamore. 

889 Ellis, Lyster, Douglas, Isle of Man. — 
Bird and flowers in Berlin wool, executed by exhi- 

890 Mahee, Louisa C. Ballinkeel, Enniscorthy, 
CO. Wexford. — Bonnets (Traneen grass) ; bonnets and 
hats (rye straw) ; samples of fancy plaits ; mats ; 
basket, plaited. 

The Traneen grass, being the Cynosurus Cristatus 
of LinrwBUS, was cultivated on the Island of Begerin, 



belonging to the Wexford Harbour Embankment 
Company, was prepa,red a.nd dyed under Mrs. Maher's 
directions, and was plaited and made up into hats, 
bonnets, baskets, and mats, by peasant girls in their 
own houses. 

891 Ptne, Elizabeth, Honiton, Devon. — Lace 
veil, Honiton point lace, made on a cushion ; Vandyck 
lace collar ; pair of lace sleevds to match the collar, 
and a chemisette to match the collar and sleeves ; 
Honiton bone lace. 

892 Spratt, Very Rev. John, D.D. 56 Aungier 
St. Dublin. — Lace work executed by the children of 
Dr. Spratt's Industrial School in Whitefriar St. 

893 Taylor, Hon. Mrs. Ardgillan, Balbriggan, 
county Dublin. — Turkish embroidered table cover, 
brought from Constantinople by Lieutenant-Colonel 
Taylor, M.P. 

893 a Kavanagh, Mart, 52 Meath St. Dublin.— 
An " Ossory" housewife's quilt, fashion of the 18th 
century; hexagon quilt, containing 4,000 pieces of 
silk of various colours — both worked by exhibitor. 

894 Woods, Louisa C. Whitestown, Balbriggan, 
CO. Dublin. — Scarlet Turkish embroidered table cover, 
brought fi'om Constantinople by Lieutenant-Colonel 
Taylor, M.P. 

894 a Tuckett, Miss, Bristol. — A crochet coun- 

8^5 Belfast Industrial School.— Valenciennes 
lace ; English lace — manufactured in the Industrial 
School, Frederick St. Belfast (the fir? •: ragged school 
in Ireland, established 1847), by chil !:• en, most of 
whom are under twelve years of age, and none of 
whom have received more than ten months' instruction, 
some only three or four. 

895 A Blackwell, Elizabeth, 6 Henry St. Dub- 
lin, Exhibitor. — A piece of embroidery, mounted as a 
cheval screen, designed and worked by exhibitor. 

896 O'Connor, Mrs. Eleanor, 44 Denzille St, 
Dublin, Des. — An embroidered Brussells lace dress. 

896 a Trench, Hon. Mrs. Henry, and Mi-s. Fred- 
rick, Cangort Park, Shinrone, Patronesses of Cangort 
Park and Cloghjordan Schools. — Lady's embroidered 
collar ; infants' embroidered body. 

896 B Veevers, Mrs. Industrial School. — Shawl, 
from nettles, bleached ; scarf from daisies, bleached ; 
polka, from japonnica, bleached ; parasol, from sweet 
pea, bleached ; polka, from marsh mallow ; parasol, 
from nasturcium ; parasol, from convolvulus ; ten speci- 
mens of flax from fibres of plants ; cloth manufactured 
from the wild bog-down, mixed with wool. 


897 Appleyard, H. Balbriggan, and 36 Lower 
Sackville Street, Dublin, Manu. — Plain and lace cot- 
ton hose, sandals, &c ; children's cotton socks ; Ber- 
lin wool shirts ; cotton drawers, woollen vests. 

898 Baied, J. H. 11 Upper Oi-mond Qy. Dublin, 
Manu. — Patent leather, and plain Wellington and top 
boots ; double soled and cork-soled boots ; elastic spring- 
dress boots, in satin, Irish tabinet, pruneUa, and patent 
cloth ; buttoned and laced boots in variety ; plain and 
patent leather shoes, &c. ; all manufactured on the 
diagonal-pegged system. 

899 Baraclough, Lichfield St. Tamworth, Staf- 
fordshire, Inv. and Manu. — Patent dress shoes, top 
and side lining in one piece ; ladies' and gentlemen's 
waterproof boots, with elastic gore, for tender feet and 
weak ancles, &c. 

900 Baxter, R. West gate, Thirsk, Yorkshire, 

Inv. and Manu. — Pair of promenade boots, with clogs 
and springs ; pair of skating boots with springs, &c. 

901 Baxter, William, 89 Grafton St. Dublin.— 
Ladies' and gentlemen's boots and shoes. 

902 Berrall, W. & Son, 60 and 61 Marylebone 
Lane, London, Manu. — Walking, hunting, racing, 
and dress boots ; ladies' and children's boots and 
shoes ; samples of blocked boot fronts. 

903 BoAEDMAN, J. F. 92 Grafton St. Dublin.— 

904 Brown & Sherlock, Westmoreland St. 
Dublin, Manu. — Hunting, dress, and Wellington . 
boots ; embroidered shppers ; walking, shooting, and 
dress buskins ; and patent hollow trees and shapes for 

905 Brown & Payne, 12 Lr. Sackville St. Dublin, 
Manu. and Imp. — Hunting scarlet coat, cord waist- 



coat, and improved breeches ; full dress, evening 
suit ; walking suit ; Irish frieze, alpaca, and Venetian 
paletots ; Lama coat ; clerical coat and waistcoat ; 
fancy plaid trowsers ; vests of tabinet, cloth, silk, &c. 

905 a Jones, Edwaed, 23 College Gn. Dublin. — 
Shirts, collars, &c. 

906 BuEKE, T. 24 Patrick St. Limerick. — Limerick 
gloves in walnut shells ; Gentlemen's colored kid 
gloves ; white and colored buck and doe gloves ; white 
and colored dog-skin gloves, and ladies' gloves of all 

906 A HiGGiNS, John, Nassau St. Dublin. — Ladies' 
boots and shoes. 

807 Sutler, W. B. 31 Castle St. Dublin, Manu. 
— Silk, velvet, and beaver hats ; summer hats ; cloth 
caps, and numerous other articles. 

907 A O'LouGHLiN, Mrs. 29 Nth. Gt. George's St. 
Dublin. — Stays. 

908 Campbell, H. 35 Grafton Street, Dublin, 
Manu. — White and blue satin stays. 

909 Carleton & Son, 33, Castle Street. — Ladies' 
boots and shoes. 

910 Caerington, S. and T. Stockport, Manu. — 
Beaver and felt summer hats ; satin plush hats, sport- 
ing felt hats, waterproof and flexible ; ladies' satin 
plush, beaver, and nap felt riding hats ; ladies', girls', 
boys', and children's beaver and felt bonnets, hats, &c. 

911 Coles, W. F. 61 Paul Street, Finsbury, 
London, Manu. — Fleecy and chamois cork socks ; Lap- 
land and lambskin socks, &c. 

912 COLLINGS, J. 14, Gt. Ormond Street, Blooms- 
bury, London, Inv. and Manu. — An arm pad or 
artificial knee for tailors to rest their arms on, to work 
while sitting upright upon a chair, entirely superseding 
the necessity of cross-legged sitting. 

913 Condon, Miss 96 Patrick Street, Cork, Manu. 
— Ladies' and gentlemen's kid gloves. 

914 Craig & Son, M. Dublin, Manu. — Ladies' 
brown Balbriggan, lace, and embroidered hose ; gentle- 
men's cotton hose, and Balbriggan half hose, plain, 
ribbed, and embroidered ; cotton and sUk drawers 
and vests ; Recamier lamb's wool ; gentlemen's plain 
and fancy shirts. 

915 Creak, J. Wisbeach, Inv. and Manu.— Ox- 
ford shoes, screw bottomed, made without welts or 
stitches ; waterproof shooting boots, screw bottomed ; 
leather gaiters. 

916 Crottt, J. 24 Lr. Bridge St. Dublin, Manu. 
and Exp. — Ladies' stays. 

917 Dawson, W. 14 Duke St. Dublin, Manu. — 

Top, hunting, patent leather, cork soled, and plain 
boots ; buskins and shoes in variety ; ladies' leather 
buskins ; a pair of shoes without a seam ; a pair of 
buskins with screw bottoms. 

918 Delany, J. 13 Lr. SackviUe St. Dublin, Des. 
and Prod. — A new garment which can be worn either 
as coat or cloak ; Roman full dress clerical coat of 
Irish manufacture ; trowsers in different materials ; 
embroidered vests in gold, silver, and silk, from 
original designs ; walking coats and paletots ; vestings 
and other woollens. 

919 DoTLE, J. 38 Mary St. Dublin, Manu. — 
Ladies' and gentlemen's boots and shoes. 

920 DoTLE, M. 7 WeUs St. Jermyn St. St. James 
London, Des. and Prop. — Elastic stays. 

921 DuGGAN, J. 14 Capel St. Dublin, Prop.— 
Men and women's cotton hose ; cotton drawers and 
vests, &c. 

922 Dumas, V. 18 Dawson St. Dublin, Imp. and 
Manu. — A variety of French corsets, with figm-e and 
busts showing effect of same. 

923 Fulton A. 104i Argyle St. Glasgow.— Felt 
and satin hats ; the self fitting ventilator hat. 

924 Gahagan, J. R. 34 Henry St. Dublin, Manu. 
— Stays and corsets. 

925 Hall, J. Sparkes, 308 Regent St. Manu.— 
Ancient, British, and Roman shoes and sandals ; 
Anglo-Saxon shoes and boots of the 7th century ; 
Norman half boots of Robert (the Conqueror's eldest 
son) ; decorated shoes of the 11th century ; Richard 
Cceur de Lion's boots ; Norman shoes, with long 
pointed toes and chains ; long pointed shoes, worn 
by Richard, constable of Chester, in the reign of 
Stephen ; King John's boots, richly decorated with 
circles ; Henry the Third's boots, copied from his 
tomb in Westminster Abbey, ; St. Swithin's shoes, 
rights and lefts ; elegant shoes of the time of Edward 
I. ; Shoes with blue, red, and white stockings ; shoe 
of the time of Richard II. ; boot of the time of Edward 
III. ; shoes of Henry VIII. and the Earl of Surrey, 
with wide toes ; boots of the time of Charles 1 and II. ; 
boots and high-quartered shoes, William and Mary ; 
shoes during the reigns of George I. II. and III. ; 
The Duchess of York's shoe, 5| inches long ; Her 
Majesty's boots, shoes and overshoes ; Prince Albert's 
boots ; the Princesses' boots. 

926 Harkness, A. ConjTigham Road, Manu. — 
Military, naval, and constabulary ojfficers' cloth caps, 
with silk covers ; japanned silk, cloth, tweed, and al- 
paca caps ; boys' caps, in variety ; horsehair caps, &c. 



927 Hatton & Smyth, Messrs. 36 & 37 Lower 
Abbey St. Dublin, and George's Hill, Balbriggan. — ■ 
"Balbriggan hosiery." 

928 Jackson, Brothees, 46 Castle Street, Liver- 
pool, Inv. and Prop. — Satin dress waistcoat, covered 
with Honiton point lace, with patent button fastener. 

929 Jennett, J. 25 & 26 Essex Quay, Dublin, 
Manu. — Boot and glove trees and stretchers. 

930 Kelly, R. 16 College G-reen, Dublin. — Boots 
and shoes. 

931 Kelly, J. 98 High Street, Kilkenny.— Hunt- 
ing breeches. 

932 Langdale, H. 57 Mount Street, Grosvenor 
Square, London, Prop. — Juvenile and infantine boots 
and shoes, in variety of form and material ; stiffened 
boots for the support of weak ancles ; (the needlework 
by Ann and Helen Langdale). 

933 Lawloe, W. 11 Lower Exchange Street, 
Dublin, Manu. — Portable boot tree ; improved buskin 
trees ; men and women's lasts. 

934 Lees, A. Manchester, Manu. — Boys' and 
men's hats, in alpaca, silk, &c. 

935 Leman, L. 6 Eden Quay, Dublin, Manu.— 
Benedictine cloaks ; vestments, in different patterns ; 
preaching stoles, &c. 

936 Macdona, G. 32 Molesworth St. Dublin, 
Prod. — Queen's Own Royal Dublin Militia uniform ; 
Prince of Wales' tunic ; morning and fishing suit ; 
self-supporting drawers, with patent spring ; safety 
travelling vest, capable of inflation, and of sustaining 
the body in the water ; embroidered vests worked in 
Lady Emma Vesey's industrial schools ; a new design 
for military trowsers, to give the appearance of height 
to men of low stature ; Irish tweeds, and Llama 
friezes ; tabinet vests, embroidered in the industrial 
school patronised by the Lady of the Rev. Mr. 
Maturin ; clerical gannents in variety. 

937 Macdona, G. 32 Molesworth St. Dublin, 
Agent for H. J. & D. NicOLL, 114 to 120 Regent St. 
and 22 Corn Hill, London, Prod. — Irish poplin 
paletot ; watei-proof and registered two guinea paletot, 
the best garment of any kind for which protection was 
sought by manufacturers, under the designs' act, (6 and 
7 Vic. chap. 65) ; morning coat, exhibited for its 
cheapness and good quality, (registered) ; patent regi- 
mental great coat, which gives comfort and much 
safety to the soldier ; coat of mail to resist the poisoned 
arrow, or assagai of South Africa, (manufactured for 
Messrs. NicoU) ; Canadian Coat worn by the habitant, 
manufactured by Messrs. Nicoll); Moening Coat and 

Vest united, (registered) ; Patent Tkowsees and 
Vest to supersede the use of braces — The Toga, 
(registered) ; Deessing Dress for medical men and 
invalids ; cloak cane (waterproof cape concealed in 
a walking stick) ; Russian cape, made in all its stages 
by machinery ; dry seat coat, with a cushion in skirt, 
(patented) ; Lady's Float Cloak, for preservation 
of life from shipwreck, (patented). 

938 Macdona, Geoege, 32 Molesworth St. Ex- 
hibitor ; Messrs. Davies, Sons, & Evans, Stone House 
Mills, Stroud, Manu. — Nash scarlet cloth, finest made ; 
shell scarlet for undi-ess ; royal white for dress ; im- 
perial scarlet for Russian full dress uniforms ; wool 
dyed electoral black cloth. 

939 M'COMAS & Son, 2 Lr. Abbey St. Dublin, 
Des. and Prop. — Deputy-lieutenant's uniform; court 
dress ; dress coats ; embroidered vests and trowsers ; 
Albanian scarlet cloth embroidered dressing-gown ; 
Albanian embroidered caps ; the Hibernian reversible 
embroidered Toga ; "The Eblana Morning Coat" (of 
Irish manufacture) ; the Hibernian paletot and summer 
overcoat ; lady's embroidered riding habit and mantle, 
and a specimen of needlework of Joseph presenting 
his father to Pharoah, by L. H. 

940 M'Cluskey, J. Keadue, Carrick-on-Shannon. 
— Hosiery and shirts. 

941 Meehan, W. 48 Beresford St. Dublin, Manu. 
— Ladies' and gentlemen's kid gloves; dressed kid 
skins — all manufactured from Irish skins. 

942 Meeey, J. 4 Chesnut PI. Lr. Clanbrassil St. 
Dublin, Manu. — Cockades, with leather fans — Lord 
Lieutenant's and other patterns ; parchment cockades, 
with parchment fans ; cockades of the Queen's pat- 
tern, and of various other descriptions and sizes. 

943 Mitchell, F. 8 Cartwright St. Royal Mint St. 
London, Inv. and Manu. — Gentlemen's riding boots, 
with spurs on a new principle ; button shoes ; ladies' 
riding boots ; spurs, showing the improved action. 

944 Morgan, J. 9 Grafton St. Dublin, Manu.— 
Hats, racing caps, &c. 

945 Moerison, A. and W. & Co. Dubhn, Manu.— 
Dunstable, rice, plain and fancy Tuscan bonnets ; 
ladies' boots and shoes. 

946 Morrison, H. & Son, 27 Castle St. Dublin, 
Manu.— Hats of various shapes and sizes. 

947 MoRAN, M. 13 Stephen's Green, N. Dublin, 
Manu. — Hosiery of various descriptions and qualities : 
hose, half-hose, socks, drawers, elastic web vests, &c. ; 
shirts and collars ; cotton and silk web braces ; ladies' 
and gentlemen's kid gloves in variety. 



948 Nelson, J. HoUoway, near London, Des. and 
Manu. — Boots warranted to wear in centre of sole, 
the first lieel to last the sole out, thereby superseding 
the use of half irons and revolving heels. 

948 A DONEGAN, J. 32 Dame St. Dublin.— Suit of 
vestments, cloth of gold, of French manufacture ; 
specimens of silk and trimmings of Irish manufacture. 

949 Nolan, M. 62 Henry St. Dublin, Prop.— 
Baby's pelisse of embroidered cashmere ; boy's dress 
of velvet and Irish poplin ; girl's dress of lace and 
Irish poplin ; boy's hat of embroidered cashmere ; 
baby's hood of cashmere, embroidered. 

950 O'DoNOGHUE, J. 8 Bachelor's Quay, Cork, 
Manu. — Timber clog soles ; timber soled Blucher 
boots and shoes ; clothiers' and hatters' jack cards, 
with brass and iron teeth. 

951 Parkek, J. 35 Dame St. Dublin, Manu.— 
Ladies' and gentlemen's light and strong boots and 
shoes in variety. 

952 Peyton, J. C. 17 Up. Ormond Quay, Dublin, 
Manu. — Hunting and riding boots rendered water- 
proof by saturation in a chemical fluid ; regidation 
dress boot for the 11th Hussars ; stage boot, costume 
of the reign of Louis XVI. ; racing, shooting, and 
other boots ; lace shoe for curling. 

953 Poieotte, F. 12 Suffolk St. Dublin, Imp.— 
Ladies' French shoes and boots. 

954 Robinson, E. M. Stephen's Green, Dublin, 
Manu. — Model of exhibitor's house, containing minia- 
ture patterns of the various articles of ladies' under- 
clothing, baby linen, Irish stays ; straw bonnets and 
hats ; milinery in caps and bonnets ; dresses, and 
gentlemen's shirts of Irish manufacture. 

955 Rogees & Bakee, 71 G-rafton St. Dublin. 
Manu. — Habit de chase ; dress and morning coats ; 
paletots ; vests of Irish tissue, poplin, &c. ; dress and 
promenade trowsers, of Irish tweeds and doeskins. 

956 Samuelson, E. 56 Dawson St. Dublin, Des. 
— Irish embroidered dress trowsers in a new style. 

957 Sheils & Scott, 28 & 29, Castle St. Dublin, 
Manu. — Ladies' and children's boots and shoes. 

958 Spaceman, W. Victoria St. Belfast, Manu.— 
Sewing Machine, and articles of clothing made by it. 

959 Silveelock, H. 11 Trinity St. Dublin, Des. 
and Manu. — Boots and shoes, strong, light, and dress ; 
model of a life guardsman's leg and boot, with head of 
the late Duke of Wellington, and other ornaments, cut 
out of a solid piece of wood, by the exhibitor. 

960 Supple, J. 98 Quay, Waterford.— Gloves. 

961 Thompson, A. 26, St. Andrew St. Dublin.— 
Clergymen's and lawyer's robes. 

962 Theeshee & Glennt, 152 Strand, (next 
Somerset house) London, Inv. and Manu.— Thresher's 
India gauze, (the lightest material made) ; waistcoats 
for gentlemen and ladies ; cashmere ; silk and thread 

963 Tollet, G. Betley HaU, near Newcastle, 
Staffordshire, Prop.^ — Mantle with feather- work border, 
&c. ; feather-work tippets, trimmed with goose down ; 
muff and victorine made of the tail feathers of China 
fowl ; a muff and boa made of goose down (Minniver 
pattern) ; with many other articles of feather- work ; 
muffetees, knit by a lady in the 93rd year of her age. 

964 Watkins, Joseph D. 77 Dame St. Dublin. — 
Buckskin hunting breeches ; buckskin hunting vest ; 
goatskin riding or driving gloves. 

965 Webb, T. & Co. 35 & 36 Up. Sackville St. 
Dublin, Wholesale Manu. — ^Boots and shoes ; coats ; 
vests ; trowsers ; shirts ; collars ; drawers ; socks ; 
gloves, &c. 

966 Webb & Co. J. H. 12 and 13 Up. Bridge St. 
Dublin, Manu. — Men's, women's, and children's boots 
and shoes. 

967 Weight, J. 33 Westmoreland St. Dublin, 
Manu. — Hats, caps, and children's fancy felts, &c. and 
other articles connected with the hatting trade. 

968 Weight & Oslet, 8 Lr. Sackville St. Dublin. 
• — Hats, hunting caps, &c. 

969 Weight & Stanley, Dublin and Mespil, Manu. 
— Silk, beaver, and felt hats ; military and court hats ; 
with specimens of materials used in the manufacture 
of the above. 




970 Algor, J. Eldon St. Sheffield, Maim.— Knives, 
in variety, for Shoemakers, Cooks, Butchers, Spinners, 
Painters and Glaziers ; Farriers' drawing knives ; cur- 
riers' and butchers' steels ; plumbers' shave hook ; 
saddlers' half-moon knife. 

971 Baker, W. 14 Allen St. Clerkenwell, Lon- 
don, Manu. — Brad awls ; awls for sieve and cage 
makers, bookbinders, saddlers, and shoemakers ; shoe 
awls for pegged boots ; marking and seat awls ; gim- 
smiths' wood awls ; curriers' and cabinet-makers' 
scraper steels ; shoemakers' tacks. 

972 EiRMiN & Sons, Strand, London. — Swords 
and heraldic devices. 

973 Bates, J. 62 Sth. Gt. Georges's St. Dublin, 
Manu. — Razors mounted in tortoiseshell handles, pearl, 
bog oak, ivoiy, and buffalo ; razors in the rough, from 
the bar, showing the supei-fine quality of the steel. 
Penknives and table knives in the process of manufac- 
ture. Improved Irish balance table knives ; also a 
newly invented carving fork and knife sharpener 
together. Masticating knife, and card of miniature 
razors and penknives. Irish manufactured razor strops. 
Bread knives mounted in bog oak. 

974 Bradford, S. Clonmel, Des. and Manu. — 
Model of a cutler's workshop ; razors, in tortoiseshell, 
pearl, ivory, and horn handles ; razor strops ; pen, 
pocket, pruning, clasp, hunting, and sportsmen's knives ; 
daggers ; bowie knives ; portable knife and fork, with 
transferring blades, &c. ; bread knife, with ivory 
handle, carved by exhibitor ; case of veterinary instru- 
ments ; tobacco cutter, and cucumber slicer, (invented 
by exhibitor) ; skates, of improved pattern ; large show 
knife and fork. 

975 Booth, J. and J. 35 Golden Lane, Dublin, 
Prop. — An assortment of plough planes, sash and 
side fillisters, moulding and bench planes, manufactured 
by them. Specimens of hard woods for turning, &c. ; 
Ivory and Sea-horse teeth. 

975a Cowan, B. & S. 164 Fenchurch St. London, 
(per J. Parkes). — Cutlery. 

976 Ellin, T. & Co. Sheffield, Manu.— Specimens 
of blistered, cast, shear, and coach spring steel ; bread 

knives, carving and table knives and forks of various 
patterns, and with handles of mother-of-pearl, ivory, 
fancy woods, horn, and bone ; cooks' and butchers' 
knives and steels ; table steels ; shoemakers', glaziers' 
farriers', cork and leather cutters' knives ; office, 
pocket, bowie, pruning, sportsmen's, and numerous 
other knives ; scissors ; sickles and reaping hooks ; 
the " com crake" sickle ; the original Sheffield whittle, 
(Chancers) ; table knife of 50 years ago, ox-bone handle, 
common point blade ; large venison carving knife, and 
other articles of cutlery. 

977 Hannah, A. Calton, Glasgow, Manu. — 
Thompson's screw shell and single twist augers ; 
braces, bits, and other boring tools ; claw clinch ; ve- 
neering, and rivetting hammers ; turning tools, &c. 

978 Henshaw, T. & Co. 81 Abbey St. Dublin.— 
Galvanized chain and anchor. 

979 HiLLiARD & Chapman, 56 Buchanan Street, 
Glasgow, Inv. and Manu. — The gigantic table knife ; 
registered improved table knife of 1851, vdth invisibly 
locked-fast handle ; skeleton of the improved table 
knife, showing the prindiple of the invention ; shear- 
carving knife, for carving fowls, &c. ; the great Clydes- 
dale razor ; the people's razor, remarkable for its 
cheapness ; the organic razor ; guard razors, and other 
new instruments for shaving ; case of 7 razors, one for 
each day in the week ; the valise strop, containing a 
complete shaving apparatus ; gentleman's improved 
portable dressing case ; newly constructed sportsmen's 
knives ; a variety of knives, scissors, &c.; buffing ma- 
chines for cleaning knives ; surgical instruments ; 
Clendon's tooth forceps ; speculi ; patent stomach 
pump ; trusses, &c. 

980 Hudson, J. 35 Button Lane, Sheffield.— 

981 Hunter, M. & Son, Talbot Works, Sheffield, 
Manu. — Solid cast steel table cutlery ; plated dessert 
knives ; scissors ; razors ; penknives ; sportsmen's 
Wharncliffe and pocket knives ; saws, files, edge and 
joiner's tools ; axes ; butcher knives and steels ; shoe 
knives ; adzes. 

982 HuTTON & Newton, Highlane, near Sheffield, 



Manu — Sickles ; sharping and patent hooks ; scythes ; 
hay and straw knives. 

983 Mathieson, Alexandee, & Son, Saracen's 
Lane, Glasgow, Manu. — Bench planes in boxwood ; 
fillister planes in ebony ; plows with steel bridles and 
side screws ; assortment of various kinds of planes ; 
screw augers ; brace screw bits ; turning chisels and 
gouges ; improved holdfast ; pianoforte key maker's 
tools ; braces handsomely mounted ; fancy turning 
tools ; hammers ; with numerous other tools. 

984 Paekee & Thompson, 20 Eockingham St. 
Sheffield, Inv. and Manu. — Joiners' tools, comprising 
braces and bits, squares, bevils, spokeshaves, gimblets, 
augers, tumscrews, gauges, spirit levels, screw boxes, 
saw setts, saw pads, brad awl pads and tools, patent 
angular boring pad, turning saw and frame ; cucumber 
slicer with silver plated cutter, &c.; Thompson's patent 
gutta percha skates. 

985 HiGGiNS, F. Hatton Garden, London. — 
Knives and forks. 

986 Stanifoeth, T. Hackenthorpe, near Sheffield, 
Manu. — Sickles, hooks, scythes and hay knifes. 

987 Stewaet, C. & Co. 22 Charing Cross, London. 
• — Cutlery. 

988 Thompson, W. Dame St. Dublin, Manu. - 
Cutlery and surgical instruments. 

989 Thompson, S. & Co. 7 Henry St. Dublin, Manu. 
— Carving, table, and dessert knives ; pen and sporting 
knives ; razors in pearl handles and in cases ; four 
sided razor strops ; patent cork screws ; surgical 

990 Ttzack, J. Wells, Norfolk, Inv. and Manu.— 
Tyzack's British razor, ground out of the solid steel, 
(requiring no grinding). 

991 Watkins, W. Westgate, Bradford, Yorkshire. 
— Cutlery. 


992 Caeey, T. & Co. Carey's Lane, Cork. — China 
and glass. 

993 Chance, Beothers, &, Co. Birmingham, Manu. 
— FiEST Oedee Fixed Diopteic Lighthouse Appa- 
EATUS, with catadioptric zones, constructed according 
to the system of Augustin Fresnel : the lamp in the 
centre of the apparatus on the moderator principle, 
consisting of a burner with iovx concentric wicks, and 
is of immense power ; the light in clear weather is 
visible 50 miles distant. 

CoNCENTEic Poltzontal Lens, eight of which, 
arranged octagonally, constitute the revolving portion 
of a first order dioptric revolving light. 

FoDETH Oedee Diopteic Lighthouse Appaeatus, 
similar to the first order light, but on a reduced 
scale, suitable for lighting the entrance to harbours, 
rivers, &c. visible at a distance of 15 miles. 

Annular and Cylindeical Lenses foe Eailwat 
and Ship Lanterns. 

994 Bishop, S. & C. & Co. St. Helen's, Lancashire. 
— Circular top for an ornamental table, of plate glass, 
embossed and silvered. Embossed silvered plate of 
glass, intended for a cabinet panel or for fire screens. 

995 Clyde Bottle Works Co. St. EoHox, Glasgow. 
— Black and green glass bottles. 

996 Davis, S. Dublin, Prop. — Glass shades ; table 
crown glass ; samples of bent glass. 

997 The Dublin Glass Bottle Co. North Lotts, 
Dublin, Manu. — Black and green glass bottles, imperial 
and wine measure, &c. ; castor oils, various shades and 
sizes. Flasks, various sizes and colours ; oval and flat 
shaped bottles ; carboys ; druggists' bottles ; wide- 
mouthed powder and tincture bottles ; ginger beer and 
soda water bottles, flat bottomed and egg shaped ; 
seltzer water amber coloured bottles. 

998 Holland, Warwick. — Specimens of glass 
staining, and mural decorations. 

999 Gibson, J. Newcastle-on-Tyne, Des. and 
Manu. — Windows of stained glass in the early Norman 
style ; stained glass, (Saint Llarie reading, after Jan 
"Van Eyk) ; byzantine window ; a decorated window, 
(from St. Jacques, Liege) ; a perpendicular win- 

1000 Hall, J. T. Prescot, Lancashire, Manu. — 
Four light cut glass chandeliers, with crystal prisms 
and chains complete. 



1001 Howard, Beothees, North Woolwich, near 
London. — Glass. 

1002 Kean, R. 27 Wells St. Oxford St. London, 
Prop. — Glass jug, decanters, goblets, and wine 
glasses, engraved in various designs by exhibitor. 

1003 Laing, J. 8 Calton Hill, Edinburgh, Des. and 
Manu. — Specimens of enamelled glass, suitable for 
professional signs and decorations. 

1004 Lowe, E. 13 Marlborough St. Dublin, Manu. 
— Stained glass window, containing specimens of 
foliated ornament, landscapes, figures and heraldry. 

1005 MEiif, A. Glasgow, Manu.^ — Glass bottles, 
imperial and wine measure ; oil bottles of various 
sizes ; bottles, with Beltzung's patent screw neck and 
capsule ; soda water and other bottles. 

1006 Monteaglb, Loed. — Plateau of glass, pre- 
sented by the glass manufacturers of Great Britain to 
Lord Monteagle, when Chancellor of the Exchequer. 

1007 P.OSS, W. A. & Co. High St. Belfast, Manu.— 
Epergnes, manufactured from Irish sand. 

1008 Ross, W. A. & Co. High St. Belfast- 
Pillar, showing eight different descriptions of watch 
glasses in their various sizes, supported and surmounted 
by the crystal balls from which they are made. 

1009 Rice, Hakeis & Son, Islington Glass Works, 
Birmingham. — Coloured and ornamental glass; ruby 
jug ; opaque yellow toilet ; opal vase ; ruby vase and 
cover; vases in great variety of colour and design; 
opal painted jugs and goblets ; ruby and flint tazza ; 
engraved goblet vase and cover. 

1010 Cleinpetee, F. — Enamel glass brooches. 

1011 Eichaedson, B. Wordsley, nr. Stourbridge, 
England, Manu. — One set of pure crystal glass dishes, 
richly cut, for dessert; consisting of one 12 inch centre 
and stand, four 10 inch dishes, four 9 inch dishes, 
four 8 inch dishes. 

1012 RiGG I. & Son, Glasgow. — Crystal gasiliers 
for four, six, and eight lights. 

1013 SiLLEET, M. & R. 107, Abbey St. Dubhn, 
Des. and Manu. — Stained glass windows ; embroidered 
looking glasses. 

1014 Thomas & Higginbotham, Dublin. — Glass 
drawing-room lustre. Gold colom: Chandelier. Parian 
chiaa vases, figures, groupes, &c. Celtic china dinner, 
dessert, and toilette suits. Specimen patterns of china 
services. A bronze pillar hall lamp, eight feet high, 
with three burner lamp. Numerous works of art. 
Engraved glass cup vase, "fighting for the standard 
at the battle of Marston Moor." 

1015 Thompson, E. H. 48 Berner's St. Oxford St. 
London. — Specimens of silvered glass. 

1016 Waeren, S. 28 Dame St. DubUn, Prop.— 
Specimens of richly-cut flint glass, manufactured at the 
Dublin Flint Glass Works. 

1017 Whtte, W. 4 Marlboro' St. Dublin.— A ruby 
coated vase, richly cut, made by Percival Yeates & Co. 
and engraved by Bohm, representing Richard Cceur de 
Lion and Saladin at the Battle of Ascalon ; cut and 
engraved decanters ; dinner and dessert glass, in 
variety ; candle lustres and flower vases ; specimens 
of spun glass, &q. 


1018 Bell, J. & M.P. & Co. Glasgow Pottery, Glas- 
gow, Manu. — Dinner services, in pearl and stone ware ; 
dessert service in pearl ware ; tea service in porcelain ; 
toilet seiwices, in various styles ; jugs, in pearl ware 
and Parian ; salt-ceUar, (shell and dolphin) in Parian ; 
candlesticks, in pearl ware ; Ariosto's inkstand, after 
the antique, in Parian; cornucopias (stag's head,) after 
the antique, in pearl ware ; vases, in Parian, pearl 
ware, and terra-cotta ; bust of Jenny Lind ; statuettes 
of Dante, Petrarch, Kihneny, (from the Queen's Wake, 

and modelled by Mossman), in Parian ; balustrade and 
large vases in terra-cotta ; fancy flower pots in majoHca 
ware; with other articles in Parian, porcelain, iron- 
stone, &c. 

1019 Ltgon, Geneeal, the Hon. Edwaed, Spring 
Hill, Broadway, Worcestershire, Prop. — Specimens of 
foreign and British porcelain from the collection of 
the Hon. General Edward Lygon : — 

1. Two large vases, old Sevres, richly gilt, on a 
"Bleu de Roi" groimd, painted with mythological 



subjects round the centre ; trophys in panel on the 

2. Two large vases, Dresden, dark blue ground, 
with gold, painted with battle pieces. 

3. Two cups and saucers. "Cappo di Mont^." 

4. One cup and saucer, and cover, old Sevres, 
torquoise and gold ; painted birds. 

5. One cup and saucer, old Sevres, "Bleu de JRoi" 
and gold, painted with Watteau subjects. 

6. One coffee cup and saucer, old Sevres, "Bleu 
de Roi" and gold, painted with portrait of Van Dyck 
and geni. 

7. One coflfee cup and saucer, old Sevres, "Bleu 
de Eoi" ground, jewelled and gUt, painted with female 
head and geni. 

8. Two coffee cups and saucers, old Sevres, "Bleu 
de Hoi," gilt and jewelled. 

9. One coffee cup and saucer, old Sevres, torquoise 
ground, gilt and jewelled. 

10. One coffee cup, old Dresden, chocolate gi'ound, 
painted wreaths and basket of flowers. 

11. One oval cup and saucer, old Dresden, painted 
flowers, in solid gold ground, small figure, subjects 
painted in panels. 

12. One ditto ; the same, but with green ground. 

13. One cup and saucer, Dresden, with raised 
flowers, gilt, painted with figui-e subjects. 

14. One cup and saucer, Dresden, May flower, gUt 
inside, painted subjects inside in panel. 

15. One coffee cup and saucer, old Sevres, " Bleu 
de Roi," richly jewelled and gilt, painted in four 
panels, with cupids. 

16. One coffee cup and saucer, Vienna, Marone 
groimd, flowers on ground, painted with Cupid in 

17. One oval cup and saucer, Furstenberg, blue 
ground, painted with small figure subjects. 

18. One cup and saucer, old Sevres, Rose du Barry, 
scrolls, painted with fiowers, gilt. 

19. One cup and saucer, without handle. Oriental, 
raised white flowers ; the surface covered with raised 
gold spots. 

20. One coffee cup and saucer, old Sevres, torquoise 
ground, painted with subjects in one color. 

21. One cup and saucer, old Sevi'es Bleu de Roi, 
richly gdt, and birds in gold in panel. 

22. One large coffee cup, old Sevres, Bleu de Roi, 
ground painted with portrait. 

23. One coffee cup and saucer, old Worcester. 

24. One bottle, old Worcester. 

25. One jewel tray, old Worcester. 

26. One tea pot, old Dresden, yellow ground, 
painted with figure subjects. 

27. One small dish, old Dresden, gilt border, 
painted with birds. 

28. One plate, old Sevres, torquoise ground, painted 
with birds and flowers. 

29. One plate, old Dresden, pierced border rope, 
flat verge — subject painted in centre. 

30. One plate, old Dresden, pierced border ribbon 
on verge — head painted in centre. 

31. One oval coffee cup, old Dresden, solid gold 
groimd — subject painted in green on the gold. 

32. One square lamp, old Sevres, green ground 
— subjects painted in panels. 

33. One large box, Dresden, May flowers. 

34. One small tea pot, old Sevres, Rose du Barry, 
jewelled and gilt — painted with female head. 

35. One octagon plate, old Sevres, torquoise ground, 
painted with group of figures in centre, and 4 groups 
of flowers. 

36. One plate, modern Dresden, richly gUt, painted 
with subjects in panels. 

37. One plate old Sevres, Bleu de Roi, ground 
superbly painted with 5 subjects in panels. 

38. One stand, old Sevres, Rose du Barry, painted 
with trophys and monogram. 

39. One stand, old Sevres, Bleu de Roi, finely 
painted with 5 subjects in panels. 

40. One square dish, old Sevres, blue and gi-een 

41. One octagon plate, Berlin, broad gold band, 
painted with trophys in centre — (made for Napoleon). 

42. One small cream jug, with cover, Berlin, straw 
color — painted with subjects in panel. 

43. One covered coffee cup and saucer, Berlin, green 
band, painted subjects. 

44. One coffee cup and saucer, old Sevres, green 
scrolls and painted flowers. 

45. One coffee pot, Vienna, green ground, painted 
basket of flowers at bottom, and flowers twined up. 

46. One small vase, two handles, Chelsea, blue and 
gold, painted with two subjects. 

47. One ditto, one handle, Chelsea, blue and gold, 
painted with one subject. 

48. One cup and saucer (large), old Sevres, rose 
ground and blue lines, and gold painted flowers. 

49. One vase and cover, Colebrookdale, Rose du 
Ban-y, painted with trophies, richly gilt. 

50. One cup and stand. Oriental, raised flowers. 



51. One bason, old Dresden, raised flowers, gilt. 

52. One plateau, Berlin, straw color ground, painted 
with landscape. 

53. One cup and saucer, old Derby. 

54. One small cup and saucer, painted, Chinese 

55. One large cup and saucer, old Sevres, blue and 
gold. The stand has three wells, beautifully painted. 

56. One mug, old Worcester, blue and gold, a match 
to one in the possession of the Queen. 

57. One cup and saucer, old Sevi-es, yellow ground, 
painted with cupids and birds in rose color. 

58. One plate, Dresden, pierced border, painted with 
cameo subject in centre. 

59. One plate, Vienna, blue and gold, painted 

60. One plate, Sevres, views painted in one color. 

61. One cup and saucer, Vienna^ blue and gold, 
painted with subjects of children. 

62. One cup and saucer, old Sevres, Rose du Bany 
green, peacock's feathers on ground. 

63. One chalice cup, French, medallion Luther. 

64. One covered box, old Sevres, blue and gold, 
painted with small flowers. 

1020 Bourne, J. & Son, Denby Pottery, near 
Derby, Manu. — Glazed ware, viz. : — Bottles for ink, 
blacking, porter, ginger beer, etc. ; feet and carriage 
warmers ; jars, jugs, etc. "Vases, flower pots, wine, 
butter, and water coolers, in biscuit ware, manufac- 
tured from the same clay as the glazed ware. Electric 
telegraph insulators. 

1021 CoPELAND, W. T. Manu. Stoke -up on-Trent, 
Staffordshire : London Depot, 1 60 New Bond St. — 

Works in "Porcelain Scenery." : — • 

1. Group of "Ino and the Infant Bacchus," by 
J. H. Foley, R.A., from the original mai'ble in the 
possession of the Earl of EUesmere. 

2. Group of "Bums and Highland Mary." 

3. Group of the " Prodigal's Return ;" "Father 
I have sinned," by W. Theed. 

4. Statuette "Sabrina," by W. C. Marshall, R.A. 
see Milton's Comus, "the Goatherd •" by the late J. 
R. Wyatt, R.A. from the original marble in the pos- 
session of His Grace the Duke of Sutherland. 

5. Venus, by John Gibson, R.A. 

6. Sappho, by W. Theed, from the original 
marble; the largest work ever produced in this 

7. Equestrian statuette of Emanuel Philibert, 
Duke of Savoy, by the Baron Marochetti. 

8. Rebekah, by W. Theed. 

9. "Ruth Gleaning," by W. Theed. 

10. Head of Jimo — life size, from the antique. 

11. Innocence, by J. H. Foley, R.A. executed as 
prizes for the Art Union of London . 

12. Narcissus, by Gibson, R.A. executed for the 
Art Union of London. 

13. The "Dancing Girl Reposing" by W. C. Mar- 
shall, R.A. executed for the Art Union of London. 

14. SirW. Scott, reduced copy, from the original 
colossal statue on the Calton Hill, executed for the 
Edinburgh Association for the promotion of the fine 

15. Groups of graces and cupids as Kanephoroi. 

16. H.R.H. the Princess Alice as Spring. 

17. H.R.H. the Princess Royal as Summer. 

18. H.R.H. the Prince Alfred as Autumn. 

19. H.R.H. the Prince of Wales as Winter. 

This illustrative series from the original models, 
executed by Mrs. Thorney croft for the Queen. 

20. The Greek Slave, reduced by B. Cheverton, 
from the original marble by Hiram Powers. 

21. The Bather, by Lawlor. 

22. Napoleon I. at Fontainbleau, by W. Theed, 
after the picture by Paul Delaroche. 

23. Group of the " Return from the Vintage," 
consisting of seven figures. 

24. Fairy Cap, by Edgar Pap worth. 

25. The Toilet, from the original by Wichmann. 

26. The Indian, by Cumberworth. 

27. The Negress, by Cumberworth. 

28. The Golden Age, by W. Beattie. 

29. The Temptation. 

30. Little Neli, by Westmacott, Jun. 

31. Master Davy, by Westmacott, Jun. 

32. The Love Story. 

33. Paul and Virginia, group by Cumberworth. 

34. Bust of Her Majesty the Queen, by Francis. 

35. Bust of the late Duke of Wellington, by the 
Count Dorsay. 

36. Bust of the late Lord George Bentinck, by the 
Count D'Orsay. 

37. Bust of Napoleon I. by W. Theed. 

38. Bust of the late Sir R. Peel, by Westmacott, 

39. Bust of Nelson, after Flaxman. , 

40. Bust of Daniel O'Conneil, by J. E. Jones. 

41. Variety of busts, statuettes, &c. 

42. Group of Graces with basket for flowers, the 
ornaments enriched with gold. 



43. Renaissance flower vase, richly gilt and en- 

44. Jewel Casket, gilt and enamelled. 

45. Pierced flower vase, with ruby lining, richly gilt. 

46. Group of kneeling females supporting flower 
basket, enriched in dead and burnished gold. 

47. Renaissance jardinieres, with burnished gold and 
enamelled decorations. 

48. Renaissance covered chalice ; decorated samples 
of wall brackets of various designs. 


49. Several examples of the "jewelled designs" 
executed in white and coloured enamels on porcelain 
vases, tazzi, &c. 

50. Several Porcelain vases, enamelled and gUt, with 
landscape and floral decorations. 

51. A large Porcelain vase with Raphaelesque design 
in colours, and emblematical figure — subject, "Fame," 
on gold gTOund. 

52. Set of three china vases with pierced edges, rose- 
dubarry ground, chased gold panels and "amorini" 
in fi'ont, and "emblems" on the reverse. 

53. Numerous samples of dessert plates, in various 
styles of decoration, including flgui'e, landscape, and 
floral designs. 

54. Various specimen cups and saucers of different 

55. Pair of amphorae and stands, with wreaths of 
convolvulus and passion flower. 

53. Pair of upright vases, with wi-eaths of flowers. 

57. Porcelain slabs for fire place coverings, panels, 
table tops, &c. 

58. Pair of slabs, Raphaelesque design on gold 
ground ; scroU panels in colours ; borders in raised 
gold, chased and burnished ; and flowers in centre on 
blue ground. 

59. Panel, Grecian design, in colours and gold, 
with figure of " Morning" in centre. 

60. Several slabs of various desigTis. 

61. Samples of printed earthenware, &c. 

1022 DouLTON, J. Jun. Liverpool Pottery, St. 
Helen's, Lancashire, exhibiting in connexion with H. 
Doulton & Co. Lambeth, London, Manu. — Terra 
cotta vases, of various styles and forms, with pedestals ; 
pendant vases ; mignionette boxes ; labummn pedestal ; 
ornamental brackets, trusses, and chimney tops ; fern 
cases and ornamental garden pots ; all in terra cotta. 
"Doulton's stone-ware pipes;" stone ware closet pans. 

1023 Doulton & Watts, Lambeth Pottery, Lon- 
don, Manu. — Ornamented water filters (in use through- 

out the Exhibition Building). Large stone jar for 
chemical purposes ; worm for distillation ; stone-ware 
cock for acids ; closet pans ; registered air-tight stop- 
pered jars; enamelled spirit jars; figured jugs; oval 
spirit cask ; bottles, with patent screw stoppers ; and 
other articles. 

1024 Edmondson, J. & Co. Dame St. Dublin — 
Ornamental flower pots; Tye's registered hyacinth 
glasses with flower supports. 

1024a Daniell, A. E. & R. P. 18 Wigmore St. 
and 129 New Bond St. London. — Vaiiety of orna- 
mental porcelain vases, trays, inkstands, &c. ; speci- 
mens of plates, and cups and saucers, in Sevres style, 
"Rose Dubarry," &c. ; a pattern plate of the Royal 
Dessert Service, executed by command of Her Ma- 
jesty, and presented to the Emperor of Russia. 

1025 Eeeguson, Millek, & Co. Heathfield Glas- 
gow, Manu. 

A fountain, height 24 feet. (Central Hall.) 

1026 Floyd, A. 19 Wellington Quay, Dublin.— 
Stands for shades and figures made of Kilkenny 
marble. Glass shades and figures, &c. 

1027 Jamieson, J. & Co. Pottery, Boness, N.B.— 

1027a Blashfield, J. M. MiU Wall, Poplar, 
London, Manu. — Figure in terra cotto of Diana, from* 
the antique. Figure in terra cotta of Flora, from 
model by Bayley. Flower pots in terra cotta of 
various designs, (by T. M. Blashfield). Suspending 
fiower pot in ten-a cotta, (designed by T. M. Blash- 
field). Terra cotta copy of Warwick vase. Terra 
cotta copy of antique vase. Terra cotta copy of 
antique terra. Terra cotta Tazza. Terra cotta vase, 
(designed by T. jM. Blashfield). Terra cotta bust of 
her Majesty the Queen, fi-om a bronze by H. WeigaU. 
Terra cotta bust of the late Duke of WeUington, fi-om 
a model by H. WeigaU. Terra cotta copy of antique 
bust of Bacchus. Terra cotta copy of antique group 
of the Niobe. Terra cotta copy of RoubUlac's cupid 
sleeping. Terra cotta Tazza. Ten-a cotta bowls and 
ten-a cotta vase, (designed byT. M. Blashfield). Terra 
cotta copy of antique vase, (remodelled by INIr. Innes). 
TeiTa cotta copy of antique vase, (remodelled by Mr. 
Pitts). Terra cotta consoles. Terra cotta basket 
flower pot. Terra cotta flower tray, (designed by T. 
M. Blashfield). 

1028 Keee, W. H. & Co. Royal Porcelain Works, 
Worcester, Manu. — -"The Shakespeare" dessert ser- 
vice, introducing groups in statuary Olustrative of the 
"Midsummer Night's Dream," modelled by W. B. 



Kirk, A.E.H.A. ; manufactured fi'om materials princi- 
pally the produce of Ireland. " Uncle Tom and Eva, " 
in statuaiy porcelain, by W. B. Kirk. Bust of the 
Duke of Leinster, in Irish statuary porcelain, and 
statuette of Dr. Hahnmann, in porcelain, by the same 
artist. Busts of W. Dargan, Esq. and Sir Robert 
Kane, by J. Jones, Esq. in "Irish statuary porcelain." 
TheMooreandWellingtonvases, by J. Kirk, A.R.H.A. 
in Irish statuary porcelain. Vases by Mr. Duffy, 
Miss Bradshaw, and Mr. Earrell, of the Dublin School 
of Desig-n. "Topsey," a statuette, by H. M'Manus, 
Esq. Dublin School of Design. Groups of animals, 
by — Powell, Esq. Dublin School of Design. Wed- 
ding tray and vase. Specimens of Worcester china, 
dinner, dessert, breakfast, and tea services. Card 
trays, exhibiting specimens of painting on porcelain ; 
dejeune and ink trays, &c. ; painted vases ; specimens 
of the old Worcester painting on vases, cabinet, cups, 
&c. The royal iron stove, as used in the royal navy. 
Specimens of the raw materials used in the manufac- 
ture of porcelain, &c. 

1029 EosE, Messrs. J. & Co. Coalbrookdale, 
Shropshire, Manu. ; Gregg and Son, 18 Upper 
Sackville St. Exhibitors. — China dinner, dessert, and 
tea services ; dinner, dessert and tea services, in 
Celtic body, a new composition ; vases, similar to 
Sevres china ; trays, inkstands, &c. similar to Sevres 
china; jars, beakers, &c. in coloured china; parian 
statuary group, from the "Faerie Queene ;" large Parian 
pierced vase supported by sea horses ; large group of 
"Puck and companions, " from "Midsummer's night 
dream ;" cabinet, dessert plates, and tea cups ; new 
"supper service," complete. 

1030 Leetch, T. 26 Dame St. Dublin, Imp.— 
Stone, china, and earthenware, comprising dinner, 
tea, breakfast, and toilet services, &c. ; cut glass 
decanters, goblets, and wine glasses ; large rich cut 
centre dish and vase; vases, &c. of Bohemian 

1031 Mayeb, T. J. & Joseph, Dale Hall, Pottery, 
Longport, Staffordshire. — Parian statuettes, vases &c. 
Stone china, real ironstone, opaque porcelain, earthen- 
ware, &c. 

1032 PoiDGWAT, J. & Co. Staffordshire Potteries. — 
China and earthenware. 

1033 RuFFORD, F. T. Stourbridge, and 10 Wharf 
City Road, London (J. Finch), Manu. — Porcelain 
Bath (Patentees, Eufford and Finch). The body 
is made with fire clay, the inner surface veneered 

with porcelain, and glazed as pottery, both white and 

1034 ToBiN, T. Ballincollig, co. Cork, Prop. — 
Modern Sevres Cup and Saucer, painted with portrait 
and scenes from the life of the Duchess De LaValliere ; 
old Sevres Cup and Saucer, with miniature portrait 
and monogram of La Princesse de Lamballe. 

1035 Walker, J. Corran, Lame, co. Antrim. — ■ 
Fire and common bricks ; crucibles ; common black, 
ware ; jars ; Rockingham teapots ; cane ware ; baking 
dishes ; breakfast and tea services ; bowls, wine coolers, 
porous water jugs. 

Raw Materials, discovered or brought into com- 
mercial use by exhibitor, viz. : — Clay, suited for 
fire-proof wares, for cane and Rockingham wares, and 
other samples of useful clays ; flint, raw and prepared 
for potters' uses ; limestone, and other substances use- 
ful to potters. 

1036 Warren, C. M. 19 and 30 Essex St. Dublin, 
Imp. — Large lustre, mounted with crystal prisms ; 
cut glass decanters ; claret jugs, caraffes, goblets, wine 
glasses, tumblers, and champaigne glasses ; cut crystal 
centre dish ; foreign ruby and cased glass chimney 
lustres ; vases and tazzas, in various styles ; toilet 
bottles ; cased glass claret bottles, &c. ; statuettes, 
group, and bust, in Parian ; china, table, dessert, break- 
fast, tea and coffee, and toilet services ; stone and 

1037 Gregg & Son, 18 Up. Sackville St. Dublin, 
Imp. — Bohemian ornamental coloured vases ; dessert 
water jug, opal and snake handle ; dessert goblets to 
match ; dessert jug, rub and opal ; dessert goblets to 
match ; dessert jug, engraved in flint ; dessert goblets 
to match ; rich embossed inkstand, gilt ; rich butter 
coolers and stands ; bon bon stands ; liqueur sett sand 
trays, assorted ; three pair large mantel piece lustres 
and drops ; three pair smaller mantel piece lustres and 
drops. French paper weights ; china vases, series ; 
toilet bottles, assorted. Dresden figures, coloured. 
Samples of patent silvered glass ; bronze and gold 
timepiece and bronze groups. 

1038 Westenholz, Brothers, London, Imp. — 
Copies in porcelain of Thorwaldsen's sculptures, pro- 
duced at the Royal Porcelain Manufactory in Copen- 
hagen : — Statuettes of Christ ; an angel as a font ; 
Ganymede and the eagle ; Mercury ; Jason ; Vulcan ; 
Hebe ; dancing girl ; shepherd boy ; Lord Byron ; 
Love, with lyre ; Cupid standing ; and Love sharpening 
his darts, (after a marble statue by W. IT. Bissen), 




1039 Allowat, R. M. The Denies, Ballybrittas, 
Queen's County. — Specimens of bog or peat, manu- 
factured in various forms, and for various pxirposes of 
use or ornament, by peculiar processes. 

1040 BiBCH, E. 1 & 2 Molesworth St. Manu.— 
Gentlemen's, barristers', and coachmen's wigs ; gen- 
tlemen's scalps ; ladies' wigs, plaits, curls on combs, 
&c. ; Birch's hair wash and pomade. 

1041 CooPEE, Mrs. I. A. M. Newtownbarry, co. 
Wexford, Prop. — Hat and bonnet plait in imitation 
of Tuscan, made of the Irish " Traneen" grass in the 
cottages of the peasantry. 

1042 a Gascoigi^e, Mrs. Teench — Little temple 
in ivory ; sprig of lace-tatted flowers ; glass enamel 
cabinet work box, painted in Alhambra arabesque. 

1043 DiNHAM, H. C. 59 Eupert St. London.— 
Designs worked in himian hair, for broochos, lockets, 
souvenirs, &c. 

1044 Feeguson, J. H. & Co. 2 Grocer's HaU 
Court, Poultry, London, Pat. and Manu. — Water- 
proof and air-proof fabrics and clothing. 

1045 Biekbeck, E. 209 Gt^ Brunswick St. Dublin. 
—Ladies and Gentlemen's perukes ; hair brushes, 
perfumery, &c. 

1046 Galbeaith, W. H. Sec. to the'Ceylon Mining 
Company, 23 New Broad St. London. — Artificial 
essences for culinary purposes ; extracts for handker- 
chiefs from flowers and plants ; hair oil ; pomades ; 
greases ; soaps, &c. 

1047 Hawkins, Thomas, Bishop's Road, London, 
Inv. Pat. and Manu. — Case of Hawkin's patent 
brushes, containing specimens of the patent, as ap- 
plied to stock and distemper brushes, dusters and 
ground brushes, sash tools and varnish brushes, mott- 
ler's and badger's hair brushes. 

1048 HiGGS, J. S. 34 Abbey St. Dublin, Imp. and 
Manu. — Varieties of wine, porter, soda, and phial 
corks ; jar and pxmcheon bimgs ; cork soles. 

1049 Jeemtn, Maet, Sneem, co. Kerry, Manu. 

Shell work baskets, made of shells from Derrynane. 

1050 Ej;nt, J. J. & Co. 11 Great Marlborough St. 
London, Manu.— Hair, clothes, hat, flesh, and bath 

brushes, tooth, nail, and shaving brushes, in ivory, 
bone, and a great variety of fancy woods. Brushes 
for household and stable use ; painters' and other 
brushes. Kent's caoutchouc knife boards, to be used 
with Batt's knife powder for cleaning knives. 

1051 Laied, Mrs. Susajs^na, 2i Grafton St. Dublin, 
Manu. — Ladies' and gentlemen's patent skin and gauze 
wigs, ladies' fronts, &c. 

1052 Laied, J. 22 Grafton St. Dublin, Manu.— 
Gentlemen's perukes ; ladies' head-dresses, fronts, and 
bands, &c. 

1053 Ledwiche, M. 11 Meeting-house Yd. Dublin. 
• — Brushes. 

1054 Lynch, A. Suff'olk St. Dublin, Manu.— Wigs, 
fronts, and ornamental hair. 

1055 Madden & Black, 145 Capel St. Dublin, 
Inv. and Manu. — Ladies' and gentlemen's perukes, 
with improved gossamer partings. Judge's full dress 
wig ; bench and bar wigs. 

1055 A La Totjche, Miss C. BeUevue, Delgany. — 
Models in elder pith of ancient Irish crosses ; Kells, 
Killamory, Clonmacnoise, IMoore Abbey, Kilree. 

1056 Mahont, J. & J. 112 Coombe, Dublin, Manu. 
— Brushes, of various descriptions. 

1057 O'CoNNOE, Miss A. S%o. — Ornaments in 
horse hair, the work of peasant girls in the co. 

1058 O'Leaet, J. 53 South MaU, Cork, Manu.— 
A gentleman's wig ; a lady's wig, scalp front, ringlets, 
and plaits, all of Irish materials. 

1059 Powell, J. H. 15 Westmoreland St. Dublin. 
— Arabian liquid, (recently discovered by a physician,) 
for dying hmnan hair from grey or red to brown or 

1060 Peuvot, H. 18 D'Olier St. Dublin, Manu.— 
Wax figures vfith beards and wigs ; ventilator and pa- 
tent perukes ; curled front with skin division ; ban- 
deaux with gauze net. 

1060a Doheett, M. A. & T. 36 Castle St. 
Glasgow. — Horse hair ornaments. 

1061 Rock, J. Hastings, Sussex, Exhibitor, J. 
Smith, Hurstmonceiix, Manu. — Sussex truck baskets. 



1031a Stewart, Miss, Eostrevor, co. Down. — 
Ornaments in hair. 

1062 G0ILLAUME, H. 11 Suffolk St. Dublin.— 
Gentlemen's and Ladies wigs ; combs and brushes ; 
perfumers, &c. 

1082a Lambert, E. 13 Goree Piazza, Liverpool, 
Prop. — Patent ventilated double roofed Australian 
tent ; Lamberts registered gold sifter ; Walker's cen- 
trifugal gold washer ; Eigbey's registered cradle. 
Iron bedsteads, and folding chairs ; hair beds ; ham- 
mocks, rugs, blankets ; mining and emigrants' tools ; 
portable cooking kitchens ; filters, revolvers, bowie 
knives ; money belts ; samples of preserved meats and 
potatoes ; and other articles for emigrants, &c. 

1063 RooNEY, E. A. & Co. 28 Bishopsgate Street, 
London and Brown Hill, brush works, Galway, Manu. 
— Hair brushes of various qualities, in fancy foreign 
woods, bone, ivory, tortoiseshell, and prismatic pearl 
shell ; clothes brushes, made in part of new materials ; 
ladies' curl and bandoline brushes ; whisker, moustache, 
tooth, nail, and shaving brushes ; hearth brushes ; 
hair brooms ; carpet brooms and brushes on a new 
and improved principle, and partly of new material ; 
Eooney's patent horse brushes ; Miller's machine and 
cylinder brushes ; Eooney's improved painters' brushes. 

1084 Smith, J. 328 Eochdale Eoad, Manchester, 
Inv. — A novel and useful application in gutta percha 
(discovered by exhibitor.) 

1064a Lambert, James, Grafton St. Dublin, Manu. 
and Imp. — Samples of lamp oils ; wax, spermaceti, 
composite and tallow candles ; soaps, the raw and 
manufactui'ed material. 

1065 Smyth, O. 12 Upper Granby Eow, Dublin, 
Manu. — Wicker chair screen, work basket, and soiled 
clothes basket. 

1065 A Shaw, Miss Alexander, Caledon. — Orna- 
ments made from the pith of the elder tree — 'Medici 
vase ; a design for a screen ; model of a steel chair at 
Longford castle, given by the city of Augsburg, to 
Eudolphis 2nd Earl of Germany, 1577 ; a model 

1066 Sparks, W. S. 115 New Bond St. London, 
Manu. — India rubber portable fishing and life boat, 
inflated with air, with sculls, bellows for inflation, .&c. 
to carry three persons, but capable of supporting 
more than twenty when used as a life buoy ; India 
rubber portable bath, not afl^ected by heat, &c. ; 
patent surgical elastic sUk stocking and knee cap for 
varicose veins, &c. woven with India-rubber thread, 
and made without a seam. 

1067 Elvery, J. W. & Co. Elephant House, Lr. 
Sackville St. Dublin. — Waterproof, airproof, gutta 
percha, and patent vulcanised India rubber manufac- 

1068 Wilson, H. 5 Stephen's Gn. Dublin, Manu. — 
Gentlemen's knotted and temple spring wigs. 

1069 Worn, E. 17 Dawson St. Dublin, Des. and 
Manu. — Gentlemen's patent machine made wig ; tem- 
ple-spring and weft-spring wigs, with skin partings ; 
coachman's full dress wig ; ladies' long-haired braid 
wig, with transparent partings ; gentlemen's gossamer 
transparent wigs ; ladies' fronts. 

1070 Alcock, p. C. & Co. Dublin Blacking Works, 
Prince's St. Post Ofiice, Dublin, Manu. — Liquid and 
paste blacking ; writing inks — black, blue, red, and 

1071 Barrett, 45 Wicklow St. Dublin, Manu. — 
Fancy silk and satin parasols ; silk umbrellas. 

1072 Barnard, S. 51 Grafton St. Dublin, Manu. — 
Gold and silver mounted walking canes ; fancy para- 
sols ; silk umbrellas ; bathing caps, and sponge bags. 

1073 Berry, J. Jun. Arran Quay, Dublin, Des. — 
Ornamental closed (Ward's) case, for the growth of 
plants in drawing-rooms, &c. planted with the Ferns 
of Ireland. 

1073 a Kain, John Francis, Islington Eoad, 
— Statue of the late Lord Nelson, carved in ivory. 

1074 Bewley, Samuel, & Co. 6 Dame St. Dublin, 
Imp. — Articles of Chinese manufacture : carved ivoiy 
and lacquered ware ; China ware ; paintings on rice 
paper ; Argus, pheasant, and white feather fans, &c. 

1075 Blackney, Hugh, BaUy Ellen, Goresbridge. 
^Mill's ventilating hive ; box hive ; Mill's observa- 
tory hive for observing the different operations of a 
colony of bees ; a box hive, with bell-glass ventilator 
and thermometer ; a straw hive, sown with cane in 
two parts, with windows, and place for bell glass. 

1076 Blum, Brothers, Nassau St. Dublin, Imp. — 
German toys, viz. : Duke of Wellington and his staff, 
with escort of horse guards and band (manufactured 
in Saxe Coburg.) A box of wooden bricks to build a 
gothic church (manufactured in Saxony.) Fancy bas- 
kets (from Bavaria.) Four horse toy carriage (from 

1076 a Day, Mrs. & Miss. — Leather work in imi- 
tation of oak carving. 

1077 Boland, p. 138 Capel St. Dublin, Manu.— 
Machine made fancy and spiced biscuits, in variety ; 
rich ginger cakes, biscuits, &c. 

1078 Brien, C. Dublin, Manu. and Imp. — Wax, 

F 2 


spermaceti, composition, and composite candles ; cla- 
rified tallow mould and dipt candles. Busts cast in 
clarified tallow. 

1C70 Betght^ W, Englisli St. xlnnagh, Des. and 
Manu. — Wedding cake, weighing 280 lbs. ; the Wel- 
lington trophy. 

1080 BOTD, S. 46 Mary St. Dublin, Manu. and 
Imp. — Fancy soaps and Perfumery ; India-rubber har- 
ness varnish ; and specimens of varnishes for wood ; 
blocks of perfumed soaps, as taken from the moulds. 

1081 Clark, Davidson & Co. Mauchline, Ayrshire, 
Manu. — Snuff boxes ; needle and cigar cases, &c. ; 
portfolios and memorandum books ; work boxes and 
retioulos, fcc. made of fancy wood, painted, &c. 

1082 Cleaver, F. S. 18 Red Lion Sq. London, 
Manu. — Honey and white ahnond toilet soaps ; scented 
Windsor soaps ; summer soap (honey soap with tartaric 
acid) ; winter soap (honey soap and camphor) ; honey 
shaving soap, and shaving cream ; saponaceous tooth 
powder (pure white soap and precipitated chalk) ; 
marine soap for washing in salt water. 

1082 A Kelly, P. W. 89, Lower Gardiner St. 
— Carvings — (Death of St. Francis Xavier.) 

1083 CoNOLLT, T. 3 Lr. Bridge Street, Dublin, 
Manu. — Marrow and trotter oils for the hair ; honey 
cream ; castor oil pomade ; eau-de-cologne, and nume- 
rous scents and essences ; japan writing ink ; thin 
ofiSce ink for metallic pens ; blue, black, and fragrant 
violet writing fluids ; machine copying ink ; fountain 
of toilet perfume j^repared from wild flowers. 

1084 CooNET, C. Dublin, Manu. — Specimens of 
starch and dextrine from various sources ; indigo and 
other blues ; liquid and paste blacking. 

1085 Cruise, W. 2 Hoey's Court, Werburgh St. 
Dublin, Manu. — Specimens of toys, comprising drums, 
guns, pistols, swords, tambourines, &c. 

1086 Dargan, M. New Row West, Dublin, — 
Transparent shaving soap ; toilet requisites ; bouquet 
of the emerald isle for 1853 ; musk lavender ; crystal- 
lized pomatum ; trotter, marrow, and other hair oils ; 
bear's grease, cold cream, lip salve, tooth powder, 
smelling salts, eau-de-cologne, writing inks, &c. 

1087 Dixon, G. Up. Erne St. Dublin, Manu.— 
Household soap ; clarifiedtallow, composite and stearine, 
spermaceti candles ; specimens of the materials used 
in these several manufactures ; specimens of palm 
oil, bleached by process patented by exhibitor. 

1087 A Keily, Mr. & Miss, Patrick St. Cork.— 
Ornamental leather work. 

1087 b O'Kelly, The Llisses, Queen Anne St. 

London. — Slippers ; tea caddy ; work-box ; min-or 
frame ; candlesticks designed and worked in leather. 

1088 Field, J. C. & J. Up. Marsh, Lambeth, 
London, INIanu. — Stearic acid, from tallow ; wax, 
bleached and unbleached ; spermaceti ; stearine, wax, 
and spermaceti candles ; patent standard, wax and 
Field's night lights ; sealing wax ; bougies or tapers. 

1088a Langdale, W. S. Lambeth, London. — 
Model of a castle and demesne made entirely of sole 
and other leathers ; the whole cut with an ordinary 
shoemaker's knife ; the chased work executed with a 
common peg awl. 

1089 Flint, J. 17 Essex Quay, Dublin, Manu. — 
Fishing tackle, comprising rods, wheels, lines, flies, &o. 

1090 Forrester, J. 7 Gordon Street, Glasgow. — 
A Scotch wedding cake. 

1091 Gonne, Mi-s. Anne W. 26 Clare St. Dubliii. 
Specimens of rare flowers ; water lilies, Victoi'ia 
Regis, and spring flowers, modelled in wax from 

1091 A Glasgow Institution for the Deaf and 
Dumb. — Imitation of engraving, executed with a 
common pen, and China ink, by a deaf mute. 

1092 Garner, D. 41, Finsbury Market, London, 
Des. and Manu. — Specimens of lasts vrith mechanical 
arrangements for diseased feet ; registered multum in 
parvo portable boot tree, containing short tree, 
blacking, boot hooks, brushes, &c. 

1093 GiLBART, J. W. F.R.S. London and West- 
minster Bank, Lothbury ; an Indian writing desk. 

1093 a Rongeatsnow, F. A. of London. — Basket 
and cross made in paper. 

1094 Gray, J. & Co. 155 Trongate, Glasgow, 
Manu. — A variety of lozenges, comfits, and other con- 
fectionery goods. 

1C95 Greaves, A. E. Rosbercon Castle, New Ross. 
— Chinese vases and jars ; model of a Chinese junk. 

1096 Hackett, W. a. 38 Patrick St. Cork.— Fish- 
ing rods, tackle, &c. ; specimen of preserved pike and 
large trout ; collection of salmon and trout flys for all 

1097 Hannan, Mrs. I. 14 Castle St. Dublin, Des. 
— Tea canister of paper filigree, inlaid with bog oak ; 
vase, in paper filigree. 

1098 Hannan, R. Dublin, Manu. — Liauid and 
paste blacking ; harness varnish ; perfumery ; ink. 

1099 Hetherington, J. S. 27 Merchant's Qy. 
Dublin. Manu.— Rocking horses, and a variety of toys. 

1100 Hyde, Miss A. Mohill, co. Leitrim. — 
Ivory, Basket of feather flowers. 



1100a Jacob, W. & E.. 5 & 6 Peter's Row, Dublin. 
— A variety of biscuits, both of plain and fancy kinds, 
manufactured by machinery driven by steam power, 
by which a superior finish is obtained, and great clean- 
liness and nicety secured. 

1 101 Kelly & riTZHENRT,47 Clarendon St. Dublin 
— Blacking ; salt ; matches, &c. 

1102 Kertland, G 42 Lr. Sack^dlle St. Dublin.— 
Tooth and nail brushes ; combs ; specimens of hair dye 
and wash ; soap, perfumes. 

1103 KiRBT, T. 1.5 Lower Sackville St. Dublin.— 
Rocking horses ; doUs ; architectural toys ; cricket 
bats, balls, &c. 

1104 Labertouche, A. W. 29 Upper Rutland St. 
Dublin, Prop. — Vase and flowers, formed of shellwork ; 
(made some years since by a slave in the'^island of Trini- 
dad, whose leisure hours it occupied during 15 years.) 

1104 a Pdrcell, p. C— Paintings on glass — spe- 
cimens of flowers and landscape. 

1105 Lawrence, E. & Co. 7, Up. Sackville St. 
Dublin, Manu. and Imp. — Rocking horses ; Irish and 
foreign toys and doUs ; model of an Irish jaunting car; 
Irish bog oak ornaments, set in native gold and gems ; 
^orse hair ornaments, made by the poor in the West 
of Ireland ; hair brushes, made of Irish bog oak, Kii- 
iamey arbutus, ivory, &c. 

1106 Lewis, F. 6 Fleet St. Dublin, Manu.— Per- 
fumed oils ; pomades ; essences; toilet soaps, and other 

1107 Lemon, Graham & Co. Sackville St. Dublin. 
— Samples of lozenges, comfits, boiled and crystallized 
confections, and bon bons. Model of the Great Indus- 
trial Exhibition Building formed of comfits. The 
various colors are guaranteed by the exhibitors to be 
produced from the purest and simplest ingTedients, and 
not from any deleterious substance whatever. 

1108 Linden, W. 16 Corn Market, Belfast, Manu. 
— Bride's cake. 

1109 LiNDLET, Miss C. A. 41 Lr. Sackville St. 
Dublin. — Fire screen in frame, composed of a wreath 
of sea flowers ; basket of sea flowers ; shell album of 
sea weed. 

1110 M'EvOT, J. 68 George's St. Kingstown, near 
Dublin, Manu. and Imp. — Self-snuffing mould candles, 
(manufactured by exhibitor only ;) stearine and chemi- 
cal candles. 

1111 M'LouGHLiN, James, 122 Francis St. Dub- 
lin. — Smoking pipes. 

1111 A Barklie, Miss M. 106, Lr. Gardiner St.— 
A group of shells, modelled in wax. 

1112 Mitchell, J. Stonehaven, near Edinburgh, 
Manu. — Pipe tops, of sterling silver, German silver, 
and tin ; iron pipe. 

1113 Mitchell, Mrs. S. 10 Grafton St. DubUn.— 
Bride cake, elaborately ornamented. 

1114 MiTTON, T. Old Sq. Blackburn, Lancashire, 
Inv. and Manu. — Improved wax candles. 

1115 Morton, J. 29 Dame St. Dublin, Manu.— 
Lozenges and confections ; medicated lozenges ; crys- 
talized and preserved fruits, ginger, jujubes, &c. 

1116 Neighbour, G. & Sons, 127 High Holbom, 
London, Inv. and Manu. — Neighbour's unicomb glass 
bee-hive, stocked with living bees ; the ladies' observa- 
tory glass bee-hive, stocked with living bees ; improved 
cottage hive, with thermometer, 3 beli glasses, &c. ; 
single box hive ; Nutt's collateral bee-hive ; Taylor's 
amateur 8 box hive ; 8 bar straw hive, protected from 
the weather by a case of the same material vrith zinc 
roof ; Neighbour's cottage hive ; improved bee-feeder ; 
implements for removing honey from the boxes ; bee 
glasses of various patterns and sizes. 

1116a Scallan, Mrs. and White, Miss 8 
Talbot St. — Shells, fruit, and flowers, modelled in 

1117 Tdcker, Francis, & Co., Kensington, Mid- 
dlesex, Manu. and Inv. — Specimens of spermaceti, 
stearine, margarine, composition, composite, metallic, 
tallow, and other candles ; also wax candies, with 
plaited wicks, patented, and wax candles decorated. 

1117a Stavenhagen, Samuel, 67 Grafton St. 
Dublin. — French and German fancy toys. 

1118 Oglebt, Charles, & Co. Lambeth, London, 
Manu. — Refined spermaceti in block ; spermaceti can- 
dles ; composition candles ; stearic acid block ; crys- 
talline or stearic candles ; transparent v,'ax candles. 

1118a Gibbs, D. W. Londcto. — Perfumed soaps. 

1119 Oxley, W. & Co. Manchester, Manu. — Im- 
proved cottage bee-hive made of wood and glass. 

1119a Gatti, a. & Co. Clerkenwell, London. — 
Artificial flowers. 

1120 PoNTET, A. 8 Upper Sackville St. Dublin, 
Manu. — Plain and fancy imibreUas and pai-asols, with 
specimens of the materials and fittings employed in 
the manufacture. 

1120a Allingham, Miss, Ballyshannon.'— Horse 
hair ornaments, and ancient ruins in rotten stone. 

1121 Bryan, Thos. SaLford, Manchester. — Orna- 
mental basket, made from a cocoa-nut sheU. 

1121a Stephens, W. Kingsland, London. — Case 
of natural flowers preserved retaining their natural 



form and relief, intended as botanical illustrations for 

1122 Ogle, J. Hayes, Navan, co. Meath. — Work 
and flower baskets. 

1122 a Watch stand, designed by the pupils of the 
Belfast Government School of Design, and by them 
presented to their president, Lord Dufferin and Clande- 
boy, as an acknowledgment of his lordship's liberal 
patronage and kind attention to the welfare of the 

1 1 23 Jackson, Thomas, Pinstone St. Sheffield, 
Manu. — Brushes ; scratch and polishing brushes used 
by gold, and silver, and white metal smiths, and for 
cutlery purposes ; plate brushes ; watch brushes. 

1124 Peeston, O. 17 Christ Church Place, Dublin, 
Manu. — Basket work cars, cradles, fire and hand 
screens ; bed-room and baby baskets. 

1125 Price's Patent Candle Company, Behnont, 
Vauxhall, Surrey, Inv. and Manu. — Specimens illus- 
trating the Company's patent processes for making 
palm oil and other fatty substances into pure white 
candles by distillation, &c. ; specimens of the palm oil 
fruit, and of vegetable tallows, butters and waxes ; 
specimens illustrating the manufacture of night lights ; 
candles, night lights, and oils of various descriptions. 

1125a Downes, Miss M. A. Dublin.— Model of 
Casino in Lord Charlemont's demesne. 

1126 Eathboene, J. & J. Dublin, Manu. — Crude 
oil fi'om the spermaceti whale, and specimens showing 
the different stages of manufacture ; bees' wax, and 
specimens illustrating the different stages of manirfac- 
ture of wax candles. 

Central Hall. — A block of refined speimaceti, 
illustrative of its crystallization. 

1127 Richmond Institution for Industrious 
Blind, 41 Up. Sac^ville St. Dublin, Manu. — Game 
and work baskets ; fire screens, and other articles in 
basket work. 

1128 EiMMEL, Eugene, 39 GeiTard St. Soho, 
London, and 19 Boulevard de la Gare d' Ivry, Paris, 
Manu. — Fountain of Eimmel's Toilet vinegar, (an 
improvement on Eau de Cologne) ; hygienic perfumery, 
(all ingredients injurious to health being excluded) ; 
specimens of pei-fumes, toilet soaps, pomades, tooth 
powders, hair dyes, cosmetics and other toilet re- 

1129 Sangsteb, W. & J. 140 Eegent St. London, 
Manu. — Umbrellas in silk and alpaca ; parasols in 
silk and China crape, and covered with Irish and 
Honiton lace, with richly carved ivory handles ; riding 

and walking canes, with gold and silver mountings ; 
specimen of Fox's new patent light umbrella frame. 

1129a M'Alister, Patrick, Donabate. — An old 
Irish gothic baronial castle, done in shell work. 

1 130 Society for the Promotion of Irish Manu- 
facture AND Industry, 33 Anglesea St. Dublin, Prop. 
— Uncle Tom's reading screens, made of cut card in 
leather frames ; leather basket with shells and sea-Weed ; 
ink-stand, ornamental shawl-pins, match-boxes, and 
other articles of leather ; head ornaments, bracelets, 
brooches, pins, and necklaces of horse hair, made at 
the Coolkenno industrial school ; ornaments in rotten- 
stone, cut with a penknife by Mrs. Pyne. 

1131 Smyth, F. 24 Essex Quay, Dublin, Manu. — 
Silver wire whip handles ; portable umbrellas, with 
handles to screw off, so as to be packed in portmanteau, 
&c. Silk umbrellas mounted on gold, silver agate ; 
ivory -handled silk umbrellas, mounted on patridge rice 
and bamboo canes ; gingham umbrellas ; fancy walking 
and riding canes ; parasols mounted on whips, for ladies 
driving. Gold and silver ivory carving, and various 
mountings used by umbreUa and parasol makers. 

1132 SwAiNE & Adeney, 185 Piccadilly, London, 
Manu. — Prize racing whip, mounted in carved Irish 
bog oak ; prize hunting whips, with sporting devices ; 
ladies' and gentlemen's riding and driving whips ; 
ladies' riding and driving whips, with parasols, fans, or 
sun shades attached ; improved patent Arab or Chowrie 
riding whips, with horse hair plumes, for diiving away 
insects ; state carriage and postUion whips ; gentle- 
raen's driving whips, with horn and warning whistle 
in the handles ; riding canes ; Swaine & Co's patent 
whip socket, and India rubber waterproof Oxonian 
driving apron. 

1133 Taggaet, Miss H. Tenchfield Ten-ace, Sandy- 
mount Strand, Dublin. — Fancy pictuie made of Irish 

1134 Tighe, J. 198 Gt. Britain St. Dublin, Manu. 
— Gold and silver mounted riding and driving whips. 

1134a Lewers, Mrs. Moimt Pleasant Square, 
Dublin. — 3 vases of was flowers. 

1135 Waiters, J. J. Jun. 6 Crow St. Dublin, 
Des. and Prop. — A collection of the birds of Ireland, 
indigenous and migratory, consisting of nearly 250 
specimens, collected and arranged by exhibitor, (pre- 
served by Mr. Eichard Glennon of Dublin) : 

1. Eaptorial birds : eagles, falcons, and hawks. 

2. Eaptorial and conirostral bii'ds : owls, crows, 
and jays. 

3. Insessorial birds : aU the small perching birds. 



4. Easorial birds : pheasants, grouse, and pigeons. 

5. Grallatoi-ial birds : herons, plovers, and sea-larks. 

6. Natatorial birds : swans, geese, ducks, mergansers, 
grebes, divers, cormorants, gannets, auks, sea gulls, 
terns, petrels. 

1136 WoTHEESPOON, J. & Co. Glasgow, Manu. — 
Specimens of lozenges and comfits, manufactured by 
patent machinery driven by ateam power ; lozenges 

and comfits in handsome boxes ; Scotch Marmalade, 
made from Seville bitter oranges, on an improved 
principle, by steam machinery. 

1137 Parkek, Richard, Dunscombe. — Book of 
illustrations of the birds of Ireland. 

1137a Aickin, Miss S. E. 41 Leinster Ed. Eath- 
mines, Dublin. — Brooches and ornaments for the hair, 
made of shells. 


1138 Colonel the Earl of Cardigan and the 
Officers op the 11th Hussars. — Silver equestrian 
statue of His Eoyal Highness Prince Albert, by Cot- 
trell, presented to the oflicers of the 11th Hussars by 
the late Colonel, His Eoyal Highness Prince Albert, 
February, 1844. 

1139 His Eoyal Highness Prince Albert. — 
Her Majesty's Grand Centre Piece — was executed 
under the instruction of H. E. H. Prince Albert; it 
represents a group of horses round a Temple of 
Kiosk, with their attendants, the figures and horses 
with Persian greyhound, were grouped, designed, and 
moddelled by Mr. Cotterill ; the Kiosk was modelled 
by Mr. E. Percy, formerly of Dublin ; and the base 
by Mr. William Spencer. The whole executed in 
silver, by Messrs. Garrard, HajTnarket. 

1140 Colonel and Officers of the 7th Hussars. 
— Silver statuette of Field Marshal the Marquis of 
Anglesey, presented to the regiment by the Marqvus. 

1 141 Aaron, Brothers, Torwood Eow, Torquay, 
Devon, Manu. — SUver taper stand on malachite leaves; 
engraved and gilt match-box, inlaid ; richly chased silver 
gilt eagle, on malachite pedestal ; engraved and gilt 
casket, inlaid ; silver and malachite box, for postage 
stamps ; silver gilt engraved paper knife, malachite 
handle ; gold and malachite harp brooch ; brooches 
in malachite, and of various other descriptions ; mala- 
chite bracelets ; chatelaine ; malachite vest buttons ; 
shamrock studs; gold mounted malachite pen-holder 
and seal in case. 

1142 AcHESON, W. 109 Grafton St. Dublin, Manu. 
and Imp. — Bog oak casket, set with Irish gems in 
silver gilt ; bog oak brooches, bracelets, &c. ; elastic 
band bracelets, with fibulae and bog oak mountings ; an- 
tique brooches, set with malachite, pearl, &c.; electro 

plated moderator lamps ; specimens of electro plating ; 
gold jewellery, set with precious stones ; antique tea 
and coffee services ; plated flower stand ; fish carvers. 
1143 Johnson, J. 22 Suffolk St. Dublm.— 
Samples of Irish bog oak brooches, bracelets, &c. &c. 
produced by a patent process, the invention and manu- 
facture of exhibitor ; a bog oak elephant, mounted 
with gold, silver, and precious stones ; samples of 
brooches, after the ancient Irish, in gold silver, &c., 
manufactured by exhibitor. 

1143 a Griffith, William Downes, Dunmore, 
Tuam, CO. Galway. — Case containing gold snuff box, 
presented by the Emperor Napoleon Buonaparte when 
at St. Helena to Major Poppleton, the officer in 
charge ; knife and fork belonging to the Emperor ; 
lock of Napoleon's hair ; black satin stock, worn by 
the Emperor Napoleon ; letter from Monsieur Ber- 
trand to Major Poppleton, accompanjdng the presen- 
tation of the snuflt" box by the Emperor. 

1144 Alexander, Mrs. J. Malin HaU, Carndo- 
nagh. — Brooches, carved in Coquilla nut. 

1145 ASKEN, J. 19 Upper Sackville St. Dublin. 
— A suit of diamonds and turquois of great value, 
presented by Napoleon I., on the day of his coronation, 
to Madam Sa Mire. 

SUver tea services; presentation plate; diamond 
ornaments, consisting of brooches, bracelets, rings, 
gold watches, and ornaments in Irish oak. 

1148 Austin, G. 6 & 7 St. Andrew St. DubHn. 
Manu. — Silver mounted, and plated dressing cases, 
writing desks, workboxes, bagatelle tables, teapoys, 
and Davenports; papier machfe tables, ink stands, 
tea trays, and writing desks ; clothes, hair, and tooth 
brushes ; despatch boxes ; tourists' cases ; French and 
German fancy goods, &c. 


1147 Bennett, T, 73, Grafton St. Dublin.— 

1 Specimens of Irish wrought silver plate, consisting 
of salvers, tea and coffee services, kettles and stands, 
claret jugs, children's cans, &c., &c. 

2 Specimens of electro plate by the patentee, in 
salvers, kettles and stands, tea and coffee sets, claret 
jugs, &c., &o. 

3 Specimens in working of gold, precious stones and 
gems, bog oak work, &c. 

4 Newly designed centre candelabra for flowers. 

5 Silver presentation centre piece. 

1148 Bole, M. 23, Lawson St. Liverpool, Prod. 
— Plain and ornamental miniature frames ; clock 
stand ; models of Canova's Venus, and Venus crouch- 

1 149 Classon, J. Northumberland Buildings, Dub- 
lin, Manu. and Prop. — Carvings in bog oak of several 
of the antiqidties of Ireland, compiising the rock of 
Cashel, Clonmacnoise, Monasterboice, Glendalough, 
&c. contained in a glazed frame, the ft'ont of which, 
carved by the celebrated Grinling Gibbons, repre- 
sents as emblems of war, the weapons used at the 
battle of the Boyne ; brooches, bracelets, and other 
ladies' ornaments in bog oak. 

1150 CoNNELL, D. 26 Nassau St. and 93 Gi-afton 
St. Dublin, Des. and Manu. — Bog oak ornaments, 
mounted in native gold and silver, and set with Irish 
diamonds and pearls ; book stands hi oak, carved 
with -views of Irish ancient abbeys ; inkstands in oak ; 
knitting and work boxes carved ; models carved in bog 
oak, representing views of Blarney Castle, Monaster- 
boice, Muckross Abbey, Howth and Malahide Cas- 
tles ; work and chess tables of arbutus wood ; model 
of an Irishman in bog oak. 

1151 CoNNELL, M. 11 Nassau St. Dublin, Manu. 
— Bog oak ornaments, mounted in silver and gold, 
&c. ; arbutus tables, work boxes, chess-boards, writing 
desk, &c. 

1152 Eglinton and Winton, Earl of. — The 
"Emperor's Vase", won at Ascot, by the Earl of 
Eglinton's "The Flying Dutchman, " by Bay Middle- 
ton, out of BarbeUe, in June, 1850 ; ridden by Marlow. 
— Subject : Eighth Labour of Hercules. Hercules 
having heard of the atrocious cruelties practised by 
Diomedes, Tyrant of Thrace, he being in the habit 
of causing his captives to be torn in pieces by his 
ferocious horses, he slew him and the animals, and let 
the captives free. This vase and group were designed 
and modelled by Cotterill, of London, and executed 
in silver by the Messrs. Garrard, Haymarket. 

1152 a The Goodwood Cup, won by the Earl of 
Eglinton's "Van Tromp," by Lanercost, out of 
Barbelle, in July, 1848 ; ridden by Marlow. — Subject: 
"The Battle of the Standard." 

1153 Elkington, Mason, &. Co.— A selection of 
art manufactures in electro gold and silver plate ; 
dessert service, vsdth subjects taken from Shakspeare, 
designed and modelled by Charles Grant ; a general 
assortment of electro plated wares. 

1154 FiTZPATEiCK, BfiOTHEES, 11 Up. SackvUleSt. 
Dublin, Imp. and Manu. — Bracelets, brooches, and 
other jewellery ; a silver vase made of coins, upwards 
of 300 years old ; a cherry stone, containing 24 silver 
spoons, made from a sUver penny. 

1155 Flavelle, H. E. 13 Eustace St. Dublin, 
Manu. — Masonic and other jewellery. 

1156 Gardner, R & J. Grafton St. Dublin.-- 
1st Case : — A silver fountain, intended to form a 
centre for the dinner or supper table, which wiU emit " 
for six hom's continuously, upon one application of the 
winding key, a spray of rose water, to a height variable 
at pleasure, and through a variety of fancy jets, which 
can be severally attached to it. 

2nd Case : — A variety of specimens of gold and 
silver plate ; jewellery after the antique and modern 
designs ; marine chronometer and Gardner's patent 
astronomical andT nautical time keeper ; curiosities, 
&c. &c. &c. 

3rd Case : — The humming bird clock. 

4th Case : — Silver horsemen and figures, candela- 
abra, &c. 

1157 GOGGIN, G. 13 Nassau St. Dublin, Manu. — 
Bracelets, brooches, necklaces, earrings, studs, buttons, 
card cases, bookstands, chess boards, and other articles 
of jewellery and ornaments in bog oak, Killarney 
arbutus and yew, Connemara marble, and mounted in 
native gold and silver, with Irish gems ; ornaments in 
horsehair ; candelabra, in bog oak and Irish diamonds, 
from the design of the Duke of Devonshire ; pie case 
in bog oak, Irish diamond and Irish silver, (designed 
by the Earl of Eglinton, for Her Majesty the Queen) ; 
bog oak, Irish diamond, and "Wicklow gold vest but- 
tons and studs, (Prince Albert's pattern). 

1158 Hdtchins, S. Portlands, Charle\'ille, co. Cork, 
Prop. — A silver salver presented by Lord Plunket to 
the late Peter Burrowes, Esq. and bearing the follow- 
ing inscription : — " To Peter JBrnrotvcsfrom k is friend 

1159 Jackson, Captain H. Attyflinn, Patrick's 
Well, CO. Limerick, Prop. — ^A curious silver table of 


great antiquity, with several antiques and curiosi- 

1160 Johnson, J. 7 North Place, Gray's-inn Road, 
London. — Silver gilt and metal gilt chased chatelains ; 
bronze medallion in gilt frame, (Csesar presenting the 
crown of Egypt to Cleopatra) ; gilt pattei-ns for book 
covers ; gilt paper knife with chased handle ; models 
for fibula brooches ; casts from French and Scotch 
antique fibulae ; models of the hai-p of Wales, and Mary 
Queen of Scots; pieces of Queen Mary's yew, and 
Shakspere's mulberry tree ; original patterns for gold 
seals, by Bodell (an old Irish artist) ; carvings in metal ; 
ebony casket, with chased gilt mountings ; gilt casket 
and miniature tables ; model of a swan in wax, coated 
with silver, by electro process ; group of figures in 
electrotype ; horse and jockey oxidized and gilt ; 
reclining stag, in metal, silvered ; small models of 
animals and insects ; specimens of casting in bronze ; 
copies of cup and tazza, by Benvenuto Cellini ; speci- 
mens of electrotype, with other articles of vertu. 

1161 The Local Committee of the Co. Kebkt, 
Prop. — Specimens of fresh water pearl ornaments, from 
lake Currane. 

1162 Watt, Philip B. Edinburgh. — Specimens 
of seal and die engraving. 

1163 Hennesst, B. R. 7 Wind St. Swansea, Wales, 
Manu. and Exhibitor. — Specimens of Russian and 
Australian malachite in gold and silver mountings. 

1164 HiGGiNS, Feancis, 40 Kirby St. Hatton Gar- 
den, London. — Silver knives, forks, spoons, and various 
small articles, mugs, plates, &c. 

1165 Hunt & Roskell, late Store & Moetimee, 
156 New Bond St. London, Manu. — A candelabrum 
in silver — a testimonial presented to the Most Noble 
the Marquis of Tweeddale. 

The group represents an incident recorded in 
Buchanan's History of Scotland, said to have occurred 
in the reign of Kenneth III. A.D. 980, and to which 
tradition ascribes the origin of the noble house of Hay. 

"The Danes having invaded Scotland, were unsuc- 
cessfully opposed by the Scots who fled. A countryman, 
named Hay, was, with his two sons, ploughing in a 
neighbouring field, by the pass of Luncarty ; when 
Hay seized the yoke from his oxen, and his sons, 
whatever instruments came readiest, and took their 
stations in the narrow pass, through which the fugitive 
Scots must proceed, and forced their countrymen back 
upon the Danes ; and, joining in the conflict, sucess- 
fully routed the latter. After this gallant exploit, 
Hay entei'ed the city of Perth in triumph, carrying 

his yoke, and accompanied by his sons and a numerous 

'•'At a consultation of the nobles, held a few days 
after at Scone, nobility was conferred upon Hay and 
his sons ; and the king gave them as much land as the 
falcon would fly over. The falcon flew over six miles 
of country, afterwards called Errol. The king also 
assigned them three shields, or escutcheons, to intimate 
that the father and two sons had proved the three 
shields of Scotland." 

These two latter scenes are displayed in basso relievo 
on the base, which is also embellished with figures of 
the wolf, boar, and dogs, illusti-ative of the sports of 
the period. The flowing branches of the candelabrum 
are enriched with vine. 

A silver gi-oup. — "Mazeppa." 

A group in silver, "St. Michael and Satan," after 
Flaxman, executed for the Earl of Chesterfield. 

Four equestrian statuettes in silver : — 

Joan of Arc. 

A cavalier. 

An Arab. 

A Hussar. 
(Executed for the Earl de Gray.) 

The Doncaster Cup of 1850. — Subjects : victcry 
crowning the horse ; alti relievo representing chariot 
racing ; racing with the torch ; Italian and the modern 
race ; groups of wild and domestic horses. The 
property of the Earl of Zetland. 

The first prize given by the Emperor of Russia to 
the Ascot Races : — 

On the summit is a copy of the famous statue of 
Peter the Great in the Place Isaac, St. Petersburg, 
the equestrian statuettes represent a Cossack, a Cir- 
cassian, and an Imperial Guard ; the basso relievo 
represent Minim and Pojorsky, St. George of Russia, 
and views of the Kremlin at Moscow, the winter 
Palace of St. Petersburg, and Windsor Castle. 

1166 Mahood, S. 13 Wellington Quay, Dublin, 
Manu. — Models, in bog oak, of the Round Tower of 
Donoughmore, and of Monasterboice, co. Louth ; horned 
owl, carved in bog oak ; specimens of landscape carving, 
representing Blarney Castle, Jerpoint Abbey, Dang.'in 
Castle, the Rock of Cashel, &c. fitted as ladies brooches ; 
miniature model of Brian Boroihmes harp ; bracelets 
and brooches of Irish materials and workmanship ; 
ornaments manufactured from the scales of fishes ; 
also, a collection cf new designs in imitation jewellerj'-, 
including gold, silver, coral, carbuncle, amythist, opal, 
malachite and diamond imitations. 



1167 Beunker, T. 30 & 31 William St. Dublin, 
Des. and Manu. — Upright glass case, containing 
specimens of electro plating on copper, nickel, bronze, 
ormolu, &c. Elat case containing samples of jewellery 
in fine gold, bog oak, Irish diamond, &c., also masonic 
ornaments. Frames containing masonic aprons, such 
as used by some Dublin lodges Handsome silver tea 
set, made of Irish silver, antique claret jugs, cups, &c. 
Vibrating or pendant clock, on a beautiful carved stand 
of bog oak, supported by two Irish wolf dogs ; this 
clock is peculiar in construction, and plays music 
Mahogany cased regulator, jewelled movement, main- 
taining power, mercurial pendulum. 

1168 MosLET, Julius, 46 Wicklow St. Dublin, 
Sculp. — Richly carved jewel casket, in bog yew, Saint 
Canice Cathedral, Kilkenny, subjects, from Sacred 
Histoiy, and allegorical representations of Good and 
Evil. Scene from Lover's story of the "Sportheen." 
"The Leprechaun" — bog yew and Kilkenny marble. 

1169 Nelis, J. Omagh, co. T yrone. Prop. — Speci- 
mens of pearls, formed in a fresh water bivalve, (unio 
margaritifera) foimd in the river Strule, at Omagh, 
CO. Tyrone. 

1170 North, T. 49 Grafton St. Dublin.— A skeleton 
lever repeating clock on marble stand, strikes the hours 
on a large gong, and the half hours on a bell ; an 
electro -magnetic clock ; a silver alarm watch of great 
antiquity ; ladies' and gentlemen's gold watches ; can- 
delabra of new design, in brass, and electro-plated ; a 
variety of electro-plated goods ; and specimens of old 
articles replated ; also, specimens of electro-plating on 
steel, brass, copper, German silver, glass, china and 
delph ; an electro-magnetic therapeuticon ; and some 

1171 O'Brien, Miss, B. M. 12 Fitzwilliam Sq. 
Dublin. — Surtout de table of ormolu, French manu- 
facture, made for the proprietor by Schallenberge, Rue 
de la Perle, Paris ; dessert service, silver gilt- 

1172 Peaesall, T. 15 Lr. Sackville St. Dublin, 
Manu. — A silver tea service, made out of a single 
fourpenny piece, comprising teapot with moveable lid. 
12 cups, 12 saucers, 12 spoons, 2 plates, cream-ewer, 
sugar-bowl, slop-basin, sugar-tongs, and butter-knife ; 
(45 articles in all); a silver tea and coffee service, 
made out of a single dime, or ten cent, piece of the 
United States of North America (equal to fivepence 
British), contains 74 pieces, viz. : — urn with moveable 
lid and tap, teapot with moveable lid, coffee-pot with 
same, sugar bowl and tongs, slop basin, cream ewer, 
2 cake plates, cake basket with moveable handle, 

butter knife, 12 tea cups, 12 coffee cups, 12 saucers, 
and 24 spoons, with a small portion of the sUver 

1173 West & Son, Dublin, Manu. — Centrepiece 
in silver, (presented to the late Colonel Miller, by the 
constabulary of Ireland); silver centre piece, pre- 
sented to Wm. Grattan, Esq., late of the 8Sth Regi- 
ment, by Peninsular ofl&cers ; vase of Irish diamonds, 
mounted in native gold and silver, ornamented with 
Irish pearls, bei-yls, &c. (presented to the Duchess of 
Northumberland) ; casket after the Irish antique, of 
bog yew, Cork malachites, and native gold and silver, 
studded with Irish pearls, amethysts, carbuncles, &c. 
(presented to the Countess of Clarendon) ; the mace of 
the King and Queen's College of Physicians in Ireland, 
made of native silver ; snuff-box, in native sUver ; ink- 
stands in the cinque cento and Etruscan styles ; wine- 
cooler of bog oak, in the form of the old Irish Mether ; 
brooches, bracelets, and neck ornaments, after the 
Irish antique. 

1174 Phillips, R. 31 Cockspm- St. London, 
Prod, and Prop.- — Signet rings in 22 carat gold Pins, 
with sporting and other designs. A series of works in 
oxidised silver, enamel, niello, and coral ; statuettes of 
a British Life Guard, and colour-sergeant, of the Scot's 
Fusilier Guards, modelled from life, in oxidised silver 
and gold, the accoutrements detach at pleasure ; the same 
in bronze and electro silver ; miniature models of same, 
mounted and dismounted, in oxidised silver and gold on 
malachite pedestals ; statuette, in oxidised silver and 
gold, of Lablache as Caliban, taken from life at Her 
Majesty's theatre ; statuettes of the Emperor Charles 
V. and Marguerite of Parma, in silver, gold, and pre- 
cious stones, enamel, &c. from the celebrated models 
of Messrs. Weiskampt of Hanau ; miniature statuette 
of Gutenberg in oxidised silver ; desk seals in gold ; 
lapis lazuli, and oxidised silver ; oriental agate cup, in 
oxidised silver and gold ; gold cup in the Byzantme 
style ; tazza in crystal ; small dagger, with silver gilt 
handle, enriched with pearls and emeralds ; silver vase 
of antique form, engraved with subjects from, the 
Pompeian frescoes. 

1175 Eettie, M. & Sons, 151 Union Street, Aber- 
deen, Des. and Manu. — Granite jewellery, mounted in 
gold and silver : as bracelets, brooches, shawl and other 
pins, buttons, studs, &c. 

Silver brooches with crests and mottos. 
Badges in a new style. 

1176 Sheldon, J. Bii-mingham. — SUver and electro- 
plated goods ; gold and silver pencil cases ; letter and 



coin balance pencil and pen cases ; gold pens ; electro- 
plated Nickel silver spoons, forks, ladles, knives, &c. ; 
tea services. 

1177 Smith, Nicholson & Co. 12 Duke St. Lin- 
coln's Inn Fields, London, Des. and Manu. — Silver 
candelabrum, (presented to F. H. Hemming, Esq. 
Sec. of the Londonderry and Enniskillen Railway Co. 
by thfe shareholders) ; silver centre ornaments ; dessert 
sugar basket with cover ; electro-plated dessert stands, 
and salt cellar designed by Townsend ; silver salt cellars 
and spoons. 

1178 Sullivan, B. 7 Upper Stephen's St. Dublin, 
Des. and Manu. — Design in German silver for a Ceno- 
taph to the late Thomas Moore. 

1179 Sutherland, G. Forse, Lybster, Prop. — 
Massive silver urn, weighing 273 oz. 15 dwts. repre- 
senting capercailze, grouse, pheasants, partridges and 
other game, &c. 

1180 Walsh, R. 19 Parliament St. Dublin, Manu. 
— Gold and silver watches ; ciborium, chalice, oil 
stocks, pixes, cnicifixes, beads, chased and plain sugar 
tongs, butter knife, spoons, snuff boxes, watch guards, 
and other articles in silver and plated ware ; gold 
chains, watch guards and lockets ; topaz, cameo, 
amethyst, pearl, Irish diamond and amethyst brooches ; 
ear rings, in cut coral, torquoise and engraved gold ; 
fancy rings ; scarf pins and other jewellery. 

1181 Waterhouse & Co. 25 Dame St. Dublin, 

Exhibitor. — A silver centre piece, presented to Joseph 
Green, Esq. Kilkenny ; a silver electrotype shield, 
("Acis and Galatea"), presented to the Count Strelizki, 
by the Poor Law Unions of Ireland ; a service of plate, 
presented to Michael Hyland, Esq. ex-mayor of 
Kilkenny ; a centre piece (stags), presented to the 
Rev. Joseph Gabbett, of Kibnailock, co. Limerick ; 
the "Farmer's Gazette" challenge cup, won by Char- 
les Towneley, Esq. ; a service of plate, presented to A. G 
Judge, Esq. of Athy ; 2 large salvers, and the Boyne 
obelisk, in silver, presented to J. B. Kennedy, Esq. 
Dame St. ; large cup, presented to the 1st Dragoon 
Guards ; large silver snuff box, presented to the 62nd 
Regiment ; a silver trowel, presented to the Right 
Hon. the Lord Bishop of Tuam ; service of plate pre- 
sented to Doctor Gray, by the co. Monaghan ; large 
silver tray, from the tenantry of his estates, to C. P. 
Leslie, Esq. M.P. ; large silver tea urn, presented to 
Henry Mitchell, Esq. of Glaslough ; Loughrea regatta 
prize, won by Major Goode, 62nd Regt. ; the original 
royal Tara brooch found in Meath in 1850 ; several 
copies of antique Irish brooches, and ancient jewellery 
of Ireland ; and 12 coffee and tea services, presented 
to clergymen, doctors, &c. &c. 

1181a a silver centre piece, presented to the late 
Abraham Colles, Esq., M.D., by the Royal College of 
Surgeons in Ireland, manufactured by Stewart, late of 
Dame St. Dublin. 


1 1 82 Baeklie, Miss J. A. lOS Lr. Gardiner Street, 
Dublin. — An Elizabethan chair, in tufted work. 

1183 Jepfket, Allen, & Co. 115 Whitechapel, 
London, Manu. — Decorative paper hangings. 

1184 BEAKET& M'DowELL, 39 StaffordSt. Dublin, 
Manu. — Large mahogany side-board, supported on 
two carved figures, representing Peace and Plenty, 
with the emblems of painting, sculpture, and architec- 
ture, carved on the front rail, a large looking-glass 
at back, in a carved frame, representing England, 
Ireland, and Scotland, with the emblems of agricul- 
ture on the bottom rail ; window curtain of rich silk 
tabourette, of Irish manufacture, with rich silk trim- 
mings suspended from a carved and gilt pole, and 
original design, with a large plate of looking-glass be- 

1185 Bogle, Hugh, & Co. 50 Gordon St. Glasgow. 
— Specimens of wall decorations and panelling ; twelve 
imitations of woods and marbles. 

1186 BOSWELL, J. Dublin, Manu.— Patterns of 
paper hangings ; specimens of painting for house deco- 

1187 BoYLAN, P. 102 Grafton St. Dublin, Manu.— 
Pillars for busts, painted in imitation of marbles ; 
gilt carved tables, with tops of various marbles in- 
laid, and of stone painted in flowers ; stone table tojn-', 
painted in imitation of marbles, and in the Etruscan 
style ; gilt flower pilasters, carved by Gibbons ; orna- 
mented tripod, pedestals, and vases ; specimens of 
paper hangings, and ornamented painted doors ; print- 
blocks for the manufacture of paper hangings ; a stained 
glass window, executed by Hand, of Antwerp, in 1784 ; 



fiieze in the Etruscan style, executed for the Uni- 
versity Club, Dublin. 

1188 Bradshaw, Brothers, 28 ArranQuay, Dub- 
lin, Inv. and Manu. — Portable iron tube bedsteads, 
brass mounted, with screw joints, and with dove-tail 
joints on a new principle ; portable iron bedstead, (a 
new invention, adapted for a fishing or shooting lodge.) 

1189 Bradshaw, E. 4 Grafton St. Dublin, Prop. 
— Drawingroom window curtain of rich crimson satin, 
bordered with crimson and oitqoIu brocade, trimmed 
with superb drapery fringe, tassels, &c. the carved and 
gilt cornice and the design by Scrahan, of Henry St. 

1190 BuET, A. 3 North Ear St. Dublin, Des.— 
Fancy oval shaped gard de liqueur table in waUnut, 
with caved block and gothic piUar, containing decan- 
ters and wine glasses, which are immediately presented 
on the top by a secret spring. 

1191 Btknb, J. J. 6 Henry St. Dublin, Manu.— 
Pier table and glass, chastely carved in the purest 
Italian style, with a finely moulded black and gold 
marble top, two inches thick ; a walnut cabinet, in 
the Louis XV. style, with outline, enriched with 
ormolu mouldings ; a set of dinner tables of fine St. 
Domingo mahogany, on two sliding frames ; a walnut 
and marquetrie loo table ; a fancy walnut cheval 
screen ; a pole screen ; four chairs. 

1192 Cahill, S. M.D. 128 Stephen's Green, 
Dublin, Prop. — Elower vase of black wood, made in 

1193 Carthy, J. 10 St. Andrew Street, Dublin, 
Manu. — Perforated zinc fan blind ; royal arms on zinc 
blind ; Italian blind. 

1194 Chaplin, T.Kilkenny, Manu. — An oak table, 
made of Irish oak, grown on the demesne of the Right 
Hon. the Earl of Desart, co. of Kilkenny. 

1195 Clarke, J. 145 Townsend St. Dublin, Manu. 
• — Edinburgh wardrobe ; marquetrie sofa table. 

1196 Clarke, C. 19 Stephen's Gn. Dublin, Manu. 
— Rosewood cabinet, with marble top, and inlaid with 
marquetrie, with richly carved consoles, a large glass 
at top, the frame inlaid with marquetrie, and richly 
carved ; a lady's Davenport, on richly carved consoles, 
with guard at top, representing the round towers of 
Ireland, &c. ; rosewood cabriole 1 oimger, with circular 
end richly carved, upholstered in che German style, 
and covered ■«-ith rich silk damask. 

1197 BoTLE, R. B. 19 Mary St. Dublin.— A 
large bracket, carved in pine — satyr and vine ; style 
of ornament, Louis XIV. ; a large bracket, carved in 

satin wood, " Venus hiding" — style of ornament, old 
French ; panel, carved in alto relief, — '"the wise judg- 
ment of Solomon ; " a hall chair, carved in oak, the 
property of B. L. Guinness, Esq. St. Anne's. 

1198 Collins, T. 13 Snowdon St. Liverpool, Des. 
and Prop. — Articles in hand- wrought papier machfe, 
viz. : — ^An ornamental ark or box, as the model of a coun- 
try church ; a portable cabinet, siirmounted by a cupola 
on pillars, enclosing a curious glazed casket ; glazed 
cases, enclosing representations of the Rev. Dr. CahiU, 
and Rev. Dr. Newman ; case, in the castellated style ; 
coloured prints, &c. in papier mache frames ; six 
landscapes, in water colours. 

1199 CuRRAN & Sons, Castle Street, Lisbum. — 
Large arm-chair, made fi-om Irish black bog oak, 
richly sculptured and perforated, the design studied 
from the antique, and purely original. 

1199 a Dargan, Mrs. Mount AnviUe, co. Dublin, 
Ex. — Fine chenille tapestry, mounted as a cheval 
screen, worked by Miss Haslam, Market Drayton— 
the mounting executed by Wm. Fry & Co. Dublin. 

1200 Desfosse, J. 1 Rue de Montreuil, Paris ; 
agents, Gebhardt, Rottmann, & Co. 29 Wood Street, 
Cheapside, London, Manu. — Panel landscape decora- 
tions ; paper-hangings, printed from blocks. 

1201 De Veaxjx, Mrs. M. Grafton St. Dublin, 
Manu. — Chair, worked in the new style of golden 
tapestry, mounted in rosewood. 

1202 Dillon, Miss, Artane Castle, Raheny, co. 
Dublin, Prop. — An ottoman sofa, with semicircular 
back, in carved and gilt frame, upholstered in richly 
embossed needlework. 

1203 Donne, G. 155 LeadenhaU Street, London, 
Manu. — Gilt console table, with jasper plate glass top; 
carved and richly gilt chimney glasses, of new design. 

1204 Drew, J. 49 Marlborough Street, Dublin, 
Manu. — Lady's work and writing table ,• pier cabinet ; 
two specimens of inlaid wine and work table tops, 
made and designed by the Exhibitor at the age of 

1205 Egan, J. Killamey, Des. — Table made from 
Arbutus wood grown on the demesnes of Lord Ken- 
mare and ]Mr. Herbert. 

1206 Eglinton, Earl of, Ayr, Prop. — A loo or 
chess table, made of Arbutus wood from Killamey ; 
ladies' work table, with work-box, writing stand and 
book stand formed from the pillar of the table, the 
whole elaborately inlaid with 157,000 pieces, designed 
by Mr. James Egan, and executed at his factory ; a 
chair, (designed and executed by Curran & Son, of 


Lisburn,) of Irisli bog oak, ornamented witb sham- 
rocks, roses, thistles, vine leaves and hemes, to suit 
the needlework by the Countess of Eglinton. 

1207 Enright, J. Shinrone, King's Co. Des. — Imi- 
tations of foreign and Irish woods and marbles, made 
of wood and slate, and on paper. 

120S Faikclough. J. 87 Renshaw St. Liverpool, 
Des. and Manu. — Sideboard, with carvings of fruit 
and game, the emblems of plenty, the four seasons, &c. 

1209 MuRPHT, Mrs. M. & Miss I. Fot, 62 Lr. 
Dominick St. Dublin, Des. — Chair, in needlework, of 
various materials ; divan in needlework ; painted chess 

1210 Feoggott, W. 6 Hall St. and 55 G-eorge's 
St. Manchester. — Specimens of patent enamel paint- 
ing for interior decoration, and various specimens of 
imitations of woods and marbles. 

1211 Fkt, W. & Co. Westmoreland St. Dublin.— 
Decorative furniture. 

1212 Garde, Miss L. 7 Harcourt Terrace, Dublin, 
Des. — Rosewood chess table, the top painted with 
flowers and mosaic, in water colours. 

1213 Gibson, J. 50 Mary St. Dublin.— Wooden 
doors painted in imitation of various woods. 

1214 White, Mrs. Kilikee.— Two tables in Flor- 
entine mosaic. 

1215 Grenville, W. 27 Clipstone St. Fitzroy Sq. 
London, Inv. and Manu. — Imitations of various woods, 
in paper, applicable to walls, wood-work, ceilings, &c. 

1216 Hall & Osborne, 50 Paddington St. 
Marylebone, Manu. — A large easy chair, in crimsom 
Morocco, with new arrangement of stuiSng ; exhibited 
to show what may be accomplished by dispensing with 
all ornament in the shape of cai-ving, &c. 

1217 Drogheda, Tfie Marquis of. — An inlaid 

1218 HoRSNAiLL, W. 11 Margate St. Dover, Manu. 
— Horsnaili's Dover couch, with sliding seat and re- 
ctunbent end. HorsnaiU's self-acting reclining couch, 
adapted to the bed chamber or boudoir, being con- 
vertible to nearly an incline plane. 

1219 Jackson, T. H. 32 Mid. Gardiner St. Dublin, 
Des. and Manu. — Carved oak library book-case, in 
the Italian style ; carved oak chair. 

1220 Jackson & Graham, 37 & 38 Oxford St. 
London. — Decorative farniture, cabinets, &c. 

1221 Jennens, & Bettridge, London, and Bir- 
mingham. — Papier machie and japanned goods. 

1222 Jones, A. Sons & Co. 135 Stephen's Green, 
Dublin, Des. and Manu. — A curtain of gold color 

satin, with scroll v/ork border of shaded celeste blue, 
and cornice of carved wood, gilt ; the drapery supported 
by cupid veiled in hoe by sylphs, the veil descending 
as curtains in front of the satin ; the drawing curtain 
held by infantine figures standing on pedestals. Cabinet 
in brass bulil, with bent plate-glass panels in doors of 
wings. Ducal chairs, in style of Louis XIV. richly 
carved and gilt. Circular table, with marquetrie top, 
supported on claws of Irish walnut. Cai-ved pier table 
a.nd glass frame, in the florid style of Louis XIV. 
Bog yew Davenport desk. Antique carved and gilt 
girandole. Suit of chintz window curtains. Rosewood 
screen vdth panel in needle-work. Omnium of three 
plateaus, with statuette of Briam Boroihme. Loo 
table ; three chairs ; pole screen, with bass-relief of 
an Irish kern or light soldier of the 10th century ; 
(the last six articles are made of Irish bog yew, and 
are specimens of a complete suit of furniture made 
by exhibitor). 

1223 Kerr, J. & Co. 43 Stafford St. Dublin, Manu. 
■ — Fancy cabinet, made of yew 100 years old, grown 
upon the estate of J. W. L. Naper, Esq. Loughcrew, 
Oldcastle, and with marble top. Oak chair, with arms 
supported by Irish wolf dogs, with the civic arms on 
back, made for the Council Chamber of the Corporation 
of Dublin. Bronze hall table, in the Grecian style, 
with marble top, supported by two female figures. 

1224 Labertouche, G. E. 3 Charlemont Avenue, 
Kingstown, Des. — Picture frame, candlesticks, and 
brackets, ornamented with fruit and flowers in leather ; 
model of an Irish jaunting car. 

1225 Levien, J. M. 10 Davies St. Grosvenor Sq. 
London, Des. and Manu. — Escritoire in the style of 
Louis XIV. of tulip and kingwood, inlaid and orna- 
mented with oiTQolu, the interior consisting of a velvet 
writing table, sliding recesses for papers, drawers, &c. 
An occasional table, inlaid with various woods, and 
mounted in chased ormolu. Inlaid work table of New 
Zealand woods, discovered in that colony, and im- 
ported in 1840 by exhibitor. 

1223 Little, P. 29 Dorrington St. Hulme, Man- 
chester, Des. and Manu. — Table slab of Galway mar- 
ble, inlaid with Egyjjtian and Italian marbles. 

1227 Lombard, N. 2 Leinster St. Dublin, Manu. — 
Looking glasses, in carved and gilt frames ; chimney 
and pier glasses, in carved frames, in the old style ; 
carved and gilt tables and drawing room chair ; carved 
trophy picture frame ; (see fi.-ame of Lord Gough's 
portrait in Fine Arts Hall) ; girandoles ; Florentine 
mosaic chair (made by Luigi Venturicchio of Florence.) 



1228 Love, T. 2 Little Britain, City, London, Inv. 
and Manu. — Walnut table, and mahogany boxes, with 
tops of plate glass painted in imitation of marbles, the 
colours chemically combining with the glass so as not 
to be rubbed off. 

1229 Sttan, Fkaitcis, of Chester St. Birkenhead, 
near Liverpool. — A fall suit of walnut wood drawing- 
room furniture, comprising neatly designed chiffon- 
niere, with plate glass and marble slab ; lady's writing 
table; loo table; twelve chairs; two lounging sofas, 
two loimging chairs, upholstered in damask, elaborately 

1230 Mansfield, William, 90 Grafton St. Dub- 
lin, Manu. — Dressing cases, work boxes, writing desks, 
despatch boxes, envelope cases, &c. 

1231 Mansfield, Wm. 90 Grafton St. Exhibitor. — 
Papier machie goods manufactured by Jennens and 
Bettridge, consisting of tables, chairs, tea chests, 
dressing cases, work boxes, portfolios, pole screens, 
tea trays, writing desks ; patent inlaid gems, pearls, &c. 

1232 McKeon, p. 16 AungierSt. Diiblin, Des. and 
Manu. — Italian bonnet blind, with spring barrel and 
weight movement, for drawing-room or parlour win- 
dows ; outside storm shutter blinds, with inside action ; 
corrugated zinc blind, lace pattern ; Venetian blinds ; 
zinc blind, with gilt moulding ; ornamented wire blinds ; 
transparent landscapes of Irish scenes, on wire and 
mousseline ; the royal arms painted on zinc ; linen blind, 
mounted on improved spring barrel. 

1233 Milligan, Mrs. Auburn Lodge, 111 Rath- 
mines Rd. Dublin. — Fancy painted chess table with rich 
flowerborder; white and gold chessboard, mounted with 
gold pedestal. Heraldic chess table, the squares fonned 
of heraldic designs adopted by the knights in the time 
of King John, the border in black and white designs of 
a procession and tournament ; fancy work table, with 
group of fruit and flowers, mounted in maple-wood 
and gold ; work box, in mineral painting, representing 
precious stones, mounted with gold moulding. 

1234 Greene, Mrs. John B. 10 Waterloo Terrace, 
Up. Leeson St. — Table top, covered with tulip leaves. 

1235 Muller, a. 30 Sussex St. Bedford Sq. Lon- 
don, Des. — A painted panel, in decorative style. 

1236 MoLLOT, T. Baliina, co. Mayo, Des. — A table 
and chair of curious and original design. 

1237 MoEAN & QuiN, 29 Myddelton St. Clerken- 
well, London, Inv. & Manu. — Brooch, pin, ring, neck- 
let, steel, and watch cases ; Kilburn's registered folding 
stereoscope, forming in one the case for the photogra- 
phic miniatui-es and binocular instrument ; anti-warp- 

ing miniature and jewellery cases; ormolu, and imi- 
tation ormolu frames ; daguerreotype mats, cases, and 
glasses ; registered folded spring catch bracelet cases. 

1238 NosoTTi, C. A. 398 and 399 Oxford St. 
London. — Solid carved and gilt trophies, military and 
naval, representing species of war with medallions ; 
the two departed Heroes — Wellington and Nelson ; 
a rich ornamented and gilt pedestal, supporting bust 
of Daniel O'Connell; solid carved and gilt frame, 
with Crayon drawing, by Gratia. 

1239 Neson, T. Jun. Rothwell, near Kettering, 
Northamptonshire, Inv. — Specimens of Nixon's oil 
stain on deal, a substitute for paint ; a prie dieu, and 
a lectern, executed in deal by Mr. Ruddle, of Peter- 
borough, from designs by J. G. Bland, Esq, architect, 
and stained with Nixon's oil stain. 

1240 O'Neill, H. 49 Mary St.— Cabinet and up- 
holstery work. 

1241 Osborne, Mrs. C. S. 26 Harconrt St. Dnbhn, 
Des. — Frames, ornamented with ■ raised coloured 
flowers, (Rembrandt's hundred giiilder print, and 
Madame de Pompadour as Venus attired by the 

1242 Pantek & Cassidt, 22 D'OUer St. Dublin. 
— Specimens of, decorations and imitations of fancy 
marbles and woods painted, in oU. 

1243 Parker & Co. St. Vincent Works, Glasgow, 
Manu. — Paper hangings, in satins, flocks, and Bronzes, 
for dining and drawing rooms. 

1 244 Patterson, W. Dublin, Des. — Panels painted 
in imitation of woods and marbles ; pillars and table 
in imitation of mft.'bles. 

1245 Nugent, Mrs. 74 Harcourt St. — A table 
inlaid with various emblematical devices. 

1246 Plunkett, Brothers, 30 Lower Pembroke 
St. Dublin, Prod. — Round tables, painted in imitation 
of inlaid marbles ; pillars in imitation of various 
marbles ; panels painted to imitate several descriptions 
of woods. 

1247 Renner, J. F. 46 Castle St. East, Oxford St. 
London, Manu. — Buhl cabinet, inlaid with tortoise- 
shell, brass, and ebony, &c. ; buhl clock case, with 
bracket, and bracket for clock or bronze. 

1248 M'DoNAGH, Mrs. Plunkett, 21 Rathmines 
Road, Dublin. — Chinese work table, with carved ivory 

1249 Rogers, W. G. 10 CarHsle Street, Soho, 
London :— 

His Royal Highness the Prince of Wales, a crayon 
by RusseU. 



Carved brackets, fruit, flowers and birds. 

Cluster of birds brackets. 

Small brackets. 

A squirrel in lime wood. 

A hunting trophy. 

A boy tazza in boxwood. 

A Dutch toper. 

Eive oratory figures. 

Two small figures. 

A figure in pear wood. 

A friar in pear wood. 

A complimentary carved picture frame, composed of 
scrolls, flowers, and trophies of the arts, in the style 
of Louis XV. with the daguerreotype of Mrs. S. C. 
Hall, by D. Maclise. 

Heart-shaped miniature frame in boxwood emble- 
matical of passion winged love's hold, and ways of 
fruit and flowers, a garland of roses resting on branches 
of palms, illuminated by flames rising from a pot of 
fire at the bottom. 

In boxwood a miniature frame, ribbons and 

Boxwood, miniature frames of the time of James I. 

A shelf carved in lime wood, of the period of James 
I. with the ebony and gold case. 

A cup carved in boxwood, in the style of the box- 
wood cradle carved for her Majesty the Queen. 

A winged genius, with flowers and a lily, Mar- 

A winged hymen. 

A grotesque mask, Italian. 

Spoon and fork composed from the leaf and stem of 
celery, exhibited by John Cowley, Esq. 

In boxwood, a boy playing the reeds, on a primrose 
bank, from the legend of the Lady Nancy. 

In boxwood, a boy with tambourine, on a hill of 
snow drops, from the legend of the Lady Harriett. 

A miniature frame, ribbons and flowers. 

In boxwood frames, Elizabethan strap. 

Boxwood frame of the time of James I. 

Music trophies — violin and guitar. 

An oratory group on a gothic bracket, Spanish. 

Alms dishes and covers. 

Two boys in pear wood. 

A fine flower bracket, with bunches of hops, double 
stocks, rich fruit, and delicate snow drops. 

A companion bracket, in roses, convolvulus, china 
aster, and delicate snowdrop. 

A boldly carved poppy. 

Three angels' heads in boxwood, clustered in an oval. 

A brace of snipe. 

A brace of partridge. 

Gothic brackets. 

A bold fruit and flower brackets. 

A diaper and monogram alms. 

Small alms dish. 

A bold diaper alms dish. 

A peony in lime wood. 

An anemone. 

A carved glass case, 3 feet by 2 feet 6 inches, to 
hang on a wall. 

A boxwood bracket, composed of Elizabethan strap 
work, cuiiously interlaced with mask front. 

A boxwood Italian mask bracket. 

A box wood Italian mask bracket. 

Four grotesque masks, various conceits, in dark wood. 

Salad spoons and forks, Italian arabesque. 

In boxwood, the royal monogram, with crown and 
garter, for miniature. 

An Italian oval frame, dolphins, flowers, and foliage. 
Six ornamental boys in boxwood. 

Elizabethan strap, oval. 

Two ornamental boys in porcelain. 

1250 Ross, E. 9 and 10 Ellis' Quay, Dublin, Des. 
and Manu.— Rosewood chiffonier, made to contain a 
set of portable drawing room furniture, viz. cabriole 
couch, easy chair, six chairs, loo table, dinner table, 
and two sofa tables. Portable mahogany drawers, 
with secretary, &c. the cases to contain these forming 
wardrobe and three tables. Mahogany cabinet and 
bookshelf, made to hold the furniture of an officer's 
barrack room. Portable reclining easy chair of iron. 
Portable easy chair, forming also a couch; with other 
portable and camp furniture. 

1251 RuTHERFOKD, J. 5 Castle St. Belfast, Manu. 
■ — Stucco and alabaster pedestals, painted in imitation 
of marble. 

1252 Smith, Mrs. E. 4 Summerhill, Kingstown, 
Des. — Mosaic chess table and round table, painted in 

1253 Spares, R. Dublin, Des. and Manu. — Spanish 
mahogany cabinet sideboard, richly carved, and with 
glass in pediment. Gilt pier table with two glasses, 
elaborately ornamented in the French style. Rosewood 
marchioness, for centre of drawing-room, containing 
two sofas, back-to back, and two easy chairs at ends, 
richly carved in the French style, and covered with a 
ponceau figured satin brocatelle. Specimens of 
Axminster velvet pile, tapestry and Brussels carpets, 
and hearth rugs. 



1254 Spiers & Son, Oxford, Manu. — A table, and 
other specimens of decorated papier mache. 

1255 Stae, G. B. 27 Lower Ormond Qy. Dublin, 
Manu. — Specimens of paper hangings and decorations ; 
pedestals, painted in imitation of marbles. 

1256 Stewart, J. 54 ClanbrasU St. Dublin, Des. 
and Manu. — Inlaid mosaic table, composed of upwards 
of 3,500 separate pieces, designed and executed by 
exhibitor, a working chair maker. 

1257 Strahan, R. 24 Heniy St. Dublin, Des. and 
Manu. — Rosewood di^awing-room cabinet, with plate 
glass back, the carvings in sycamore. Library pedestal 
writing table in walnut, library reading chair: lounge 
chair ; prie dieu, constructed to form an arm chair ; 
and other chairs in walnut, upholstered in morocco ; 
circular table in walnut, with marquetrie border; 
carved and gilt window cornice, &c. 

1258 Tilling, E. Bolton le Moors, Inv. — Enrich 
ment for cornices and centres of ceUings ; specimens 
of gUding ; a cabinet. 

1259 Walton, F. & Co. Old Hall, Wolverhamp- 
ton. — Specimens of papier mach^ tea trays ; japanned 
toilet ware ; block tin dish covers and patent enamelled 
wi-ought iron ware. 

1260 Wertheimer, S. 35 Greek St. Soho, London, 
Des. IMod. and Manu. — Jewel caskets ; envelope cases, 
work boxes, portfolios, inkstands, writing desks, can- 
dlesticks, &c. in the cinque cento, Louis XIV. and 
other styles, and in various materials and mountinsfs ; 
candelabras chased in oi-molu ; ormolu chandeliers, 
brackets, and card trays ; card table, mounted in 
ormolu ; ebony cabinet, with marble top, mounted in 
oiinoiu and china ; chiffonier in tulipwood, mounted 
in plate glass and china ; Lotus XIV. clocks ; chased 
and bronze wine coolers and candlesticks ; agate cup, 
mounted with swans, set with stones ; Cellini cup. 

bronzed and chased, with many other articles in ormolu, 
bronze, &c. 

1261 SiBTHORPE, H. & Son, Dublin, Ex.— Two 
mirrors. These are the largest looking glasses ever 
imported into Ireland, and were made expressly for 
this Exhibition. 

1262 Whitehead, I. 29 South Anne St. Dublin. 
— Girandole glass ; picture fi-ames, of various sizes, 
finished and in the rough state ; specimens of mould 
cai-ving and gilt ornaments ; window cornice. 

1262a Tracet, John, 5 Harcourt St. Dublin. — 
Venetian shade, worked by a spring roller, rendering 
side hooks or knobs unnecessary; Louvre shutters, 
made to slide ; patterns of brass wires, viz., gauze, 
fancy lace, and embroidered. 

1263 Wilson, J. & Co. Ayr, Ayrshire, Des. and 
Manu. — Large Elizabethan book case, richly carved, 
the centre emblematical of the United Kingdom, the 
right wing of Ireland, and the left of Scotland. 

1264 Winterbottom, A. 29 Mosley St. Manches- 
ter, Manu. and Pat. — Specimens of patent Dacian 
silver paper hangings and panehngs ; a variety of 
silver decorations, fancy papers, &c. 

1265 WoEMiNGTON, W. 2 Dame Court, Dame St. 
Dubhn, Manu. — An ecclesiastical throne, carved in 
Irish oak, in the style of Louis XIV. the arms sup- 
ported by winged seraphs, the cherubs on the comers 
denoting harmony and adoration ; the entire sur- 
mounted by a statuette of St. Paul, by Clarke. 

1285 a Wright, Miss, jMcneymore, co. Derry, 
Exhibitor. — Specimens of car^dngs in wood, executed 
by deaf and dumb childi-en. 

1265 b Kehoe, James, Ballyvelogue, co. Wexford, 
Manu. — A tea poy, or holder of tea and sugar, made 
of cherrywood, on which are carved Chinese figures, 
copied from Chinese wardrobes. 


1266 Murphy, W. M.D. 4 Arthur PL Belfast, 
Manu. — Aerated waters ; carbonic acid gas in solu- 
tion ; effervescent tonics. 

1267 The Governor & Co. of Apothecaries' 
Hall of Ireland, 40 Mai-y St. Dublin. — Chemical 
and pharmaceutical preparations, manufactured in the 
laboratory of the Apothecaries' Hall ; specimens of 
drugs as imported and prepared. 

1268 BoiLEAu, John George & Co. Mary's Abbey, 
Dublin, Imp. and Manu. — Specimens of chemical 

1269 Boileaus. Brothers, 91, 92, and 93 Bride St. 
Dublin. — Chemicals. 

1270 Botd & Goodwin, 6 Merrion Row, Dublin, 
Imp. and Manu. — Pharmaceutical and chemical speci- 


1271 Brotherton, William, Nortli St. Wands- 
worth, Suirey.-j-Eottle of rape seed, rape seed oil, 
olive oil. 

1272 Dawsok, W. ieith. — Colours and specimens 
of prussiate of potash. 

1273 The Dublin Chemical Society, 64 Capel St. 
Dublin. — Productions by the following members : — 

Prepared by Ms P. C. Alcock : 
Prussian blue; oxide and sulphate of iron, fi-om 
Irish ore, with specimen; carbonate, oxide and sul- 
phate of zinc, acetic acid. 

Prepared by Me. W. Arthur : 
Oxalates of iron, ammonia and potash ; sulphates 
of magnesia and potash ; benzoic acid. 

Prepared by Mr. P. C. Alcock : 
Carbonate, oxide and sulphate of iron and Einc, 
Prussian blue ; acetic acid : (all from Irish ores). 
Prepared by Mr. V/. Ellwood : 
Iodide of potassium ; acetate of zinc ; animonia- 
eitrate of iron ; oxide of mercury. 

Prepared by Me. T. G. Eiggis : 

Acetate, carbonate, chloride, nitrate, oxide and 

sulphate of lead — from Irish ore, with specimen. 

Prepared by Mr. J. W. Gregg : 

Nitric acid, (ptu'e) ; phosphate of silver ; muriate 

and sulphate of ammonia. 

Prepared by Mr. T. Hayes : 
Iodine, from Dublin Bay sea-weed ; carbonate, 
bi-carbonate and sulphate of soda. 

Prepared by Mr. J. Langdale : 
Tartar emetic ; arsenis^te of potash ; valerianates of 
iron, and zinc. 

Prepared by Mr. W. Leaky : 
Muriatic acid, (pure) ; boracic acid ; phosphate of 
ammonia ; bi-carbonate of potash. 

Prepared by Mr. M, Langan : 
Arsenite, nitrate, and sulphate of copper — from Irish 

Prepared by Mb. J. Moorhead : 
Chromate and iodide of lead ; iodoform ; gun cotton ; 

1274 CORRY & Co. Belfast, Manu. — Ornamental 
stand of aerated waters, manufactured by patent 
improved machinery. 

1275 Donovan, E. E. 3 Home Ter. Dublin, Prop. 
— A collection of Irish lichens, collected by Joseph 
Taylor, Esq. and named and cljissified by the late Dr. 
Taylor, both of Dunkerron, co. Kerry. 

'1276 Dyas & Harman, Cork, Bewley & Evans, 
Agents in Dublin. — Dawson's rat poison. 

1277 Ellam, Jones, & Co. Markeaton MillSj 
Derby, Manu. — Specimens of the emery of commerce, 
or rhombohedral corundrum stone, from Naxos, in the 
Grecian Ai'chipelago, in its native and manufactured 
state, used for grinding and pelishing steel, iron, glass, 
&c. and by lapidaries. Mineral, chemical, and vege- 
table colors, raw and manufactured, for oil paints and 
paper staining. 

1278 Hill, J. 58 Great Brunswiijk St. Dublin, 
Manu. — Specimens of salt, manufactured from the rock 
salt of the new mines of Duncrue, Carriekfergus, on 
the Msjquis of Downshire's estate, viz. : Stoved salt 
for table use ; Irish fine or butter salt ; Irish coarse 
or provision salt ; ciystalized salt for baker's use ; 
pink table salt ; bittei-n ; with a sample of the rock 

1279 Tustian, J. & Usher, S. Milcombe, near 
Banbury, Oxon, Prod, and Manu. — English rhubarb 
powder ; English rhubarb, trimmed and untrimmed. 

1280 Mobehly, W. Sandsend, near Whitby, Manu. 
— Half cask of alum ; sample of refined Epsom salts 

1281 Moffat, G, D. 4GDundas St. Edmburgh.— 
Pure medicinal cod-liver oil, characterized by its 
freedom from taste and smell. 

- 1282 Murray, Sir J. M. D. 19 Temple St. DubKn-. 
— Specimens of m^agnesia and camphor in chemical 
union in a fluid fonn. A bottle of fiuid magnesia and 
camphor, from which the carbonic acid having been 
expelled by heat, the magnesia and camphor held in 
,<: •...lotion by that gas, become again insoluble, the 
ma.;^nesia falling to the bottom, and the camphor float- 
ing on the top of the liquid after being boiled. 

1283 M 'Garry & Sons, Palmerstown and Ash- 
town Mills, Dublin. — Linseed and rape oils and cakes. 

1284 Penney, Henry, 4 York Place, Baker St. 
London. — Samples of Varnishes. 

1285 CouPLAND, Henry, Liverpool. — Baspberry 
vinegar, acid, and syrup of lemon. 

1286 Smith, T. &H. 21 Duke St. Edinburgh, Manu. 
— Caffeine ; the crystalline and characteristic principle 
of coffee. Aloin; (discovered by the exhibitors, 1350,) 
the cathartic principle of the aloes; two samples 
exhibited, made from the Socotrine aloes. 

12S7 Squire, P. 277 Oxford St. London.— Speci- 
mens of the principal alcohols, and corresponding 
acids; compound ethers; specimens illustrating the 
indigo series; tartaric and paratartaric acids; speci- 
mens of crystals ; pharmaceutical preparations. 

1233 Thwaites & Co. A. & R. Dublin, Manu. — 


Samples of artificial mineral waters ; double and single 
soda water. 

1289 Wood & Bedford, Leeds, Manu. — The 
varieties of lichens employed in the manufacture of 
lichen dyes; specimens of Orchil and Cudbear of diffe- 
rent kinds and qualities; illustrations of the use of 
these coloring matters in the arts of dying and print- 

1290 Waed, John, Bamelton, co. Donegal. — 
Muriate of potash, sulphate of pot^h, and iodine, 
manufactured from sea-weed. 

1291 Abbott & Weight, Needham Market, 
Suffolk, Manu. — Specimens of crown glue, manu- 
factured from the waste pieces of hides and feet of 


1292 Andrews, W. Brazilian Consul, Castle St. 
Dublin. — Specimens of Brazilian produce, comprising 
coffee, coffee plants, sugar canes, sugar ; cotton, raw 
and manufactured ; native plants and trees. 

1293 Allman & Co. Bandon, Manu. — Specimen 
of whiskey. 

1294 AsPEEt, James, Sandleford, near^Kewbmy, 
Berks, Prod. — Specimens of malt and peas. 

1295 Brown & Polson, Paisley. — Patent gi-ann- 
lated starch, made from wheat ; patent powder starch, 
from sago flower ; pulverized farina, from diseased 
potatoes ; gluten, from wheat. 

1296 Burgess, Mrs. E. 10 Pill Lane, Dublin, 
Manu. — Snuff, made solely from pure Virginia tobacco 
stalks ; roll tobacco, made of pure Virginia leaf. 

1297 CooNET, C. Dublin, Mami. and Imp. — Starch 
manufactured from wheat, sago flower, and potato 
flour ; British gums ; hair powder ; indigo and smelt 
blue ; button, thumb, and Queen's blue ; Prussian and 
Chinese blue. 

1298 Daly, J. & Co. Cork, Manu.— Whiskey, 
in ATOoden and glass casks ; specimens of Irish 
manufactured pearl, &c. pearl barleys. 

1299 Dawson & Morris, 96 Fenchurch St. Lon- 
don, Imp. and Manu. — Samples of Russian and 
Brazil isinglass, as imported, and cut for Use. 

1300 M 'Garry and Sons, Palmerston and 
Ashtown Mills, Dublin, Manu. — Irish mustard. 

1301 Fadeuilhe, V. B. 19 Newington Crescent, 
London, Inv. and Manu. — Patent solidified milk ; the 
grated substance of solidified milk ; graters. 

1302 Farrell, J. 10 & 11 Leinster Market, 
Hawkins St. Dublin. — Specimens of mess beef and 
pork, in casks. 

1303 Lea & Perrijt, 68 Broad St. Worcester 
— Worcestershire sauce. 

1303 a Wakrineb, George, 40 Snow St. Bir- 
mingham. — Biscuits made of essence of meat. 

1304 Foot, Lundy & Co. 6 & 7 Esses Bridge, 
Dublin, Manu. — Lundy Foot's snuff of three kinds, 
riz. : — Hightoast, Scotch and Stalk made solely from 
the leaf and stalks of Virginia Tobacco ; Virginia 
leaf Tobacco and stalks ; same fermented previous to 
roasting ; same roasted ready for grinding ; Cavendish, 
Nailrod, ISTegrohead, Pigtail, Roll Tobacco, and various 
cut Tobaccoea. 

1305 Ford HAM, T. Snelsmore-HUl, East, near 
Newbury, Berks. Prod, and Prop.- — Samples of 
agricultm-al produce, viz : — ^wheat, Fordham's improved 
white, red lammas, and Australian white ; Fordham'a 
prolific white eye and haricot beans ; Augusta horse 
beans ; chevalier, black, and skinless chevalier barley, 
(a new^ variety) ; two ears of maize, a few dried pods 
of haricot beans grown between the rov/s of the maize, 
with specimen of foreign maize ; dried specimen of 
[maize] Indian com, with three ears, grown upon the 


Snelsmore Hill estate in 1852, from acclimatized 

1306 Fry & Sons, (Chocolate makers to the Queen), 
Bristol, Imp. and Manu. — Specimens of pods, leaves, 
flowers, wood, &c. of the theobroma cacao tree ; 
cocoa nuts as imported ; manufactured chocolate and 
cocoa ; paintings of views in Trinidad, &c. 

1307 GooDBODT, E. Tullamore, King's co. Manu. 
• — Snuffs and tobaccos. 

1308 HiRSCH, W. Mountmelick, Queen's co. Manu. 
— Specimens illustrating the beet root sugar manufac- 
ture : beet root seed, beet roots, beet root pulp ; juice 
of beet root defecated, and concentrated ; synip of the 
beet root crystalized ; samples of soft sugar from first, 
second, and third crystalizations ; treacle from first 
and second crystalizations ; the same, boiled ; molasses ; 
soft sugar loaves and lumps ; pressed scum from defe- 
cating pans ; animal charcoal for fJtering ; five views 
of the different processes carried on in the factory at 

1308 A Sullivan, William K. — Series of speci- 
mens, illustrative of the manufactm-e of beet sugar, 
obtained in carrying out the experiments for the 
government report at the Museum of Irish Industry. 

1309 Jennings, T. Brown St. Cork, Manu. — 
Specimens of pure calcined magnesia ; carbonate of 
magnesia, and strong solution carbonate of magnesia ; 
pure carbonate magnesia in blocks ; wheaten starch ; 
crystal white wine and brown vinegar. 

1310 Kibble, T. G-rentres, Hadlow, Kent, 
Prod. — Hops. 

1311 LuGTON, G. 14Leinster St. Dublin, Manu. — 
Rounds of spiced beef. 

1312 McCann, J. Drogheda, Manu. — Samples of 
oatmeal, coarse and fine, as used in Ireland for 
stirabout, gruel and bread. 

1313 Mo Vet, E. 61 James' St. Dublin, Manu. — 
A whole preserved pig ; hams, middles, and joles of 
bacon ; mess pork ; refined lard in kegs, rings, and 
bladders ; mutton hams, and ox tongues, dried and 

1314 MoNTEiRO, L. A. 2 Up. Phillimore PI. Ken- 
sington, London, Inv. and Manu. — Specimens of 
chocolate, sweetened without any admixture or color- 
ing matter whatever, made of Curacao cocoa, Curacao 

and British West India cocoas combined, and of British 
West India cocoa; and chocolate lozenges of pure 
Curacao cocoa ; all roasted by a new process. 

1315 NiMMO, T. & Co. Linlithgow, Manu. — Speci- 
mens of glue and refined gelatine. 

1316 PiM, T. & L. Mountmelick, Queen's co. 
Manu.— Specimens of starch and blue. 

1317 Reillt & Sons, 14 Westmoreland St. Dublin, 
Manu. — Pickled and smoked ox tongues ; potted meats; 
vin au lait, or milk punch; restoration jelly; bottled 
fruits ; fancy jars of pickles ; and various sauces, pre- 
serves, &c. * 

1318 Russell, G. Wilmington, Kent, Prod.— 
Kent hops. 

1319 Smith, J. Rye, Sussex, Prod. — Sussex 

1320 Smith, M. Copper Alley, Dublin, Manu.— 
JModel of a pig, cast in rendered lard, with other 
ornamental devices oftsame material. 

1321 Styles, T. 148 Up. Thames St. London, 
Manu. — Samples of, and illustrations of the mode of 
packing, Ashby's pi-epared groats, barley and jjea 
flour, for the production of gruel, &c. in a few 

1322 Taylor, J. &W. Bishops vStortford, Hert- 
fordshii-e. — Specimens of malt : — white, for making 
pale ale ; colom-ed, for beer and porter ; amber, for giving 
color and flavour ; and brown or blown, used exclusi- 
vely for making porter. 

1323 Roe, William, Mountrath Mills.— Flour, 
bran, wheaten meal, &c. 

1324 Tucker, E. Belfast. — Specimens of wheat 
starch and glue. 

1325 Waters, G. & Co. Green Distillery, Cork, 
Manu. — Specimens of Whiskey of different ages, in 2 
glass barrels, and one of polished oak, with brass hoops 
and glass heads, exhibited as a beautiful specimen of 
coopering ; samples of Scotch and pearl barley, manu^ 
factured at the green distillery mills. 

1326 Weekes, T. 91 Gt.Britain St. Dublin, Manu. 
— Roll of manufactured tobacco. 

1327 Wotherspoon, R. Glenfield Starch-works, 
Paisley, Manu. — Specimens of the Glenfield patent 
starch, made of East India sago by a peculiar process, 
and solely by manual labour. 

t^ 2 




1328 Adair, J. G. BeUegrove, BaUybiittas, Queen's 
county, Prop. — Model of fai-m steading, adapted for 
1,000 acres, with accommodation for 20 horses and 
300 head of cattle ; the machinery driven by an eight- 
horse steam engine ; as erected on exhibitor's farm of 
BeUegTove in 1852. — Made and modelled by Joshua 
Anderson, 8 North Brunswick St. Dublin. 

1329 Adaiis, S. & C. Oldbury, near Birmingham, 
Inv. and Pat. — Steel hand mill, for grinding flour for 
domestic use, and for emigrants; of new and peculiar 

1330 Ball, W. Rothwell, Kettering, Northamp- 
tonshire, Inv. and Manu. — The criterion prize plough, 
made of iron, with steel or cast iron furrow tm-ners. 
Two-horse v/aggon, either with pole or shafts. 

1331 Barrett, Exall, &Andrewes, KatesgTove 
Iron Y/orks, Reading, Berks, Inv. and Manu. — Pour 
horse-power patent steam engine, with improvements 
for economising heat ; four horse-power thrashing 
machine, with wooden frame, wrought iron breasting, 
and wood and iron beaters ; two horse-power patent 
thrashing machine, with portable patent gear, and new 
arrangement for setting the breastwork ; hand power 
patent iron thrashing machine, for two men ; one 
horse-power patent gear ; barley aveller, with iron 
framing ; patent chain chaff-cutter, on a new principle ; 
the paragon grain mill, with two rollers for crushing 
malt, oats, barley, and linseed, and a third for sphtting 
beans ; oil cake mill ; registered hay-making machine, 
with twofold motion, for tedding or spreading the grass, 
and for lightly turning it ; patent horse rake, with 
moveable clearer ; Read's patent subsoil plough. 

1332 Mellob, D. Dunleer. — Improved prize two 
horse plough, improved drill grubber ; cart axle with 
engine turned ends. 

1333 Bigg, T. Great Dover St. Southwark, Inv. 
and Manu. — Sheep-dipping apparatus, consisting of 
dipping tub, draining vessel, and inclined plane. 

1334 Blacker, St. J. T. Ballylongford, co. Kerry, 
Prop. — Hollow bricks for building ; drainage tiles, 
pipes, and collai's ; earthenware dairy pans. 

1335 Boyd, J. 70 Lr. Thames St. London, Inv. 
and Manu. — Patent double action or self adjusting 

1S35a Davidson, J. & Co. Edinburgh.— A su- 
periorly adjusted cart steelyard, to weigh from one 
pound to four tons, (gained first prize at the Great 
Exhibition of 1851) ; a set of three smaller steelyards.- 

1336 Bruce, J. Coleraine, Inv. — Economic hay^ 
rack, acted on by weight or spring ; hollow tube, a 
fixture in a stable for tying horses, (patented) ; a model 
of stall with the fittings. 

1337 BusHE, R. H. Glencaim, Lismore, co. Wat- 
t^rford, Des. and Manu. — ^The Lismore turnip grater 
for grating roots for cattle, pigs, and poultry. 

1338 Corcoea>7, Bryan, & Co. 88 Mark Lane,. 
London, Manu. — ^A four feet diameter millstone for 
grinding wheat ; a woven wire kiln plate ; sundry 
samples ; imperial bushel. 

1339 Claytoi>'', Shdttlewoeth & Co. Lmcoln, 
Manu. — Portable steam engine, for agiictiltural con- 
tractors', or builders' pui-poses ; combined portable 
thrashing, stra.w-shaking, riddling and wizmowinc 
machine, to be driven by steam power. 

1340 Coleman, R. Chelmsford, Essex, Inv. and 
Manu. — Patent drag harrows, cultivatoi-s, or scarifiers, 
with 7 or 5 prongs, to which shares or spuds may be 
affixed ; patent expanding haiTow, made in fom* com- 
partments, and on the principle of a parallel niler; 
patent subsoil harrow or pulveriser. 

1340a CooiiBE, & Co. .30 Mark Lane, London.— 
A case, containing specimens of fine wire netting, 
in brass and copper, to which the medal was awardeff 
in 1851, at five hundred threads per inch ; a variety of 
patent weighing machines, flour miUs, &c. 

1341 CoEEiGAN, xlNDREW, Royal Dublin Society. 
— Model of a simple machine for inigation purposes, 
and making small as well as large streams available for 
Buch pm-poses in the summer, autunna, and winter 
seasons. Invented by Dr. Spurgen of the Polytechnic 
Institution, London. 

1342 Crosskill, "W. Beverley, Yorkshu-e, Manu, 



■ — ^Yorkshire wood plough, to work as a swing plough, 
or with one or two wheels ; sets of Williams' patent 
iron seed harrows, and pair horse iron harrows ; Cross- 
kill's patent serrated roller, or clod omsher, fitted 
with two travelling wheels ; Crosskill's patent wheat 
roller and clod cnisher, with latest improvements ; 
two row hand presser, used after two ploughs, to press 
the edges of each furrow, and form a solid bottom for 
seed corn ; improved Norwegian harrow ; Earl Ducie's 
drag harrow and scarifier, with extra steel paring 
shears ; improved iron lever horse rake ; double-action 
haymaker, with fore motion for making hay, and back 
motion for tedding it ; improved iron horse hoe and 
harrow ; broadcast portable manure distributor ; tur- 
nip and manure drill, for peat charcoal, &c. ; Cross- 
kill's patent wheels and axle for farm carts ; emigrant's 
cart ; model farm cart ; liquid manure cart ; portable 
manure pump, with hose pipe and copper tube ; iron 
pump, with iron pipe and winbore ; specimens of por- 
table farm railway, and railway truck ; two-horse por- 
table thrashing machine, as used in the colonies ; corn 
dressing machine ; Aa-chimedean potato washer ; pig 
troughs ; Hussey's American reaper, with further 
improvements by exhibitor ; improved Amex'ican reaper, 
by W. Crosskill ; Bell's original reaper, with patented 
improvements, and self-acting side-delivery ; other 
agricultural implements. 

2343 La Touchb, Eev. Thomas Digges, Upham, 
Killenaule. — Agricultural models of a harrow ; of a 
diill dibbler and roller ; of a drill scuffler or horse hoe ; 
of a farm cart ; of a grubber. 

1344 LoNGWORTH Dames, E.Greenhill,Sdenderry, 
xCing's CO. Prop. — Net for confining slieep on pastm'e, 
&c. made of shreds of bog deal ; specimens of ropes 
of same material. 

1345 Deummond, W. & Son, 58 Dawson St. Dub- 
lin, and Stirling, N.B. — 290 dried specimens of grains, 
grasses, and other plants used in agriculture ; samples 
of the seeds of the grains and grasses, &c. generally 
cultivated in Ireland ; colored drawings in full size, of 
40 varieties of garden and fai-m vegetables and roots ; 
model of a com stack. 

1345 a Webster, W. B. Esq. C. E.— A prize 
double acting tile making machine, and pug mill, 
manufactured by Tasker and Eowler. 

1346 Eeles, T. & Co. Mary St. Dublin, Prop.— 
Improved hay and straw cutting machine, to be worked 
by water, steam, or horse power ; oat, bean, and flax- 
bruising machine ; turnip slicer and cutter ; strong 
malleable iron steelyard or weighing machines ; single 

horse diill grubbers, or green crop cultivators ; double 
drill turnip-sowing machine ; improved cart axle with 
turned bushes ; two horse plough ; FeiTabee's improved 
Budding's mowing machine ; Hunter's registered hand 
churn ; samples of farm and garden seeds, with drawings, 
&c. ; farm, garden, and forest hand implements and 
tools; improved durable sheep-folding net ; farm cart 
harness ; Berwickshire farm cart ; specimens of arti- 
ficial manures. 

1347 Faeran, C. Dungarva, Conunty Waterford, 
Mann. — A cradle chum ; a milk tub. 

1348 Ferguson, J. Bridge of AHan, near Stii-fing, 
Des. and Manu. — Model of an improved draining 
plough ; common iron plough improved. 

1349 Forbes, P. Shettleston, Glasgow, Des. and 
Manu. — Common Plough, with machinery for 
depositing seeds. 

1350 FoRSHAW & Co. 51 ComwaUis Street, Liver- 
pool, Des. and INIanu. — Machine to weigh carts and 
live stock; Fairbanli's patent, and other weighing 
machines ; bean and oat crtisher ; linseed and oat mill; 
hand mill and dressing machine for grinding and dress- 
ing flour ; grocers' cofiee mill. 

1351 Fraser, S. 45 Mary St. Dublin, Des. and 
Manu. — Improved garden watering engines ; cream 
forcers for making butter and iced or whipped creams ; 
potato steamers ; imperial double-acting prize chui-ns. 

1351 A Young, Charles, D. & Co. Edinburgh, 
Glasgow. Liverpool, and London, Manu. — Improved 
corn rick stands, under their scheme for the reduction 
of the price of iron manufactures ; premium iron field 
gates and posts, and Crosskill's clod crusher, both 
under same scheme; premium hare and rabbit proof 
wire netting ; iron and wire fencing ; garden roller ; 
garden chairs ; new French kon and galvanised wil-e 
seats; Drununond's patent chui-n, with recent im- 

1352 Gaillard, fils ain^, La Fert^ sous Jouarre, 
France (agent, G. Dombusch, London), Manu. — 
French mill-stones of the best description. 

1352a Nixon, T. Kettering, Northamptonshire, 
Inv. and Manu. — Small green-house, glazed without 
putty, with improved ventilators, &c. ; improved 
garden hand frames of metal ; shade of zinc and glass 
to preserve peas from frost; specimen of fret work or 
lead light glazing. 

1353 Garrett, R. Laston Works, Sufiblk, Manu. 
— An eleven-row improved SuSblk corn di'ill, with 
fore, carriage, steerage, and iron levers ; com and seed 
di-ills for small occupations ; lever drill for vegetable 



seeds and manure ; economical vegetable seed and 
manure drill ; broadcast manure distributor ; Gar- 
rett's patent horse hoe ; horse and steam-power port- 
able thrashing machines on travelling wheels ; reaping 
machines, and set of Norwegian haiTows. 

1354 CoEPOEATiON OF DUBLIN, per Parke Neville, 
Esq., C.E. — Watering, scavenging, and gravel carts, 
manufactured by Mr. James Eitzsimons, Bridgefoot St. 
under direction of the Borough Engineer. 

i354A Courtney & Stephens, Messrs. Dublin. 
— A gorse machine and oat bruiser, with two horse 
plough and harrows, and a double acting pipe tile, and 
brick making machine. 

1355 Smyth, Jajvies, & Sons, Peasenhall, Yoxford, 
Suffolk. — A sis rowed patent com drill, upon the lever 
principle, manufactured by the proprietors, who are 
the inventors. 

An eight rowed patent corn drill for corn and seeds, 
manufactured upon the improvements of seeding hilly 
land regular, and for the simple application of cog 
wheels, &c. 

A ten rowed patent com and seed drill, with attach- 
ments of improved and patented inventions. 

A patent three rowed turnip and mangold wurzel 
seeds and manure drill, adapted for three rows on the 
flat and two on the ridge, constructed upon a new 
principle, with revolving axle for contracting or ex- 
panding the carriage wheels. 

A patent three rowed tmiiip and mangold wurzel 
seed drill, for two on ridge or three on fiat. 

Fore carriage steerage for straight drilling, &c. 

A patent manure distributor. 

1355a Greening, B. 6 Church Gate, Manchester, 
or 2 Cateaton St. — Wire manufactui'es, by machinery, 
of every variety of agricultural and horticultm-al 
fences and decorations, field ates, corn rick stands, &c. 

1356 Gray & Co. Uddingston, near Glasgow, 
Manu. — One-horse Scotch faiTU cart; Scotch two-horse 
swing plough ; parallel lever sub-soil pulveriser ; parallel 
hoe for drill crops ; parallel expansion horse hoe ; horse 
parallel five-tined drill grubber ; horse equalizing 
draught bars ; field grubber or cultivator ; double drill 
trrnip sowing machines, with improved seed distribu- 
tors, concave iron rollers, &c. ; improved chaff cutting, 
and oat and bean bruising machines ; American 

1357 Hughes, W. Valley Foundry, Holyhead, 
Angiesea, Inv. and Manu. — Gorse or furze cutting 
machines for hand and power ; chaff cutting machine, 
with an unproved motion. 

1358 Hill, E. & Co. Brieriey Hill Iron Works, 
near Dudley, Manu. — ^Wrought iron skim or paring 
plough; registered expanding horse hoe, for turnips, 
potatoes, &c. ; iron sheep rack on four wheels, with 
roof and trough ; wrought and cast iron rick staddle or 
stand ; iron fittings for a stable. Samples of E. Hill 
& Co.'s continuous iron fences and hurdles ; new sheep 
hurdle. Materials for strained wire fences, consisting 
of wire, straining piUar, standards and stays. Specimens 
of game proof wire netting, painted and galvanized ; 
iron garden seat with foot stage; netting plant guards; 
iron gates; guttering for roofs; iron barrow with 
apparatus for heating tar. 

1359 Howard, J.& F. Bedford, Inv. and Manu. — 
Patent iron plough, with wheels, of various sizes and 
descriptions ; patent iron swing plough ; double breast 
or ridge plough ; patent subsoil plough ; sets of patent 
jointed iron haiTOws ; patent three and four beam iron 
haiTows ; improved one rowed horse hoe ; trussed, 
equalizing, and steel-yard whippletrees : patent horse 
rake ; improved corn crusher and oil cake breaker. 

1360 Hunter, W. & J. Samuelston, Haddington, 
Inv. and Manu. — Lever drilling machine; horse hoe 
for drilled grain. 

1360a James, J. 24 Leadenhall St. London, 
Weigh Bridge Manufacturer. — A variety of patent 
weigh bridges, suited to agricultural and mercantile 

1361 Kay & Hilton, Fleet St. Liverpool. — French 
Bun- runner mill stones, biiilt after the plans of Geo. 
MuUin, Esq. of Gilford, Co. Down, and John Steel, 
Esq. of Cork. 

1362 Kennedy, J. 8 Aston's Qy. Dublin, Maau. — 
Double and single driU turnip sowers; oat bruiser; 
turnip cutters ; hay and straw cutter ; drill grabber, 
and harrow; couch grass rake; steaming apparatus; 
winnowing machine ; ploughs ; 6 biill harrow of wrought 
iron ; Churn ; patent mangles, with rack and crown 
wheel motion ; linen press ; family wheat miU. 

1363 Kent, A. Chichester, Inv. and Manu. — 
Greenhouses, glazed with Kent's patent weather-proof 
glazing, without putty or other adhesive composition. 

1363 a Kirkwood, J. Ti-anent Foimdry, Tranent. 
— A horse hay- rake ; turnip cutter ; two-horse plough ; 
oil cake mill; four-horse grubber; and set of hariows. 

1364 Le Hunte, G. Ai-tramont, Wexford, Manu. 
— Sheep-netting, made by Irish peasants. 

1365 Mason, V\'. Navan, co. Meath, Manu. — 
Three horse power threshing machine ; corn-dressing or 
winnowing machine, worked by one man. 



1366 M 'Arthur, J. 64 Capel St. Dublin, Prop.— 
Agricultural roots, in various stages of growth, illus- 
trating the observations upon vegetable physiology, 
contained in exhibitor's "Essay on the Roots of 
Plants" ; living agricultural plants, showing the grow- 
ing roots through glass, and Olustrating the effects of 
light thereon. 

1367 M'CoNiTELL, James, Dunleer. — Ploughs. 

1368 MoLLOT, J. Rochestown Avenue, co. Dublin, 
Inv. — New chum, with cooler and stand ; model of a 
horse shoe for contracted foot ; horse naUs ; clay with- 
out lime for stuffing horses feet ; a cavisson for a bull ; 
improved collar buckles and bits for horses ; saddle of 
new construction ; specimens of the bark of the lime 
tree, for matting ; collection of the insects which caused 
the destiniction of the potato, in their different stages ; 
samples of mammoth peas. 

1369 Morrow, J. Banbridge. — Winnowing ma- 

1370 O'Connor, H. Frederick St. Limerick, Inv. 
— Wheel and lever four-fold dash chum ; model of 
horse digging machine. 

1371 Porter, J. V. Grey, BeUeisle, Lisbellaw, 
— Tillage farmer's account book. 

1372 Ransomes & Sims, Ipswich, Manu. — Patent 
iron ploughs, with one and with two wheels ; patent 
trussed beam iron ploughs ; set of patent trussed iron 
whippletrees ; improved direct-action horizontal steam 
engine, of six horse power ; two-horse leportab 
threshing machine ; patent iron chaff engine, for hand 
or horse power ; small chaff engine ; Gardener's 
double-action turnip cutter ; Hurwood's patent metal 
mill for emigrants ; patent double-crushing miU ; small 
bean mill ; oil cake breakers ; grass cutter ; Tennant's 
registered grubber. 

1373 Ritchie, W. & J. Ardee, co. Louth, Inv. and 
Manu. — Farm cart with harvest frame and improved 
locker ; six-drill corn-sowing machine, with self-acting 
coulters ; improved two-horse wing plough ; improved 
subsoil plough ; drill plough, with improved mode of 
expanding and contracting mould boards ; new machine 
for ribbing wheat, oats, or barley. 

1374 Samuelson, B. Banbury, (agents in Dublin, 
Messrs. Di-ummond and Sons), Manu. — Samuelson's 
patent digging machine for thorough tillage of lands 
or breaking ground for railways ; patent Gardener's 
turnip cutter with double action ; Samuelson's registered 
Budding's lawn mower, with fore carriage ; registered 
atmospheric churn. 

1375 Sheridan, H. & Co. Dublin, Manji. — Drain- 

ing, subsoiling, and other field implements and ma- 
chines for horse and hand labour; machines and 
implements for the barn, haggard, farm-yard, dairy 
and feeding shed ; portable threshing machine ; double 
action vegetable cutter with grater attached. 

1376 Skelton, S. Sheffield.— Farm, and garden 
spades, and shovels of every description ; dra-ning 
tools ; forge hammers, and other agricultural tools. 

1377 Smith & Ashbt, Stamford, Lincolnshire, 
Inv. — Smith and Ashby's new patent self-acting reap- 
ing machine ; patent double action hay making ma- 
chine, for spreading and turning hay, fitted with 
patent wrought iron wheels ; patent wrought iron horse 
rake, for hay, corn, twitch and stubble ; patent lever 
hand rake, on iron frame, mounted on light wheels ; 
patent chaff and litter cutting machines, for hand, 
horse, water, or steam power ; improved wrought 
iron lever cultivator or scarifier ; patent park and 
luggage cart mounted on springs ; samples of Smith 
and Ashby's patent wi'ought iron wheels and axles for 
carriages and for agiicultural purposes. 

1377a Toole, & Macket, Messrs. Westmoreland 
Buildings, Dublin. — A collection of agricultural seeds 
and artificial manures. 

1378 Smith, A. & W. & Co. Woodside Works, 
Paisley, Manu. — Cart weighing machines, with com- 
pound index lever ; improved sack weighing machine. 
Portable liquid manm-e pump ; cart and cattle weigh- 
ing machine, single lever. 

1379 Smith, W. Kettering, Northamptonshire, Inv. 
and Manu. — Smith's lump sugar chopper ; fruit 
dresser ; steerage horse hoe with double bar — all pa- 

1380 Stanley, W. P. Peterborough, Northampton- 
shire, Manu. — Stanley's registered roller mill for crush- 
ing linseed, oats, &c. for steam or hand power; Stanley's 
universal mill ; rape and linseed cake breaker ; farmers' 
steaming and cooking apparatus ; safety lever chaff 
engines ; patent wi'ought iron plough with steel breast 
and two wheels ; set of four beam diagonal iron har- 
rows ; hand labour machine, intended as a substitute 
for tread mills in goals ; improved churn ; lever cheese 
press ; machine for making pities and drain tiles. * 

1381 Farrell, F. Capel St. Dublin. — Specimens 
of hay, clover, and other seeds ; a selected assortment 
of agricultural grasses, suited for the improvement of 
pasture and meadow lands. 

1382 Watson, D, Newtownsandes, co. Kerry, Des. 
— Plans of concentrated farm yards, for 200 or 600 
acres ; and of enclosed farm yard for 600 acres. 


1383 Wedlake, Maky, & Co. 118 Fenclmreli St. 
London. — ^A manger feeding machine ; improved por- 
table mangle, occupying but 3 feet 6 inclies of room — 
can be worked readily by a child ; convex chaff cutter ; 
mill flour mill ; flour mill, with French burr-stones ; 
flour dressing machine ; oat bruisers ; Sinclair's drill ; 
broad east seed machine ; turnip cutter ; hay-making 
machine, invented by the late Mr. Thomas Wedlake ; 
sack holder filler and truck combined. 

1383 a Winton, H. Dove Mills, Bii-mingliam. — 
A collection of digging forks, agricultural and horti- 
cultm-al spades, &c. which obtained several first prizes 
at the Royal English and Irish meetings. 

1384 Whitmee & Chapman, 18 Fenchra-ch Build- 
ings, Fenchurch St. London, In v. and Manu. — 
Improved corn-crusher, with steeled rollers ; domestic 
flour mUl ; coffee mills, with patent anti-friction wheel ; 
improved coffee roasters ;, sugar mills ; sniall mjUs. 

1385 WiLLisoN, A. Dundonald by Kilmarnoek, 
Ayrshire, Inv. — Patent threshing machine, with two 
flat beaters, instead of the usual drum, and may be 
used by the feet, on the treaddle principle, or by the 

1386 Wilkinson, T. 309 Oxford St. London, 
Inv. and Manu. — Improved patent box chiirn, on 

1387 WiLMOT, K Hulme, Wakefield, Congleton, 
Cheshire, Des.— Model and plans, with estimate, of a 
set of farra buildings for 300 acres, the roofe being 
made with bricks instead of timber and slates. 

1387 a Edmondson, J. & Co. 61 Dame St. Dub- 
lin. — Winton's steel digging, hay, and dung forks, 
made from one piece of steel, without join or weld ; 
spades, draining tools, &c. ; terra cotta vases and fens 
cases ; ornamental flower pots, &c. ; Tye's registered 
hyacinth glasses, with flower suppoiiiSv 



1388 BaiLlie, E. 12 Cumberland Market, and 118 
Wardoiir St. Soho, London : — 

Shakespeare reading a Play to Queers Elizabeth, and 
ber Court. Enamelled on glass. 

Bust of aur Saviour. Enamelled on glass. 

Bust of St. Catheriiie. do. 

Our Saviour Blessing little Children, da. 
' Arms of Hemy VIII. do. 

Trial of St. Stephen. do: 

Decorated ornamental light, with arms of England 
iii the centre. 

St. John the Divine. Decorated style of glass. 

Ornamental Light. Norman style. 

Ornamental Light, emblematic of the Order of the 

Ornainental Light, emblematic of the Order of the" 

1389 Dillon, Mrs. D. G. Gi-antham Villa,- Blakeney 
Parade, Sandymount :^ 

Sea-shore gatherings, (Irish Shells. 
The Mermaid's Offering, do. 

1390 Gonne, Mrs. Anne W. 26 Clare St. Dublitf.. 
Specimens cf rare flowers, modelled in wax from 
nature ; water lilies, Victoria Regis, and spring flowers. 

1391 Claeee, J. A. 43 Abbey St. Dublin — 
The cm-rant picker bracket, a conventional aiTange- 
mest of the currant, gooseberry, and other foliage and 

Dead game — the golden plover, carved in lime 



Dead snipe, in same wood. 

Cock Robin's Death, from the well known story. 
An original design for a chimney glass frame. 
Oval frame, ornamented by sprigs of the faschia, 
with figui'e in plaster — the hedge belle. 

Original models, in plaster, of Gothic capitals. 

1392 Claeke, Mr., D. 2 Carysfort Avenue, Black- 
rock. — "Wax flowers, made entirely without instructions 
or patterns, from memory. 

1393 CooPEB, M. T.Carlow, Queen's co.— Stand of 
Dogs (7) modelled in wax from life. 

1394 Degroot, C. Jun. 52 Stafford St.' Dublin.— 
The aiTtns of the Earl of Eglinton, carved in oak; 
basket of fruit, flowers, and ornament carved in 
sycamore; oval picture frame, cai-ved in lime tree; 
cheval screen frame, carved in rosewood, cheval screen 
frame, carved in oak. 

1395 Hejiphill, W. D. Esq. M.D. Clonmel.— 
Ivory vase, oniamented in the Gothic style ; candJe- 
stick and table of African blackwood and ivory. 

A small cup and vase, shov/ing the beautiful reticu- 
lated structure of the walrus tooth when turned 
extremely thin. 

Two small vases containing flowers. 

1395a Howe, J. G. Camden Town, London. — 
A window of stained glass. 

1396 DoHEETT, John". — Stained glass collected at 
various times on the continent, and put together in its 
present state, as a window, under the superintendence 
of the late Chief Justice Doherty. 

1396 a Castelle, P. Paris.— Stained glass. 

1397 Fulton, Miss Elizabeth, Stillorgan.— Bas- 
ket made of shells from the Bahama islands. 

1397a Bogle, Hugh, & Co. Glasgow.— A portion 
of a stained glass window. 

1398 Fulton, Mrs. Anne, Stillorgan. — Frame con- 
taining 7 cai-vings in ivory, by Mrs. Fulton ; models of 
the Temple of the Winds at Athens, Pantheon at 
Rome, Temple of Clitumnis, and Temple of the 
Sybil, at Tivoli. 

1399 FuRNiss, Cornelia Isabella, Wexford. — 
Table ; fire screens ; ornamental leather work ; vases 
wax flowers. 

1400 Clausen, Jurgen, 8 William St. Regent's 
Park, London. — 2 designs for ceilings decorated, in the 
German style. 

1401 Williams, H. — Model turned in ivory from 
Sir John Benson's original design for the principal 
front of the Exhibition Building. 

S^^ecimens of amateur eccentric turning in 
concentric chucks. 

1402 Shaw, C. — Specimens in ivory of mechanical 
scidpture, produced in a turning lathe, by machinery, 
invented by exhii:>itor. 

1403 Claudet and Houghton, 89 High Holborn, 
London. — Three compartments of a painted and 
stained glass v/indov/, viz. : — the figures of our 

1404 Bakee, Mrs. Maria, Dundrum, Co. Dublin. 
— Stuifed British game birds ; artificial birds ; ruin of 
Dumbrody Abbey, co. Wexford (rotten stone) ; ruin of 
lona Abbey_, Island of StafFa, Scotland (rotten stone) ; 
domestic birds made of shells. 

1404a Puecell, P. C. Dublin. — Specimen of 
painting on glass — a Scene in the South of Ireland. 

1404b Hopkins, Miss Isabella L. Mitchelstown, 
Athboy. — Models in elder pith, carved with a pen- 
knife : — boy sketching dog ; a group of mendicants 
begging alms of children going to school ; girl and 
goats ; Queen Mab ; Mars. 




1405 Hardman, John, 166 Gt. Charles St. Bir- 
mingham, Des. and Manu. — Stained glass windows ; 
ancient church and domestic furniture, consisting of 
chandeliers. Coronal's lamps, gas and candle branches, 
wrought iron hinges, lock and door plates, grate and 
fire dogs ; gold and silver work ; chalices with enamels, 
ciboniums, monstrances ; reliquiaris pixs Thm-ibles 

and boats ; cruets and stands ; pastoral staff ; flower 
vases, ; torches, flagons and beaten dishes ; monumental 
brasses and tabernacle ; Triptics and processional 
crosses. Myer's carved stone altar, and carved wood 
figures Minton's encaustic tiles. Mesdames Powell 
and Brown embroidery on silk and linen, vestmentg 
and albs, &c. 


1408 Enniscoetht Union, co. Wexford ; G. 
Maguire, Master. — Sheeting, ticken, blankets, flannels, 
rugs, friezes, tweeds, men's and boy's clothing and 
caps, suspenders, worsted shawls, woollen and cotton 
stockings, cotton bonnets, crochet and other quilts ; 
nankeen, linen and cotton cloths, calico, gingham, 
table linen, towelling, vestings ; various articles in 
crochet, knitting, netting, and lace ; silk and worsted 
gloves ; hearth rug, slippers, and landscape, worked in 
wool; habit-shirt and collar; cambric handkerchief; 
linen, cotton, and woollen yarn ; sewing thread ; clog 
and leather shoes. Many of the articles are made from 
flax grown on the Workhouse farm. 

1407 Ckoom Union; E. Gormley, Master. — Frieze, 
flannel, tweed, linsey-woolsey, shambray, calico ; men's 
and women's clothing, made up ; clogs, shoes ; cotton 
knitted quilts ; knitted chair, sofa, and toilet covers ; 
baby's cap, and other specimens of lace. 

1408 Mitchelstown Union; M. Kearney, Master. 
— Shoes, stockings, socks, gingham, check, flannel, 
ticken, quilt, habit-shirts, hearth-rug, mat, shawls, 
linen, caps, trowsers, and waistcoats. 

1409 Strabane Union, co. Tyrone, per D. MTMe- 
namin. — Knitted cotton quilt and toilet covers ; webs 
of twilled cotton shambray, and twilled union cloth. 

1410 TiPPEEART Union; J. Hood,Master.— Frieze, 
tweed, woollen shawls, check, Bengal stripe, linen, 
diaper towelling, clogs, shoes, Blucher boots ; lace 
stockings ; knitted chair covers, table cover, and qidlt ; 
fancy basket ; mat ; piece of carpeting. 

141 1 KiLMALLOCK Union, CO. Limerick; J. Wilson, 
Master. — Caps, shambray, tweed, plaid, frieze, flannel, 
towels, shawls, sheeting, linsey woolsey, table cloths, 
shoes ; men's and women's clothes, made up ; worked 
collar, infants caps, &c. rugs. 

1412 DuNSHAUGHLiN UNION, CO. Meath. — Em- 
broidered shawl, pocket handkerchief, and baby's frock ; 
fancy knitted window hangings, and stockings ; Hnsey- 
woolsey ; frieze, calico, linen ; and men's and boy's 
clothes made up. 

1413 Ballyjiena Union, co. Antrim. — Carpeting 
made from rugs worn out in the House, and re- 
manufactured ; drugget ; flannel ; coarse linen ; diaper 
table linen ; twiUed sheeting ; diaper towelling ; bed 
ticken ; linen thread ; frocks ; knitted stockings ; shirts ; 
wooUen and worsted yarn. 

1414 Castlederg Union, co. Tyrone, per D. John- 
ston. — Knitted quilts and toilette doyleys. 

1415 DuNGARVAN Union, CO. Waterford ; P. S. 
Keane, Master. — Frieze ; linen and cotton shirting ; 



woollen shawls, tweeds, Russia duck, linen towels, 
striped flannel, calico, shambray, gingham ; baby's 
robe ; chemisette, collars ; chair and table covers ; 
pin-cushion and hair net. 

1416 Edendebet Union, King's CO. — Frieze, twill- 
ed calico, linens, linsey wolsey, Bengal stripe, check, 
tweed ; men's and women's clothes ; thread, flax yarn, 
wooUen stockings ; collars, toilet table cover, and other 
articles in crochet. 

1417 KiLLARNET Union, CO. Kerry ; P. Lambert, 
Master. — Frieze, tweed, shepherd's plaid, flannel stuff; 
woollen shawls, carpeting ; check, Bengal stripe, ging- 
ham, calico, cotton sheeting, linen, towels, canvas, 
knitted quilts, blankets, linen yarn ; combed worsted, 
men's clothes, shoes. 

1418 Mallow Union, co. Cork, D. Singleton, 
Master. — Blankets, fiieze, tweed ; woollen cap, shawl, 
stockings, &c. ; linen shirt, table cloth, napkins, 
shawls, ticken, union duck, &c. ; cotton shirt and 
wrajjper ; a knitted quilt ; shoes ; canvas. 

1419 Mdllingar Union, co. Westmeath. — 
Baldwin's medley tweed ; sheeting or shirting ; ticken, 
&c. ; medley tweed caps ; brogues, linsey-woolsey. 

1420 Paksonstown, Union, King's co. — Frieze, 
trowsering, linen, flannel, shawls, linsey-woolsey, 
towels; knitted cotton quilt; habit shirt; stockings; 
knitted thread edgeings ; collars. 

1421 LiSMOKE Union, co. Waterford ; S. Mur- 
ray, Master. — Frieze, flannel, check, calico, ticken, 
blankets, sheeting, knitted quilts ; boots and shoes ; 
stockings ; men's and women's clothing, made up ; 
shawl ; knitted paletot, purse, and shirt ; chair and 
ottoman covers, doyleys, and gloves. 

1422 Rathdown Union, Loughlinstown, co. Dub- 
lin.- — Frieze, linsey, linen, flannel, tweed, gingham, 
shoes, shirts, stockings, &c. ; specimens of crochet 

1423 Rathkeale Union, co. Limerick. — Frieze, 
barragon, shambray, check, linens, calico, tweed, linsey- 
woolsey, Russia duck, flannel ; men's and women's 
dresses ; stockings, thread. 

1424 MoNAGHAN Union. — Linen, suit men's 

1425 Thdrles Union, co. Tipperary. — Flax in 
straw, broken, scutched, and hackled ; flax yarn ; tow 
and tow yarn ; blankets, flannel, frieze, tweed ; diaper 
table linen and towels ; ticken, crumb cloth, linen 
plaid ; sheeting, calico, woollen scarfs ; boots ; sheet 
iron coal-box ; tin kettle and stand ; coffee pot, tea 
pot, dust pan, water cans, watering pot, shower bath, 

garden nets ; crochet berthes, cap, cuffs, ruffles, baby's 
frock, collars, doyleys, and veils ; thread stockings ; 
lace veils. 

1426 Oldcastle Union, Board of Guardians, Old- 
castle. Guardians of the Poor. — 6 petticoat bodies, 
knitted by infants ; 1 arm chair cover, do. ; 1 toilet 
cover, do. ; 1 pair of men's socks, dof . 1 pair of children's 
socks, do. ; 3 crochet collars, do. ; 1 pair of crochet 
Berlin under cuffs, do. ; 2 knitted handkerchiefs, do. ; 
2 knitted towels, do. ; 1 needle book, do. ; 1 pair of 
knitted cuffs, do, ; 1 knitted doyley do. ; 1 plain chair 
cover, do. 

1427 Athlone Union. — Flannel, boy's caps, 
frieze, poplin, tweed, gingham, sacking. 

1428 BoTLE Union. — Boy's smt, towelling, flannel 
petticoat, shirt, sheeting, stockings, crotchet work, 
veils, chemise, baby's frock. 

1429 Newcastle Union. — Crotchet and patch 
work quilts, flannel petticoats, boy's suit, check apron 
and shirt, canvas shirt, linen, stockings, trowsers. 

1430 BoBEisoKANE Union. — Striped cotton, 
linsey woolsey, union linen, calico, 1 piece Bengal 
stripe, linen, 1 linsey quilt, frieze, embroidery. 

1431 Nenagh Union Workhouse. — Twilled 
calico ; linen ; grey freize ; tweed made from wool 
and cotton ; brown frieze ; shoes. 

1432 Roscrea Union. — Boy's jackets and trow- 
sers, shoes, towels, crotchet work, baby's caps, frieze, 
tweed, flannel, check, shawl, night cap, needle-work. 

1433 Cashel Union, co. Tipperary ; W. Murphy, 
Master. — Frieze, flannel, tweed, blanket, linsey, rugs, 
carpeting, twilled linen, sheeting, ticken, diaper, 
Bengal stripe, calico, Russia duck, shambray, gingham, 
check, shawls ; specimens of knitting, crochet, netting, 
and embroidery. 

1434 Cloghben Union, co. Tipperary. — Clothing ; 
embroidery ; various articles, both useful and ornamen- 
tal, worked in flax, wool, and worsted. 

1435 Dingle Union, co. Ken-y. — Bengal stripe, 
check, frieze, flannel, crochet quilt, embroidered and 
knitted children's fi'ocks, mitts, reticule baskets. 

1436 North Dublin Union, M. Weddick, Master. 
— Frieze, tweed, flannel, drugget ; linsey woolsey ; 
calico ; check ; linen, towelling ; men's, women's, and 
children's apparel, made up ; specimens of embroidery, 
Berlin, and other fancy wool ; specimens of drawing, 
penmanship ; roots, vegetables, and flowers from 
the workhouse farm ; specimens of carpentry, viz : — 
dressing table, stand, wheelbarrow, ladders, clothes 
stands, press, fire screens, &c. 



1437 South Dublin Umton. — Frieze, tweed, flan- 
nel, blankets ; linen, calico, clieck ; men's, women's, 
and children's clothes, made up ; specimens of em- 
broidery, and other fancy work. 

1438 Ballinasloe Union .Workhouse. — Linsey 
Woolseys ; striped cotten ; union linen ; calico ; linen ; 
Bengal stripe ; embroidery muslin ; tweeds. 

14S8A Caeeick-on-Shannon Union. — Ginghams ; 
checks ; foot mats. 

1439 Labne Union. — Crotchet quilt, chemise, 
shirts, stockings, suit cf frieze, needlework, pincushions, 
child's knit jacket ; lady's cap and collars. 

1440 Lisnaskea Union, co. Fei-managh. — Linen, 
fi ieze, flannel, shambray ; shoes. 

1440 a Limerick Union. — Linsey woolsey cloth- 
ing ; tweeds ; shoes ; coarse linens, &c. 

1441 Naas Union, co. Kildare. — Blankets, frieze ; 
linsey woolsey ; hosiery ; Bengal stripe, check, calico ; 
linen, ticken ; knitted stockings ; specimens of netting 
and embroidery. 

1442 Newry Union, cq. Down, M.Smith, clerk. — 
Calico, shambray, gingham, linen ; frieze ; Tweed ; boot 
and shoes ; specimens of fancy and plain work ; mats 
and matting ; dresses, shirts, caps, .&c. 

1443 Tealee Union, co.Keny. — Macassai-s, quilt, 
towelling, diaper, linen sheeting, frieze. 

1444 Tdllamore Union, King's co. W. Kerans, 
Master. — Shambray, gingham, cheek, calico ; woven 
shawls ; corduroy ; linen, ticken ; linsey woolsey ; 
woollen shawls ; friezes. Tweeds, flannel, blankets ; 
shoes and stockings; combed wool prepared by the 

1445 Fermoy Union, co. Cork, W. Robinson, Cierk. 
— Gingham ; frieze ; tweed ; flannel ; sheeting ; linen ; 
caps ; embroidered muslin sleeves, pocket kerchief, 
habit shii-ts, collar; stockings, polka jacket, and other 

1446 TuAM Union, co. Galway, J. Moms, Master. 
— ^Antimacassar ; crotchet doileys ; lace veil ; shirt ; 
altar cloth ; fancy Berhn wool ; stockings ; thread and 
black silk lace ; embroidered sleeves ; frieze ; tweed ; 
flannel; linsey woolsey ; Bengal stripe ; handkerchiefe; 


1447 Co. Limerick Gaol, H. Woo Jbum, Governor. 
— Samples of prison clothing and bedding ; flax 
yarn ; root- washers ; hot water vessels of tin and iron, 
for warming rooms ; foot-mats, and other articles, the 
work of the prisoners. 

1448 Richmond Bridewell, Dublin ; D. Marques, 
Governor. — Plain and fancy cocoa matting, in many 
varieties ; fancy woollen mats ; cocoa fibre mats, with 
wooUen borders ; linsey woolsey ; striped calico for 
shirting ; corduroy, frieze, and bed rug. 

1449 Gran^egorman Female Prison, Dublin ; T. 
S. S3ainott, Governor. — Qmlt, blankets, linen, linsey ; 
knitted shoes made of tow ; embroidered table cover, 
waistcoats, and shirt ; worsted and cotton socks ; stays ; 
carpet bags ; Limerick lace and worsted polkas ; black 
lace ; hair nets ; baby's shoes ; worked handkerchief; 

1449a Carrick-on-Shannon Gaol, co. Leitiim; W. 
P. Clarke, Governor. — Linen check woven of thread 
spun by female prisoners ; blue imion woven of linen 
yam spun by female prisoners ; striped union ; hall mat 
of cocoa nut fibre ; all made by prisoners taught in the 

1449 b Armagh Gaol, per J. M'Cutcheon.— 
Cambric and linen webs. 




1450 O'Brien, Messus. Mary's Abbey, Dublin. — 
Green hemp and Manilla lobster lines. Ball's tarred 
banzlin; yacht mariin; trawl twine; salmon twine. 
Herring netting. Green fish hemp. Italian henip. 
Hand lines. Landing net. Eel cockell. fib., lib., 
ll^lb., lilb., 2 lbs., and 3 lbs. teakle lines. Ball's 
haddock snowding ; finest hemp strand snowding ; fine 
cod snowding ; middle snowding ; Baltic snowding ; 
rod lines. 

1451 Mallow & Ettingsall, Merchant's Qy .Dub- 
lin. — Eishing tackle. 

1452 Flint, J. 17, Essex Qy. Dublin.— Fit hing 
tackle. Large pike, caught with single gut. 

1453 Bartleet & Soi^s, Eedditch. — Sea fishing 
hooks. River fishing hooks and gut, &c. Albicore 
hooks. Harpoons and graitis. Trout spears. Eel 

1454 DoHSRTT, J. Bu-?hmills. co. Antrim. — Arti- 
ficial flies. 

1455 O'Connell, J. Cahirciveen, co. Keriy. — 
Artificial flies. 

1456 Kane, SiRE.fromMuseum of Irish Industry. 
- — Models of boats used on coast of Ireland. 

1457 Bailey, E. W. Belfast.— Model of river 

fijctnres for rapid water. Model of river fixtures for 
slow water. Modem eel net with fix or hinclier, 
adapted for slow water, made of Irish flax, 24 strand 
to the cord, full size used in nine feet of v/ater. Model 
of new mode of captm-ing eels, proposed by E. "W. 
Bailey, — scale 1 inch to a foot. 

1467a Lysaght, Wm. Esq. — Salmon flies, for 
the Shannon and other Rivers, tied by Exhibitor. 

1458 Griffith, J. Coleraine. — Pollen net, used in 
Lough ISTeagh. (License duty received for these nets 
last open season, £119). 

1459 KiMBERLY, F. E. Middle Abbey St. Dublin. 
— Model of bag net, with model of laachine and appa- 
ratus for hauling bag net ashore for the weeldy close 
season, dui-ing any weather. 

1460 FaoM THE Commissioners : — 
Models of weirs, fish passes, &c. 

Harpoon used on coast of Galway for killing 
sun fish. 

Model of stake or Scotch weir. 

Model of otter weir, now interdicted by law as 
being most destructive. 
Lough ISTeagh Trout, (DollaghaAin or Buddough). 





(Agents, Messrs. Beoux & Co. 3 Bury Court, 
St. Mary Axe, London). 

1461 His Majesty the King of Prussia. — 
Iron vase, cast at the Royal Iron Foundry, the 
frieze representing the four seasons and the ages of 
man, composed, modelled, chiselled and inlaid with 
silver, by Vollgold. 

1462 The Royal Poecelain Manufactoey, Ber- 
lin. — Porcelain vases ; tea and coffee services ; dinner 
services, biscuit busts, and photophanic pictures. 

1463 E acKEBjH. Dresden.-^Paintings on porcelain. 

1464 TriLKiNSON, Miss, Berlin. — Trays and look- 
ing-glasses, ornamented with leather flowers, in imita- 
tion of woo I work. 

1465 Tv'Ieves, Berlin. — Statuettes, groups, and 
various ornaments cast in iron. 

1466 Seebass & Co. Offenbach, Grand Duchy of 
Hesse. — Figures, and various ornaments cast in iron. 

1467 Zimmekmann, E. G. Frankfort. — Statuettes, 
and various articles cast in Iron. 

1468 DiEEGABDT, Viersen, Prussia. — Ribbons and 

1469 KiCHLER, — ,Berlin. — Bas reliefs and medal- 
lions — Niy:ht and Morning; bas reliefs after Thor- 
waldsen — Bacchus and Amor; Christ blessing Children ; 
the Virgin with the Infant Jesus and John ; the 
Virgin witli the Infant Jesus; series of the Popes, 
from 1417 till the present time, after contemporaneous 
medallions, &c. 

1470 ]Meier & Wried, Brunswick. — Paintings on 

1471 Stockmann, W. & Co. Bnmswick. — Paintings 
on metal. 

1472 DeVaeanne, —, Berlin. — A case of iron orna- 

1 47 3 G. L ANGSELS Ebben, Oberammergau, Bavaria. 
—Wood carvings and toys. 

1474 Maech, M. Charlottenburg. — Various 
articles in terra cotta. 

1475 Fechner, F. Guben, Prassia. — Fancy sta- 
tionery ; fancy boxes and toys. 

1476 Gerrebheim & Neefp, Solingen. — Scissors. 

1477 Wunder, L. Lieguitz, Silesia. — Soaps. 

1478 Douglas, S. S. & Sons, Hamburg.— 

1479 Faeina, Joh. Mahia, opposite the Joseph's 
Platz, Cologne. — Eau de Cologne and Carmehte 

1480 Gademann, — Schweinfm^, Bavaria. — Ultra- 
marine, &c. 

1481 The Royal Ibon Foundey, Berlin. — The 
Athenian vase ; the Alexander vase, the frieze on the 
exterior representing Alexander's triumphant entry 
into Babylon, after Thorwaldsen ; alto-relievo, the 
Last Supper. 

1482 Fleischmann, A. Sonneberg. — Toys and 
wood carvings. 

1483 ScHANZ, H. Niimberg. — Niimberg articles. 

1484 Fleischer & Co. Niimberg. — Bronze pow- 

1485 Beoux & Co. 3 Bury Court, St. Mary Axe, 
London. — Samples of crystallized Manganese, ver- 
miUion, carmine, «&c. 

1486 Tanzen, a. Stolp, near Danzig. — Amber 

1487 Castan, L. Berlin. — Carvings in cork. 

1488 PiEGLER, G. Schleiz, Saxony. — China groups 
and lamps, mounted in gilt bronze. 

1489 Fabeb, a. W. Ntimberg. — Pencils. 



1490 Tepe, J. J. Osnabriick. — Cremona violins. 

1491 Caueb, a. Kreuznach. — Boxes ornamented 
with artificial ivory alto relievos. 

1492 Mengel & Co. Gladbach. — Cotton cloth. 

1493 VissEUE, P. Aix-la-Chapelle. — WooUen 

1494 KiLiAN-, H. Siegen — "Wood carving— Christ 
Blessing the Bread. 

1495 Melas & Gernsheim, Worms. — Patent calf 

1496 Seimann, Warmbninn. — Lilliputian chrono- 
meter clocks. 

1497 ScHUTZE, E. Berlin. — Calligraphic picture, 
executed with camel's hair brush, containing passages 
fi'om Cosmos, and surrounded by arabesques and vig- 
nettes, illustrating the different sciences ; calligraphic 
pictures for albums. 

1498 DuNKER, A. Berlin. — Specimens of printing 
and bookbinding. 

1499 Erommann, Alvina, Berlin. — Gojthe's auto- 
graph, with illuminated border ; Goethe's coat of arms, 
and that of his parents. 

1500 Beoux & Co. 3 Bury Court, St. Mary Axe, 
London. — Portfolios, portmonnaies, &c. ornamented 
with oil paintings by the brush. 

1501 Kruss, T. N. Hamburg. — Models of a wind- 
mill and anchor. 

1502 Cakstens, D. H. — Preserved fruits and 

1503 Farina, Joh. (Maria), opposite the Julichs- 
platz, Cologne. — Eau de Cologne. 

1504 Gressler, E. Ei-furt. — Gas apparatus for 
making champagne, soda water, &c. 

1505 Nolda, Charles, Dtiren. — Woollen cloth. 

1506 Kayser, L. & Co. jSTeuwalden. — Nickel, 
oxyde of nickel, and cobalt. 

1507 KuLLEiCH, Berlin. — Medallions. 

1508 Eeimer, F. Berlin. — Prof Adamis' globes ; 
seven plates from a work on the frescoes and pictures 
of Pompeii and Herculaneum. 

1509 WiLLMANN & Weber, Patschkey, Silesia. — 
Specimens of flax. 

1510 Landau, S. Andemach. — Millstones. 

1511 MiKULiscH, A. Czernowitz, Bukowina. — 

1512 RiGHETTi, A. Czernowitz. — Confectionery. 

1513 Steam-Mill Company, Vienna. — Meal. 
1513a Vogelsang & Sons, Frankfort-on-the- 

Maine, and Hayda, Bohemia. — Bohemian glass. 

1514 Oppenheimer, F. Brunn. — Head-bands, 
fringe, &c. 

1515 Pauling, J. MUitary Institute, Vienna.— A 
topographical plastic card, representiag a portion of 
the Alps. 

1516 Thonet, Bes. Vienna. — Furniture made of 
bent beech wood, in imitation of rosewood. 

1517 Gevees & Schmidt, Goerlitz. — Cloths. 

1518 Zeitler, J.Vienna. — Meerschaum pipes and 

1518a Lucas & Co. Elberfeld. — Ornamental 
castings in iron. 

1519 Hardmuth, L. C. Budweis, Bohemia.— 

1520 Prince Albert Von Schwarzenburg. — 

1521 Mahrisch Flax Spinneey, Schonberg.— 
Prepared flax. 

1521a Grillmayer, J. Linz, Upper Austria. — 
Wool and yarn. 

1522 AuGUSTiN & Co. Karsten, Upper Austria.— 

1523 Krach, Bks. Prague. — A black dress coat 
made of Austrian silk. 

1524 Frienschlag, M.— Four saws. 

15 24 A EiTTER Von Fridau, Gratz, Austria.- - 
Scythes, and raw steel. 

1524b Just, Ignatius, Ferlach Carinthia, Aus- 
tria. — Guns and Pistols. 

1525 Glanz, J. Vienna. — Fancy articles cast in 

1526 RoDENBURG, Amalie Von, Vienna. — Arti- 
ficial flowers. 

1527 Lange, J, Vienna. — Woollen stuff for ladies' 

1528 Toft, C. Vienna.— Saddlery. 

1529 Hassa, J. Vienna. — Sofas. 

1530 BocH, F. Vienna. — Musical instruments. 

1531 Hartinger, Vienna. — Coloured prints. 

1532 Raffelsberger, F. Vienna. — Oil prints on 
canvas ; maps in different languages. 

1532 a Boecke, F. Berlin. — Instrument for view 
ing the interior of the eye. 

1533 KuMPF, J. Schluckenau. — Articles made of 
split willow wood. 

1533 a Sevorelli & Co. Del Vecchio's Gallery, 
200 Great Brunswick St. Dublin. — Tuscan alabaster 
vases and baskets. Inlaid marble and composition 




1533 b Sloan & Leggett, Empire Iron Works, 
New York. — The Hydrostat, an apparatus for indica- 
ting the height of water in the boiler of an engine. 

1533 c Taylor & Co. 129 Pearl St. New York.— 
A straw, i ny, and vegetable cutter. 


1534 I'^rPEEiAL Manufactory of Porcelain at 
Sevbes. — ^'ases painted and enamelled with figures, 
landscapes, flowers and birds. Cups of various designs. 
Flower baskets. Dinner and dessert services. Coffee 
and chocokite cups. A painting in enamel on an iron 
plate repiLTienting " Prudence." 

1535 Imperial Manufactory of Gobelins, 
Paris. — T.-ioestry. Jupiter and Cupid after a penden- 
tive in the i/'aruese palace. Tlie Madonna after Raphael. 
Dead game and fruits after Desportes. A screen in 
tapestry de la SavoUnerie. 

1586 Imperial Manufactory of Beauvais. — 
Three pan;i£ls of tapestry, with landscapes after Oudry. 
A vase of flowers after Wandael. A dog watching 
partridge:-: .'i:u;er Oudry. The Autumn, fi-uits after 

1537 f"'M. Sallandeouze de Lajiornaix, 23 Boule- 
vard Pois;-.iV:inibre, Paris. — Tapestry carpets, portiferes, 
pannels, .'i-id tapestry for furniture. (Manufactories 
at Aubussua, Felletin and Maurissard.) Agent, Mr. 
Lesage, &:;okville St. Dublin. 

1538 ?.r;ROY, Freres, 10 Rue dAngoulime, Paris, 
2 Frith Pc. Soho, London. Clocks, statuettes, can- 
delabra., c'landeliers, and various fancy articles cast in 

1539 ViEiLLE Montagne Zinc Mining, Rolling, 
and Cast;.-: a Co. 19 Rue Richer, Paris (exhibiting in 
conjunctii.'n with the following Manufacturers : — 

Baudoi>'. — Zinc roofing. 

BeraRd. — Inkstands, &c. 

BoGAEP.T Brothers. — Small figures. 

BiARD.— Trintingonpaper prepared v/ith oxide ofzinc. 

Chassacne. — Candelabra. 

Chevalier. — Opera glasses ; the glasses jirepared 

with oxide of zinc instead of arsenic. 
Derain ci Tarratre. — Groups. 

Duchateau & Co. — Clocks and cups. 
Duval et Gueelepied.— Groups, ca^ndelabra, &c. 
Fetu, J.— Candlesticks. 
Fiat. — Domestic utensils. 
Fernoux. — Candlesticks. 
Foes. — Altar candlesticks. 
Fugere & Grados. — Stamped ornaments. 
Hubert, Fils. — Flower baskets. 
Lamy. — Bath. 
Lefevre. — Gi'oups. 

Leeebours & Secretan. — Achromatic lenses, pre- 
pared with oxide of zinc. 
Marie. — Zinc roofing. 

Miroy Brothers. — A large chandelier, groups, 
clocks, candelabra, &c. 
MouTERDE. — Medallions. 
Paillaed, E. — Candlesticks, &c. 
Paillaed, Victoe. — Busts, &c. 
Palmee & Co. — Water pipes. 
Paps & Lost. — Candlesticks. 
Patry, Fils. — Bust and candlesticks. 
Pls. — Candlesticks. 
POULAIN. — Candlesticks. 
Renaudot. — Zinc roofing. 
Robin Brothers. — Candlesticks. 
Tolosa. — ^Artificial slates. 
Vayeue & Laporte. — Statuettes. 
Walz. — Candlesticks. 

1540 RuDOLPHi, F.J. 23 Boulevard desCapucines, 
Paris. — Jewellery ; oxydised silver and enamelled 

1541 Mene, Rue du Faubom-g du Temple, Paris 
— Groups in bronze ; the duck hunt ; dog guarding' 

1541 A BoNHEUR, Isidore, 7 Rue Dupuytreu, 
Paris. — Group of bulls in plaster ; various groups and 
figures in bronze. 

1542 LoRiN, H. 8 Rue de Valois, Paris ; Agent, 
Mr. Lesage, Sackville St. Dublin. — Figures and groups 
modelled in clay. Apollo, Cupid, Venus de Medicis, 
and Venus Callipige. Figures representing the de- 
pressed and the reckless individuals. The chastity of 
Joseph. Judith and Holofemes. The male and female 
scavengers. The barricader. Outraged virtue and 
virtue in danger. The Marquis and the woman de la 
halle. Paul and Virginia. The handsome Nicolas 
and Nicolette. The two dueUists. Athalante after 
Pradier. The Huguenot and the Soldier of the League. 

1543 PoussiELGUE Rusand, Paris. — Chalices and 
altar ornaments. 



1544 Tkonchon, N. Paris. — Garden chairs and 
sofas, flower baskets, tables, &c. in iron wire. 

1545 GiLLOT, F. Rue du Pont aux Choux, Paris. — 
Clocks and fancy articles in bronze. 

1546 ViLLEMSENS, F. 71 Rue du Temple, Paris; 
Agent, Mr. Lesage, Sackville St. Dublin. — Large 
chandelier ; altar furniture and plate ; Florentine 
cups ; groups and figui-es in bronze ; a bronze helmet 
of Francis I. from Benvenuto Cellini's design. 

1547 Charriere, Rue de I'Ecole de M^decine, 
Paris ; Agent, Mr. Lesage, Sackville St. Dublin. — 
Surgical instruments. 

1548 LiENARD, 23 Rue Oudinot, Paris. — Wood 
carvings ; figure of Christ ; a dog with group of game. 

1549 Graillon, P. A. 116 Grande Rue, Dieppe. — 
A group of Bohemians in ten-a cotta ; a woman and 
three children ; four children. 

1550 Hadrot, L. & Co. 37 Rue du Faubourg St. 
Martin, Paris. — Brass and porcelain moderateur lamps 
of various shapes. 

1551 Noel, Aubert, 265 and 267 Rue St. Honore, 
Paris. — Fruit brandy and Maraschino. 

1552 Andre (veuve), 10 and 14 Rue Neuve Menil- 
montant, Paris ; Agent, Mr. Lesage, Sackville St. 
Dublin. — Castings in iron ; a lai-ge fountain ; a figure 
of Christ ; a large, and various small ornamental crosses ; 
vases with figures and fi-uits ; the head of a calf, &c. 

1552a M. Madul Ram Det, Chandernagor, 
French Colony, East Indies. — Indian cloth. 

1552b Luynes, The Due De. — Group in silver, 
executed by M. Froment Meurice of Paris. 

1553 BouzELET HouvRiEZ, Haubourdin near Lille. 
— Coffee and chicory. 

1554 BouzEL, frferes, Haubourdin, near Lille. — 
Ceruse and ultramarine. 

1555 BoRDiN, 20 Rue des Juifs, Paris ; Agent, 
Mr. Lesage, Sackville St. Dublin. — Foreign mustards, 
herbs, &c. 

1556 Braquenie, IGRueVivienne, Paris. — Aubus- 
son carpets. 

1557 Carre, Bergerac (Dordogne). — A rosewood 
box containing an assortment of wafers. Six filters. 

1558 Charles, S. & C. 7 Rue Furstemberg, Paris ; 
Agent, Mr. Lesage, Sackville St. Dublin. — Apparatus 
for washing linen ; artificial refrigerators ; glass jars 
containing salt for refrigerating ; a knife-cleaning 

1559 CosQUiN, J. 91 Rue duCherche-midi, Paris.— 
A frame containing specimens of topography from the 
map of France, executed at the Ordnance Department. 

1560 Deadde, L. 12 Rue Tiquetonne. Paris.- 
Ninety-three pieces of variously prepared leather. 

1561 DuBUS, Rouen. — A cyHnder made of brass 
and sheet iron, covered with emery for sharpening 
spinning cards. 

1562 DuPONT, Paul, 45 Rue de Grenelle St. 
Honord, Paris. — Specimen of printing, a large volume 
entitled "Practical Essays on Printing." 

1563 Desfosses, J. 1 Rue de Montreuil Faubourg 
St. Antoine, Paris. — Twenty-two frames forming one 
entire pannel of decorative paper-hangings. 

1564 Froment Clolus, 15 Rue Neuve St. M6ry, 
Paris ; Agent, Mr. Lesage, Sackville St. Dublin. — • 
Fifteen pairs of sabots and goloshes. 

1565 Fould, J. St. Denis prfes Paris. — Sacks of 

1566 EvROT, Charmes (Dept. des Vosges). — Imita- 
tion of marbles on wood. 

1567 Gaillard, fils aiti^. La Ferte-Sous-Jouarre 
(Seine et Marne). — Four mill-stones. 

1568 Hebert, J. B. 37 Rue de Fleurus, Paris. — 
Matriculated maps and plans, according to a new 

1569 Juhel-Desmares, J. Vire, Calvados. — Cloths. 

1570 Society for the Establishment of the 
RoLLAND Bread-making Apparatus, M. Lesobre, 
Director, 17 Rue de I'Estrapade, Paris. — Models of 
an aerothermal oven and of a mechanical kneading- 
trough, according to the Rolland system. 

1571 Mabrun, p. & Co. 32 Rue de la Terrasse, 
BatignoUes, Paris. — A map of France; chronological 
tables of the histories of France and England; five 
mechanical drawings. 

1572 Michel, A. Puteaux (Seine). — Bottles con- 
taining specimens of dyes. 

1573 Meelie Lbfevre & Co. Havre. — Cordage 
for ships. 

1574 Matheron et Bouvard, Lyons. — A silk 
picture, representing the portrait of the Queen of 

1575 MiCHELiN, T. 139 Rue Montmartre, Paris. 
— Samples of Ribbons. 

1576 MoNTANDON, 81 Rue St. Antoine, Paris ; 
Agent, Mr. Lesage, Sackville St. Dublin. — 337 springs 
for clocks and watches. 

1577 MoRiDE & Raux, 1 Quai Flaselle, Nantes. 
Calf and ox skins. 

1578 Prin, Fils Ain^, Nantes.— Calf skins. 

1579 PoiRiER, P. Chateaubriand (Loire-Inf(?rieure) 
— Shoes of various shapes. 




1580 WiRLT, E. Bar-le-Duc (Meuse). — Stays with- 
out seams. 

1581 EoNCHARD SiAURE, Saint Etieime (Loire). — 
Fowling-piece barrels. 

1582 Kenouard, J. 6 Kue de Toumon, Paris ; 
Agent, Mr. Lesage, Sackville St. Dublin. — Specimens 
of printing and book-binding. 

1582 a Barbedienne, Boulevard Poissonnie're, 
Paris. — Works of art in bronze. 

1583 Eeeaud Montillet. St. Etienne (Loire). — 
Damascened gun baiTels. 

1584 Sabran', J. H. Chatou, (Seine at Oise). — 
Overcoats without seams made ki felt. 

1585 ScHULHOF, E. 22 Rue Rambuteau, Paais. — 
Specimens of oil cloth. 

158S ScRiVE, Fr^res, LiUe. — Prepared Flax. 

1586a Saillard, Ain^, Bssan9on. — Match and 
tinder boxes of various shapes. 

1537 Sentis, Rheims. — Carded Thibet and Cash- 
mere wool. 

1588 Seran"d, Th. Sancy Le-Long, (Doubs). — 
Instruments for watchmakers and mechanism for 

1589 De Serlat, C. G. Gueures (Seiae Inferieure). 
- — Specimens of coloured paper. 

1589a Paillard, V. Rue St. Claude, Paris; 
Agent, Mr. Lesage, Sackville St. Dublin. — Clocks, 
candelabra, and fancy articles in bronze. 

1590 ScEHNE, Freres, 8 Cite du WaushaU, Paris; 
Agent, Mr. Lesage, Sackville St. Dublin. — Varnishes. 

1591 Valtat & Rouille, 70 Rue du Rambuteau, 
Paris. — Two shirt fi'onts made by a mechanical pro- 

1592 YicoMTE Van Lempoel, Quiquengi-ogne, 
(Aisne,) prfes la Capelle. — Specimens of bottles for 

1593 Leistener, 48 Rue de ChaiUot, Paris. — A 
rustic fountain, perfumery, tooth powder, &c. 

1594 Talbot, J. Meneton Solon prfes Bourges. — A 

1595 LECONTE,Rennes. — A clock and two alarxmis. 
1595 a Boulenoise, Rue St. Se'bastien, Paris. — 

Small fancy articles in bronze. 

1598 Duvelleroy, Passage des Panoramas, Paris, 
167 Regent St. London. — Fans. 

1597 CoRNiQTJEL, Vannes (Morbihan).— Prepared 
calf skins. 

1598 GuiLLOT, J. 17 Rue de Bouloy, Paris. — 
Various calf skins and cow hides. 

1599 Ernoux, Pans.— Children's hats in felt. 

1599a Miraud, Rue St. Jacques, Paris. — Micro- 

1600 Lejeune & Co. Rue St. Honors, Paris. — 

1601 Hodette & Co. 29 Faubourg Montmartre, 
Paris. — Varnished calf skins. 

1602 Tal^vbert Rocoffon, St. Etienne, Loire. — 
Gun barrels. 

1603 Mexildroit, 9 Rue Tronchet, Paris. — 
Designs and einbroidery . 

1604 Martin & Virt, 14 Quai de la Megisserie, 
Paris. — Crosses, balustrades, and various castings in 

1605 RoTER, P. E. 6 Rue du Cau-e, Paris.- Arti- 
ficial flowers. 

1606 Berger, 8 Rue de la Chauss(5e d'Antoine, 
Paris. — Preparation for cleaning jewellery, bronzes, &e. 

1606 a Chevalier & Co. 209 Rue St. Martin, 
Paris. — A frame containing specimens of ornamental 
letters, and openwork designs for engi'aving. 

1607 Brui^el, St. Etienne, Loire. — An improved 

1608 Poirotte, F. Paris, and 12 Suffolk St. 
Dublin. — Ladies' boots and embroidered shoes. 

1609 Caron, La ViUette, Seine. — Artificial coal, 

1610 Castelle, p. Rue Neuve St. Mery, Paris. — 
Stained glass made of gelatine. Gelatine paper and 

1610a Blank, 22 Rue du Roi de Sicile, Paris. — 
Specimens of marqueterie and mosaic work. 

1611 Colondre, Rue Bourbon, Villeneuve, Paris. 
— Waistcoat stuffs. 

1611a Cazal, 27 Boulevart des Italiens, Paris. — 
Umbrellas and parasols. 


1612 His Majesty Leopold I. King of the 
Belgians. — A chimney-piece in statuary marble with 
figures, executed by A. J. Leclerq, sculptor in marble, 

1613 Debremaeker, J. Rue du Pont-Neuf, Brus- 
sels. — Three marble chimney pieces ; one granite chim- 
ney piece. 

1614 Leclercq, Sculptor, Brussels. — A chirrmey 
piece in statuary mai'ble of the Renaissance style ; a 
chimney piece in black Belgian marble; a marble 
chimney piece. 



1615 CoEMANN, E. Eue de Louvain, Brussels, 
Manu.— Chinese table witli bird-cage, painted and 
decorated ; Chinese cages ; painted pedestals and vases 
in galvanized zinc. 

1616 Offeemans, L. Antwerp. — Silver crucifixes. 

1617 MissoN, L. E. & A. Spa. — Various articles 
in Spa wood. 

1618 Marin, J. Spa. — A work table ornamented 
with flowers ; a table ornamented with figures ; a work 
box with figures and animals ; a work bos with 
flowers ; various articles in Spa wood. 

1619 Michel Leoit, Spa. — Card trays, and orna- 
mental boxes in Spa wood. 

1620 Jabstrzebski, F. 23 Eue Euysbrceck, Brus- 
sels, Manu. to the King. — Pianos. 

1621 ZiRKZEE, J. E. Grande RueauBeurre, Brus- 
sels, — Window blinds painted on muslin. 

1622 Levassedk, A. Eue des Croisades, Brussels. 
— Painted window blinds. 

1623 BouvY, A. 28 Rue du Pont, Lifege, Manu.— 
Leather, polished cow-skins, varnished calf-skins ; top 
and upi>er leathers. 

1624 Jones Brothers, Rue de Lacken, Brussels, 
Coach Buildei-s. — Curricle-phaeton with seats before 
and behind, CoUinge's patent axles ; post-phaeton 
with moveable body, CoUinge's patent axles. 

1625 Claus & Carron, Ghent. — Samples of re- 
fined sugar. 

1626 Bongaerts, F. A. J. Antwerp. — Sacks, 
woven upon a common loom, without seams ; a piece 
of cow-hair cai-pet. 

1627 De Keyser, M. 10 Rue St. Christophe, 
Brussels, Manu. — Horse cloths and twilled blankets. 

1628 Van Assche, L. Termonde. — A white 
marble mantel piece. 

1629 Letoret, J. Civil Mining Engineer and Pro- 
fessor of Chemistry, 7 Rue de Ruysbrceck, Brussels. — 
Apparatus for collecting gases, and forming chemical 
combinations, without the aid of corks or lutes. 

1630 Van Den Driesche, P. Sleydinge, (East 
Flanders). — Improved chum, patented. 

1631 Beeder, E. 23 Rue St. Seveiin, Li^ge, Manu. 
— Single and double barrelled guns and pistols. 

1632 Keymolen, Petite Rue des Dominicains. 
Brussels, Manu. — Kitchen and parlour stoves, and 
ash pan. 

1633 Oppelt, G. Rue de la Blanchisserie, Brussels, 
Pat. — Model of a piece of cannon, mounted on its 
carriage, with caisson and other appurtenances, and 
provided with a safety obturator. 

1634 Belleghem, G. L. F. 45 Rue Digue de Bra- 
bant, Ghent. — Gobelins carpets of the ancient manu- 
facture of A-ndemaerde. 

1635 Savoir, J. Rue de la Constitution, Antwerp, 
Manu.— A table painted in imitation of tortoise-shell, 
representing Godefroi de Bouillon; fancy tables; a 
painted table representing Spring. 

1636 Lalmand, F. Antwerp. — A bas relief in 
plaster, representing a vase of flowers. 

1637 Debbaudt-Delacroix, Courtray — Common 
and refined rape-seed oil for lamps ; Camelina oil ; flax- 
seed oil for painters ; and poppy-seed oil for the table. 

1638 DoNY, F. Ghent, Manu.— Samples of potas- 

1639 ScHQFFs, J. B. C. Brussels, 15 Rue de la 
Montagne. — Six patented extracts for the manufacture 
of liqueurs; extract of Swiss absinthe; Marascino 
from Zara ; Dantzic brandy ; Dutch curacao ; Dutch 
anisette ; Bordeaux anisette ; Kirsch-wasser ; Hol- 
land gin (Schiedam): oil of noyaux, cream of mint 
and of punch. 

1640 DucHADSSOiT, E. Ghent, Manu. — S;imple of 
white rabbit skin muff, pellerines, &c., in imitation 
of ermine ; model of a machine for planing leather and 

1641 Olinger, J. B. Etterbeek, Brussels, Tanner, 
— Prepared kid-skins for gloves. 

1642 Parent, 7 Montagne du Sion, Brussels, 
Pub. — DiSferent printed works. 

1643 Derverveirn, J. J. Ghent, Manu. — Hand- 
kerchiefs and calicos, dyed and printed. 

1644 Berenhaert, A. & Co. Antwerp. — Scarfs, 
handkerchiefs, head dresses, lace, and embroideries 
upon tulle and muslins; imitation of gimps, &c. &c. 

1645 Mabilde, Madame, Rue des Champs, Ghent. 
— Lace veil and other articles, application de Bruxellcs. 

1646 JoREZ, L. fils, 75 Rue Fosse aux L'-ups, 
Bnissels, Manu. — Floor cloths ; printed cotton flannel 
table covers ; samples illustrating the progress and 
process of oil-cloth manufacture. 

1647 Beeger, B. 53 bis Montag-^.e de la Cour, 
BiHissels. — Stays. 

1648 De Ketelaere, B. Rue de I'Eglise St. Anne, 
Bruges. — An assortment of wooden shoes of every 
quality and size. 

1649 Sieron, L. Place des Walons, Brussels, 
Manu. — Samples of nails called pointes de Paris. 

1650 SociETE de la Fabeique de 'Pointes de 
Chaeleeoi, Mai'cinelle, Pat. — Samples of rough 
pointed nails. 

II 2 



1651 SociETE "Vanden Brande &Co. Schssrbeek, 
Brussels. — A gilded sign intended for tlie exhibitors 
who obtained a prize medal at the London Exhibition 
in 1851 ; the same in a rough state ; letter box, accord- 
ing to the system adopted in Belgium. 

1652 Wynants, C. Eue Vandyke a Schssrbeek, 
Brussels, Pat. — Model of a press for stamping letters 
and papers generally, invention adopted in the Belgian 
State and railroad offices, 

1653 Obach, N. 46 Eue de SchEerbeek, Brussels, 
Manu. — Square platform weighing balance, supporting 
20 Vrs. weight ; small improved counter scales, without 
plates or chains. 

1654 Watteyne, Detledre, Soignies, Manu. — 
Samples of linen thread spun by hand; sample of 
thread called "Jils de mulquinerie." 

1655 Verbeecke, P. J. Granberghen (East Flan- 
ders). — Samples of hemp and peeled flax. 

1656 Eeusens, p. F. Eue du Trefle, Antwerp. — 
Samples of Copal varnish for varnishing carriages and 

1657 Vaij- Geeteruyek, E. Hamme, (East Flan- 
ders) Manu. — Superior qualities of starch for getting 
up laces, &c. ; starch called "Amidon Lis de Belgique," 
and other kinds of starch. 

1658 Van Hoorick & Co. 27 Eue du Frontespice, 
outside of the Port de Lacken, Brussels, Manu. — 
Lead Pencils. 

1659 Strubb & Baey, Bruges. — Samples of oak 
bark; young oak bark from the neighbourhood of 

1660 Dutalis, G. Mechlin, Manu.— Samples of 

1681 De Mey, G. Gremberghen, (East Flanders) 
— Samples of peeled flax. 

1662 Claude, L. 25 Eue Eempart des Moines, 
Brussels, Manu. — Samples of refined rapeseed oil for 

1663 Cooreman, A. S. Eebecq-Eognan, Manu. — 
Samples of flax thread used for the ground-work of 
Brussels lace ; samples of thread for lace. 

1664 Bonte-Nys, Courtray, Manu. — Samples of 
flax thread, made by hand, sijleAJilsde mulquinerie, Jils 
ourdi, &c. 

1665 De St. Hubert, E. Bouvignes, Province of 
Namiir. — A pair of mill stones of molar silex. 

1665 a Company for the Working and Manu- 
factdeing of belgian millstones in molar siles, 
Lodelinsart, near Charleroi. — A pair of millstones. 

1685 b Demaeyee, Boom. — Drainage pipes. 

1666 Brasseur,E. Ghent, Manu. (Agent, E.Ecoins 
2 Dunster Ct. Mincing Lane, London). — Samples of 

1667 Van Troostenbeeghe, P. D. Bruges, Manu. 
Shoes, slippers, and gaiters, without seams, made by 
a patented process. 

1668 Bennert & BivORT, de la Coupe glass works, 
Junnet, near Charleroi, Manu.— Samples of white and 
half- white window glass ; cylinder of window glass. 

1669 Goyers, Brs. Louvain. — A Gothic chapel of 
the fifteenth century, caiwed in oak wood. 

1669a Vanden Bosch, Brussels. — Model of an 
expanding table. 

1669 b Van Hool, J. Sculptor and Professor at 
the Eoyal Academy of Fine Arts, Antwerp. — Pannel or 
centre-piece for a communion table; an altar carved 
in wood ; Christ on the cross ; figure of the Madonna 
in oak wood ; figure of Christ carved in palm wood, 
and fi-amed. 

1670 Van Schendel, Brussels. — Optical instru- 
ment ior perspective drawing. 

16 70 A SoMZE JuN. Li^ge. — Brushes. 
1670b Somze, Mahy, Lidge. — Brushes. 

1671 Kokerols, Antwerp. — Figure of Christ 
carved in box wood. 

1671a Homble, Antwerp. — Tlie Virgin Mary 
carved in wood. 

1671b Geraerdts, Antwerp. — Carved chairs. 

1672 Van Aeeschout & Van Espen, Louvain, 
—A Bell. 

1672 a Collings Brothers & Maingy, Courtray. 

1672 b Touche, G. Antwerp. — Soaps. 

1673 Abrahams, Brothers, Stationers, Middle- 
bui-g. — Tliree counting-house books ; twenty-eight note 

1674 ScHOBER & Son, Manufactm-ers, Utrecht. — 
One cask of cement ; two bricks. 

1675 OoMEN, A. Sculptor and Carver, Breda, 
Holland. — Carved fire-screen of nut-tree wood, re- 
presenting Jesus and the Samaritan woman. 

1676 Warnaars, T. H. Judge, Almalo. — Antique 
cabinet, with a collection of coins and curiosities ; 
antique bible in extract and manuscript, probably of 
the eleventh centuiy. 

1677 OoMEN, A. M. Ginneken. — Eefined rapeseed 



oil for lamps ; rapeseed oil ; linseed oil cakes ; linseed 

1678 Zaalbers, J. C. & Son, Leiden. — Seven pair 
of blankets. 

1679 Bbandobt, N. D. Amsterdam. — Eight boxes, 
each containing five pounds stearine candles. 

1680 Dalfsen, J. Van, Jun. Genemuyden. — 
Three rolls Overyssel floor matting. 

1681 NooBDWTNS, Mdlle. J. A. Rotterdam. — A 
crochet work table cover. 

1682 Spaenaat, E. T. & Son, Gouda and Rotter- 
dam. — Five gross of clay tobacco pipes, "tlifFerent pat- 
terns and colours. 

1683 Levtssohn, J. H. The Hague. — A stone cut 
in two, composed of amethysts, fi-om the Province of 
Hetatsi, to the north of, and near Jedo, brought from 
Japan by the proprietor, formerly chief of the Nether- 
lands Factory at Japan. 

1684 Hove, H. Van, The Hague. — A passage in 
an old-fashioned Dutch house. 

1685 Wyngaardt, P. Van. — Interior of a house. 

1686 GOLL & Co. Amsterdam. — Samples of Indigo. 

1687 Post & Wendt, Gouda. — Twenty-four coach- 
men's whips ; eighteen riding whips ; eighteen walking 

1688 Ketser, M. & Co. Voorburg.— Twenty-four 
bottles Eau de Voorburg. 


Collection of Japanese Articles from, tJie Museum at the 
ffaguCj exhibited by order of the Government of the 

1689 Articles used in the celebration of Religious 

1690 A balance, scales and weights, 

1691 Two gold lacquered dishes. 

1692 Two gold lacquered boxes, and one dish. 

1693 A box containing various gold and silver 
coins, and paper money. 

1694 A box of mosaic lacquered ware. 

1695 Playing cards and paper money. 

1696 The portraits of Frederick II., John Milton, 
and Hermann Boerhave. (These are imitations in 
lacquer work by the Japanese of European drawings). 

1697 A miniature palanquin lacquered with gold. 

1698 Two palanquins to carry goods. 

1699 A palinquin for sachi and confectionery. 

1 700 Printing types. 

1701 Japanese drawings on silk and paper. 

1702 An ink stand, 

1703 The figure and the head of a monster. (Ma- 

1704 Models of three ships. 

1705 A lacquered tea-tray. 

1 706 A bronze candelabrum, representing a bird. 

1707 A bronze candelabrum. 

1708 A large candelabiiun. 

1709 Porcelain tea-pots and tea-caddy. 

1710 A porcelain basin and jug, (OracMin), and 
two cups, with lacquered tables to stand them upon. 

1711 Two baskets made of fine straw. 

1712 Two ditto lacquered inside. 

1713 A Japanese clock. 

1714 Two pieces of embroidered silk. Ditto em- 
broidered crape. 

1715 A large silk purse. 

1716 A pair of shoes. 

1717 Two pairs of slippers. 

1718 A straw cabinet, lacquered inside. 

1719 A cabinet with drawers for tobacco, pipes, &c. 

1720 18 cups of the finest quality of porcelain. 

1721 14 cups of lacquered papier mach^. 

1722 Model of a Sinto temple. 

1723 A miniature horse, witb its accoutrements. 

1724 A box containing nine different fans. 

1725 A tea-tray inlaid with several kinds of wood. 

1726 A leather box, with raised figures. 

1727 A cabinet of Japanese wood. 

1728 Model of a Japanese shop. 

1729 Children's toys. 

1730 2 straw cups. 

1731 2 smaller ditto. 

1732 2 tables lacquered red and gold with figm-es, 

1733 Articles used in falconry. 

1734 A small table, with plates to hold confec- 

1735 A Japanese palanquin (Norimon). 

1736 Three screens. 

1737 Miniature agricultural implements. 

1738 An altar piece of the Buddha worship. (This 
is one of the finest specimens of gilt lacquered ware 
inlaid with mother-of-pearl. It may be considered as 
unique in Eiu-ope). ^ 

1739 Three idols. 

1740 A small model of a temple. 



1741 A compass in a box of lacquered ware. 
174:2 A tea-tray lacquered red, vath gold ai:d 
silver figures. 

1743 Toilet appurtenances lacquered and inlaid 
with mother-of-pearl. 

1744 A lady's toilet. - 

1745 Printed books. 

1746 A map of Japan, made in that country. 

1747 An umbrella in a black velvet case, (Som- 
heriro); two small umbrellas ; three lances; a musket. 

1748 Two lacquered cases, &c. ; a warrior's mask ; 
four fine sabres (as it is forbidden, on punishment of 
death, to export any kind of arms, money, or maps 
from Japan, the above articles are very interesting, 
and rarely to be met with in Europe) ; a hat, lacquered 
on the outside, used in cases of fire ; umbrellas of differ- 
ent sizes ; a large drum, gilt and lacquered with figures 
(TaiJco) ; the pedestal of a dnun, lacquered with orna- 
mental devices, (Kaloo); a small di-um, (Siolco); a 
flat-shaped drum, (Sioo); a trumpet, ( Triamhra ) ; a 
guitar (Birva) ; a harp, (Kote) (this instrument when 
played is laid fiat on the groimd) ; a small harp, with 
seven strings, (Wagon); a lacquered harp inlaid with 
mother-of-pearl (SitsigenJcin); a bamboo flute (Ootehi); 
a flute, {Kama Toeje) ; a violin, (Eohm) ; a three- 
stringed guitar, (Samsjen) ; a circular-shaped drum, 
(Taejko); a drum in the form of an hour-glass, 
(Tjvesavii-oo); a smaller drum, ( Tjoesami-ko ) ; a 
flute, (Toeje) ; a metal beU, (Rei) ; a' playing pipe, 
( SiaJcJcatd) ; miniature cymbals, (Tekiosie) ; cymbals 
( Hltsjerike ) ; two large cymbals ; a tamtam or 
Japanese gong ; a convex tamtam ; a pair of drum 
sticks ; a box, containing ivory nails to protect the 
finger of the harp player ; a fan ; a cloak made 
of feathers and worn in dancing, (Hamiero) ; a cloak 
made of cord, (Kasiemino) ; a shot pouch made of 
leather, (Haijago); two gunpowder flasks, (Doek- 
soeri-ire); a pistol, (Soedezoete) ; two boxes containing 
miniature bows and an-ows, (Turin) ; an embroidered 
bag containing a, dice box and dice ; a bit ; a quiver 

for bamboo arrows, {Watboo) ; two matchlocks ; orna- 
ment for the trappings of a horse ; two mats and two 

1749 A cloak worn in wet weather. 

1750 A black silk cloak, embroidered in gold. 

1751 An embroidered white silk cloak lined with 

1752 A red crape cloak, embroidered in gold. 

1753 A purple cloak, embroidered with flowers. 

1754 A cloak embroidered with figures of birds. 

1755 An orange coloured cloak. 

1756 4 Embroidered state cloaks. 

1757 A pair of breeches, purple and gold. 

1758 A sash. 

1759 Two pairs of stockings. 
1780 A small sash with family arms. 

1761 Five purses. 

1762 A purse to contain papers and lettere. 

1763 A figure of a man dressed. 

1764 A figure of a lady. 

1765 A man's head-dress. 

1766 A lady's head-dress. 

1767 A fan with a lacquered and inlaid stick. 

1768 A box containing toilet articles. 

1769 Carpenter's tools. 

1770 A lantern on a lacquered stand. 

1771 Two painted candlesticks, 

1772 A lacquered cabinet. 

1773 A writing desk and pocket inkstand. 

1774 Specimens of paper, pencils, &c. 

1775 Two pipes, with tobacco pouches. 

1776 Two porcelain vases of large size. 

1777 Two animals made of silk. 

1778 Two birds made of silk. 

1779 A small table lacquered black and gold. 

1780 Image of Japanese hero. 

1781 An insect cage in straw- work. 

1782 Knife handles. 

1783 Two banners, a lance, and three umbrellas. 

1784 The armour of a Japanese soldier. 






1 Idol. Image of Gotama. From Ava (in wood). 

2 Mayadevi, the mother of Sakyamuni (in stone). 

3 Siva taking leave of Sarvati (in stone). 

4 Image of Siva (of stone) gilt. 

5 Stone figure, ^vith four heads and four arms. 

6 Stone figure, stand gilded. 

7 Stone figure, plain. 

8 Stone figure in intaglio. 

9 Stone figure in intaglio. 

10 Stone figure in intaglio. 

11 Clay figure in intaglio, plain. 

12 Clay figure in intaglio, gilt. • 

13 Metal figures— No. 1 Fish Avatar. 

14 ,, ,, 2 Tortoise Rama. 

15 „ „ 3 Boar Avatdr. 

16 „ ,, 4 Man-Lion Avatar. 
■ 17 ,, >j 5 Dwarf Avatar. 

13 „ " » 6 Sarvasu Rama. 

19 „ 5, 7 Rama Chandra. 

20 „ „ 8 Bala Rama. 

21 Metal figures (in three pieces). 

22 Metal figure with horse's head. 

23 Metal figure. 

24 Metal figure, on Bell. 

25 Chain of metal. 

26 Four glazed and unglazed tiles. 

27 Three small figure heads (of plaster). 

28 Pottery (of white clay) decanter and stopper. 

29 White clay vase, ornamented. 

30 White clay cornice, do. 

31 White clay goblet. 

32 Jug of black clay. 

33 Black clay vase and cover, ornamented, 

34 Black clay decanter (figured with silver). 

35 Black clay small jar (figured with silver). 

36 Black clay small jar (figured with silver). 
: 37 Pottery (of black clay), bowl. 

38 Red clay decanter, figured. 

39 Pottery, gilt cup. 

40 Small red clay jar, with cover, 

41 "Vase and cover (wood lacquered). 

42 Iron goblet, inlaid with silver, Biddery. 

43 Iron jug and stand, inlaid with silver, Biddery. 

44 Elephant and Howdah, in ivory carving. 

45 Camel, carved in ivory. 

46 Native workmen, carved in ivory. 

47 Inlaid Mosaic tray, from Agra. 

48 Model of temple in Pith. ^schonomyna 


49 Camel, gun, and saddle, from Lahore. 

50 Gun barrel (being a sword twisted). 

51 Small brass lock. 

52 Small iron lock from Moultan. 

53 Long screw. 

54 Fumigating lamp, of brass, from Cochin. 

55 Brass goblet. 

56 Brass tea-pot. 

57 Three Burmese musical instruments. 

58 Violin (Chikarah and bow). 

59 Violin (Tamura and bow). 

60 Violin and bow. 

61 Violin and bow, from Java., by Dr. Horsfield. 

62 Flageolet (Shanee). 

63 Flageolet (Tublah). 

64 Kettle-dram. 

65 Tom-Tom. 

66 Tom-Tom, on circular stand. 

67 Pair of cymbals. 

68 Tliirteen models of different musical instru- 

ments, from Java, by Dr. Horsfield. 

69 Boats : — 1 Catamaran, from Madras. 

70 ,, 1 Mussula life-boat, from Madras. 

71 ,, 1 Sampan. 

72 ,, 1 Ai-ab dow. 

73 ,, 1 Snake boat. 

74 A small state Howdah. 

75 Iron lock (very cm-ious), 

76 Lady's spinning-wheel. 

77 Mahratta carnage (Keroo). 

78 Mahratta carriage, (Kuth). 

79 Bullock carriage from Lahore, 



SO Small palanquin, and four bearers. 

81 Box made of porcupine quills, &c, 

82 Circular bos (wood lacquered). 

83 Tea table, from Tibet. 

84 Tea-pot do. 

85 Pair of wooden shoes. 

86 Dancing figures, from Cashmere. 

87 Khus-Khus basket, from Poona. 

88 Morning gown, embroidered, from Cashmere. 

89 Glazed case, containing richly-ornamented MS. 

address letter, stiver case, and bag. 

90 Boat. 

91 A collection of imitation Indian fruits. 

92 Do. do. of woods. 

93 Sample tea. 

94 „ opium and pipe. 

95 Fish (chuppa) from which the isinglass is 

A collection of woods. 

A curious pair of Bellows, made from leaves. 
Various articles in Gutta Percha. 
A collection of animals modelled by Mr. F. Pulman, 
from stone carvings from Bengal. 

A section of mahogany and a tea caddy made from 
part of the same tree, grown in the East India Com- 
pany's Botanic Gardens at Calcutta. 



1. A sandal -wood desk, carved with Hindoo 
deities. — Exhibited by Mrs. Colonel Sykes. 

2. A Bombay v-^ork backgammon board. — Exhi- 
bited by Mrs. Colonel Sykes. 

3. An embossed silver rose-water bottle from 
Cutch. — Exhibited by Mrs. Colonel Sykes. 

4. A Goorkha sword; Goorkha mihtary knives; 
a Goorkha noble's green velvet cap. — Exhibited by 
Colonel Sykes. These articles were worn by the 
Nepaulese with the Nepaulese Ambassador when in 

5. Tv/o baskets of the fi-agrant grass, called 
Khus-Khus (Andropagon Mm-icatum) fi-om Poonah, 
in the Deccan. — Exhibited by Mrs. Colonel Sykes. 


1787 Arms: — 1. 2 Ceylonese^ngals or grasshopper 
guns, inlaid with silver. 

2. 2 Indian matchlocks and coil of match cord. 

3. A musket, formerly belonging to the King of 
Candy, stock covered with tortoise shell. 

4. An Indian sword-blade, ornamented with 
figures of elephants, &c. 

5. A Persian sword, made at Ispahan. 

6. A Chinese sword, being one actually used at 
an execution in Canton, witnessed by an English gen- 
tleman in 1815, on which occasion 33 criminals were 
decapitated by one man in less than three minutes. 

7. A Japanese sword, with suicidal knife. 

8. A Koorg knife and belt. 

9. A Japanese spear headed blow-pipe, used for 
propelling poisoned arrows. 

10. 2 Ceylonese spears. 

11. 1 Ceylonese bow. 

1788 Models:— 12. Model of the great Hindoo 
temple at Trivalore, in the Tanjore provinces. 

13. Model of a Ceylonese Buddhist temple. 

14. Model of a Ceylonese Buddhist preaching house. 

15. Model of a Chinese chain pump, made like 
the original of wood, without che presence of iron. 

16. Model of the idol Juggernaut, and cars. 

17. 20 native models of Ceylonese ranks, trades, 
and occupations. 

18. Model of Bunnese war boat. 

1789 MiscELLAifEOUS : — 19. Burmese harp. 

20. Burmese gong. 

21. Burmese water pail, made from a single joint 
of large bamboo cane. 

22. Specimens of Burmese lacquered ware, show- 
ing the different stages of the manufacture. 

23. Bui-mese lacquered box. 

24. An Affghan water bag of Russia leather. 

25. A Japanese joss house, used by the people for the 
reception of Buddhist idols in their domestic worship. 

2C. Japanese opium pipe, and four pouches. 

27. Pack of Japanese playing cards. 

28. 5 Japanese books. 

29. Chinese and Japanese dictionary. 

30. Japanese reaping hook 

31. Chinese opium pipe, of highly furnished manu- 
facture, in case. 

32. Chinese sun-dials, with magnetic compasses for 
adjustment, in japanned case, highly finished. 



83. Chinese mariner's compass. 

34. Chinese lady's shoe. 

35. A Tibetian wooden printing block. 

36. Box of Indian playing cards. 

37. A series of 13 miniature portraits of kings of 
Delhi of the Timurian dynasty, by a native artist. 

38. A Hindoo horoscope, in a sanscript roll of 
several yards in length, found in the camp of one of 
the Sikh generals after the battle of Goojerat. 

39. A Tamel palm leaf manus&iipt. 

40. An illustrated Persian manuscript of the Shah 

41. A Siamese dramatic poem^ in manuscript, 
folded fan-like. 

42. An elephant's tooth. 

43. A rhinoceros's horn. 

44. An original Arabic letter from the Imaun of 
Muscat sent to the Royal Asiatic Society, in Kincob 

45. An Arabic celestial globe, made at Mosul in 
the year 1275 A. D. 

46. An ancient image of Brahma. 

47. Image of Vishnu. 

48. Image of Vishnu and Lakshmi, (ancient). 

49. Images of Vishnu, Darga, and Durgo. 

50. Image of Buddha. 

51 Piece of ancient sculpture, representing Buddha 
and his disciples. 



1 Two 121b. howitzers and carriages complete, 
beautifully mounted and inlaid with brass gilding. 
These guns were portion of those taken by Lord Gough 
in the action of Sabraon in the year 1846, and were 
presented to him by the Government of India. 

2 Two gims, a 6 lb. and a 12 lb. howitzer, taken in 
the battle of Goojerat, and presented to Lord Gough 
by the East India Company. 

3 Four imperial standards of China taken at Chin- 
Keang-Foo by Lord Gough. 

4 Some handsome China vases. 

5 Model of the caique or state barge of the Sultan 
of Constantinople. 

In the same case some good specimens of China. 

6 Two heads and horns of the Indian buffalo. 

7 A buhl cabinet of Irish manufacture, inlaid with 
coloured woods. 

This cabinet also contains some fine china. 

8 A model of Chinese joss house, with an idol in 
it, covered in wood and gilt. 

9 Two figures (carved out of pith) of the Rajah of 
Mysore and his favorite wife. 

10 Two models of guns, one of agate, the other of 
blood stone from Bombay. 

11 A glass case containing baskets, &c. made of 
filagree silver, Chinese curiosities of different sorts, 
Indian, Sikh, &c. and other things. 

12 Three fine specimens of Chinese bronzes. 

13 A piece of sandal wood carved at Bombay. 

14 A model of a hackery or native carriage drawn 
by bullocks, in ivory. 

15 A Chinese field piece taken in action ; it has 
four handles, and is intended to be carried by the 

16 A bos inlaid with porcupine quiUs and Bombay 

17 A Chinese gong of a cUfious shape, used in the 

18 Four Sikh matchlocks, fine specimens. 

19 A box made of the horns of the Indian elk, and 
lined with sandal wood. 

20 Handsome Chinese dresses, shields, lances, &c. 

21 The two-edged sWord used by Tippoo Saib at 
the siege of Seiingapatam. 

22 A very rich green and gold cashmere chogah. 

23 A ditto, red and gold. 

24 A handsome purple and gold cashmere Merzai. 

25 A Hindostanee saddle cloth, green, satin, and 

26 A specimen of beetle-wing emhroidery, from 

27 A Loodianah worked shawl, (stone color-) 

28 A scarf, ditto. 

29 A very magnificent red Cashmere shawl. 

30 A Cashmere Jamawar. 

31 A Mooltan khes, crimson and gold. 

32 A red Cashmere scarf, of very rare workmanship. 

33 A Mysore silk scarf, black and white. 

34 Three Delhi scarfs, (red, blue, and green), em- 
broidered in coloured silks. 

35 An Ayah's chudder. 

36 A Chinese pillow. 

37 Two "chobes," (silver and gold), carried in 
India before men of rank. 

38 Two "sontahs," ditto, ditto. 



89 A brace of Seikh pistols. 

40 Two buffaloe heads, male and female. 

41 A rhinoceros horn. 

42 Two Chinese shields, wicker work. 

43 A sandal-wood chowrie. 

44 An ivory ditto. 

45 A pair of Chinese shoes. 

46 A complete set of Hindoo woman's ornaments, 

37 A Mandarin's necklace in a case. 

48 An elk-horn box. 

49 A Chinese Marshal's baton. 

50 A black Gyah marble elephant. 

51 A ditto, panther. 

52 Two Indian state letters. 

53 Two Harr's. 

54 Six Ivory figures, (Indian trades). 

55 Two Gods of the same description. 

56 A Chinese necklace, ten appendages. 

57 A pair of Himalayah shoes. 

58 A cai-ved Japanese box. 

59 Delhi looking glass. 

60 A Chinese compass. 

61 A sandal-wood box, with painting of Taj. 

62 A pair Turkish slippers. 

63 A Chinese teapot. 

64 A Japan ball. 

65 Commander-in-Chief in India's Persian seal. 

66 Lord Cough's seal, entirely of Irish material and 

67 A specimen of Sycee silver. 

68 Two Palmer's shells from Jerusalem. 

69 A Chinese landscape cast in rice. 

70 Four Seikh spears. 

71 Model in white marble, elaborately inlaid with 
agates and other stones of the tomb of Noormahal, in 
the Taj at Agra. 



1 Tripod of elephant's heads, figure sitting above. 

1 a Cai-ved wooden stand, into which the ends of 
the trunks rest at each end. 

1 6 Wooden stool with marble top, on which the 
wooden stand and tripod rest. 

2 Marble screen. 

3 Bronze tripod, with wooden carved lid and stand, 

4 Square bronze vessel. 

4 a Stand. 
U Lid. 

5 Tall bronze jar with wooden stand. 

6 Carved bronze jar with three feet, without cover. 

7 Two bronze animals, men sitting on them, wooden 

8 Bronze basket shaped vessel. 

9 Small wooden screen, with white centre. 

10 Small bronze screen. 

10 a Wooden stand for same. 


5o Siva, seated in the usual attitude of Buddha, 
on a throne with raUed back ; above is a disk between 
two spii'al obelisks — of basalt, about lOg by 7i inches. 
Also Agni, the god of fire, seated ; the back ground 
waved with flames, beneath him is a couchant ram 
— basalt, 12 by 8 inches. 

84 Paius Nauth, in a niche, with small figmres, 
17 by 11 inches basalt. 

91 A colossal hand holding the shell of Vishnu. 

93 Rama, an incarnation of Vishnu trampling 
upon Bali ; of alabaster, enriched with vermilion and 
gold, 28 by 14 inches. 

94 Ten small groups, illustrative of the Avatars of 
Vishnu, 7 inches high, of alabaster, richly coloured 
with vermUion, and gilt. 

95 A four-headed lingam, with a snake twined 
round the disk — basalt. 

98 One brown, one white polished egg-shaped 
baun lingams — ^the brown sacred to Ganesa, the white 
to Maha Deva. 

99 Sai-aswati, the wife of Bi-ahma, mounted upon 
the Hanasa, or goose, of alabaster gilt ; also Laeghmi, 
with her infant. 

100 Parvati in prayer, seated ; Ganesa, and Hara 



101 A four-faced lingam of alabaster, from Jeypoor, 
very richly ornaitneiited ; and a pair of small ele- 

102 A pair of obelisks, of carved and gilt wood, and 

103 Krishna plajdng on the flute, of alabaster, gilt. 
106 A lingam, of black stone, with the serpent 

partly coiled round it. 

112 A bull of alabaster. 

113 Krishna playing on the flute, and two creeping 

114, 115, 118, and 5 others, Buddha seated on a 
throne, &c. partly gilt. 

117 Two brass hookah stands, two bottles, and three 
incense burners. 

121 Two solid brass gongs, and foui- pairs of 

A piece of crystal (not numbered). 

Five stands — three marked 97, and two others. 

A tiger and elephant in marble (not numbered). 

Two brass bells (not numbered). 

Stone figure with two faces. 

Stone figure praying. 



1 to 4 Four scrolls of Chinese Leonine verses. 

5 Black wood stand, carved out of the solid, repre- 
senting the root and leaf of the Nelumbium or water 

6 Copper kettle in shape of a peach. 

7 Copper incense vase in shape of the fingered citron 
- — Citrus Sarcodachylus. 

8 Another incense vase. 

9 Inlaid bronze jar. 

10 and 11 Two tin teapots lined with earthenware. 
12 and 13 Steatite cup, and carved ornament. 

14 and 15 Two others carved, (lily leaf.) 

16 Bruris seal or paper weight, Avith the Ke Lin or 
Lipsitriores lion. 

17 B'.t coritaming two cases of China ink, with ten 
representations of views of the Wang Shan (Hill in 
Kean Nan.) 

18 Box containing four cases of fine ink. 

19 Box containing a larger stick of ink. 

20 to 24 Five teapots. 

25 to 27 Two Japan boxes, and a drinking cup, of 
plaited bamboo. 

28 and 29 Two black Japan cups and covers. 

30 A Chinese compass. 

31 A mortar and muller for grinding corn. 

32 to 34 Three Chinese pallets. 

35 An ornament of red Tychon manufacture. 

36 A packet of Japan rice. 

37 Two quires of Chinese paper. 

38 Chinese gas lights (children's toys.) 

39 Nest of ten China cups. 

40 Seven Japan and gilt baskets. 

41 One specimen of rice paper. 


The Society of Arts, Adelphi, London ; E. 
SoUy, Secretary. — Ann-chair and chair, of native 
India manufacture. Specimens of Chandemagore- 
manufactm-ed cotton ; viz. Khaunpos, Kermeech, black 
and white ; Nulchee, and white handkerchiefs and a 
gown piece. Balls of Chandemagore two-thread and 
three-thread twine and canvas. Box, containing 100 
Havannah cigars; box, containing 100 Manilla cigars. 
Papers, containing samples of lac dye, and shellac. 


1794 a 

1. A long rifle, with percussion lock, from Lahore, 
ina,de from materials indigenous to that countrj'' ; lock 
and stock in imitation of English. 

2. A crochet box, beautifully japanned and en- 
graved, from Sindh. 

3. A necklace and a pair of ear-rings, from 
Poona. Khus-Khus and sandalwood are much used 
in the composition. 

4. A coverlid, elaborately quilted, from Rajpoo- 

f . A merrytwist quilt, from Assam. 




1795 A sword taken in the late Chinese war. 



1 A flint lock gun belonging to the late King of 
Candy, in Ceylon. The carved stock was originally 
plated over with silver ; a little of it only remains. 
The King had lost his right eye, and the lock is 
consequently placed on the left side. 

2 A sword taken from the palace of the King of 
Candy in Ceylon. 

3 A double matchlock from Delhi. This gun 
requires two charges, separated from each other by a 
pellet of clay in firing, the foremost pan is first opened 
to fire the first charge, afterwards the other. 

4 An Indian matchlock, with barrel 7 feet 3 inches 

5 A pair of battle axes from Cutch, silver mounting 
and handles, ■^vith stUetos in the handle. 

6 A dagger with two blades from Cutch. 

7 A dagger which belonged to the late Rajah of 
Sattera, gold movmting, and scabbard with nibies and 

8 The aims and accoutrements of a Beloochee 
eoldier, consisting of a matchlock, sabre, shield, and 
belt, with flasks, pouches, &c. brought from the field 
of Meanee by Lieutenant-General Sir Charles James 
Napier, G.C.B. &c. &c. 

9 A Mahratta chak ki'a or war quoit. Several of 
these are carried on the turban, and being rapidly 
whirled round the first finger, are thrown with great 
force and decision. 

10 A Ghoorka sword, presented by his Highness the 
Nepaulese Ambassador to Major St. George Lister. 

11 A Bedawin cm-ved dagger, silver mounted. 

12 A Burmese sword, carved ivory handle. 

13 A common matchlock, used by the Chinese 

14 A portable brass 3 inch gun made by the Chinese 
expressly for use against the English, and called by 
them a " sUk gun," being strengthened by a 

15 The infantry long bow of the Chinese soldier. 

16 Binted arrow for the above. 

17 A whistling arrow used by the Chinese sentinals 
as an alarm signal. 

18 A fiat-bladed Chinese arrow. 

19 A rocket arrow for setting fire to shipping. 

20 A Chinese twin sword, two blades in one scab- 

1\ Four silk Chinese flags. 

22 A dagger brought from Scio, silver mounted and 
silver scabbard. The sUver work is Greek ; the blade 


A bedstead from Cashmere. 
A piece of Kincob. 

Do. gold brocade. 
One pair tinsel trowsers. 
One tinsel jacket. 
One piece of embroidery. 
One Shoe. 

One cotton and silk cloth. 
Two trowser ties. 
Two pair socks. 
One sash. 



Five square table covers. 

Seven velvet chair covers. 

Five cloth covers. 

Six cloth pieces for bags. 

Six cloth pieces for slippers. 

Two satin covers, 

Foiir satin bag pieces. 

All the above most elaborately embroidered in silk, 
and gold and silver thread. 

Two pieces worked with silver thread, used as scarfs. 

Five cotton pieces used as scarfe. 

A scratcher, used by the Scindee ladies to scratch 
themselves with. 





A table printed on Indian satin, in the private 
printing press of His Highness the Rajah of Mysore, 
■was arranged by himself, and sent by him to Captain 
Meadows Taylor, Political Agent at the Court of 
Sherapoer, as a mark of his friedship. The Rajah of 
Mysore is justly distinguished in India as an accom- 
plished prince. He devotes much attention to scien- 
tific pursuits. He excels at chess; and governs his 
subjects with ability. 


A collection of fabrics from Sindh. 

1799 b 

A collection of Indian deities. 



Two models of Chinese Boats, elaborately carved in 
mother-o'-pearl and ivory. 



A book of Persian manuscript taken from the tent 
of Meer Musseer Khan after the battle of Meannee. 


A Seikh sword and shield. 



Eight silver fibulse, from Tunis, remarkable from 
their similarity to the ancient Irish ornaments. 


A Goorkha sword, presented to him by the Nepalese 
Ambabsador, in 1850, 


An inkstand, elaborately painted and engraved, arid 

curious pair of scissors from Cashmere, 


A Chinese backgammon and chess table, with chess 
men, &c. ; a Bombay fancy work box. 


Two embossed silver claret jugs. 
One carved sandal-wood writing desk. 
One Bombay inlaid box. 
One silver mounted hookah. 
One coat of mail armour, and hehnet. 
One chain annour and helmet. 
One carved Chinese fan. 
One ditto, ditto, sandal-wood card case. 
One sword. 
Two daggers. 
A splendidly carved Chinese ivory basket. 


One writing desk. 
One gaming Board. 
One camp work-box. 
Four glove boxes. 



Two TaLle Ti-aya. 
Two ivovy baskets. 
Two cari racks. 
Three needle cases. • 

Eour pajier weights . 
Ten card cases. 
Twelve paper knives. 
One cigar case. 

One model of a. Chinese coffin. 

All the above carved in sandal wood, and beauti- 
fully inlaid, ftom Bombay. 
One Chinese chess board. 
Specimens of moss agate and blood stone. 
Fragment of a crystal of corundmn. 
Cakes of comndimi and lac. 
Wood bored by a large blue. 
Wood twisted by a creeper. 
Punjaub rock salt. 
Rock salt from Mocha. 
Common corundum. 
Native hv^ idary's wheeL 


A hookah from Bengal, and musical instnmients 
from Java. 


1802 a 

A Kaunda or double-edged sword ; and a Coorg knife. 



Indian carving in Bombay Blackwood (Dalbergia 
latifolia), consisting of a flower stand and two chairs; 
also some specimens of carving in ivory. 


Opium from Bengal. 


Tea from the Himalaya Mountains. 


An extensive and valuable collection of Indian 



Carved ivory model of a Chinese junk, 2 feet, by 1 
foot 2 inches. 

One pair of China vases, 3 feet high, by 15 inches 
in diameter. 

One pair of China vases, 2 feet high, by 1 foot in 

One pair of China vases, 1 foot 7 inches high, by 
10 inches in diameter. 


Chinese shawl ; table cover ; warrior's dress, helmet, 
boots, sword, bow and arrows ; large light blue 
crape cloak, with fur; bridle; 3 white crape lady's 
cloaks ; a pair of lady's white crape trousers ; crim- 
son crape lady's cloak ; purple embroidered Man- 
darin's cloak ; 2 ladies' crimson embroidered petticoats ; 
baton of office ; dark puqjle Mandarin's dress, em- 
broidered ; long pale blue embroidered Mandarin's 
dress ; 2 yellow lady's embroidered petticoats ; ladies' 
green silk petticoat ; lady's short red trousers ; green 
satin cloak ; black figured silk cloak, embroidered in 
a square piece on the back and front ; 3 ladies' waist- 
coats ; priest's scarf ; labourer's felt hat ; first-class 
Mandarin's hat ; black velvet East Indian gold em- 
broidered cap ; one god's dress, embroidered in gold 
on black crape ; Mandarin's long amber necklace ; a 
tobacco purse ; two ivory chop sticks ; lock and key ; 
calculating board ; weighing scale ; three buttons ; 



pair of common shoes ; pair of lady's shoes ; compass ; 
musical instriunent ; comb ; paintings on glass ; dark 
purple satin cloak, lined with fur ; eight figures in soap 
stone ; flag ; three large bowls ; one small purple 
bowl ; nine large round dishes ; four long dishes ; 
eighteen plates different sizes and shapes ; seven cups 
and saucers ; one large blue jar and cover ; curious 
cream ewer, with two handles ; one little jug ; two 
large rings ; two dogs ; one small ring ; two covered 
dishes and stands. 

1808 Gallaghek, J. H.M.S. Arrogant, Prop.— 
A Collection of Chinese and Japanese curiosities : 
Picture frames, and panels for cabinet, from Ningpo ; 
figures and balls carved in soap stone, from Shanghai ; 
josses, figures, and jars, carved in roots and bamboo, 
from Ningpo and Chusan ; small cabinet and box, 
japanned and inlaid; pair of lacquered trays, and 
nest of turned boxes, from Japan ; box of counters, 
cribbage board, and watch stand in sandal wood ; 
chess and backgammon men, carved in ivory, with 
lacquered boards ; paper cutters in carved ivory and 
mother of pearl ; specimen of minute carving in olive 
stones, from Amo}'^ ; carved cup of rhinoceros horn, 
supposed to impart medicinal powers to di'ink kept in 
it, and pair of large vases, from Canton ; antique 
vase on stand, from Amoy ; several smaller jars, 
modem and antique, from Amoy and Poochow ; 
Bamboo painted window screens, pair of candle 
stands on dogs backs, pair of small jars in red 
and green imitation stone, from Canton ; gong, and 
stick for beating it ; bronze josses and figm-es, from 
Amoy, Foochow, and Shanghai ; small bronze jar 
inlaid with silver, from Foochow (rare) ; metal 
mirror on stand, silver card case and cross, from 
Canton ; hat, shoes, and tail, of a blue button man- 
darin, with opium pipe, tobacco pipe, chop sticks, and 
razor ; ladies' embroidered dress and artificial flowers 
for the hair, as worn at Amoy ; model of lady's leg 
and foot, from ISTirgpo ; pair of embroidered shoes, as 
worn by small footed ladies ; fans and armlets, from 
Canton and Shanghai ; oil paintings, by artists ol 
Canton and Whampca ; copies of English engravings 
by Chinese artists : a copy on ivory, in water colors ; 
paintings in water colors, from Shanghai and Ningpo ; 
rice paper paintings, illustrating costumes, junks, 
boats, punishments, and the cultivation of the tea 
plant ; pictures on wove paper (a rare manuiacture). 

1809 Hewett & Co. ISFenchurch St. and 58 Baker 
St. London, Imp. — Magnificent mandarin China jars ; 
several very fine jars of mandarin china, and painted; 
jars and stands ; pot poum jars and covers, with dragons ; 
mandarin garden seats ; flower vases ; jars and beakers ; 
yellow match pots in imitation of bamboo ;egg shell cup, 
cover, and saucer ; enamelled copper cup and saucer ; 
earthenware tea pot ; richly painted punch bowl and 
stand ; various china plates ; nest of toilet pots ; 
lacquered work table with cai-ved ivory fittings ; lac- 
quered tables ; lacquered cabinet with drawers ; tea 
caddies and tea tray ; pole fire screens, with birds, 
silk figures, &c. ; ivory chessmen exquisitely carved, 
(made expressly for the Dublin Exhibition, the ball at 
the bottom of each has in it several concentric spheres) ; 
basket, work box, with internal fittings, vases, card 
racks, and cup, of carved ivory ; ivory ball, containing 
20 concentric spheres each carved in a different pat- 
tern, the time consumed in carving each ball being about 
one month ; card basket, splendid fan, card cases, paper 
knife, and chessmen, of carved ivory ; carved mother 
of pearl shell on a carved wood stand ; set (140 pieces) 
of mother of pearl counters ; card basket on pedestal 
and balls, paper knife, snuff box, letter tray, and card 
case, of cai-ved tortoiseshell ; glove boxes, watch stand, 
and fan of carved sandalwood ; pair of chop sticks and 
knife, in sandalwood case. ; embroidered screens ; silver 
filagree bouquet holder ; carved wood picture frame, 
from Ningpo ; table, inlaid with ivory and wood ; 
carved and inlaid cabinet ; numerous clay figures, 
singular specimens of Chinese life ; various figures, 
carved in bamboo and other woods ; bamboo bird 
cage ; embroidered apron and cigar case ; toilet set, 
enamelled on copper ; book, containing 12 draw- 
ings on rice paper ; curiously carved slate ; painted 
blind, made of bamboo ; and akittysol or parasol ; 
curiously carved rhinoceros horns and ebony stands ; 
Chinese shoes and sHppers ; antique bronzes ; gongs ; 
hand screens ; soap stones ; lanterns ; fans ; metal 
hand furnace for keeping the fingers warm when 
walking in the street in cold weather, no gloves 
being worn ; tray for bm-ning joss stick ; swanpan, 
or calculating board, in universal use among the 
Chinese ; a Chinese rattle ; porcelain land mark, to 
designate the boundaries of adjoining states ; a mili- 
tary officer's saddle, bridle, &c. ; bamboo boat, and 
carved wood stand ; curious Chinese carving from 
the root of a tree, and carved stand. 




1810 QUEEN, HER MAJESTY, THE— A Gold Torque found in Sherwood Forest 




Bronze Series, 

1. Twenty-seven broad hatchets of a dark red color 
bronze approaching to copper. They are of different 
colors, sizes and weights, and may be considered as 
exhibiting the simplest form, in which either copper 
or bronze antiquities are found in Ireland. 

2. Twei'.ty-five broad hatchets of full bronze. Some 
ofthese are unusually large, particularly one presented 
by Sir Matthew Barrington, Bart. ; three of these 
hatchets were found with eight others at Derrynane, 
the residence of the late Daniel O'Connell, Esq. and 
were presented by Maurice O'Connell, Esq. M. P. 

3. Thiity-four narrow hatchets of yellow bronze. 
These generally exhibit traces of hammering ap- 
proaching to ornament, and thoiigh veiy simple in 
shape are frequently found along with other bronzes 
of every complicated forms. 

4. Twentynarrowhatchetslargerthan those inNo. 3. 
Some of these are ornamented with hammering in 
chevron patterns. They vary much in size, and 
might have been used in battle. These hatchets have 
generally traces of a handle, though none found with 
handles have hitherto been described. 

5. Thirty-six long hatchets, with cross ribs, to 
prevent their sinking too far into their handles. 
Tliere are two distinct types ; one, with extended 
corners tunied out, in shape resembling the heads of 
the war hatchets represented in the hands of the 
Amazons in ancient Greek paintings. — The other 
type has great strength, and is like hatchets of this 
kind found in Italy. 

6. Thirty-nine long hatchets. In these the cross 
stop rib is nearly worn away. AU of this fonn are 

ornamented with patterns also found frequently on 
cinerary urns. The pattern in hatchets of this class 
is generally very perfect, and indicates extreme 
antiquity, or some peculiarity in the composition of 
the bronze. 

7. Thirty-seven palstaves, or spuds ; these it is 
thought were secured in straight handles, and might 
have been used as celtes or chisels to cut wood, so 
necessary in defensive warfare. In some of them we 
observe the cross rib has become a socket, to prevent 
the handle, by degrees, splitting and slipping down the 

8. Fifty-three palstaves of different patterns and 
sizes, exhibiting different methods for securing the 
ends of the handles. 

9. Thirteen palstaves, with side loops, but in their 
general forms resembling those in Nos. 5, 6, 7 and 8. 

Seventeen pocket celts, very light and long in 

Three pocket celts, peculiar form, with hatchet 
shaped edges. 

10. Sixty-seven pocket celts of various forms, and 
sizes, and found in aU parts of Ireland. 

11. Seventy-nine do. do. 

12. Forty-eight spear and javelin heads of different 
patterns, chiefly of the old Greek type, as represented 
on vases. Some of these have remnants of the 
handles still remaining in them ; in all, we find lateral 
holes for the rivets to attach the shaft to the head, but 
in none has the rivet remained. 

13. Sixty-nine javeUn heads, all having lateral loops, 
but no rivet holes ; they are of different patterns and 
kinds of bronze to those in Tray 12, &c. The broader 
javelin heads are remarkable for their peculiar lustre 



and freshness when found, they are generally so 
bright and like gold, parties finding them frequently 
mistake their composition for the more precious 

14. Thirty-five spear heads, some with perforated 
and ornamented blades, and of different patterns ; 
the difierences, not only in the material of these 
spears, but in their forms also, indicate totally different 
schools of design, and elements of taste, and lead us 
to look abroad for similar tj'pes. 

15. Daggers with sockets for handles ; one of these 
presented to the Academy by D. H. Kelly, Esq. 
was found with the wooden handle, apparantly yew, 
quite perfect ; near it is another dagger, with a 
bronze handle, said to have been found originally in 
the County of Kildare ; this dagger in form resembles 
the ancient Egyptian and Assyrian daggers repre- 
sented in the sculptures and paintings of Thebes and 

16. Eighteen copper or impure bronze blades ; some 
of these might be called scythes. It was thought by 
antiquarians that these blades might have been used 
formerly for chariot wheels, but latterly it is considered 
more probable, that they were originally fastened 
obliquely on a long handle, and so formed a very 
efiective and dangerous weapon, like a bill hook. 
The tablet No. 89, containing 7 of these copper 
blades, was presented to the Academy by George W. 
Hemans, Esq. They were found together in a heap 
with their points downwards, at Hellswood, County 
of Galway ; from the extreme perfection of their 
edges and points, these do not appear to have been 
ever used. 

17. Twenty-eight swords and daggers of a Persian 
type, broad at the hilt and tapering to the point ; the 
material of these weapons is generally very brittle, 
and only calculated for stabbing, but not for cutting 
and fighting, like the swords in No. 18. 

18. Twenty-eight swords and daggers of the old 
Greek type, which resembles in form the leaf of the 
agave plant, so closely, they might be called agave- 
leaved swords ; in length they are generally about a 
cubit, and fi'om the great beauty and perfection of 
their shape, they were intended, like the old Greek 
sword, which they so closely resemble in shape, for 
actual combat. They are found almost always without 
hafts or handles, though the rivets which secured them, 
are often discovered quite perfect. 

19. Fourteen swords and daggers of the Greek 
type ; one of these has a deer horn handle, probably 

not very ancient ; another has a modem iron handle 
annexed to the blade quite recently. In this tray 
there is a model in wood of an ancient sword found in 
a bog in the county of Wicklow ; it is of great interest 
as exhibiting the shape of the handle of a sword of 
this class when perfect. 

20. Fifteen swords of the Greek pattern, about a 
cubit in length. 

21. Eleven swords of the Greek pattern ; these are 
longer than usual, and indicate the use of cavalry or 
chariots ; the shorter sword of this class being essen- 
tially that of a foot soldier. 

22. Sixty-seven articles ; comprising a miscellaneous 
collection of chisels, razors, arrow heads, gouges, 
butchers knifes, maces, crotals, &c. ; the exact 
uses of the greater part of the articles in this tray 
are unkno-wn, but judging of them by the analogies i 
form which they bear to articles now or lately in use, 
they may be named as above ; the hooked knives sharp- 
ened both on the outside as well as the inside of the hook, 
are said to be exactly similar to the knife used by 
butcher's in some parts of Spain, for slaying and 
skinning cattle, the use to which these were most 
probably applied in Ireland, where cattle were always 
so abimdant, and com very scarce, if at all cultivated, 
in the times when these bronze articles were used. 

23. Four trumpet mouths ; they may have been 
fastened to straight wooden tubes, by the rivet holes 
still remaining in them. 

Two trumpet mouths, longer and more taper 
than the former, into which the wooden tubes were 
driven ; in these, the bronze head was forced into the 
wooden tube. 

24. Six trumpets probably used for speaking or 
singing, as they have large lateral openings for the 
mouth ; the use of the trumpet for blowing and calling 
people together, and also for speaking to them when 
assembled, is indicated by the Hebrew Scriptures and 
other ancient authorities ; the trumpets in these trays 
supply three varieties, and, with the great long rivetted 
trumpets also exhibited, prove that this instrument 
was well known formerly in Ireland ; in this tray there 
is a collection of 19 small bell metal or bronze bells 
of difierent patterns. 

25. Twelve large rings, probably armlets or orna- 
ments for the ankles, 11 smaller rings and 18 miscel- 
laneous articles, bridle mountings, rings, &c. &c. 

26. Fourteen large rings, perforated laterally and 
with necks like bottles to the openings ; nearly all of 
these have stone rings inclosed in them ; 12 rings 



perforated laterally ; these collectively form when 
Strang through the side openings, a sort of necklace. 
In structure, these rings are exactly like tribute repre- 
sented in the Egyptian paintings as being paid to the 
kings of Egypt, by some of the African nations ; 7 
strings of rings, generally called ring money ; these 
differ materially in size and quality, some being com- 
posed of the most beautifvd antique bronze, others of 
a base mixed metal ; in this tray there are two open 
elastic rings with other rings on them — use unknown ; 
they were found in their present condition with bronze 
weapons, &c. in the county of Galway. 

27. Two double necked rings, like those in No. 26. 
When foimd, these had portions of chain attached, com- 
posed of sets of four and three rings of bronze, con- 
nected together with scraps of copper plate ; one large 
ornament composed of arched shoulder plates and central 
front and back wheel shaped ornaments, connected 
with the shoulder plates by sets of chains formed of 
triplet links, joined imperfectly by scraps of copper 
plate ; two circular ornaments composed of the antique 
bronze, having double the nxunber of loops for chains 
with the wheel shaped centre ornaments above 
noticed, some few triplet links were found with 
them ; also two centre pieces of a similar ornament, 
one imperfect, these are provided vrith half the ntun- 
ber of loops attached for chains, with the wheel 
shaped centre ornaments. These differences in the num- 
ber of loops, coupled with the character generally of 
all the articles belonging to this class, lead to the 
conclusion that these systems of chains were used as 
personal decorations, indicative of the relative ranks 
of the parties wearing them. A personal ornament 
of the same kind, but with four loops only to the centre 
pieces, is represented in Dr. Layard's plates, as worn 
by the private soldiers who are mounting the scaling 
ladders, and fighting the battles of the Assyrian 

28. Forty-two cheek plates for bridles, one of these 
has a part of the iron mouth piece attached. The 
patterns and ornaments on some are curious, particu- 
larly the representations of horses and dogs. Some of 
the more minute ornaments indicate that they belong 
to the same period with the silver pins generally. 

29. Twenty-eight bridle bits of different patterns, 
more ancient than the last. In some cases the material 
of these had aU the external character of the oldest 
and best bronze, still some devices, considered to be 
very early christian, are found used as ornaments on 
some of them. In several of these bridle bits, which 

superficially appear to be made altogether of bronze, 
there are hid internally in them cores of iron, used 
apparently for the purpose of economizing bronze, 
and leading to the inference, that, at the time these bits 
were made, iron was a cheaper metal than bronze. 
As castings, these bridal bits have in several instances 
great merit. 

30. Eleven articles shaped like spurs or tuning forks, 
use not known. They are made of all kinds of bronze. 
They have two small loops or eyes, generally inside and 
near the ends of the forks ; from their position, and 
as portions of chain have been found attached to them, it 
has been infered they might have been used as han- 
dles to support or suspend chafing cups or dishes used 
as censers. It has also been supposed that they 
were, at least in some cases, used as supports to hand 
bells, and so would have resembled, at least in use, 
the Egyptian sistrmn, which has a strong likeness in 
its form to this instrument. A third notion is that 
these spur shaped articles were used as portions of the 
head stall of a bridle ; and the fomi;h notion is that 
they were allowed to hang from the cheek plates of a 
horse's bridle so as to prevent him grazing when he is 
harnessed and ready for battle. In this tray we find 
16 bosses or ornaments for horse furniture. 

31. Ninety miscellaneous articles, consisting of 
ornamental figures, buckles, bosses, &c. 

32. Eighteen portions of tubing, supposed to have 
been parts of the wonns of ancient stills, and of small 
musical instruments. In this tray there are three 
heavy adze-shaped implements supposed to have been 
used in the dressing of leather. 

33. One hundred and thirty-four cloak and hair pins, 
fibulae, brooches, latchets, bodkins, &e. some of great 
variety and beauty. In this tray there are two com- 
plete examples of the stylus used by the ancients for 
wi'iting on waxed tablets similar to the set exhibited. 

Brass Series. 

34. Fifty-one spurs of different periods and patterns 
in bronze, brass, iron, and steel. 

35. Twelve stirrups chiefly composed of brass ; 23 
ornamental bosses for harness. 

36. Ten brass Dutch tobacco boxes, 1 tobacco pipe 
in an ornamented case ; the case of an oval watch ; 
2 almoners purse clasps, and 20 miscellaneous articles 
chiefly in brass, all foimd in Ireland. 

Local Finds. 

37. Twenty-nine articles from Lough Gurr, consist- 



ing of one bronze sword, to which a modem handle 
has been attached ; 2 bronze spears, one of these is the 
largest and finest of its kind in the collection ; a 
bronze basin and celt ; three iron spears ; two knives ; 
six ornamented black bone handles ; six stone celts, 
and four stone balls. 


38. Sixty-five Ai-ticles from Dunshaughlin, con- 
sisting of iron chains, swords, long knives, dirks, small 
knives, spears, sheers, iron fibuloe, a bronze palstave, 
javelin head, and drinkingcup; 9 stones, peculiarly 
shaped and marked ; also a nimiber of fragments of 
combs and pins made of bone ; several wooden caltraps, 
and a ring of deer's horn. 


Presented chiefly by Dr. Madden. 

Articles from Strokestown, collected chiefly in 
the Crannogs or artificial islands in Clonfree and 
Ardakillen lakes, consisting of: — 

39. Eighty-three bronze pins and brooches ; 2 bridle 
cheek plates ; 14 articles and 1 palstave also in bronze ; 

3 stone articles; and 162 bone pins, bodkins, &c., of 
different patterns. 

40. Eight iron spears, 9 javelin heads or points, 2 
nearly perfect sets of eel spears, fragments of others, 
a,nd iron fish spears; 3 perfect pairs of wool sheers, 
and several broken fragments; an iron stirrup, and 
portion of a small bridle bit ; a padlock, and sundry 
fragments of keys, &c. 

41. One three-less-ed snirJl pet, 2 iron ladles, 1 smaU 
bowl, 6 very small frying-pans, 1 smith's tongs, 2 saws 
for maiDtxig combs, several tools for plaiting leather- 
work, sundry files and drills, some pins, hooks, and 
fragments of iron, copper, brass, &c. 

42. Five hooked knives, 2 bill-hooks, 3 hatchets or 
adzes, 2 reaping hooks, 56 knife blades, 5 knives with 
handles, and 1 long sword, and 5 sharpening stones. 

43. Thirty-six bone and horn articles, 5 carved or 
ornamented bones, 6 draft-men, 10 chess-men, 10 
amber and glass heads, 30 fragments of hair combs, 

4 tusks of boars, &c. Besides the articles in the trays, 
there is a long iron chain with a collar for a prisoner, 
and 2 large cruciform griddles for baking. 


44. Antiquities presented by John Lentaigne, Esq., 
found at Ballinderry Lake, near Moate, county of 
Westmeath, consisting of 38 iron, bone, and wooden 

articles. Also a collection of 76 antiquities made by 
Mr. James Underwood, from excavations in Christ 
Church Place, Dublin, comprising specimens of work 
in leather, bone, wood, glass, stone, &c. 

45. Fifty-one bronze pins, 2 buttons, 21 iron knives, 
6 spear heads, 2 large fish-hooks, 12 bone pins, and 7 
portions of combs, &c., also collected by Mb. Undee- 
wooD, in the same locality. 

46. A miscellaneous collection of iron antiquities 
from different localities, similar to those found at 
Dunshaughlin, Ballinderry, and Strokestown. 

47. Three specimens of chain armour, several knives 
with ornamented handles, a pair of hinges, and other 
articles in u-on. 

48. Sixty-four iron keys of difierent patterns, from 
difi'erent localities. 

49 Twenty-six spoons, 3 pairs of nut-crackers, 1 
snuffers, 3 steelyards, 11 harp pins, and sundry articles, 
names and uses unknown. 


Antiquities presented by the Shannon Commissioners. 
From the excavations made at Keelogue ford and 
other localities near Athlone. 

50. A collection of bronze hatchets, palstaves, 
pocket celts, arrow heads, &c. ; in all 35 articles. 

51. Twenty-two bronze spears of different forms. 

52. Twenty-two swords and daggers, similar to those 
in tray No. 17. 

53. Twenty -two swords and daggers, similar to those 
in trays No. 15, 18, 20, and 21, 

54. Six tubes, 13 fibuls, 8 ornamented pins, 2 
latchets, a curious bone naU or pin, and several small 
bronze rings, a portion of an armlet made of shale. 

55. Twenty-four iron swords, daggers, skeans, spears, 

56. Eighteen Iron battle axes, hammers, hatchets, 
bill-hooks, &c. 

57. Fish spear or trident, a shingle knife, 2 match- 
locks, fragments of a sword, all iron, 2 large silver 
candle holders. 

58. Two bronze cooking vessels of exquisite work- 
manship; a wooden spade, protected with an iron 
edge, &c. ; several spears, &c. ; in all 19 articles. 

59. Thirty-five articles in stone, containing 1 battle- 
axe, 1 perforated hammer, and cup, 2 circular stones, 
2 elliptical stones, 2 hone, and a number of colts of 
difierent patterns. 

T ^ 



Besides the stone articles here exhibited, the Shannon 
Commissioners have, at different times, presented to 
the Academy, a large collection of stone celts not 
arranged in trays. 

1816 — 

Antiquities presented by W. T. Mulvant, on the 
part of the Cojimissionees of Public Woeks, &c. 

Forty-four specimens of Irish antiquities, and 25 
from the private collection of Richard A. Geat, 
Esq., arranged in the following trays : — 

60. Five swords like those in Nos. 1, 20, and 21 ; 
one of these is the largest yet discovered. 2 swords 
like those in No. 17, one of these is the finest in the 
Academy collection. 4 hatchets, 2 pocket-shaped 
celts, 6 pins, and fibulee. 

61. Nine spears, different patterns, like others in 
Nos. 12, 13, and 14; 2 tubes, the longer is most beau- 
tifully made, and is slightly ornamented; 1 armlet, 
and forked-shaped article like those in No. 30 — all 
made of bronze ; 3 long swords, with diverging points; 
2 short swords, like Roman, one of these is in extraor- 
dinary preservation; 1 dirk and hilt, imperfect; 7 
spears of different patterns ; one bone dagger. 

62. One sword, with blade, inlaid with six draped 
figures in gold; 1 modem sword, 1 blade of sword like 
the long sword in No. 42, 2 blades of skeans, 4 knives 
— all made of iron or steel; 3 brass buckles and 1 
iron key. 

63. One giesearm 2 modem swords, one battle-axe, 
2 poignards, and 1 bronze bridle bit. 

These articles were obtained from the excavations 
connected with the improvement of the Boyne and 
Deel rivers. {See Proceedings of the Royal Irish 
Academy, vol. Y., Appendix, pp. xxxiv. & liii., &c.) 


Articles collected by Chaeles S. Ottlet, Esq., from 
the Lower Bann river, at Toome Bar, Portglenone, 
and Portna. {See Proceedings of the Royal Irish 
Academy, vol. V., Appendix, pp. Ixiv., &c.) 

64. Two two-handed swords, 4 perforated stone 
hammers ; 20 coarse knives, 2 arrow-heads, 1 broad 
axe head — aU of flint ; 4 stone celts. 

65. Three iron swords, 3 skeans, 1 spear head, and 
2 fibulae ; 1 bronze pot, with iron handle and feet, &c. 

66. Seven bronze swords like those in Nos. 20 and 
21. The form of one of these is peculiar; its per- 
forated handle is like the fragment in No. 18. They 
indicate extreme smallness of hand in the party using 

them, and also great physical strength. 4 daggers like 
those in No. 17, 1 tube like those in No. 54, 1 spear 
with loops attached to blade, 1 hatchet, 1 celt, 1 pal- 
stave, and 1 very short dagger like those in No. 18. 

67. One sword blade, Greek pattern. (This blade, 
and three others in the Academy's collection, found in 
different localities, are all defective in the casting, and 
have been made in the same mould.) 1 palstave, 1 
hatchet like those in No. 1, and 2 spears — all in 
bronze; 1 ancient sword, 1 modem sword, 2 spears, 
1 chain, and hatchet, in iron. 


Articles collected by William Feazee, Esq., from 
the drainage districts of Castlebemard, Borris-in- 
Ossory, and Templemore. {See Proceedings of the 
Royal Irish Academy, vol. V., Appendix, pp. 
xxxvi. & Ivi., &c.) 

68. Seven spear heads, 2 swords, 2 heavy axes, 1 
cutting edge of wooden spade, like that in No. 58; 1 
large hook, 1 horse shoe — all iron ; 1 stone celt, and 
1 bronze basin. 

69. Four bronze swords — the longest of these is 
quite different in its material, shape, specific gravity, 
and in ornament, from aU the others in the collection. 2 
bronze fibulte, 7 bronze rings, 2 skeans, 3 iron knives, 
1 iron sword, 2 wooden beetles, &c. 


Collected by P. J. Klasen, Esq., in Brusna drainage 
district. {See Proceedings of the Royal Irish A cademy, 
vol. v.. Appendix, p. Iviii.) 

70. Two stone celts, 1 iron dagger, with wooden 
handle, inlaid with lead ; 1 ancient iron sword blade; 
1 bronze spear-head, similar to others in No. 12, but 
much superior in size and shape ; 1 bronze brooch, 1 
small stone celt, 1 bone spear-head. 

1820 ■ 

Collected by Geoege Taeeant, Esq., in the di-ainage 
districts of Dunmore and Monivea. 
One bronze spear head and dagger, 1 long piece 
of soft stone — others Hke it but not so long in No. 
59 ; 1 portion of similar stone ; 1 javelin head, 1 spear 
head, 2 portions of sword blades — aU bronze. 


Collected by Feedeeick Baket, Esq., in the di-ainage 
district of Lough Mask and River Robe. 
One iron war hatchet and small iron spear, 1 
bronze cheek -plate (very small) for bridle bit. 




Collected by Samuel E. Eobeets, Esq., in the drainage 

district of the Eiver Comb. {See Proceedings of the 

Royal Irish Academy, vol. "V., Appendix, Iviii.) 

71. One large modem spear head and cavalry sword, 

1 ancient sword blade, ])attle axe, and javelin head, 1 

bronze sword like those in No. 17, 1 stone bullet, 6 

stone celts, 2 cannon balls, 1 hilt of modern heavy 

cavalry sword, and two rapiers. 


Collected by Thomas J. Mulvant, Esq., in the Bal- 
linamone and BallyconneU districts. 

72. One bronze cup of beautiful workmanship, with 
a handle representing a bird's head ; 2 bronze brooches, 
1 short sword, dagger, spear head, and hatchet, and 
1 stone celt. 

From Loughs Oughter and Gowna, and Eiver Erne 
districts. — 1 dagger, 3 celts, and 1 bronze sword, 2 
stone celts. 

From Dungolman district. ^ — 1 large iron sword like 
those found at Kilmainham, but in almost perfect pre- 

1824 ~ 

Collected by John O'Flahektt, Esq., in the drainage 
district of Strokestown. 

73. Five pins with rings, six pins, all of bronze, 
1 fibulae of white bronze of beautiful workmanship, 
1 palstave, and 3 articles in bronze, 4 needles and 2 
bone spears, 1 small bronze basin, 6 fragments of 
knives, &c., in iron, 1 wooden scoop. 

74. A collection of nails; 2 axes, one with the 
wooden handle ; 2 bill-hooks, 1 sheers, 2 fragments of 
swords, 1 sword, 1 spear, 1 gouge, 3 whet stones, and 
several small articles. 


Articles collected by Charles S. Ottlet, Esq., in the 
Lough Neagh drainage districts, from Lower Bann 
river. (Second donation). 

75. Two swords, Greek pattern, and 1 dagger; 1 
sword, Persian pattern ; 2 large spears, with loops in 
blades; 1 spear, Greek pattern; 1 palstave and 1 
square celt — all of bronze; 4 stone celts, 2 long 
pointed stone implements, 1 iron hatchet, and 1 pike. 

76. One pointed stone, 3 wooden caltraps of hard 
wood, 1 copper hatchet head, 1 bronze dirk blade 
highly ornamented, an iron spear, sword, and bayonet, 
3 brooches or pins, 1 cheek-plate of bridle. 

From the Blackwater district — 

77. One two-edged sword, part of sword hilt, cannon 
ball, bronze spear head Greek pattern ; bronze pan of 
great beauty in workmanship, like those in No. 58, 
but larger; a flat stone celt, twenty -two inches long 
and fom" inches wide — a very peculiar specimen. 


Collected by Thomas J. Mulvant, Esq., in the 
drainage districts of Killeshandra. 

One bronze sword, Persian pattern ; a very fine iron 
skean blade ; an iron pipe. 

From the Ballinamone district. — A bronze dagger 
and celt. 


Collected by E. Manning, Esq., in the Glyde district. 
A stone pestle, the fragment of an armlet of shale, 
like one in No. 54 ; a thin circular stone. 


Collected by A. 0. Lyons, Esq., in the EaUway gripe, 

near Templemore. 

A bronze capsule ; a bronze celt, found at Lehid, 

cotmty Galway ; 2 medals of Pope Theodorus II. and 

Leo II., found in a cave at Shandon, near Dungarvan. 


78. Articles made of leather or hide. — 2 buskins; 1 
upper of shoe, carved and curiously inlaid; 3 shoes 
made of single pieces, and sewed with thong — one 
made of two pieces, ornamented ; 2 shoes handsomely 
cai-ved, made each out of one piece; a pair of twin 
pumps, made with double uppers, and out of two 
pieces of leather, and Avith no seams but those which 
unite the uppers to the soles. The heels are pegged, 
the workmanship is curious and perfect. It has been 
thought these shoes might have been intended for one 
of those exhibitions of art and craft which formerly 
took place at Tara. These shoes were found in the 
county of Cavan. 

1830 stone articles. 

79. Four cups; 8 hollowed stones, supposed to have 
been used as nut-crackers; 1 cup, with a portion of 
handle ; 2 hollowed stone articles, 1 mould for arrow 
heads, 2 moulds for palstaves, 1 mould for ribbed celts, 
5 moulds for ornaments, &c. ; 3 bronze moulds or dies 
for glass ornaments ; 1 bronze mould for clay pellets, 
to be used instead of stones with the sling ; 1 set of 
brass button moulds. 



80. A collection of perforated stone articles, con- 
taining 65 spindle stones of different forms; 17 small 
beads, 5 rings, 9 flat disks, supposed to be weights for 
nets; Jl large beads, 8 weights for fishing lines, and 
several articles names and uses unknown. 

81. A collection of stone hammers, &c. — 3 hammers 
used for killing cows, one with its wooden handle per- 
fect; 2 hammers made of porphyry — from theu' shape 
and finish they are believed to have been used by gold 
beaters ; 1 very large hammer, foimd near KUlyleigh, 
supposed to have been used in making stockades; 1 
stone battle-ase, like that in No. 59 ; 1 large hammer, 
found near Aliamey Church, Queen's County ; 1 long 
hammer — from its shape and proportions it appears to 
have been intended as a pattern for an iron hammer ; 
3 oval rings ; 9 perforated stones, used probably with 
a thong or lasso ; 2 weights. 

82. Three stone plough shares ; 3 large stone celts of 
peculiar shapes and finish, found near Oughterard, 
county Galway; 4 stone hammers, with indentations 
for an external handle ; 1 weight ; 8 celts, with super- 
ficial hollows for handles, &c. 

83. Ten large stone celts of different patterns, found 
chiefly in the county of Antrim, and presented by 
Colonel Poktlock, R.E. and others. 


Flint Articles. 

84. Sixteen double spike-shaped implements. They 
exhibit no signs of use. 2 spear-shaped articles; 5 
blocks, from which spalls have been knocked off; 11 
coarse knires, 1 leather cutter, 6 unfinished chisels or 
celts, 2 large and 5 small celts, with ground cutting 
edges; 1 chisel with ground edge, 1 kite-shaped 
javelin head. 

85. 1 cii'cular disk, polished and sharpened round 
the edge; 24 circular pieces, 2 circular pieces per- 
forated, 11 pieces so shaped they resemble spoons with 
short handles, 6 similar pieces with distinct handles, 
15 broad knife blades or flat scrapers, some of them 
exhibiting great care and labour in their manufacture ; 
14 curved scrapers, one indented as if for a tie; 1 
fine pointed instrument, 2 large javelin heads. A col- 
lection of knives of different patterns, composed chiefly 
of spalls of flint knocked off blocks. A collection of 
flint and stone articles, with a small scale of copper 
or bronze found actually within a large cinerary urn 
discovered in the tumulus of Eath, near Drogheda. 

86. Eight articles presented by Arthur E. Nugent, 
Esq. — 9 roughly-made javelin heads, 9 broad javelin 
heads, 8 narrow javelin heads. In shape some of 

these so closely approach to one class of bronze spears 
in No. 14, we might almost infer that these were 
intended to have been copies of the bronze articles. 
In the intervals between the javelin heads, there are 
arrow heads of similar forms. The remainder of the 
tray is occupied with collections of different shaped 
javelin and arrow heads. 

87. A collection of 242 arrow heads, with barbs. 
Many of these exhibit the high perfection to which 
the manufacture of articles in flint had arrived in those 
districts in the north of Ireland, where this material 
abounded. All these arrow heads, unlike those found 
in North America, are constmcted so as to remain in 
the wound; and from the highly artificial shape of 
many of them, they appear to have been made in 
imitation of iron and bronze arrow heads, and pro- 
bably as a cheaper substitute for the dearer article. 


88. A collection of miscellaneous aiiicles, chiefly in 
bronze, containing 1 3 specimens, from which portions 
have been removed for analysis by J. William Mallet, 
Esq. ; 2 large bridle bits ; 1 small horse bit, with 
spines; 3 bracelets; 2 copper fibuloe, or bangles, in 
shape like gold ones, in safe No. 97- These appear 
to have been covered originally with gold leaf. 13 
bronze needles and 1 fishing hook, 1 bronze sword, 
quite perfect, of Greek pattern, and 2 ladles, pre- 
sented by F. W. Barton, Esq. 

89. See notice of, under No. 16. 


90. A glazed case, containing a collection of Danish 

and Norwegian antiquities, presented to the Eoyal 

Irish Academy by the King of Denmark and the 

Museum of Northern Antiquities, Copenhagen. 

1. A poUshed flint quoin or axe, without back. 

2. A polished fliat axe, with sundry marks of the 

chiseling and smoothing. 3. Three flint axes, with 

backs smoothed on two sides. 4. Two fiat flint 

axes, smoothed on all sides. 5 & 6. A rough gouge 

or hollow chisel made of flint, and another smoothed. 

7. A cast of whetstone for gouges. 8. A rough 

narrow chisel, made of flint. 9. Two smoothed and 

polished chisels made of flint. 10. A cast of a stone 

axe, with a shoulder, and -without a shaft hole. 11 & 12. 

A cast of a stone axe, with groove in the middle, and 

another with gripe or handle. 13 & 14. Two stone 

axes with round backs and shaft holes, and two 

smalle- of the same. 15 — 17. A stone axe hammer 



with a broad back, and three others with backs curved 
outwards. 18. A cast of a small stone axe hammer. 
19. Two casts of masses of flint, from which flakes 
have been struck off. 20. Sis flint flakes. 21. An 
arrow head made of a flake of flint. 22. A heart 
shaped arrow head made of flint. 23. A trilateral 
shaped arrow head made of flint. 24. A cast of a 
harpoon head, made of flint. 25. Two lance heads of 
flint. 26 & 27. A knife made of flint, with a (square 
or) quadrilateral handle, and another with ornamental 
handle. 28. a fragment of a rasp of flint, and cast of 
an entire ore. 29 & 30. Two crescent shaped flint 
knives, and another with saw teeth. 31 & 32. Cast of a 
quoin perforated in the upper part, and another with 
a groove in the middle. 33 & 34. Casts of two stones 
— use unknown, but probably to whet implements. 
85. A boat shaped stone hammer, and cast of another. 
36 & 37. An axe hammer made of stone, and cast of 
another with "knobbed" back, ornamented with stripes 
on both sides. 38. Cast of a splendid axe hammer, 
with knob-shaped back. 39 & 40. A perfect bronze 
sword with a knob on the head of the hilt, and a 
hilt of another. 41. Fragment of a bronze sword with 
hilt. 42. Two short swords or daggers, which have 
had hilts of wood. 43. Two lance heads of bronze. 
44. Three celts of bronze. 45. Two palstaves of 
bronze. 46. An arrow head of bronze. 47. A small 
scythe of bronze. 48. Two knives with bent handles 
or gripes of bronze. 49. A small bronze knife. 50. A 
utullus of bronze. 51. Four bronze pins with heads, 
two of them bent. 52. Two long pins of bronze. 
53. Two bronze needles. 54. Two bronze pincers, 

55. Three bronze collars, and two collars imperfect. 

56. A spiral bracelet made of bronze. 57. An Iron 
sword, from Norway, with trilateral pommel. 58. A 
shell formed buckle, made of brass or bronze. 59. A 
draughtsman of bone. 60. Some mosaic and glass 
beads, and also a sort of jettones of glass ; also, a stone 
hammer, two sharpened chisels and a flint knife and 
dagger —part of a previous donation. 

91. Horizontal case, containing three urns, some 
perforated shells, &c. found in a tumulus in the Phoenix 
Park. {See Proceedings Royal Irish Academy, vol. I. 
pp. 186 — 190). Presented by his Excellency the 
Marquis of Normanby, Lord Lieutenant, &c. 

92. Upright case, containing the xross of Cong, 
presented to the Royal Irish Academy by the late 
James MacCullagh, LL.D. {See Proceedings Royal 
Irish Academy, vol. I. piD. 326 — 9 ; and Description 
by Br. Petrie, vol. IV. pp. 572—85). 

93. Upright case, containing a collection of ancient 
Irish bells, &c. 

94. Upright case, containing a collection of cinerary 
ums, &c. found in Ireland. 

95. Horizontal case, containing a model of an ancient 
sti-ucture found in Drmnkelin bog, in the pai-i.-^h of 
Inver, county of Donegal, Presented to the Royal 
Irish Academy by Major Larcom. {See Arcliaologia, 
vol. XVI. pp. 361—7). 

96. Upright case, containing the remains of a ch'cu- 
iar vessel, originally formed of three pieces of woodj, 
and filled with buttei-, found in a bog near Abbeyleix. 
Presented to the Royal Irish Academy by Lord De 

97 and 98. Two iron glazed safes, containing a col- 
lection of gold antiquities found in Ireland, viz. : — - 

A. Two torques, T\'eights 27 oz. 7 ds. 20 gs. and 
1 2 oz. 7 ds. 13 gs. said to have been found at Tara, co. 
Meath. {See Proceedings Royal Irish Academy, vol. I. 
274 — 6). One small torques, weight 3 oz. 3 ds. 15 gs. 
These are aU long enough to go round the waist. 
They are made of four fillets of gold, nicely fastened 
together, apparently without solder. 

B. Two small torques, weights 19 ds. 18 gs. and 
17 ds. 12 gs ; each made of one broad band of twisted 

C. One small torques, weight 12 ds. 14 gs. made of 
a narrow fillet of gold. 

D. One small torques, weight 12 oz. 10 ds. 7 gs, 
made of thick bar of gold, twisted so as to represent a 
hank, of wire. 

E. One small torques, weight 5 oz. 3 ds. IS gs. 
made of plain circular bar of gold. All these are large 
enough for the neck, and end of torques ; weight 4 ds. 
19 gs. 

F. One torques, weight 9 oz. 16 ds. 18 gs. made of 
plain square bar of gold. The two last said, to 
have been foimd together near Enniscorthy. 

G-. One torques, weight 3 oz. 9 ds. 9 gs. made of 
flattened bar of gold, and now bent up into the use of 
an armlet. 

H. One bracelet or bangle, weight 13 oz. 1 ds. 1 gr. 
made of three gold bars of different thicknesses, curi- 
ously twisted and bound together, said to have been 
found near Carlow. 

I. One bracelet, weight 3 oz. 15 ds. 4 gs, made 
round bar, slightly ornamented at ends with che^Ton 

J. One bracelet, weight 2 oz. 1 d. 5 gs. made of 
round bar, ornamented with numerous circular inden- 



tations. One bracelet, weight 16 ds. 17 gs. made of 
thin circular gold bar, and four others, made of flat 
gold bars, weight 1 oz. 11 ds. 13 gs. ; 1 oz. 8 ds. 12 gs. ; 
14 ds. 18 gs. ; 11 ds. 6 gs. ; found near Strokestown. 
Presented to the Koyal Irish Academy by his Excel- 
lency the Earl of Clarendon, Lord Lieutenant, &c. 

K. Ten bracelets or bangles, made of round bars, 
with ends slightly expanded. No. 1, weight 4 oz. 
11 ds. 3 gs. ; No. 2, weight 2 oz. 9 ds. ; No. S, 1 oz. 
11 ds. 17 gs. ; No. 4, weight 1 oz. 9 ds. 20 gs. ; No. 5, 
weight 1 oz. 3 ds. 5 gs. ; No. 6, weight 1 oz. ds. 7 gs. ; 
No. 7, weight 9 ds. 3 gs. ; No. 8, 8 ds. 18 gs. ; No. 9, 
8 ds. 11 gs. ; No. 10, 7 ds. 11 gs. 

L. One bracelet of round gold, with ends expanded, 
weight 2 oz. 17 ds. 1 gr. ; another, bent ends, weight 
1 oz. dt. 17 gs. ; another, flattened in the centre, 
weight 16 ds. 16 gs. ; another, convoluted into the 
shape of letter C, weight 7 ds. 14 gs. 

M. Four bracelets, made of solid round bar, and 
with cone-shaped ends ; No. 1, weight 2 oz. 15 ds. 7 gs. ; 
No. 2, weight 2 oz. 6 ds. 20 gs. ; No. 3, weight 

I oz. 8 ds. 22 gs. ; No. 4, weight 11 ds. 19 gs. ; and 
one bracelet, very thin bar, like the last, cups very 
wide, weight 17 ds. 13 gs. 

N. Four bracelets, similar in shape to the last, but 
made of hollow gold bars, with cone-shaped cups at 
the ends. No. 1, plain, weight 3 oz. 5 ds. 22 gs. ; 
No. 2, with chevron ornament, weight 2 oz. 16 ds. 5 gs. ; 
No. 3, broken, weight 1 oz. 14 ds. 12 gs. ; No. 4, with 
small thread ornament, weight 1 oz. 4 ds. 8 gs. 

0. Seven bracelets, made of solid bars, with ex- 
panded cups at their ends. No. 1 (round), weight 
4 oz. 11 ds. 2 gs. ; No. 2 (angular), weight 3 oz. 18 ds. 
19 gs. ; No. 3 (flat), weight 3 oz. 6 ds. 12 gs. ; No. 4 
(circular), weight 2 oz. 16 ds. 1 gr. ; No. 5 (very 
round, smaller cups), weight 1 oz. 2 ds. 7 gs. ; No. 6, 
weight 16 ds. 10 gs. ; No. 7 (very flat), weight 1 oz. 

dt. 1 gr. 

P. One bracelet, flat and hollow bar, weight 2 oz. 

II ds. 7 gs. ; one bracelet, hollow and half round bar, 
weight 4 oz. 7 ds. 1 gT. 

Q. One very large hollow bracelet, with expanded 
cups, said to have been found at Castle Kelly, weight 
16 oz. 17 ds. 4 gs. One crossed end of bracelet, weight 

1 oz. dt. 11 gs. One large bracelet with hollow bar, 
not closed at the ends, exhibiting the mode of making 
articles of this kind; it is in an unfinished state; 
weight 5 oz. 5 ds. 16 gs. (belonging to Messrs. West 
and Son). 

R. Two small fibulae, ribbed pattern. No. 1, weight 

2 ds. 17 gs. ; No. 2, weight, 2 ds. 8 gs. One fibula, 
smooth, weight 2 ds. 13 gs. 

S. Four smaU fibulse, with ribbed pattern, and 
slightly expanded ends. No. 1, presented by H. T. 
Monk Mason, LL.D. weight 17 ds. 7 gs. ; No. 2, 
weight 7 ds. 12 gs. ; No. 3, weight 7 ds. 11 gs. ; No. 4, 
weight 4 ds. 7 gs. 

T. Nine fibulse, with ribbed pattern, and expanded 
disks. No. 1, weiglit 4 oz. 15 ds. 19 gs. ; No. 2, 
weight 1 oz. 7 ds. 7 gs. ; No. 3, weight 1 oz. 5 ds. ; 
No. 4, weight 13 ds. 20 gs. ; No. 5, weight 13 ds. 17 gs. ; 
No. 6, weight 11 ds. 22 gs. ; No. 7, weight 10 ds. 12 gs. ; 
No. 8, weight 8 ds. 7 gs. ; No. 9, weight 8 ds. 6 gs. 

U. Cleft rings made of wire of different thicknesses. 
Ten plain rings. No. 1, weight 10 ds. 20 gs. ; No. 2, 
weight 3 ds. 17 gs. ; No. 3, weight 3 ds. 12 gs. ; No. 4, 
weight 2 ds. 17 gs. ; No. 5, weight 2 ds. 11 gs. ; No. 6, 
weight 2 ds. 6 gs. ; No. 7, weight 1 dt. 16 gs. ; No. 8, 
weight 1 dt. 16 gs. ; No. 9, weight 1 dt. 12 gs. ; No. 10, 
weight 14 gs. 

V. Four rings with convolved pattern. No. 1, 
weight 11 ds. 19 gs. ; No. 2, 8 ds. 17 gs. ; No. 3, 
weight 7 ds. 4 gs. ; No. 4, weight 6 ds. 7 gs. 

W. Five thick copper rings plated with gold. No. 1, 
weight 12 ds. 6 gs. ; No. 2, weight 10 ds. 19 gs. ; No. 3, 
weight 8 ds. 14 gs. ; No. 4, weight 7 ds. 11 gs. ; No. 5, 
weight 5 ds. 1 gr. 

X. Pibbed cleft finger ring, weight 9 ds. 

Y. Twisted cleft finger ring, weight 3 ds. 9 gs. 

Z. Two twisted small rings. No. 1, weight 5 ds. ; 
No. 2, 2 ds. 7 gs. 

AA. Fragment twisted bar, weight 8 ds. 

AB. Fragment of hank of wires twisted, weight 
5 ds. 15 gs. 

AC. Fragment of bracelet of knotted wire work, 
weight 6 ds. 1 gr. 

AD. Scrap of gold, weight 3 ds. 12 gs. 

AE. An ingot, weight 12 ds. 9 gs. 

AF. Two plain gold rings. No, 1 found with bronze 
dagger, similar to those in tray No. 15, weight 6 ds. 

7 gs. ; No. 2, weight 6 ds. 23 gs. 

AG. Convolved finger ring, weight 1 oz. 12 ds. 6 gs. 
AH. One small horse-shoe shaped case, made of 

twisted gold -wire thread, like filagree work, weifh 
20 gs. 

AI. Two larger cases, in shape resembling the last, 
but made in imitation of filagree work. No. 1, weight 

8 ds. 2 gs. ; No. 2, weight 5 ds. 2 gs. 

AK. A bidla, of a hollow ball shape, made of lead 
covered with thin gold plate, highly ornamented, weight 



2 oz. 6 ds. 10 gs. This, it is said, was found in a black 
coarse um, along with burnt bones. 

AL. Two bullae, heart-shaped. They are hollow 
and made of lead. No. 1, highly ornamented, weight 

4 oz. 14 ds. 12 gs. ; No. 2, slightly ornamented, and 
not angular, weight 1 dt. 1 gr. 

AM. Two cinerary boxes, each containing a brace- 
let or bangle. Box No. 1, weight 19 ds. 11 gs. and 
cupped bangle, weight 19 ds. 11 gs. ; box No. 2, 
weight 19 ds. 20 gs. and plain bangle, weight 1 oz. 
dt. 2 gs. 

AN. Six large hollow double crisps or balls, nuade 
of thin gold, said to have been found with three others 
at Toomna, co. of Roscommon. No. 1, weight 2 oz. 6ds. 
6 gs. ; No. 2, weight 2 oz. 7 ds. 7 gs. ; No. 3, weight 
2 oz. dt. 8 gs. ; No. 4, weight 1 oz. 17 ds. 13 gs. ; 
No. 5, weight 1 oz. 9 ds. 9 gs. ; No. 6 (belonging to 
West and Son), weight 1 oz. 8 ds. 20 gs. 

AO. Seven beads, shaped hke double cones, weigh- 
ing from 9 to 11 grains each. 

AP. Seven beads, shaped like the last, but expanded 
at their ends, weighing from 1 dwt. to 4 gs. to 1 dwt. 
10 gs. each. 

AQ. Seven beads or cyUnders, weighing from 5 gs. 
to 7 gs. each. 

AR. A cupped shape ornament (imperfect), weight 
16 ds. 2 gs. 

AS. Three ornamented head ornaments, with lateral 
circular disks, and made to resemble wire work. No. 1 
ornamented with seven ribs or bars, weight 3 oz. 5 ds. 

5 gs. In this the imitation gold wire- work is very fine 
and beautiful ; one of the lateral disks is wanting. 
No. 2 ornamented with four bars or ribs, weight 4 oz. 

dt. 1 gr. In this the imitation wire work is coarse, 
but the effect of the ornament is good, and though one 
of the side ornaments has been much injured, the parts 
might be restored and made perfect. No. 3, ornamented 
with five bands or ribs, divided by an imitation of the 
torques pattern. The imitation of wire work is found 
only in the ruins inside and outside ; weight 7 oz. 8 ds. 

1 gr. This wants one lateral disk ; that which remains 
is flat, unlike those belonging to the two other 
ornaments, which are slightly convex. The lateral 
disks are all sown on the arched part of these 
ornaments with fine gold wire thread, and the disks are 
ornamented with cones resembling the beads described 

AT. One ribbed circular disk with central opening, 
weight 1 oz. 2 ds. 2 gs. 

AU. Two fillets of gold. No. 1, broad and orna- 

mented with a wheel pattern, weight 5 oz. ; No. 2, 
narrow, and ornamented with a fine dotted pattern, 
weight 1 dt. 2 gs. 

AV. Skewer, or pin, very rude in its form, weight 

I oz. 17 ds. 6 gs. 

AW. Two fibulas, with pendant ring ornaments. 
No. 1, weight 3 ds. 14 gs. ; No. 2, weight 2 ds. 
12 gs. 

AX. Five circular disks or spangles,- with cross- 
shaped ornaments. No. 1, large, like the flat lateral 
disk of head dress No. 3, noticed above, weight 13 ds. 
20 gs. ; No. 2 (similar to No. 1), weight 13 ds. 10 gs. ; 
No. 3, smaller and thinner, weight 4 ds. 12 gs. ; No. 4, 
ornamented with a cross fonned of triangle ; No. 5 
(like No. 4), weight 2 ds. 2 gs. (imperfect). 

AY. One lunett ornament rudely ornamented, and 
without terminal disks, weight 2 oz. 2 ds. 

AZ. Eight lunett ornaments with terminal disks. 
No. 1, presented by his Excellency Earl De Grey, 
Lord Lieutenant, weight 4 oz. 3 ds. 22 gs. ; No. 2, 
weight 3 oz. 4 ds. 3 gs. ; No. 3, weight 1 oz. 10 ds, 

II gs. ; No. 4, weight 1 oz. 7 ds. 15 gs. ; No. 5, weight 

1 oz. 3 ds. ; No. 6, weight 1 oz. dt. 9 gs. ; No. 7. 
weight 18 ds. 2 gs. ; No. 8, weight 16 ds. 16 gs. AU 
these are ornamented with crossing and zigzag lines, 
arranged in different patterns. 

BA. Two fragments of a lunett, ornamented. No. 1, 
weight 8 ds. 15 gs. ; and No. 2, weight 5 ds. 12 gs. The 
pattern on this is composed of trangles filled in with 
dots, and quite unlike to those on all the perfect speci- 

BB. One lunett, without ornament and much ex- 
panded, weight 18 ds. broken in two pieces. 

BC. Four oblong thin plates, plain. No. 1, weight 

2 ds. 18 gs. ; No. 2, weight 2 ds. 6 gs. ; No. 3, weight 

1 dt. 21 gs. ; No. 4, weight 1 dt. 8 gs. 

BD. Two oblong thin plates with hooks attached. 
No. 1, weight 4 ds. 2 gs. ; No. 2, weight 3 ds. 17 gs. 

BE. Four oblong plates, ribbed. Nc. 1, weight 

2 ds. 4 gs. ; No. 2, weight 2 ds. 5 gs. ; No. 3, weight 
1 dt. 18 gs. ; No. 4, weight 1 dt. 18 gs. Nos. 2, 3, and 
4, were presented by W. T. Mulvany, Esq. on the part 
of the Commissioners of Public Works. 

BF. Fragments of thin gold spirals, some with hooks 
They appear to have composed originally neck or arm 
ornaments ; weight 2 oz. 13 ds. 15 gs. 

BG. Collar or gorget made of red gold, and orna- 
mented with three ribs dotted with nail head pattern. 
The workmanship rude, but very effective. It is broken 
in four pieces ; total weight 16 oz. 11 ds. 





1 Portrait of Charles Talbot, Duke of Shrewsbury, 
on enamel. ^ 

2 A large spear head, found near Atiilone, in 

S Two circular disks, curiously painted on enamel. 
They are supposed to have been used in some game. 

4 One bronze double-looped palstave. There is 
one other specimen with, two loops in the collection of 
Mr. ISToiTis. 

5 A large ornamented bronze spear-head, found at 
Claremorris, co. Galway. 

6 One bronze palstave, found in digging the foun- 
dations of Earewood Square, London. 

7 One piece of ornamented bronze work, possibly 
horse furniture. 

8 One ancient glazed encaustic tile, with pattern, 
found in the foundations of the parsonage, Evercreech, 
CO. of Somerset. 

9 Two ancient encaustic tiles, found in an excava- 
tion in the interior of the ancient Parish Church of 
St. Sylvester, Malahide. 

10 Ancient Celtic urn, found in a barrow at Pitcur, 

11 Bronze celt of very peculiar form, found with 
the former article. 

12 Stone knife, with handle of moss, as found in 
the bed of the river Bann. 

13 Two swords foimd at Lagore, near Dunshaughlin. 

14 One axe found in the same locahty. 

15 One brooch, curiously enamelled with the opus 
Hibernicum, foimd at the same place. 

The Very Rev. B. J. Roche, V.G. Galway : — 

1835 Ancient embroidered chasuble, stole, and 
maniple, found about 50 years ago in the wall of the 
Collegiate Church of St. Nicholas, Galway. 

1835 a Three ancient embroidered vestments, be- 
longing to the Rev. Dr. Moore, of St. Mary's College, 

1836 The AkchzEOLogical Institute of Great 
Britain and Ireland : — 

1 Circular bronze coating of a shield found in 
dredging in the Thames, ornamented with work 
curiously beaten up and punctured. 

2 Oblong bronze ornament of thin metal plate, in 
similar style, and found with the last. 

3 Three pins, the heads being flat discs, chased 
with interlaced patterns, animals, &c. and originally 

jewelled, found in the bed of the river Witham, near 

4 A remarkable stirrup of bronze, with elaborate 
ornament of metal inlaid, found in the Witham, near 

5 Two bronze swords, found in Yorkshire. 

6 Palstave, found in the field of battle at Rhos-y- 
gard, Anglesea. 

7 A chisel of silex. 

8 A bone skate, formed of the cannon bone of 
a horse, found 10 feet deep, St. Peter's, at Arches, 
Lincoln. Such primitive skates (the use of which is 
mentioned by Olaus Magnus and Fitzstephen in his 
account of the manners of London) have been found 
also in Moorfields, London, at York, &c. 

9 A fine example of the pheon, or broad arrow, of 
iron, found in the Thames, near Westminster bridge. 

10 Two enamelled plates of Limoges work, twelfth 
century, representing the crucifixion, and the Sa\iour 
enthroned on the rainbow, portions of shrine decora- 
tions, or of the binding of a book of the Gospels. 

11 A palstave, with two side loops, found at South 
Petherton, Somerset, closely resemblmg one in Lord 
Talbot de Malahide's possession. 

1837 Marquess of Westminster : — Gold torques, 
found in 1818, at Bryn-shon, in the parish of Ysceifiog, 
near Holywell, N.W. The place where it was found 
is about a mile distant from the situation of the 
reputed Palace of the last Prince of Wales. 

1838 Charles Tucker, Esq. F.S.A. ; — 

1 An enamelled cup of Limoges work, sixteenth 
century, representing Tritons, &c. 

2 A cup of Limoges enamel, beautifully decorated 
with historical subjects within and without. 

1838a Robert Dundas, Esq. of Amiston, N.B. : 

1. Circular tore of silver, \\\\.\\ flattened ends. ^ 

2. Small gold tore. 

3. Part of large silver ornament. p 

4. Silver circular disk. <^ 

5. Small do. 

6. Lozenge-shaped silver ornament, curiously 

decorated. }■ [ 

7. Fragment of silver inscription. 

8. Piece of silver. 

9. Silver ribbon. 

10. Silver pin, with ornamented head. 

11. Fragment of silver armlet. 

12. Silver tore ring. • 



1839 Andrew Fountains, Esq. Narford HaU, 
Norfolk : — 

Curious reliquary in the form of a hand and arm ; 
Irish work. 

1840 The Right Hon. Lord L^ndesborough, 
Grimston, Tadcaster : — 

1 Gold ornaments found at New Grange, co. Meath, 
in December, 1842, consisting of 

1 A gold chain of 50 double links. 

2 A gold ring with gem. 

3 A gold twisted armlet. 

4 Another. 

5 A gold ring with gem. 

2 A tore ring and spear-head from the Isle of 

3 A large fibula for fastening the priest's dress of 
the twelfth century. 

4 Six gold torques of various sizes found in a rath 
near Kilmallock, co. Limerick, in May, 1852. 

1841 Dr. DowsLET, Cionmel: — 

Roman oculist's stamp, found in the co. Tip- 

1842 F. W. Barton, Esq. co. Fermanagh: — 

1 Piece of gold ring money. 

2 Gold ring. 

1843 Thomas Tobin, Esq. Ballincollig : — 

1 Flat gold armlet, found at Fermoy, co. Cork. 

2 Piece of gold wire. 

3 Small piece of gold ring money. 

4 Gold armlet. 

5 Gold ingot found in the co. Cork. 

1844 Dr. M'DowELL, Monaghan : — 

1 Set of brass stirrups. They belonged to Lord 
Clare's regiment, the Yellow Dragoons, who were 
defeated at the battle of Newtownbutler, A.D. 1689. 

2 A very large stone hammer. 

1845 Van, Archdeacon Saurin, Seagoe, co. 
Antrim : — 

1 Piece of bronze ring money. 

2 Bronze sword and two daggers. 

3 An Irish harp. 

1846 RoBT. Young, Esq. Hillmount, co. Antrim. 
— Brass stirrups, gilt and richly enamelled, used by 
Duke Schomberg at the battle of the Boyne. 

1847 Dr. C. Y. Haines, Cork:— 
Piece of silver ring money. 

1848 William Day Keyworth, Esq. 54 Savile 
St. Hull :— 

Cast of a monumental effigy of one of the Percy 
family, in Beverley Minster. 

1849 His Grace the Duke of Northumberland, 
Alnwick Castle: — 

1 Fragments of a Saxoa cross, found in 1789, near 
the site of Woden's church at Alnmouth, Northum- 
berland. On one side is represented the Ci'ucifixion. 
It bears an inscription, explained by Mr. Kemble as 
recording the workman or executor of the cross, 
M.^REDEH. MEH. WO [RHTE] Maeredep me 
wrought. On one side appears the name ADYLFEZD; 
the legend being possibly continued in a lower com- 
partment. These sculptured relics appear to be of 
the 9th or 10th century. See Arcliceologia, vol. X., 
pi. 36, p. 472. 

2 A series of curious white Chinese porcelain seals. 

1850 Rev. George H. Reade, Inniskeen Rectory, 
Dundalk: — 

1 One large iron till, fi-om co. Donegal. 

2 One small square bronze bell. 

3 Two crotals, one found near Enniskillen in 1851, 
and the other in the co. Louth in 1853. 

4 One small crotal or hawk's beU. 

5 Two large and perfect swords. 

6 One broken one found in a warrior's grave. 

7 One small sharp-pointed one from the Giant's 

8 One large ornamented spear-head, and one broad- 
leaved one from Scotshouse, Monaghan. 

9 Two hunting spears, the larger from Pettigo. 

10 One large skene dhu with socket handle, and one 
small one. 

11 Two very large bronze hatchets. 

12 One very small hatchet. 

13 One large hatchet of flint. 

14 One large hatchet of stone. 

15 One very large looped celt. 

16 Two very large celts of a rare type. 

17 One bridle bit, highly cut and ornamented, from 

18 One ornamented shield boss, found with the bit. 

19 One lady's stirrup, with holes to fasten foot. 

20 A very large warrior's cloak pin. 

21 One lady's cloak pin. 

22 Another, no split. 

23 One lady's pin for hair. 

24 Two ladies' pins. 

25 One small bronze box, use imknown. 

26 A stone, probably a mould, vulgarly called a 
Leprechaun's coffin. 

1850a Earl of Digbv, Exliibitor: — 
1. Two twisted armlets of gold. 



2. Double twisted armlet of gold. 

3. Double plain one of gold. 

4. Plain gold armlet. 

5. One small double do. 

6. Gold ornament, with small bes.ds of the same 
metal attached. 

All found near Sherborne, in Dorsetshire. 

1851 John WiNDELE, Esq. Blair's Castle, Cork : — ■ 

1 Two bronze curved trumpets, and a portion of a 

2 Engraved bronze axe. 

3 Irish bronze ring money. 

1852 Marriott Dalwat, Esq. Carrickfergus :— 
Curious ancient Irish harp, called the Regina 


1853 John M-'Clelland, Esq. Dungannon : — 

1 Bell of St. Muran. 

2 A selection of celts and spear-heads. 

1854 John E. Shearman, Esq. Kilkenny: — 
An antique jet necklace. 


Eorie Move's Horn. — This horn has been handed 
down from generation to generation in the family of 
Macleod of Macleod from the ancestor whose name it 
bears, Sir Roderick Macleod, of that ilk. It is cus- 
tomary for the heir of the family on attaining the age 
of 21, to drink off this horn full of claret at a draught ; 
it contains nearly two bottles. 

1855 a The Dunvegan Cup belongs to the Macleod 
of Macleod, the head of the clan of that name, and has 
been preserved at Dunvegan Castle, the family seat in 
the Isle of Skye ; it is made of oak, wrought and 
embossed with silver, and was probably used in ancient 
times as a chalice ; the inscription has been variously 
read ; Sir Walter Scott has given one reading in a 
note to the Lord of the Isles, which was thus : — "Ufo 
Johannes mich-magni Principis de Hr manae Vich 
Liahici Mahryneil, et sperat Domino Ihesu dari 
dementiam illorum opera Fecit Anno Domini 993 
onili onin." 

Dr. Wilson of the Society of Antiquarians in Scot- 
land, makes the date more modern, and reads the 
inscription as follows: — "Katerina Nigegneill uxor 
Johannes Megueger principis de Firmonac me fieri 
fiat Anno Dommini, 1493 ; omli oninicem in te 
sperant omine, et tu dos escam illonim in tempore 

1856 Exhibited by John Lentaigne, EsQ.Tallaght 
House : — 

Bas-relief from Bective Abbey, co. Meath, the 

property of Patrick Matthews, Esq. Anagor, 

1856 a Shrine of St. Manchan of Lemanaghan of the 
7th century, the property of the Rev. Charles O'Rielly, 
C.C. and the parishioners of Bellaire Chapel, in the 
diocese of Ardagh. 

1856b Fac-simile executed by Alex. Carte, Esq. 
M.D. of shrine of St. Patrick's hand, placed in Down 
Abbey in 1186, carried off by Edward Bruce in 1315, 
and used by him as a standard, preserved in the 
family of Magennis, Lords of Ii-vagh, at Castlewellan, 
and now the property of the Right Rev. Dr. Denvir, 
R.C. Bishop DowTi and Connor. 

1856 c Large glass goblet, used by a Dubhn Guild in 
the beginning of the last centmy, with the battle of 
the Boyne engraved on it. 

1856 D Antique French watch, found in the Bog of 

1856 E Antique image of our Saviour, a specimen of 
Irish art of a very early age, the property of the Very 
Rev. Mr. M'Evoy, P.P. and parishioners of Kells. 

1856 E Ancient Irish Font of Kilcame, the pro- 
perty of the Rev. T. Reid, P.P. and the parishioners 
of Johnstown Chapel, co. Meath. 

1856 G Ancient Irish Font, the property of Rev. 
P. Gough, P.P. and parishioners of Curraha. 

1857 Exhibited by Alexander Carte, Esq. 
M.D. :— 

Fac-simile of the shrine of St. Manchin, restored 
by Alexander Carte, Esq. M.D, Director of the Museum, 
Royal Dublin Society. 

1858 Exhibited by the Right Rev. Dr. Rtan, 
R.C. Bishop, Limei'ick. 

Silver crozier of Cornelius O'Dea, Bishop of 
Limerick, made by Thomas O'Carthy, A.D. 1418. 

1858a Silver mitre of Cornelius O'Dea, Bishop of 
Limerick, made by Thomas O'Carthy, A.D. 1418, 
silver gilt. 

Exhibited by the Fine Arts Committee op the 
Great Industrial Exhibition, 1853 :— 

1859 Doorway of the Chm'ch of Freshford, co. 
Kilkenny, erected by St. Lachlin, in the seventh 
century, and rebuilt towards the close of the eleventh 
century. There are two lines of inscription on this 
doorway soliciting prayers for the founders of the 
church and the Builder. 

1860 Circidar window of the eighth centui-y which 
lighted a chamber placed between the chancel and stone 
roof of Rahan Church, King's County. (See Petrie's 
Round Towers, page 241). 



1861 Pillars of the chancel arcli of the Church of 
Rahan, King's County. Eighth century. 

1862 Chancel arch of Tuam Cathedral, co. of 

1863 Eastern window of Tuam Cathedral, co. of 

1864 Cast of the stone cross at Dunnamoggan, 
CO. of Kilkenny. 

1865 Monument of Peter Earl of Ormonde, and 
Margaret his wife, in Canice's Cathedral, Kilkenny. 

1866 Monument of a Bishop in St. Canice's 
Cathedral, Kilkenny. 

1867 Monument of a cross legged knight at Kilfane, 
CO. Kilkenny. 

1868 Laecom, Majoe, Under Secretary for 
Ireland. — Western doorway of Maghera Church, co. 
Londonderry. Fifth century. 

1869 BoAED OF Public Works, Ireland. — Cast 
taken from the Castle of the Ljoiches in Galway. 

1870 Monumental stone erected on the spot where 
Lynch, warden of Galway, executed his Son in 

1871 Fine Arts Committee op the Geeat In- 
dustrial Exhibition of 1853. — Stone cross from 
the Market-place of Tuam, co. Galway, erected by 
Turlogh O'Conor, King of Ireland, and Edan O'Hoi- 
sin, Comharba of St. Jarlath in the beginning of the 
twelfth century. There are four inscriptions on this 
cross, two on the base, and two on the shaft, which 
ask for prayers for the founders, and the artist, Gillu- 

1872 Stone cross ofSS. Patrick and Columba, from 
the churchyard of Kells, co. Meath, lent for exhibition 
by the Very Rev. T. A. Stopford, D.D., Archdeacon of 
Meath, and Rector of Kells. This cross is of very 
great antiquity, and mentioned in early records. 

1873 Cast of St. Boyne's stone cross at Monaster- 
boice, CO. Louth. 

1874 Cast of the great stone cross at Monaster- 

1875 Cast of the stone cross at Kilcrispeen, co. 

1876 Cast of the stone cross at Kilkeiran, co. 

These crosses wherever found are composed of 
siliceous sandstone. 

1877 Cast of Sarcophagus, found near the Cathe- 
dral of Saint Andrews, in Fifeshire, very elaborately 
sculptured, with man on horseback, and others on foot, 
also various animals, some of a nondescript character, 
representing a hunting scene ; the design at the sides 

is formed of serpents entwined in a most intricate 
manner, and terminating in the legs and heads of 
lizard-like animals ; the back gi-ound is formed of the 
well-known knotted ornament, termed "Guilloche." 

1878 Cast of one of the end pieces of the above, 
sciilptured with the same intricate knot-work, and 
divided into five compartments, the centre and two of 
the corner ones have globes from which serpents ap- 
pear to be issuing, the other two have figures of apes 

1179 Cast of one of the end pieces of the same 
sarcophagus, sculptured with the same intricate knot- 

This remarkable monmnent is undoubtedly the work 
of the 7th or 8th century, 

1 880 Cast of Celt mould found in Ayrshire. 

1 881 Cast of Celt mould found in Rosshire. Both 
these are interesting specimens of the bronze period. 

1882 John Haevet, Esq. Malin Hall, co. 
Donegal : — 

1 Earthen jar, found filled with silver coins, on a 
mountain near Malin, parish of Clonea, with 14 of the 

2 Thirteen and a half gold beads of a double conical 
shape ; also three pieces of gold wire, found in a bog 
near Malin, co. Donegal. 

1883 A. C. Welsh, Esq. Dromore, co. Down : — 

1 A stone sock of a plough. 

2 A stone coulter of a plough. 

3 A stone mould for casting ornaments. 

4 One very large stone ploughshare. 

5 A mould for celts. 

6 A mould for 

7 A small stone mould for casting ornaments. 

8 A stone lancehead which was found attached to 
a pole by a leather socket. 

1884 Catalogue of Antiquities sent to the Dublin 
Exhibition by James Caeruthers : — 

1. Bronze trumpet, quite perfect, found in Druma- 
bert Bog, Parish of Kilrant, co. Antrim, 1840. 

2. One do. do. 

3. Spear head, 2 feet lO.i inches long, found in 
Ballygowan Bog, co. Down, 1830. 

4. Sword, very thin, 20 inches long, having rivets, 
found at Kilwaughen, co. Antrim, 1838. 

5. Spear head, tlie blade perforated with two 
oblong carved openings, found at Ballyboley, co. 
Antrim, 1850. 

6. Spear head, 1| inch long. 

7. Bronze Axe. 



S. Bronze axe. 
9. Do. do. 

10. Do. do. 

11. Do. do. 

12. Do. do. 

13. Do. do. 

14. Do. do. 

15. Do. do. 

16. Do. do. 

17. Do. do. 

18. Do. do. 

19. Bronze war club. 

20. Silver armlet, weight, 3 ozs. 15 dwt. found, toge- 
ther with seven others, and two silver forks, near 
Downpatrick, 1830. 

21. Remarkable and unique bronze iustrumeut, 
found in a bog near Ballvmoney, co. Antrim, 1829. 

For a further description, see " Belfast Catalogue of 
Antiquities," page 18. 

22. Silver fibulae, weight, 3 oz. 15 dwt. found at 
Ballymoney, co. Antrim, 1824. 

23. Silver fibulae, found neai' Belfast, 1851, weight, 
8 dwt. 4 grs. 

24. Large circular pendant jet ornament, found near 
Belfast, 1850. 

25. Lra'ge thin flint arrow head, having a shell 
imbedded in it. 

26. Large thin flint arrow head. 

27. Do. do. 

28. Bronze finger shield, probably used by archers. 

29. Forty-five amber and glass beads. 

30. Bronze spear head. 

31. Do. do. 

32. Do. do. 

33. Bronze axe, bent at the point for the purpose of 
scoopmg out wood. 

For an account of these celts, see " Wilson's Archae- 
ology of Scotland." 

34. Similar. 

35. Bronze reaping hook. 

36. Broad, very rude copper sword. 

37. Bronze stirrup, foimd in Shane's Castle Park, 
the residence of Lord O'Neal. 

1885 Maetin, John, Downpatrick, Ireland, 
Prop. — 

1 Gold Torque. 

2 Gold Armlet. 

3 Another. 

4 Small piece of gold ring money. 

5 Gold fibula with fiat ends. 

6 Broad flat gold ring, ornamented with ridges. 

7 Silver ring. 

8 Curious bent wooden pine ornamented with a 
horse's head ; found in a grave. 

9 Silver armlet. 

10 Ancient comb. 

11 One of the silver seal-rings of Turlough O'Neil, 
having the "Bloody hand of Ulster," and the initials 
T. 0. 

12 Perforated stone, with rude carving. 

13 Mosaic encaustic tile, representing an animal, 
found in the ruins of the old Cathedral of Down- 

14 Large flat bronze spear-head. 

15 Flat bronze axe, highly ornamented. 

16 Long stone dagger. 

1886 Murray, R. MuUingar, Ireland, Prop. — 
One cinerary um. 

One chalice, Irish inscription, with date of 1143. 

Three Patinas — one circular, and 2 oval and 

Fifteen spear heads, various types. 

Five AiTow heads, two flint. 

Sixteen Celts, various types, ornamented. 

One iron spear head, blade twisted at right 

Two iron daggers, difierent types. 

Two reaping hooks. 

Two Crescents. 

Three stone heads, barbarous types. 

Twenty-six pins and brooches, various types. 

Six seals. 

One stone hammer. 

Group of two celts and one spear head, unfinished, 
with three pieces of metal used in casting therj, found 

Group, comprising one silver bracelet, one finish- 
ed, and one unfinished amulet. 

1887 Blooiifield, J. Castle Caldwell : — 
Two tiles. 

Baptismal font. 

Christ, in alabaster. 

Head of our Saviour, in ivory. 

Bronze seal. 

Cardan's Skull. 

Felt hat, foimd in a bog. 

'Neil's harp. 

Large pan. 



Large stone hammer. 

Bronze sword. 

Curious carving of Atlas. 

Curious hammer in handle. 

Large square bronze bell. 

Stone hatchet. 

Two green hatchets. 

Irish pike. 

Bronze StiiTup. 

Stone hammer. 

Spear, found in the Castle of Donegal. 

Seven specimens of ancient bronzes. 

Bronze spear of rare fonn. 

Bronze spear. 

Wooden pipe. 

Green Hatchet. 

Ancient earthen ladle. 

The lock of the castle of Donegal, of very curious 
make, from the number of bolts shot with one 

1888 Knipe, E. a. Mount Salem, Stillorgan.— 
Collection of models by an amateur. 

1889 Caledon, Godntess of, Caledon, county 
Annagh : — 

Bronze hatchet curiously marked. 
Two Druid Beads. 
Bronze spear head. 
Bronze Fibula. 

Two fairy lasts. 
Bronze looped hatchet. 
Turquoise brooch. 

Oak spade bound with iron at the edge 
Steel sword, (blade marked "Sahagon"). 
1880 Caetek, William, 6 Mespil Parade, Dublin. 
— Model of Ruins of Monasterboice, co. Louth. 

1891 Cashel, Veiy Ptev. the Archdeacon of, Thur- 
les. — A rare and early Irish engraving, by W. Simp- 
son of Waterford, date 1646. It appears to have 
reference to the political troubles of Ireland during 
that period. No other copy is at present known, nor 
are any further particulars of its history within the 
knowledge of Exhibitor. 

1892 Chandlee, Thos. Moore, Ballitore — Model 
of Stone Cross at Moone Abbey, co. Kildare ; model 
of Cromlech, called Labacally, near Glanworth, co. 
Cork ; model of an Irish cabin. 

1893 Berwick, Edward, Queen's College, Galway. 
— Ancient map of Galway, a. d. 1650; old Municipal 
map of Galway, ^commencing a. d. 1484. 

1894 McGillicuddy of the Reeks, Whitefield, co. 
Kerry. — 23 Manuscrii^ts, with dates fi'om A. D. 1597 
to 1700, comprising royal and other distinguished 
autographs of that period. 

1895 HowTH, The Earl of, Howth Castle.— The 
ancient bells of Howth Abbey, co. Dublin. 

1893 The great two-handed sv/ord, said to have 
been used by Sir Almericus St. Laurence, the founder 
of the Howth family, who landed in Ireland in 

1897 Baillie, Edward, London. — Stained glass 
window, executed in the ancient Irish style by Ex- 

1897a Marchand, Rue d'Augouleme du Temple, 
Paris. — Stained glass — style, 13th century. 

1898 Bruce, Sir Hervet, Downhill, co. Derry. 
— Part of the walls of Herculaneum, painted in fresco. 
Herculaneum was destroyed by Vesu^dus in the year 
79 ; consequently this fresco is painted upwards of 
1,700 years. 

1899 Ancient Roman helmet, foimd in the tomb 
of the Horatii, near Rome. 

1900 Exhibited by Robert Ball, LL.D.— 1. A 
restoi-ation of the celebrated instrument, commonly 
called the harp of Brian Boroimhe. It is the oldest 
known specimen of Irish harp, and is preserved in the 
Dublin University Museum. 

2. A restoration of the Dalway harp ; the ai-m of 
the original is in the possession of M. Dalway, Esq. 
of Carrickfergus ; the bow belongs to Mrs. Shen-ard 
of Thornhill ; the soxmding board has been lost — it is 
restored from analogy. The original was made for 
Sir John Fitzedmond Fitzgerald of Cloyne, in 1621. 
This was a very remarkable and beautiful instrument. 

3. A restoration of the charter horn of the Kav- 
enagh's. The original is preserved in the University 

1901 Morrison, Dr. Leeson St. Dublin.— The 
Irish miion pipes. This ancient musical instrument, 
by the Elder Kenna, about 1767, is in fine preserva- 
tion, and a good specimen of his skill and workman- 
ship. These pipes manifest great ingenuity in con- 
struction ; the tones are sweet and melodious, and the 
chords full and singularly expressive of the passions. 
The cushlanang, or bagpipe, is described in the ancient 
chronicles 'of Ireland as far back as the 10th centmy, 
used both as a war instrxuuent and as an accompani- 
ment to the crenau at funerals. 

1902 Roe, Henry. — Watch said to have been 
worn by Charles the Fii'st, on the day of his execution, 



and to have been presented to the ancestor of Colonel 
Pratt, of Cabra Castle, by Oliver Cromwell. 

1903 Wilson, Dr. Daniel, Secretary to the 
Society of Antiquaries of Scotland : — 

Casts of — 

1. Bronze circular shield, decorated with a classic 
grouf) in low relief, Appolo, &c. 

2. Horn of tenm-e, richly carved in ivory — temp. 
13th century, formerly belonging to Dr. Samuel Hib- 
bert Ware. See Soc. Antiquaries, Scotland. 

3. Chessmen, carved out of the walrus tooth, found 
in the Isle of Skye. 

4. Bronze armUla, snake pattern, found at Pitalpin, 
near Dundee, in 1732. 

5. Bronze armlet, dug up in Argyleshire. 

6. Bronze armlet, found in a cairn in Aberdeen- 

7. A crozier, or pastoral staff of oak, found in the 
tomb of Bishop Tullock, Kirkwall Cathedral, Orkney. 

Facsimiles in Metal of — 

1. A gold sceptre head, found atCairnmure, Peeble- 
shire in 1806, along with three gold tons, and other 
gold relics. 

2. Head, ring, or gorget of bronze, found in 1747, 
about seven feet below the surface, when digging a 
well at Stetthell, Boxburghshire. 

1904 Ancient figure of St. Laurence 'Toole, for- 
merly in Christ's Church, Dublin, and now the 
property of Rev. Dr. Spratt. 

1905 Gold watch, formerly the property of Mary- 
Queen of Scots, and now in the possession of John 
Grace, Esq. of Mantua. 

1906 Antique watch, in the form of a cross — 
the property of William Gerard Walmesley, Esq. of 
Mount SackviUe. 

1907 Fine Arts Committee. — Fresco painting 
on the north chancel wall of the ancient Abbey of 
Knockmoy, co. Galway, and supposed to represent 
the execution, in the 12th century, of the young son 
of Dennod Mac Murrough, King of Leinster, who 
was hostage to O'Connor, King of Ireland, for his 
father's fidelity, as tributary sovereign to O'Connor, 
and was put to death by that monarch on his father 
joining Strongbow. 

1908 E. M. Blood, Esq. Exhibitor.— Models of 
two ancient pillars in alabaster in the Church of St. 
Denis, Paris. 

1909 Henry Moeiartt, Esq. — Stone effigies of 
Irish Gallowglasses or soldiers, from the tomb of Felim 
O'Connor, King of Connaught, at Roscommon Abbey, 

1265. See Walker on Irish Dress, and O'Connor's 

1910 Robert Leech, Esq. — An ancient brick 
from Nineveh. 

1911 LeHunte, George, Esq. — Wliite Chinese 
seal, found in the neighbourhood of Wexford. 

1912 Bedford, Mrs. The Close, Litchfield.— 

1. Large silver Irish bodkin. 

2. Irish bodkin, richly set with chrysopuses, gar- 
nets, pearls, &c. 

3. Gold bodkin, vsdth a cornelian centre. 

4. Large antique Irish brooch. 

5. Large silver brooch. 

6. Three brooches of different sizes. 

7. A rich circular ornament of silver, having a 
garnet in the centre and eight roimd the periphery, 
symbolical of the sacred Ogdoad, from the co. of 

8. Ancient rings. 

9. Silver button, from Major Sirr's collection. 

10. Rich silver crucifix. 

11. Pair of ear-rings. 

12. Silver incense-box, found in taking down the 
wall of an old house in the parish of KUrenny, Fife- 

N.B. — All these articles were the property of the dis- 
tinguished antiquary, the late C. Kii-kpatrick Sharpe, 

1913 Talbot de Malahide, Lord. — Electrotype 
facsimiles in copper of three spearheads and two 
swords (one of very peculiar construction), found in 
the CO. of Northumberland, and the property of the 
Hon. H. T. LiddeU. 

1914 Wat, Albert, Esq. F.S.A. — Enamelled 
ciborium of the 12th century. 

1915 Walsh, Eight Rev. Dr. R. C. Bishop of 
Ossory. — Ancient vestments of David Roth, Bishop of 

1916 Remonstrance, sUver gilt, of David Roth, 
Bishop of Ossory, with inscription. 

1917 Sardonyx cup. 

1918 Lentaigne, John. — Ivory carving. 

1919 Collection of Irish Antiquities, exhibited by 
George Petrie, LL.D. being a selection from his 
Museum, made for the purpose of illustrating ancient 
Irish art. — 

1. Seventeen highly ornamented bronze hatchets, 
of different patterns. A collection of iron articles 
found at Dunshaughlin, consisting of swords, knives, 
spears, files, hatchets, horse bits, &c. Four perforated 



stone hammers ; one stone axe, head broken ; two 
stone celts of peculiar form; two half moulds, made 
of stone, for casting bronze palstaves; one complete 
stone mould for casting bronze looped spears; one 
bronze half mould for casting bronze palstaves; five 
highly ornamented bronze celts ; two beautiful bronze 
bridle bits; two peculiarly large spur-shaped orna- 
ments, made of bronze ; two vessels made of bronze ; 
one cooking vessel ; three large weights made of 
stone ; one beautiful spear, with perforated blades ; 
two scythe-shaped weapons ; one pattern for a sword, 
made of wood, discovered in the ancient structure on 
Drunikelin Bog ; one bronze blade of dagger ; one 
bronze spear, highly ornamented with representations 
of rivit heads ; one bronze sword blade of the Greek 
form, with a peeuliai-ly short handle ; one sword blade 
of the Persian form, with a bronze handle nearly per- 
fect ; one bronze sword blade of unique form, with four 
sides, its two edges highly ornamented with grooves ; 
•one celt with a gouge-shaped edge, the loop being on 
the hollow side ; 'one butt of spear. 

2. A collection of silver brooches, torques, and 
armlets; one bronze armlet; one spiral armlet; two 
highly ornamented spurs ; a perforated ring orna- 
m.ent ; a fibula, consisting of three serpents ; a fibula 
of great beauty, made of white bronze, inlaid with 
amber and gold filagrees ; three fibulje of different 
patterns, made of bronze ; a collection of specimens of 
work in enamel of different colours and patterns; a 
highly ornamented and enamelled pastoral staff or 
crozier ; portions of sis ancient croziers found in Ire- 
land; the bell of St. Patrick; six crucifix figures of 
different periods ; four figures of early Roman art ; 
portion of a figure of a horse, and of an angel, made 
of silver ; a highly ornamented shrine, and shoe, made 
of bronze; an ancient chessman made of ivory or 
bone ; two arrow heads made of tips of deer horn ; a 
stylus, with ring, &c., &c. 

1920 Collection of Antiquities Exhibited by R. N. 
Beackstone, Esq. — collected chiefly in Ireland. — 

1. A general collection of stone weapons, &c. con- 
gisting of celts of different patterns, hammers, per- 
forated stones, &c. 

2. A collection of flint weapons. &c. consisting of 
arrow and javelin heads, celts ; a string of amber 
beads ; also, a figure of the Virgin Mary, found at 
Eainsford St. Dublin ; ten cards of bronze fibulse and 
pins ; four copper scythe shaped blades, made of 
copper, and three broad bronze dagger blades. 

3. A collection of bronze swords, daggers, and 

spears of different forms, some very peculiar, if not 

4. A collection of bronze celts and fialstaves, of a 
great variety of form, several of great rarity and 

5. A collection of bronze antiquities, consisting 
chiefly of hatchets of different foi-ms, some of them 
highly ornamented ; large rings ; bridle bits, and 
cheek plates for bridle bits ; bells ; moulds for glass 
ornaments, &c. &c. 

6. A miscellaneous collection, consisting of several 
beautiful shrine ornamental figures, iron spears, 
buckles, &c. made of bronze ; a number of weapons 
made of iron, used in the rebellion of 1798 ; a beautiful 
rapier, and several foreign weapons, illustrative of 
the original uses of antiquities found in Ireland ; a 
carved oak panel, representing the adoration of the 
shepherds ; a wooden mother, and pattern for a chisel ; 
sis cards of flint arrow heads, &c. from North America, 

1921 Hodgson, Mrs. — Ancient Greek fresco. 
1921a Stained ivory crucifix. 

1922 Collection of Irish Antiquities, exhibited by 
T. E. MuEEAT, Esq. Edenderry — collected chiefly in 
that neighbourhood. 

1. Eight bronze spears of different patterns ; 
twelve pins and fibula ; two rings, with triple pellet 
ornaments ; two iron reaping hooks ; one bronze ring 
and hook ; one ingot of bronze ; one cross shaped im- 
plement, made of silver ; one string of glass and amber 
beads ; one spur shaped implement, and a bell with 
similar ornaments ; three large bronze rings ; one 
bronze fibula ; one heavy implement of brass or bronze ; 
one horn battle axe or pick. 

2. An ancient pocket celt with wooden handle ; 
two bronze hatchet heads ; one perforated bronze ring ; 
one palstave ; five pocket celts ornamented ; one 
perfect bronze sword ; three bronze sword blades ; 
one bronze sword, the smallest known of the Greek 
pattern ; two sword blades of Persian pattera ; one 
bronze socketed chisel ; one very small bronze hatchet. 

3. Two iron sword blades, with broad points ; two 
sword blades with taper points ; one sword blade, 
broken, with bone handle, nearly perfect ; one dagger, 
with wooden handle perfect ; one dagger blade, with 
bronze mounting ; one large iron spear ; one handle 
of sword, nearly perfect, made of bone; four iron 
spears ; one broad axe, and a bone handle of knife. 

4. Four iron axes : seven iron dirks or long knives ; 
five iron spears ; one iron sword with broad blade ; 




one bronze tube and head, supposed to have been part 
of a still ; a quantity of bronze ring money ; three irons 
for wooden spades ; one iron knife and handle. 

5. Twenty-three perforated pins, made of bone ; 
fiffcy-four perforated tessera or discs of bone, all of 
different patterns and forms ; seven perforated stones 
—these were all found together. 

1923 Collection of Irish Antiquities, exhibited by 
Matthew J. AnketelI;, Esq. Anketell Grove, co. 
Monaghan. — 

Twenty-seven stone celts, of different sizes and 
patterns ; one large stone celt, nearly covered with 
lines, arranged so as to represent ogham inscriptions, 
mixed up with a few letters of the common Irish 
character ; one celt ; twenty-five knives very rudely 
made ; three knives highly finished ; twenty-three 
javelin and arrow heads, of different forms, &c. — all 
made of flint; stone vessel; perforated and ornamented 
stone ; stone vessel slightly hollowed ; flatted stone 
ball ; two stone cups with handles ; a string of beads, 
composed of stone, amber, and glass of different 
patterns ; a silver chain, ornamented v/ith a medallion 
and nine amber beads ; two terra cotta flat cups or 
urns ; three earthenware ornamented balls ; fourteen 
pocket celts of different patterns ; one hatchet ; nine 
palstaves of different forms, two swords, two daggers, 
ten spears, six brooches or pins with rings, two blades 
shaped like reaping hooks, eight rings, one ornamental 
boss, two pin shaped ornaments, all made of bronze ; 
one copper blade ; one representation of the cnicifixion 
in copper ; two brass vessels and shoe ; one crotal ; 
one skull cap or helmet ; one brass cannon ; small 
iron dirk and key ; one lump of adipocere or bog 
butter ; nine wooden methers ; three bronze pans ; and 
one three-legged pot. 


Bell of St. Euadhan, of Lon-ha, co. Tipperary, who 
died A.D. 584. 

BeU of St. Cuanna, of Killshanny, in co. Clare. 
St. Cuanna lived about the end of the 6th century. 

Bell of St. Molua, Lua, or Lugeus of Clonfert- 
Molua, now Kyle, Queen's Coimty. St. Molua died 
early in the 7 th century. 

Fragment of the beU of St. Camin, of Killcamin, 
King's County, who died about March, A.D. 653. 

Bell of St. Cuimin, of Disert-Cuimin, now Kill- 

common, King's County. He was known as Cummin- 
fada, or The Tall, and died A.D. 662. 

The Baman-Cauiawn, or BeU of St. Culamis, who 
was brother to the celebrated Cormac M'Cullenan, 
king, bishop, Lxicographer, and scholar of Cashel. 
Cormac was killed in battle A.D. 908. 

Bell found at the ruins of St. Senan's estabUshment 
in Inis-Scathy, near the mouth of the River Shannon. 

Bell found at Corbeg, King's County, A.D. 1848. 

Four large pear-shaped crotals, found at Downs, 
King's County. 

One spherical-shaped crotal, found at Downs, King's. 

Two unfinislied spherical crotals, found at Dowris, 
King's County. 

A piece of waste bronze metal, found at Dowris, 
King's County, and impressed with form of a spherical 
crotal, against which the metal fell in a fluid state. 

Two rub-stones (Liadog), found with many others 
at Dowris, King's Coimty. 

Four small sheep bells. 

Part of a human skull, found, with other portions 
of a human skeleton, A.D. 1845, under the foundation 
of the ancient round tower at Roscrea. 

Image, supposed to be of Eochaidh, the tutelary 
semi-god, whom the Pagan Irish believed to preside 
over cattle and horses. It was found in a moate or 
barrow, within the demesne, and close to the mansion, 
of Castle Bernard, King's County. 

Three flint arrow heads. 

Two bronze arrow heads, knives, or razor blades. 

Eight spindle stones. 

Two bronze rings or circles. 

Four ancient bone pins and needles, found in Bal- 
linderry Lough, near Moate. 

Bone articles, found ia drainage operations at Bnl- 
lindeny Lough, co. AVestmeath. 

Part of a sharpening stone dug up along with a 
human skeleton, from a barrow at Curranrue, co. Clare, 
A.D. 1828. 

A stone hammer-head found in the ground at Tom- 
brickane, barony of Lower Onnond, co. Tipperary, 
A.D. 1851. 

Five stone celts, selected for the purpose of showing 
the different descriptions of stone of which these 
instruments were formed. 

A bronze instrument, called by Valiancy, a "Crepi- 
taculum." Tliis was found during the improvement 
of the River Shannon, at Athlone, in the summer of 



A smaller and solid resemblance of tlie above. One 
side is rough and mifinished, but the other is highly 
ornamented with chevrons and lozenges in enamel. 
This was found in the island at Dowris, King's 
County, August, 1850. 

A ring with three knobs, found at Leap, King's 

Cast bronze tablet, representing two woman in con- 
versation, found near Kinelf hekin Abbey, co. Galway. 

Red bronze money, found near Birr, King's County. 

Bronze oraament, apparently for the boss of a 

Stone cup, brought from the holy well at Nough- 
vale, CO. Clare. 

Six stones, found during the drainage operations at 
Ballinderry Lough, co. Westmeath. 

Twenty-eight specimens of bronze ring money, and 
one of counterfeit, or gold plated money. 

Bronze fibula, found near Drogheda. 

Gilded bronze fibula, found at the Castle of Ballin- 
asshra, near Tullamore, King's County. 

Silver fibula, found near Drogheda. 

Eour bronze pins, from Clonmacnoise, King's County. 

Silver pin, found at Cashel, and having an Irish 
diamond stone set in it. 

Curious bronze pin, with a moveable ring, resembling 
a new moon, found at Kylebeg, near Bunisokane. 

Bronze pin, found in the river at Roscrea, co. Tip- 

Part of a fibulse, found at Killoughy, King's County. 

Pin, found at Ballymahon, co. Longford. 

Bronze pin, found in the Great Southern Isle of 
Arran, co. Galway. 

Bronze pin, found in Grave Yard at Parsonstown, 
in March, 1848. 

Bronze pin, found at Croghan Hill, near Philips- 

Three bronze pins, found at Le Porte, Dovv^ris, 
King's County, in the summer of 1849. 

Fibula, with pendent head, made of white bronze, 
found at DeiTinlough, near Dov/ris, King's County. 

Five bronze pins, found at Le Porte, Dowris, 
King's County, in the summer of 1849. 

Fom* bronze pins, found at Le Porte, Dowris, King's 
County, in May, 1850. 

Two bronze pins, found at Le Porte, Dowris, King's 
County, in April, 1851. 

Five bronze trimtipets, found at Do-\vris, King's 

Four copper hatchets. 

Two bronze hatchets, plain, and without ridge. 

Six bronze hatchets, having a very slight ridge. 

Two bronze hatchets, ornamented with chevrons. 

Two bronze solid celts, with stop-ridge. 

Bronze solid celt, made of rich bronze, and having 
ornamental ridges on its sides. 

Two bronze solid celts, having rectangular handle 
sockets, stock-ridges, and with side-ridges hent inwards. 

Two bronze solid celts, n/^t furnished with stop- 
ridges, hid having side-ridges. 

Four bronze solid celts, plain, with rectangular 
handle sockets, and high stop and side-ridges. The 
sockets are imich countersunk. 

Bronze solid celt, having stoj) ajid side-ridges, and 
■ also ornamental reeding on the sides. 

Bronze solid celt, with stop and side-ridges, and 
having a peculiar ornamental swelling on the sides. 

Two bronze solid celts, ^cith ear and stop-ridge. 

Bronze solid celt, with a very remarkable kind of 

Bronze hatchet of a peculiar shape, being long and 
nan-ow, with an inartificial mode of attaching the 
handle, and having an unperforated ear. 

Copper blade, found near Roscrea. 

Two copper, curved blades, found at Derreensallagh, 
King's County, A.D. 1852, 

Seven bronze heads oiivar spears, all found at Dowris, 
King's County ; one do. found at Rathkeale, co. Lim- 
erick, which still has part of the staff remaining in the 

Five bronze heads of hunting spears. Each of these 
has two ears for thongs to pass through ; all are orna- 
mented with chevron- shaped ridges on their sides. 

A beautiful bronze head of a war spear, found at 
Dowris, King's County. Length, ISf inches. 

Bronze head of a ^oar spear, very carefully finished, 
found at Dowris, King's County. 

Copper spear head, contrived with cavities. 

Bronze spear head, toith cells. 

Bronze barbed javelin head. 

Bronze poignard, found at Dowris, King's County. 

Five bronze daggers, found near the Mile-tree, 
Parsonstown, King's County, in May, 1850. 

Two bronze hollow celts, of the plainest fashion-. 

Five bronze hollow celts, having a rough projection 
around the base. 

Three bronze hollow celts, much hooked at the ex- 
tremities of the blade. 

Five bronze hollow celts, having three reeds around 
the base or handle socket. 

K 2 



Four bronze hollow celts, having a furrow or depres- 
sion around the base or handle socket. 

Bronze hollow celt, whereon the fibre forming the 
ear appears prolonged upon the sides of the celt. 

Bronze hollow celt, having a rectangular shaped 
socket, and a broad single reed around the base. 

Bronze hollow celt, having around its base or handle 
socket two reeds, one of which is formed by a con- 
tinuation of the ear. Length, 3 9-1 0th inches. 

Three bronze hollow celts, having four reeds around 
the base or handle socket. 

Bronze hollow celt of a gold colour, and having five 
reeds around its base. Found at Dowris, King's 

Bronze hoUow celt, with rectangular corners and 
ornamented sides. 

Bronze chissel, fomid during di-ainage operations 
near Bunisokane, co. Tipperary. 

Gouge made of gold coloured bronze, and found at 
Dowris, King's County. 

Bronze punch, found at Dowiis, King's County. 

Bronze skean, found in the Elver Shannon, at 
Meelick, (King's County side). 

Three bronze skean s made of gold coloured metal, 
and found at Dowris, King's County. 

Fragment of a bronze skean. 

Skean of gold coloured bronze, found at Dowris, 
King's County. 

Bronze skean (part of). 

Small gold-coloured bronze skeans, found at Dowris, 
King's County. 

Small bronze skean. 

Bronze bridle-bit, found at Leaj), King's County. 
Bronze ornament for the head-stall of a bridle 
found in a bog at Ballynacostello, parish of Agha- 
vower (on the road between Becan and Swinford), co. 

Cruan for bridle ornaments. 

Seven amber beads, found in a bog at Cogran, terri- 
tory of Lusmagh, King's County. 

Silver ecclesiastical ring, inlaid with the letters 
I.H.S. in the character called B3,tarde ancienne, used 
in France in the 14th and 15th centuries. 

Silver ecclesiastical ring, found near Porfariington, 
Queen's County. 

Silver ring, found near Edenderry, King's County. 

Silver ring of Donat, or Donough O'Kennedy, of 
Ormond, co. Tipperary, whose daughter, Sadhbh, was 
married to Donough Caii-breach O'Brien, King of 
Thomoud, early in the 13th century. 

Seal of GeofFry Cornwall, who (according to Sir 
William Betham) lived early in the 14th century. 
Found in the river at Roscrea, co. Tipperary. 

Seal bearing the (lain dearg creann) emblem or crest 
of the O'Neil. Found at Clonoonymore, King's County, 
by which place the army of O'Neil marched. 

Seal, with oaken handle, found in a bog near the 
ruins of Kilmacuna church, in the territory of Lus- 
magh, King's County. 

Bulla of Pope John XXI. who filled St. Peter's 
chair, A.D. 1334. Found on the lands of Ballyea 
near the ruins of Bunahan church, barony of Lower 
Ormond, co. Tipperary. 

Bulla of Pope Innocent VIII. who died A.D. 1492 . 
Found in the Abbey of Ennis, co. Clare. Presented 
by Capt. Samuel Vignolles. 

Bronze key, found at Burke's Hill, near Birr, A.D. 

Bronze probe and tenaculum, found at Dowris, 
King's County. 

Badge of an English Artillery Driver, found at 

Ornament of horse-trappings, found at Aughrim. 

Match-lock of a gun, found in the Queen's County, 
near to Dungar Castle. 

Ivory ball, with alphabet inscribed, found two or 
three feet under ground, at Philipstown Castle, King's 
County, in 1836. 

Ancient bronze Candlestick. 

Part of a candlestick, found at ClonaghaU Castle, 
near Birr, King's Coimty. 

Bronze Cauldron, (gold colour), foimd at Dowi-is, 
King's County. 

Part of a bronze vessel, and three Lag-shields, found 
at Dowris, King's County. 

Bronze Cauldron, found about five feet beneath the . 
surface, at Dowris, King's County, in the moorland 
behind James Read's house, the 1st Febniary, 1851. 
This vessel, which is of a shallow, cylindi-ical shape, 
was found in a different place from the other Dowris 
bronzes ; it is of a fine yellow gold colour metal. 

Brass pan, found in the Bog of Killourney, near 
the town of Cloghan, King's Coimty, September, 1850. 

Bronze vessel, found at Curraghmore, between 
Templemore and KUlea, co. Tipperary, 

Bronze vessel. 

Vessel formed nearly of pure copper, and found at 
Curraghmore, between Templemore and KiUea, co. 

A semblance of a sword, along with many rude 



arrows, was found in the Bog of Derrygowney, near 
Philipstown, King's County. 

A skull of the black bear, fotind at Clonbrone, near 
Parsonstown, King's County, in excavating a new 
channel for the Comcor river, Castle Bernard district, 
at a depth of seven feet in alluvial deposit under bog 
oak trees, the 9th June, 1848. 

Pieces of crucibles, used for making glass, were 
found, with various fragments of glass at Clonbrone, 
near Birr, King's County. 

Bog butter, found at Broughall, near Frankford, 
King's County. 

Bog tallow, found at Clonkelly Bog, near Birr, 
King's County. 

Sword, found along with a human skeleton of more 
than ordinary size, and a coin of Queen Elizabeth's 
reign, at Clonooney Castle, King's County. 

Sword, with flaming blade, found in the River 
Shannon, near Meelick. co. Galway. 

Part of a sword, found near Tullamore, King's Co. 

Part of a sword, found near Templetuohy, . co. 

Sword, found at the Castle of Streamstown, King's 
Count}^, A.D. 1849. 

Court sword, found in the ground at Strawberry 
Hill, (near Cloghan, King's County). 

Sword-guard, curiously ornamented ; found near 
Roscrea, co. Tipperary. 

Brass stirrup-loops, found near Roscrea, co. Tip- 

Brass connecting piece for a crupper. 

Brass spoon, found at Le Porte Castle, Dowris, 
King's County. 

Brass spoon, found at Brownstown Castle, co. Tip- 

Brass spoon-handle, found at Le Porte, Dowris, 
King's County. 

Brass spoon. 

Brass spoon of a modern shape, but ornamented 
with the head of Mercury. 

A very large brass spur, found at Le Porte, Dowris, 
King's County. 

Four brass spurs. 

Iron spur from Le Porte, Dowris, King's County. 

Felt hat from the ruins of Kilmuny, Ely Church, 
near Shinrone, King's County. 

Shoe, found in a bog at Broughall, near Frankford, 
King's County. 

Shoe, found under very many feet of peat, in the 
Bog of Moanaincha, near Roscrea, co. Tipperary. 

Shoe, found in the Bog of Dowris, near Birr, King's 
County, A.D. 1851. 

Brass knife, haft inscribed, "Success to the King of 
Prussia. I say for ever, huzza." It v/as found in the 
ground near the fort of Seir Kyran, alias Saiger, 
King's County. 

Iron key, found in the ruins of Kilbeggan Abbey, 
CO. Westmeath. 

Two iron keys, found A.D. 1847, ■^•ith several other 
things, in the ruins of Killyon- Nunnery, King's 

Six keys, found in the ruins of the castle of Le 
Porte, Dowris, King's County. 

Lock, found at the Castle of Ballaghmore, Ossory, 
Queen's County. 

Cast iron image, found near Roscrea, co. Tipperary. 

Six ancient tobacco pipes. 

Bottle, found at the Black Castle, pa,rish of Lough- 
more, CO. Tipperary. 

Bottle, encrusted with sea-shells, found in a sub- 
marine part of the more ancient of the two castles at 
Kinvarra, co. Galway. 

Bottle, found near Ballycowan Castle, King's Co. 

Two Roman coins, one of the Emperor Gordian, 
the other of Antoninus Pius, found at Lisheen, near 
Templemore, co. Tipperary, A.D. 1851. 

1925 Sir Philip de Malpas Egerton, Bart. M.P. : 
Pair of tore armlets of pure gold, found 1831, near 

Egerton Hall, Cheshire ; one is engraved in the 
Archa3ologia, vol. xxvii. p. 400. A similar armlet v/as 
found at Ropley, Hants. 

1926 George Wade, Esq. Ashbrook, Phoenix Park: 
A map of Dublin in the year 1490. 

A number of Falconer's Journal, giving a description 
of the battle of CuUoden, and a sketch of the position 
of the two armies, 1646. 

Miniature of Prince Charles Edward (" The Pre- 

1927 William F. Wakeman, Esq. :— 

A collection of iron, bone and bronze antiquities, 
found in High St. and Christchurch PL Dublin. 

One remarkably fine iron sword with pommel, highly 
ornamented with inlaid wirework, found near Kilmain- 

Iron sword of peculiar form, beautiful workmanship, 
found in the co. Kerry. 

Blade of an ancient iron two-edged sword, with 
bronze ornament on hilt, composed of the trumpet 
pattern, found near Moate, co. Westmeatl^ 



1928 Exhibited by Lord Rossmore: — 

An ancient leather shoe made of *^arved leather, 
found in a bog. in Errigal-truagh, co. Monaghan. 

Crystal ball, found in a bog. 

Small gold fibula of beautiful workmanship. 

A gold crescent, highly ornamented. 

Miniatures of Lord Edward Fitzgerald and Charles 
James Fox. 

Union bagpipes mounted in silver, and riciily orna- 
mented Viith precious stones found in Ireland, 

1929 Exhibited by Greville J. Chester, Esq. : — 
A beautifully ornamented copper chalice, eni.raelled 

in blue, gi-een, white, and red, and studded with imi- 
tations of precious stones, found near Su ibuiy. 

19S0 Exhibited by Sir Robert Buxton, Bart. : — 
A cup made of a large shell, mounted on a foot of 
yellow metal, elaborately omaraented with white and 
blue enamel. It was in the possession of the Earl of 
Yannouth, grandson of Charles II., at Oxuead. 

1931 Exliibited by the Belfast Museum : — 
Ancient stirrup, made of untanned hide. 

Ten wooden models of spears and other implements, 
found in the bog at BaUinderry, near Tobermoi-e^ co. 

Part of an old wooden plough. 

A stone covered with moulds for casting bronze 
liatchets of different sizes. 

Another mould for casting ornp.ments. 

An ancient iron rivetted bell, covered superficially 
with bronze or brass. 

Three amphoi-se or ums of baked clay. 

1932 Exhibited by the Royal Dublin Society : — 
One large pot with spine sliaped rivets. 

One large gold coloured spear. 

One sword blade of Persian pattern. 

One scythe shaped copper blade with rivets. 

One spear made of bronze, with perforated blade, 
liiglily ornamented. 

One short dagger, with bronze handle, quite perfect. 

Five bronze rings of different patterns. 

One bronze ring perforated laterally. 

One bronze torqnis. 

One silver bangle or bracelet. 

Six fragments of highly ornamented flat bars of 

Head of silver fibula. 

Large silver fibula, with ogham inscriptions on its 

Head of silver fibula, gilt and ornamented with 
snake's heads, &c. 

Eight fibulas of different pattern?. 

Three ancient keys. 

Two pattens or spoon-shaped articles. 

One cup made of leather, and ornamented v/ith silver 
crest, &c. 

1932 a Vek. Marcus G. Beresfosd, Archdeacon 
of Ardagh : — 1. A remnant of the Clog Mogue, or 
bell of St. Mogue.— 2. The shrine, made to cover it. 
— 3. An ancient brass bottle. — 4- An ancient ves- 
sel, apparently Indian. — 5. An ancient bronze ra- 
pier. — 6. An ornamented bronze hatchet. — 7. A 
remarkably pure bronze palstave, and a fibula, bought 
at Perugia in Italy. — 9. A bronze spear, bought at 
Rome. — 10. A bronze celt, foimd in the Lune at Paris, 
— 11 and 12. Five bronze celts found near Paris. — 13. 
An ancient bell called the Barre Gan-eagh. — 14. Frag- 
ments of a spiral silver armlet found near Cavan. 

1933 Group I. — Ecclesiastics. 

1. Priest, supposed to be Adam de Bacon at 

2. Coped Priest, Queen's College, Oxford. 

3. Robert Trellick. Bishop of Hereford, Hereford- 

4. Thomas Crawley, Archbishop of Dublin, New 

5. Thomas Delamere, Abbot of St. Albans. 

6. Prior Thomas Ireland, Cowfold, Sussex. 

7. A Priest, Wensley, Yorkshire. 

8. John Campden, St. Cross. 

9. Warden Henry Lever, Merton College, Oxfords 

Group II.- — Knights & Ladies. 

10. Sir R. de Trumpington, Trumpington, Cam- 

11. Sir R. de Bures, Acton, Suffolk. 

12. Sir Fitz Ralph, Pebmarsh, Essex. 

13. Alionne de Bohnuy Westminster Abbey. 

14. Sir R. & Su-T. de Swynborae, Little Horkeslej, 

15. Lord and Lady de Camoys, Ti-otton, Sussex. 

16. Lady de Camoys, Trotton, Sussex. 

17. Sir Hugh Hastings, Elsying, Norfolk, 

IS. Lord and Lady Berkeley, Wooton-undei'-edge, 

1934 Collection of engravings of the monumental 
brasses of England, by Rev. C. Boutelle, A.M. 

1935 J. AjfKETELL, Esq. Anketell Grove : — 
John de Estrey, abbott of Westminster, a.d. 149S. 


While the jpresent Exhibition is chiefly occupied with those productions of nature which are the objects 
of utilitarian industry, the modes by which dynamical laws or motive powers are applied and combined 
in the processes of utilisation, and the results of those processes upon the objects iitilised — that is to say, 
with Raw Materials, Machinery, and Manufactures — it has not confined itself whoUy to them. The Fine 
Arts have been admitted to a place in the Exposition, and that to an extent not heretofore conceded to 

It has not been without consideration that the claims of the Fine Arts — in their abstract character, 
and viewed apai-t from utilitarian industry (if, indeed, they can ever be justly so viewed) — have been 
recognised. The difficulty of exclusion appeared at the least as great as of admission. It is not easy 
often to draw the line of demarcation between objects which come within the strict limits of the Fine 
Arts, and those Arts which are purely utilitarian in their character. There are few of the latter wlach 
do not, to a gi'eater or less extent, include or intimately ally themselves to the former ; and, therefore, 
were the boundary to be defined with a scrupulous determination to exclude every article whose object is not 
solely utilitarian, the result would be to reject from the Exhibition much that now finds a place within it. 
When the mere necessities of life have been satisfied, civilization superadds to the useful the ornamental, 
and soon learns to recognise it as a necessity of life also ; for the perception of the beautiful is innate to 
the mind of man, and when the useful has been achieved, the cravings for the beautiful will seek to be 
satisfied. Hence Sculpture, in the most extended acceptation of that term, enters into the composition of 
a vast proportion of the articles designed for utilitarian purposes. The same may be said of Painting. 
In truth it is difficult, when once we have emerged from the rudest and most elementaiy state of society, 
to deny that the Fine Arts are themselves utilitarian. The desires of the eye for that which is beautiful 
in form and color, if not essential to mere existence, assui'edly are so to the enjoyment of life ; and hence 
Sculpture and Painting, in the abstract, may, it is presumed, be fitly exhibited without transgressing the 
strict limits which should be assigned to an Industrial Exhibition. 

Under this conviction the Committee have admitted works of Fine Art which are not utilitarian, in 
the ordinary sense of the word; and they have done so the rather that the study of Sculpture and 
Painting is essential to perfection in the ornamentation of almost everything in ordinary use. Nor let it 
be forgotten, as one of the uses of the Fine Arts unconnected with industrial objects, that the Statuary 


and the Painter contribute to the pages of Histoiy as well as the Scribe or the Printer. The forme? 
perpetuates and diffuses the forms and the character of historical persons and events, of natm-al history ;, 
scenery, and costmne, as the latter cannot do. 

In furtherance of these views, a Fine Ai-ts Com-t has been constructed in the extreme southern aisle^, 
between the Archaeological and Medieval courts, principally for the reception of Paintings ; and the 
Committee have been enabled to bring together a considerable collection, at once interesting, as exhibiting: 
the progress of the Art in modern times, and instructive, as containing some superior specimens of the 
Ancient Mastera of the Art. Classification in relation to ages and countries rather than to schools has 
been adopted ; but the collection ^vill be found to contain examples of the earlier schools of Italy — the 
Lombardic and Venetian, the Eaphaelite and Bolognese, of the ancient Flemish school, and of the modern 
schools of France, Belgium, Gennany, and Great Britain. Many of the works of these modem schools 
exhibit the great progress of the Ait of Painting towards another grand development in its history. 

In addition to Paintings of the character mentioned, places have been assigned to Pictm-es which are 
the product of mechanical skill and the application of scientific discoveiy; such as specimens of Heliogi-apy, 
or the process whereby the actinic rays of the sun produce permanent pictures of objects upon metallic 

Encaustic Painting, Ghromo-Lithography, and uncolored Lithography, may also be classed under ths 
general head of Painting. 

The application of all these various tranches of Painting, as ornamentation, to articles of use — upon 
ceramic manufactures, as china, porcelain, earthenware — upon glass, slate, enamel, wood, japanned goods^ 
papier rctachfe, paper-hangings, and decorative furniture of all sorts, have their appropriate places in the 
various manufactirres under which the decorated articles are classed. 

In the Fine Arts Hall have also been placed some objects of Sculpture — statues and busts in marble > 
the greater portion, however, of the Sculpture, including marbles, bronzes, casts in clay and other materials, 
have been dispersed throughout the nave and aisles in a manner which adds greatly to the interest and 
effect of the general exposition. Amongst them are to be found,, in the casts from the bassi-relievi Sculptures 
of the Metopes of the Parthenon at Athens, the finest exponents of the Phidian era of the art, exhibiting 
the unrivalled excellence of the Greek sculptors, resulting from their perfect acquaintance with anatomical 
structure and mechanical balance, and their true perception of form and sentiment. It will be instructive 
to contrast these with the specimens of the Etmscan school, as exhibited amongst the ceramic n^anufactm-es 
and mark the absence of flow in the draping, the meagreness in the treatment of details, the exaggeration 
of attitude and action which invariably characterise the latter. 

Several good illustrations of Greek and Poman Sculptm-e diiving the post-Phidian eiTis may also be 
seen throughout the nave, some of them possessing high merit. There are some specimens of the Italian 
school, after the revival of Sculpture in the eleventh centui-y, one of which, as the work of the painter, 
Raphael, commands attention. The Sculpture of British artists of the present age is abundantly and 
creditably exemplified, and the works of some foreign Masters give a favorable impression of their progress 
in the Art. 

Besides the subjects already adverted to, Sculpture embraces within its limits the Modelling and 
Plastic Arts, and includes works in Stone, in Metallic and Mineral productions, in Ceramic and Vitreous 
compositions, in Animal and Vegetable substances ; in fine, in whatever is capable of being wrought into 


form by the tool or the finger of the Statuary ; and that, whether in relief, as in medals, coins, gems, or 
in intaglio, as in dye-sinking, seal-cutting, &c. The application of Sculpture to the useful Arts takes a 
range of vast extent. Wherever the form or outline of articles is not rigidly prescribed, the Sculptor and 
the Modeller are called in to give variety and beauty to figure ; such is the case in gems and jewellery, 
in vases, urns, tazze, drinking-cups, and other vessels, in candelabra, and in ornamented furniture, &c. 
When Sculpture is found in these combinations, it is transferred to the particular class of manufacture to 
which the decorated article belongs. 

In connection with the Fine Arts Department, the Mediseval and Archseological courts are to be 
classed and studied. The former contains within it a large development of the Fine Arts — of Sculpture 
and Painting — as ijaonumental brasses, coronce lucis, and windows of stained and painted glass. The 
latter possesses a rare and valuable collection of objects of ancient art, principally Irish, highly important^ 
illustrating the state of the arts, sciences, and manufactures in this country during several centiiries. 



lilt i^^i 13 -f 



t'oitrait of Her Majesty, - ^ * 

Portrait of His Royal Highness Prince Albert, 
)2 The Wolf and the Lamb, - 

Winter JiaUeri 
W. Mulready, R. 

1 Full length Portrait of Lord Viscount Gough, Harioood, 

2 The Deluge, F. Danby, A.R.A. - 

3 The Woodman, Barlcer^ . . ^ . 

4 Young Girls bedecking themselves with Flowers, Munro, 

5 View near Sligo, in the co. Leitiim, W. P. Clarke, 

6 Portrait of O 'Conn ell, painted during his imprisonment in 

Richmond Prison, in 1844, for Dr. Gray. Croicley, R.U.A. 

7 Girl with a Pitcher, . Rothioell, R.H.A. • 

8 The Irish Piper, /. Eaverty, - . j 

9 View in the co. Wicklow, O'Connor, 
lO Interior of a Cottage, Staineshury, 

- Lord Gough. 

- W. Jones. 
Sir John Power, Eart. Kilfane. 

- H. A. J. Munroo 
W. P. Clarke. 

1 1 Sir Roger de Coverley going to Church, 

12 Portrait of Daniel O'Connell, 

13 Vessel in a light Breeze, 

14 The Middle Lake, Itillamey, 

15 The Gap of Dunloe, 

16 Crossing the Bridge, 

F. W. Topham, 

17 View of Palanza, on the Lake Maggiore, 

18 Sweeps, .... 

- John Gray, M.D. 

- H. A. J. Munro. 

- Sir R. Gore Booth, Bart. 
Rev. J. A. Malet, F.T.C.D. 

- Samuel Cartwright. 
Marquis of Lansdowne* 

- P. V. Fitzpatrick. 

- John Barton. 
Sir George Hcdson, Bart. 
Sir George Hodson, Bart. 

- E. Gambart. 

/. B. Pyne, - Thos. Fairbaim. 

- School of Design, Belfast 

C. R. Leslie., R.A. 

J. Haverty, 
Ellis, - 

Sir George Hodson, Bart, 
Sir George Hodson, Bart, 



19 Bedouin Arab Chief examining his Captives after an attack 

on a Caravan, Ahraham Cooper, R.A. 

20 Napoleon in Pi-ison at Nice, E. M. Ward, A.R.A. 

21 Trout fishing, StarJc, . - - - - 

22 Market Place, A . Jones, ----- 

23 Ceremony in a Catholic Church, S. A. Hart, R. A. 

24 Vessels in a Calm, Ellis, . . . . 

25 The Love Letter, Mrs. Colonel Smith, - - - 

26 The Lower Glacier of Grind enwald, Switzerland, /. A. Hammer sley, 

J. B. Pyne, - - - 

A. R. Jones, 
W. S. Raker, 

J.R. HerheH, R.A. 
C. Stanfield, R.A. 

27 Landscape, 

28 Dog and Pups, 

29 Landscape, 

30 Figures on Horseback, 

31 View of Dordrecht, 

32 The Eoyal Captives at Carisbrook, A.D, 1620, 

33 The Prayer, Iiucas, . . . . 

34 The Battle of Camperdown, Knell, 

35 Drumming out the Lawyer, /. M. Wright, 

36 Cattle, A. Cooper, R.A. - - - - 

37 Horses Feeding, /. F. Herring, - 

38 A Mountain Stream near Belfast, - - - - - 

39 Vive Le Eoi — The King's party in difficulties at Marston 

Moor, Abraliam Cooper, R.A. - 

40 Off Ramsgate, Kent, W. E. Bates, 

41 Eagles' Nest, Killarney, G. Tutill. 

42 " On the Zuyder Zee," C. Stanfield. R.A. 

43 Red Deer, Armfield, .... 

44 The Pilgrim, /. Sant, - - - - 

45 The Rape of Prosei-pine, • W. Etty, R.A. - 

46 A Roman Lady and her Attendant — Carnival time, T. A . Jones, 

47 The Toilet. 

48 The Spoiled Child, A. Cooper, R.A. 

49 The Fountains in Italy, P. Wiliiams, 

50 Pencil Sketch of Mr. S. C. Hall, Paul Delaroche, 

51 Ti-avelling in Snow. K. F. Borribled. 

52 Rabbits, J. F. Herring, - - . - 

53 Pigs, J. F. Herring, - - . . 

G. Jones, R.A. 
R. Redgrave, R.A. 

E. W. Cooh, A. R.A. 

64 Lady with Horse, 

55 Love and Labour, 

56 The Pilot Boat, 

Abraham Cooper. 

S. C. Hall. 

James Stark. 

H. A. J. Munro. 

H. A. J. Mumo. 

John Barton. 

Mrs. Colonel Smith. 

J. A. Hammersley. 

T. Agnew & Sons. 

A. R. Jones. 

W. S. Baker. 

S. C. HaU. 

G. Young. 

Charles Lucy. 

J. Lucas. 

T. Agnew & Sons. 

S. C. HaU. 

G. Yoimg. 

S. C. HaU. 

D. W. Raimbach. 

Abraham Cooper. 
W. E. Bates. 
G. TutiU. 
G. Young. 
George Armfield. 

E. Gambart. 
Jos. GiUott. 
T. A. Jones. 

A. Cooper. 
S. C. HaU. 
S. C. HaU. 

E. G. Salisbury. 
E. G. SaUsbury. 
S. C. HaU. 
R. Redgrave. 
E. W. Cook. 



57 A Fine Day at Noon, in the early part of December, 

J. Cleghorn, Jun. 

58 View in the co. Wicklow, /. A. O'Connor, 

59 Fox and Wild Eabbits, Arvifield, 

60 Death of Adonis,- R. ITusLisson, - - - . 

61 Fruit Piece, G. Lance, - - - . . 

62 Prince Charles Edward asleep in one of his hiding places, 

after the Battle of Culloden, protected by Flora Macdonald 
and outlawed Highlanders, who are alarmed on their 
watch, T. Duncan, A. R.A. . . . _ 

63 The Young Shepherd—" Hope," /. Sa'}it, 

64 Landscape, T. Creswich, R.A. - . . . 

65 The Travelling Druggist, W. Mulready, R.A. - 

66 Come unto these Yellow Sands, R. Hushisson, - 

67 "The Benefactresses." — Elizabeth, Duchess of Buccleuch, 

and Harriet, Countess of Dallieith, visiting the Cottage of 
a Widow, W. Bonnar, R.S.A. 

68 The Ladies Northumberland and Percy dissuading the Earl from joining 

the War against Henry I V. R. Hannah, 

69 The Deserted Mansion, /. /. Chalon, R.A. 

70 The Woimded Smuggler, C. Landseer, R.A. 

71 Portrait of the late Coimt D'Orsay, F. Gi-ant, R.A. 

72 Tooth Drawer, Gerard Dow, . . . . 

73 Rustic Courtesy,' Collins, R.A. - - . . 

74 Boy and Hawk, Landseer, R.A. - 

75 Bolton Abbey in the Olden Time, Sir Edwin Landseer, R.A. 

76 Trial and Acquittal of the Seven Bishops in 16S8, /. R. Herlert, R.A. - 
'J'J A Neapolitan Girl, Ednwnstone, - - - - 

78 The Lovers, J. C. TIoolc, A.R.A. 

79 The Love Letter — secret, sweet, and precious, 

80 Portrait of Charles Kean in Hamlet, 

T. Mogford, - 
Sir W. Allan, R.A. - 

81 Italian Landscape, 

82 Hunt the Slipper, 

83 The Irish Girl, 

84 The Fruit Seller, 

85 Harvesting, 

86 Portrait of Thomas Moore, 

Turner, R.A, 
A. E. Chalon, R.A. 
F. Goodall, A.R.A. 
W. Mailer, 
W. F. Witheringfon, R.A. 

Sir Martin Shee, 

87 Cross Purposes — " The course of true love never did run 

smooth, Frank Stone, A.R.A. - 

88 The Rent Day, Sir David Wilhie, 

J. Cleghom, Jun. 
The Lord Chancellor. 
George Armfield. 
S. 0. Hall. 
George Lance. 

Alexander Hill. 
E. Gambart. 
G. Young. 
John Chapman. 
S. C. HaU. 

Alexander Hill. 

R Hannah. 

J. J' Chalon. 

C. Landseer. 

H. A. J. Munro. 

Marquis of Ely. 

Duke of Devonshire, 

Duke of Devonshire, 

Duke of Devonshire. 

T. Agnew & Sons. 

S. C. Hall. 

S. C. HaU. 

T. Mogford. 

C. Kean. 

Earl of Yarborough. 

A. E. Chalon. 

S. C. Hall. 

S. C. Hall. 

W. F. Witherington. 

Corry Connellan. 

Marquis of Lansdowne. 
John Chapman. 



89 An Episode in the Happier Days of Charles I. This is the 
sketch picture of the larger work exhibited at the Royal 

Academy, 1853, 

90 Joan of Ar.c, 

91 Horses Watering, 

92 The Wolf and the Lamb, 

93 The Convalescent, 

94 Portrait of Mrs. S. C. Hall, 
85 Temperance and Luxury, 

F. Goodall, A.R.A. - 
W. Etty, RA. 

Sir E. Landseer, R.A. 

■ W. Mulready, R.A. 
W.Midready, R.A. - 

jD Maclise, R.A. 
Thomas Uwins, R.A. 

96 Interior of the Great Exhibition, May 1, 1851, "Time of 

Prayer," /. J). Wing field, ... 

97 Griiselda, R. Redgrave, R.A. - . . . 

98 The Old Port of Naples, Sir A. Callcott, R.A. • 

99 Sunday Morning a Century ago, (Vicar of Wakefield,) M. M. Anthony, 

100 Summoned to the Conclave, S. A. Hart, RA.. 

101 "Reading the Scriptures," Thomas Faed, 

102 Portrait of Miss Munroe, • Angelica Kaufman, - 

103 View in Venice, Canaletti, .... 

104 Portrait of Queen Mary, wife of William III. Sir Peter Lely, • 

105 St. Sebastian, A'nionio Tanzi di Varallo, 

106 Portrait of Isabella, Archduchess of Austria, Vandyck. 

107 Head of an Old Man, 
103 Head of an Old Woman, 

109 Edmund Burke, 

110 Female shading a Candle, 

111 View in Venice, 

112 David with Head of Goliah, 

113 Virgin and Child, 

114 The Crucifixion, 

115 Magdalen, Guido, 

116 A French Sea Port. — " Evening," 

117 Musicians, Teniers, 

118 The Nativity, Giulio Romano, 

119 The Swing, Watteau, 

120 Full length Portrait of Charles I. 

121 Venus chiding Cupid, Sir Joshua Reynolds, 

122 The FamUy of Charlts I. Vandyck, 

123 St. Catherine, Domcnichino, .... 

124 Portrait of Sir Joshua Reynolds, Sir Joshua Reynolds, - 

125 Fete Champetre, Watteau, .... 

126 Henrietta Maria, VandycJc, .... 







Sir Joshua Reynolds, 


• - 





Lionel Spada, 









), ... 





Thomas Fairbaim. 

E. Gambart. 

Lord Monteagle. 

Her Majesty the Queen 

Lord North wick 

S. C. HaU. 

Thomas Uwins. 

J. D. Wingfield. 
S. C. Hall. 
Samuel Cartwright. 
William Anthony. 
S. A. Hart. 
Thomas Fairbaim. 
The Marquis of Ely. 
Marquis of Ely. 
J. Bloomfield. 
Alexander McCarthy. 
John Bloomfield. 
Marquis of Ely. 
Marquis of Ely. 
J. Bloomfield. 

Marquis of Ely. 
Compton Domville, Bart. 
Marquis of Onnonde. 
Compton Domville, Bart. 
Compton Domville, Bart. 
The Earl of Miltown. 
The Earl of MUtoAvn. 
The Earl of Charlemont. 
The Earl of Miltown. 
The Marquis of Ormonde. 
The Eaii of Chai-lemont. 
The Mai-quis of Ormonde. 
Alexander M'Carthy. 
Sir Vere De Vere, Bart. 
The Eai-1 of Miltown. 
The Marquis of Ormonde. 



127 St. John Preaching in the Wilderness, Luca Giordano, 

128 Bacchanalians, Rubens, - - - - 

129 Caricature, Sir Joshua, Reynolds, - - . 

130 Caj-icature, Sir Joslvaa Reynolds, - - , 

131 Caricature, Sir Joshua Reynolds, - - - 

132 Landscape, with Latona and the Clown, Domenichino and Caracci, 

133 Meleager and Atalanta, Rubens, • - - 

134 Horses Watering, Wouvermans, - • ~ 

135 Judas returning the 30 pieces of silver, Rembrandt, 

136 Adam and Eve, with Cain and Abel, Luca Giordano, 

137 Domestic Poultiy, Hondecooter, - - - 

138 A French Sea Port. — "Morning." 

139 Dead Game, Jlondecooter, r 

Domenichino, - 

Raphael, ... 

142 The Founders of the Ban-ington Hospital, Limerick — M, Cregan, P.R.H.A. 

The Governors of the Barrington Hospital 


140 The Assmnption, 

141 The Holy Family, 

The EarlofMiltown, 

- The Earl of Miltown. 

- The Earl of Miltown, 

- The Earl of Miltown. 

- The Earl of Miltown. 
Sir Compton Domville, Bart, 


- The Earl of Charlemont. 

- • The Earl of Miltown. 

Sir Compton Domville, Bart. 

- The Marquis of Ely. 

143 Csesar Borgia, 

144 Koman Forum, 

145 Roman Ruins, 

146 The FaUs of Niagara, 

147 Angels at Play, 




J)e Grey, 

The Earl of Charlemont. 
The Earl of Miltown. 
The Earl of Miltown. 
Archdeacon Magee. 
Hon. Richard O 'Grady, 
T. N. Deane. 

Charles Molloy, 

The Earl of Yarborough, 

148 St. Gingaugh, and Rocks of Meillarie, on Lake of Geneva, T. N. Deane, 

149 St. Francis receiving the Five Wounds on Mount 

Alverno, Domenichino, . , „ . 

150 John Philip Kemble, as Coriolanus, Sir T. Lawrence, 

"This picture v/as painted for the late Sir Richard Worsley, of Appuldercombe Park, Isle of Wight. 
Sir Tliomas Lawi'ence met the present Lord Lansdowne one day on the Pier of Hyde, who 
enquired of him where he was going; 'To Lord Yarborough's, at Appuldercombe,' said the 
painter, ' to see an early picture of mine — Kemble as Coriolanus.' Meeting Sir Tliomas Lawrence 
the next day, Lord Lansdowne asked him what he thought of the picture ; to which he replied. 
' I am glad that I went to Appuldercombe to see it ; but at the same tune it makes me 
melancholy to think how little I have gained in the mastery of my art since the early period of 
my career when I painted it,' " 






Wappers, • 

Be Keyseer, 
Van Meer, 

159 Bogs, 

178 Louis XVII. 

191 A Young Venus, 

208 Elizabeth of Hungary, 

214 Kitchen, 

222 A Market, 

233 Dice Throwing, H. Leys, 

339 The Temptation of St. Anthony, 

304 The Plough, Tschaggmy, 

283 Eebecca, Portaels, 


- Brussels, 

- Brussels, 

- Bmssels, 

- Antwerp, 

- Brussels, 

- Brussels. 

- Antwerp. 

- Brussels. 

- Brussels. 

- Brussels. 

151 A Dispute over Cards, Melzer, - 

152 Breakfast, Carolus, 

153 Maternal Happiness, Van Den Daele, 

154 A Stolen Kiss, Gons, 

155 The Miniature, Taymans, 

156 The Fi-uit Seller, GeernaeH, 

157 The Flight of Hemietta Maria, Jambees, 

158 An Interior, Raeseleer, • 

159 Dogs, Verioct:hoven, 

160 A Pilgrim in the Holy Land, Kremer, 

161 Landscape, Franda, 

162 Return fi-om the Chase, Schaepkens, 

163 Doves, Henri Voordeclcer, ' 

164 "Tumblers," Eaesaert, - 

165 The Happy Mother, Taymans, - 

166 The Gate of Harkvilde at Ghent, Francis Boulanger, 

167 The Ee-opening of a Catholic Church, Kremer, 

168 Landscape with Cattle, Gernaert, 





















169 Young Girls, Be Vigne, - 

170 Saint Gecilia, 3fat?iieu, . ^ ^ 

171 Resignation, Angus, > - 

172 The Enemy of Farm Yards — (property of M. Vandenberghe), 


173 The Lacemaker, 

174 Fish Market, 

175 Morning Walk, 

176 A Cook, 

177 The Centenarian, 

178 Louis XVII. 

179 Hibernia, 

180 Mary Queen of Scots, 

181 Gipsy Mother, 

182 The Village Politician 

Van Regemorter, • - . 

Francia, > , . 

Van Meer, .... 

Voordeclcer, - 
Wappers, - - . - 

Fanny Geefs Corr, 

Mathllde Lagache-Oorr, 
David Col, 

183 The Female Eecruit — (property of M. Vandenberghe), Madou, 

184 A Stable, Van Sever donck, - ■ - 

185 An Ai-ab Fortress, Bossuet, 

188 The Sacrifice of Abraham, L. Voordecker, 

187 Virgilius bra.'V'ing the Anger of the Duke of Alva, Bellemans, 

Edouard De Vigne, 
Adele Kindt, 

Van Moer, 
Van Meer, - 
IT. Dillens, 

Verhaghen, • 
F. Bossuet, 

188 View in Italy, 

189 The Communion, 

190 The Fan, 

191 A Young Venus, 

192 A Faim House, 

193 Dead Game, 

194 Field of Flowers, 
196 A Figure of 17th Century, 

196 The Knitter, 

197 A Moorish Gate, 

198 Birds, Madame Vervloet, 

199 Landscape with Cattle, Kruseman, 

200 The Young Delinquent, — offence against tlie game laws, 

201 The Young Poacher— (the property of M. Podesta), 

202 Young Girls with the Jew, Cornet, 

203 Guess who I am, Itasaert, 

204 The Field of Waterloo, Segliers, • 

205 Moonlight, Vanhombergen, 

206 Boy and Lamb, PicquS, 

207 Judith presenting the Head of Holophernes, 

208 Elizabeth of Hungary, De Keyser, 

209 A Cook, ' VerhagJien, 

F. Claes, 







210 Interior of a Chiircli, 

211 Dog and Puppies, 

212 A Badly Nursed Child, 

213 A Group of Young Beggars, 



214 Kitchen, Van Meer, .... 

215 Kat Catching — (property of M. Couteaux), De Bracheleer, 

216 Citadel in Spain, Boulanger, ... 

217 A Cart with Oxen fiightened by a Storm, Be Taeye, 

218 Landscape with Cattle — (property of M. Vandenberghe; animals 

painted by Verbockhoven), Schelfhout emd YerbocTchoven, 

219 "Winter, VerwSe, - ... 

220 Landscape with Cattle, Fanton, - - - 

221 Judith giving back the Head of Holophemes, Tan Eooy, • 

222 A Market, Bossuet, 

223 Interior of a Com-t-yard, Verhaghen, 

Geerts, - - - - . 

RoUbe, . . » 

Van Schendel, 

SovjZ$, - . . . 

224 Interior, 

225 Howers and Fruit, 

226 The Adoration, 

227 Eetum from the Vintage, 

228 Taking the VeD, 

229 Coui-t of a Eouse in the 17th Centuryj 

230 A Sourenir of the Fount of D'Orval, 

231 A Young Work "Woman, 



232 The Prayer, Taymans, .... 

233 Bice Throwing, E. Leys, 

234 A Dream, Houzi, .... 

235 Yiew in Ardennes, Francia, 

236 A Seller of Game, Van Meer, 

237 Henry Percy, Duke of Northumberland, Houzi, 

238 Village Dance, Schaep, .... 

239 The Temptation of St. Anthony, GallaU, 

240 The Last Moments of St. Eemacle, Bdlemans, - 

241 Crucifixion, Some, .... 

242 The Eetum to the Chateau, Coummit, 

243 The Black Mask, Correns, 

244 Landscape in Belgium, LavJters, - 

245 Interior of a Synagogue — (the property of M. Couteaux), H. Leys, 

246 Souvemir of the Dauphine, Deschamplielcr, 

247 Upset of a Market Cart, David Col, 

248 Flowers and Fruit — (the property of M. Oonteaux), Van Os, 

249 Entering the Convent, HotazS, - - 











































250 A View in Holland, 

Defailly, - 


" Antwerp. 

251 The Young Shepherd, 

Coumcmt, - 


^ Ei-ussels. 

252 The Young Bride, 

A dile Kindt, • 


'^ Brussels. 

253 Macheth and the Witches, 



- Brussels. 

254 The Riding Whip, 



^ Antwerp. 

255 A VaUey in the Alps, 



- Brussels. 

256 You will not Forget M©, 

Jvles Boulanger, 


- Ghent. 

257 A Scene in Holland, 



- Antwei-p, 

258 A Village Scene, 

Redig, • 


. - Antwerp. 

259 A Village Feast, 

Redig, - 


- Antwerp, 

260 Landscape in HoUami, 



- Antwerp. 

261 Sea Piece, 



- Antwerp. 

262 A View in Sussex, 



- BrussellSb 

263 Farm Yard, 


- Liege. 

264 Harvest Scene — (property 

of M. Vilain), Charles Tschaggeny-, 

- Brussels. 

265 The Last Interview between the Count D'Egmont and the 

Duke of Albe, 

Yenn, Rooy, 

- Antwei-p. 

266 Jacob and Rachel, 


- Antwei-p. 

267 Evening, 

Lekon, - . ' >• 

- Brussels. 

268 Landscape in Switzei-land, 


- Brussels. 

269 The Milkmaid, 


- Antwerp* 

270 Setting off for the Market. 

, Be BruyJcer, 

- Antwerp* 

271 View cf the Basin of Ghent, Boulanger, 

- Antwei-p. 

272 View near Antwerp, 


- Antwerp. 

273 Fresh Breeze, 

Francia, - 

- Brussels. 

274 An Interior, 


- Antwerp. 

275 Sisters of Charity, 


- Malines. 

276 The Breakfast, 


- Bi-ussels. 

277 Park of Brussels, 

Van Moer, 

- Brussels. 

278 Christ, Guffens, 

- Antwei-p* 

279 The Young Marauders, 


- Brussels. 

280 View of the AUee Verte at Brussels, Joseph Van Sever dxmck^ 

- Brussels. 

281 An Interior, 


- Antwerp. 

282 Going to the Market, 

De Briiyher, 

"• Antwei-p. 

283 Rebecca, 


- Brussels. 

284 Genevie De Brabant, 


- Brussels. 

285 Mary Magdalen Penitent, 

Van Severdonck, 

- Brussels. 

286 A Cook, 

Van Meer, - . - 

- Brussels. 

287 The Elopement, 

Van Oudenhoven, 

- Antwerp. 

288 Cattlfe, JBrascasset, - - - 

- Paris. 

289 Xjandscape and Cattle, 


- Namur 
L 2 



280 The Holy Family, Taymans, .... Brussels. 

291 Winter Scene in HoUand, Moerenlwut and Schelfhowt^ - Bnissels. 

292 " Suffer Little Children to Come unto Me." Fanny Oeefs Corr, - BmsselSi 

293 Frances De Foix, Comtesse De Chateaubriand, Wuljfaert, - Ghent. 

294 The VHlage Feast, De BruyTccr, - - - Antwerp^ 

295 The Cook's Accounts (the property of M. Vandenberghen, 

Brussels), Dychmans, . . - .. Antwerp,- 

296 The Water- Wheel, Pderszen, - - - - Antwerp, 

297 A Winter, Peter szen,. . - - . . Antwerp, 

298 Autimm, Mathikle Lagaclie-Corr, - - - Brussels. 

299 A Fancy Portrait (the property of M. Couteaux, Brussels), Dorcy, Brussels, 

300 A Fancy Portrait do. do. Dorcy, - Brussels, 

301 An Episode of the Creation, Wauters, - • • Malines, 

302 "The Girl," "The Mother," "The Widow," Fanny Gee;[s Gorr, Brussels, 

303 View of the Roman Aqueduct, Bossuet, • - Brussels, 

304 The Plough, Charles Tschaggeny, • - - Brassels, 

305 Sea View off Dunkirk, Francia, - = . Brussels, 

306 Agar in the Desert (an Engraving), Erin Corr,- - Antwerp, 

307 A Crucifixion (an Engraving), Erin Corr, - • Antwerp, 
808 The Youth of Gerard Dow (Engraving)^ Vanretk, ' Antwerp, 

309 Christ and the Virgin Mary, Michiels, - - - Brussels, 

310 Spring, Mathilde LagacTie-Corr, - * * Emssels, 

311 Fancy Portrait (the property of M. Conteaux, Brussels), Dorcy, Brusselsj 

312 A Child Sleeping, GuilloMme Geeffs, ... Bmssels. 

313 Cupid, Guillaume Geefs, ----- Brussels, 

314 The Last MomentsS of Henry Percy, Earl of Northumberland, Eouzi, Brussela^ 

315 Medals in Bronze, Wiener, .... Brussels. 

316 Bacchus and the Monk (Engraving), Bal {Pupil of Erin Corr), Brussels^ 

317 Tlie Arab (Engraving), Vanrcth {Pupil of Erin Corr), Antweip, 

318 Dog and Puppies, A dolphe Jones, Brussels. 

319 A Winter Scene in Belgium, Bodeman, Brussels, 

320 Head of Christ (Engraving), Erin Corr, Antwerp^ 

321 The Guitar, Victor EecTihout, Brussels. 

322 The Effect of Music on the Young Montaigne, Souhre, Liege. 

323 The Friar Felix (Sixte Quint) at the Cardinal Buoncom- 

pagno's, BelleUans, , = • * • Antwerp, 

FIJTS AET3. 165 



324 Oui- Saviour prophesying the Destruction of Jerusalem, Begai. 

345 View in Inspriick, KalkreutTi. 

354 Martinswand — A View near Inspriick, Kalhrevih. 

365 Prince Waldemar, of Pnissia, supporting his dying Physician, 
Hofmeister, shot at the Ba,ttle of Ferozeshah, with Portrait 
of Lord Hardinge and others. KretzscJimer. 

662 Portrait of Alexander Von Humboldt, author of Kosmos, Begas. 

663 Portrait of Ideler the celebrated Chronologist, Herz. 

664 Portrait of Eauch the celebrated Sculptor, Begas. 

665 Portrait of Cornelius the celebrated Painter, Begas. 
668 Portrait of Bessel the Astronomer, /. Wolff, 

667 Portrait of Schinkel the Architect. C. Schmidt. 

668 Portrait of Tieck the Translator of Shakspeare, Stiehler. 


352 Pier of Ostende during a Storm, Achenbach. 

364 Pantaleone, in the Island of Sicily, Achenbach. 

324 Our Saviour prophesying the Destruction of Jerusalem, Begae^ 

325 Fort Abraham in Corfu, looking towards the Island of Vido, 

and the Coast of Albania, Schmidt. 

326 Genoveva with her Child, Schmerzenreich, " Early Gennan History," Eighth Century, Sheinbrilch 

327 A Landscape, with Nymphs Bathing, C. Beclcer. 

328 A Vintage Festival in Ischia, Cretins. 

329 " Esther accusing Haman to Ahaseurua," Levin. 

330 Daughter of Herodias, with Head of John the Baptist, Schrader, 

331 Sketch in Corfu — -View from Benezza looking towards Un Canone Max Schmidt, 


332 View towards tlie Citadel of Corfu and Coast of Albania, Max Schmidts 

333 Frmt and Flov/ers, Dieti-ich. 

834 A Scene on the Nile — " Difficulties of Embarking," Kretzschraer. 

335 St. Giovanai in Latema, Eome, Schultz. 

338 The Angel's Horn, in Switzerland, Enrilehcsrdi. 

537 Lunch in tiie Desert, Eretzschmer, 

538 Might into Egypt,- Schiietze. 

339 Mendicant Friar, Nerenz. 
840 Swiss Landscape, Seifish, 

341 Maternal Love, Meyer, 

342 Avalanche at the Gosen Lake, Upper Austria, Eollstem. 

343 Leave-taking of a Condemned Criminal, with his Family, Beadiz^ 

344 Castle of Lueg, in Carniola, Biermann, 
845 View in Inspriick, KalJcTevih. 

346 Valley of Chamouni, Seifisch, 

Q4t1 The Young Princes in the Tower, Terreijdt. 

348 Entrance to the old Harboin- of Corcyra, Max Sckmidi, 

349 Bull Hunting La the Italian Fashion, C. Steffech. 

350 Landscape — Winter, Meyer. 

351 Landscape, with Cattle, Yon Ber Bwrch, 

352 Eier of Ostende during a Storm, Achenbach. 

353 Birth of Christ, Pietrowdhi, 

354 Martinswand — A View near Inspriick, Kalkrevth. 

355 Captured Banditti taken to Prison, Nerenz. 

356 A Swiss Landscape — Canton Un, Seiffsrt. 

357 Scene from Eoman Life — Lower Oi-ders, P'usturius, 

358 G-i-etchen in the Dungeon — (Faust,) Begets. 

359 The Sleepy Nm-se, Fi^oi-ius. 

360 The Charitable Little Maiden, Nerenz. 
861 Swiss Landscape, Canton, Berne, Seiffert. 

362 Horses, Stcffeck. 

363 Hamilton's Point in Heligoland, Edward ScTtmidi, 

364 Pantaleone, in the Island of Sicily. Achenbach. 

365 Prince Waldemar, of Prussia, suppoi-ting his Jyhig Physician, Hofrufeitter, shot at the Battle ot 

Ferozeshah, with Portrait of Lord Hardinge and others, Sretzsckmer. 

^QQ Landscape, Claude Lorraine, - . . .. The Marquis of Drcgheda, 

367 Landscape and Cattle, Mouchcroa, • • - TheEarlof Portarlington. 

368 Ruins, Paim'mi, ... - - The Marquis of Drogheda. 



369 Saint Lucia, Ferdinand Bol, 

370 Miraculous Draught of Fishes, (sketch,) 


371 Head of an Old Woman, 

372 Magdalen, 

373 Hurdy Gurdy Boy, 

374 Apotheosis of St. Francis, 

375 Eorses crossing a Rivulet, 

376 The Hour Glass, 

377 Madonna and Child, 

378 Musical Conce. t, 

379 The Holy Family, 

380 Portrait of a Friar, 

381 Marine Piece, 

382 Portrait of Henry VIII, 

383 Portrait of Gerard Dow, 

384 Landscape and Figures, 

385 Gates of Calais, 

386 View in Venice, 

387 Marriage of St. Catherine, 

388 Scene on Ice in Holland, 

389 Francis Thomas of Savoy, Prince of Carignan, 

390 Landscape, Claude Lorraine, 

391 Loading Hay, Cattle, &c. Cuyp, 

392 Milking the Cow, a view near Dordrecht, 

Gwido, . . . . 

Rembrandt, - - - 

M. Angela da Caravaggio, 
J. Euverty, - . - 

Carlo Dolce, 
Vandycfc, . - - 

Titian, ... 

Van de Yelde, 

Holbein, ... 
Gerard Dow, • 
Tenters and Artois, 
Hogarth, ... 

Canaletti, ... 

Carlo Maratti, 
H. W. Schudelck, - 



393 Holy Family, 

394 Christ before Herod, 

395 Tobit and the Angel, 

396 Holy Family, 

397 Landscape, 

398 Lady's Last Stake, 

399 View in Venice, 

400 Portrait of Leo X. 

401 Landscape, with Figures and Buildings, 

402 Dutch Interior, Ontade, 

403 Magdalen in a landscape, P. F. Mola, 

404 St. John baptizing in the wilderness, 

405 Cupid Breaking his Bow, Guerciao, 

406 Madonna and Child, Sassoferrato, 

407 Portrait of Dean Swift, .... 

408 Portrait of the Duke of Alva, Rubens, 

409 The Cavaliers, Cwyp, 

Andrea del Sarto, 

Glo. Wykersloost, 1658, 
Salvator Rosa, 
Andrea del Sarto, 
Salvator Rosa, ... 

Canaletti, ... 

Guilio Romano {after Raphael), 


Salvator Rosa, 

The Lord Chancellor. 
The Marquis of Drogheda. 
The Marquis of Drogheda. 
John Latouche. 
The Marquis of Drogheda. 
The Marquis of Drogheda. 
J. H. Reid. 
J. Haverty. 

The Earl of Portarling-ton. 
The Earl of Charlemont. 
The Marquis of Drogheda. 
The Earl of Portarlingion. 
The Earl of Portarlington. 
The Earl of Portarling-ton. 
The Earl of Portarlington. 
The Lord Chancellor. 
The Earl of Charlemont. 
The Earl of Portarlington. 
The Lord Chancellor. 
The Lord Chancellor. 
The Lord Chancellor. 
The Earl of Portarlington 
The Et. Eon. Judge Ball. 
John La Touche. 
The Earl of Portarlington. 
Archdeacon Magee. 
The Earl of Portarlington. 
Archdeacon Magee. 
The Lord ChanceUer. 
The Earl of Charlemont. 
The Earl of Portarlington. 
John La Touche. 
The Earl of Portarlington. 
John La Touche. 
The Lord Chancellor. 
The Earl of Portarlington. 
The Earl of Portarlington. 
The Lord Chancellor. 
The Marquis of Drogheda. 
The Earl of Portarhngton. 
The Duke of Leinster, 


410 Battle Piece, 

411 Fruit Piece, 

412 Venus Chiding Cupid, 

413 Landscape, 

E. Mv/rphy, - 

Cor egg io, 
Teniers and Artois, 



The Earl of Portarlington . 

The Lord Chancellor. 

James Daly. 

The Lord Chancellor. 

The Lord Chancellor. 

C. V. Foley. 

E. M. Blood. 

The Earl of Portarlington. 

The Marquis of Drogheda. 

414 Landscape with Water Mill, 

415 II Penserosu; Foley, 

416 Original Sketch Picture for the Ceiling of St. Sulpice, 

417 Entombment of our Saviour, Tintoretto, 

418 Kiver scene, DecJcer, - . - . . 

419 Portrait of Charles I., presented by James Stopford, Bishop 

of Clo3"u3, 1742, to Dean,Swft, and left back again to him 
in the Dean's will, Yandych. 

420 Portrait of Martin Folkes, F. R. S. Vanderbank, 

421 Portrait of Lord Plunkett. 

422 Drawing the Xet, G. Pousdn, 

423 Companion to i22, G. Poussin, - - . 

424 The Town of Pan in the P3'renees, taken from the heights 

of Juramcoii, ---..-.. 

425 Forge by Moonlight, Peter Wouvermans, 

426 River scene in Holland, Van Goyen, 

427 Landscape, Rustic Bridge, T. Hoberta, - 

428 Portrait of the Artist, Rembrandt, 

429 Full-length Portrait of Dean Swift, presented by the Chapter to the 

Deanery House; the frame of Irish oak, presented by the Artificers of 
Dublin at the same time, Bindoa, 

430 Landscape, 3Iiss Hathborne, . . _ 

431 Interior of an Italian Artist's Studio, Thomas Uwins, R.A 

432 Portrait of Roger ]\Iore, of Ballynagh, County Kildare, one of the 

principal leaders of the Irish Rebellion of 1641, until he retu-ed 
from it disgusted with the cruelties of his brother leaders (See 
Lingard's England, vol. 6, p. 414), - - - - Rt. Hon. R, More O'Ferrall. 

433 Portrait of General O'Donnell, - - - - - Rt. Hon. R. More O'Ferrall, 

434 St. Jerome, I'crrari . . . . Rt. Hon. R. More O'Fen-all, 

435 Landscape, O'Connor, - - - . Rt. Hon. R. More OTerrall 

436 A Sale by Auction of Household Goods in a Village near the Hague, 

painted for the present proprietor by Talent un Bing, of Amsterdam, ■ 

437 Landscape, Barrett, . . . . . 

438 Landscape with Brood Mare and Asses, T. Roberts, 

439 Vessels in a rough sea. Bills, - - - ■ 

440 Vessels in a gleam of sunshine, with squall approaching, Bills, 

441 Sunset, Ashford. ..... 

James E. Stopford. 
Sir Vere de Vere, Bart. 

The Earl of Portarlington. 
The Earl of Portarlington. 

William Ohver. 
The Lord Chancellor. 
The Mai-quis of Drogheda. 
The Lord Chancellor. 
The Earl of Portarlington. 

Very Rev. Dean Pakenham. 

- Miss Rathborne, 

- Thomas Uwins. 

John Barton. 
John Barton. 
John Barton. 
John Barton. 
John Barton. 
John Barton. 





John Barton. 
John Barton. 







Cart Horse, and interior of Stable, 

Cow and Ass companion, Shayer. 

The King of the Beggars of Munster, painted from life at 

Cork, 1842, J SkilUn, - Rev. Smyth W. Fox. 

"This old man, eighty-eight years of age (John Clarke) is a native of Biarnej^, served on board the 
Polyphemus frigate, was a prisoner of war at Amiens for three years and five months, has visited 
every quarter of the globe, and was present at Wexford during the rebellion of 1798." — Cat 
R.H.A. 1842. 
View of the Ruins of the Cloisters of Walkenrind, Hanover, 

sunset in winter, Hasenplfag , of Halbertstadt, 

Magdalen, Coreggio, . . . . 

Portrait of the late Earl of Bristol, .... 

Full length Poi-trait of John Foster (Lord Oriel) last Speaker 

of the Irish House of Commons, Sir Thomas Lawrence, 

Full length Portrait of Quin in the character of Sir Joliii 

Falstajtf, where, pointing to his followers in Sherwood 

Forest, he says : — " Fine food for powder, Hal." Sir Joshua lieynokU, 
Sea Piece. Coates. 

The Weird Sisters — Scene from Macbeth, Daniel Maclise, R.A . 

Portrait of Thomas Moore, G. F. Mulvany, R.H.A . 

A Spanish Girl, 
A Fisherman's Family, 
A Sketch in North Wales, 
Portrait of a Lady, 

Portrait of Lord Mount Charles, when a Child, 
Full length Portrait of the late Daniel O'Connell, 

Portrait of Dean Swift, -..-... 
Portrait of King William, Philip Vandych, 

Portrait of the late Chief Justice Bushe, M. Crcgan, P.R.H.A. 

Full length Portrait of General Vicars, Sir M. Shee, 

Portrait of the late Sir Michael O'Loghlen, Bart. Master of the Rolls, 

Ireland, G. F. Mulvany, R.H.A. 

Irish Peasants, /. Haverty, . ^ . , 

Portrait of a Lady, Collie}; .... 

Portrait of the Bishop of Londonderi'y, — (Crayon) 

Portrait of King William— (Crayon), - , . . . 

Triptych — representing in the central compartment the 

Adoration of tlie Magi, on the right hand side the Birth of 

our Saviour, on the left the Circumcision. This picture is 

said to have been in Queen Mary's Chapel at Holyrood 



P. W. Men, 

Middleton, - • 

Sir D. Wilkie, 

- Jean Marie Farina. 

- Charles D. Young. 
Sir Hervey Bruce. 

- Lord Viscount Massareene 

Sir Percy Nugent, Bart. 

D. Maclise. 

G. F. Mulvany. 

S. M. Joy. 

Marquis of Conyngham. 

P. W. Elen. 

J. G. Middleton. 

Marquis of Conyngham. 

National Bank of Ireland. 

George Crampton. 

John Bloomfieid. 

Thomas Bushe. 

Mr. Boyle. 

Sir Colman O'Loghlen. 

J. Haverty. 

Mrs. Collier. 

Sii- Hervey Bruce, Bart. 

Sir Hervey Bruce, Bart. 









Palace, and was presented to an ancsstor of the owner by 
tlie celebi-ated Mademoiselle de Quero'daille, Duchess of 
Portsmouth, Albert Bwrer, 

Portrait of Sir Henry Torrens, K. C. B., E. T. S. Jate 

Adjutant-General of the British Forces, Sir TlKraim Laurence, 

Picture of the Irish House of Commons, containing 148 Por- 
traits, painted in 1780, accompanied by a Key — "Henry 
Grattan moving Declaration of Independence," Wlteatley, 

Tottenham in his Boots, --.... 
Full length Portrait of Eight Hon. John Philpot Curran, 
Full length Portrait of Lord Plunket. AI. Cregan, P.R.E.A. 

Portrait of Dr. Magee, late Archbishop of Dublin, Sir Martin Shee, 
Portrait of Sir Eichard Worsley, in the uniform of the Isle 

of Wight Militia, ^S'tV Joshua Reynolds, - 

Portrait of Lieut.-General Sir Edward Blakeney, Commander 

of the Forces, Ireland, Catterson Smith, R.H.A. 

Portrait of Oliver Cromwell, Dohson, 

Full length Portrait of the late Very Eev. Walter Blake 

Kirvv-an, Dean of KiUala, Sir Martin Shee, 

Full leug-th Portrait of Joseph Damer, Dolson, - 

Portrait of the Marqms of Montrose, Wissing, - 

Portrait of the Earl of Strafford, Tandych, 

Portrait of the first Duke of Ormonde, Sir Peter Lely, 

Full length Portrait of Heniietta Maria, accompanied by Sir 

JeiS-ey Hudson, the court dwaiij Vandych, 

Portrait of Lord Xevrport, Vandycl; 

Portrait of Patrick Sarsfield, Earl of Lucan, Sir Godfrey Kneller, 

Portrait of Lady Carohne Damer, Ayigdica Kauffmar), 

Scene in Holland, 
Landscape and figui-es. 
Landscape and figures, 
Battle Piece, 

Van der Neer, 

Teniers and Vanuden, 
Te^iiers and Vanuden, - 
Borgognone, ... 

N. Poussin, 

Second Stage of the Harlot's Progress, Hogaiih, 

Portrait of the late Earl of Charlemont, (unfinished), Hogarth, 

Landscape, with sheep and figures, George Morland, 

Italian Landscape, H. Westropp, 

St. Peter denying Christ, Gerard Segers, 

Dutch Larder, Snydei-s, - . . - 

Woody Landscape — Duck Shooting, Waterloo, - 

Louis XIV. in the Gardens at Versailles, Va.ndcr 3feulen, 

Lord Talbot de Malahide. 
Hon. Judge Ton-ens. 

Mrs. Gascoigne. 
Marquis of Ely. 
Lord Cloncurry. 
Lord Plunket. 
Archdeacon Magee. 

The Earl of Ys.rborough. 

Sir Edward Blakeney. 
John Bloomfield. 

The Dean of Limerick. 
The Earl of Portariington. 
The Marquis of Ormonde, 
The Marquis of Ormonde. 
The Marquis of Ormonde. 

The Earl of Portariington. 

Lord Poj-tarlington. 

E. H. Casey. 

The Earl of Portariington. 

The Lord Chanceflor. 

The Eari of Portariington. 

The Earl of Portariington. 

H. Westropp. 

The Eaid of Portariington. 

The Earl of Charlemont. 

The Earl of Charlemont. 

S. Cartwright. 

H. Westropp. 

The Earl of Bessborough. 

The Earl of Bessborough. 

The Earl of Bessborough. 

The Earl of Bessborough. 










The Dawn of Day — a Foraging Party returning, Charles Barber, 

Livei-pool from the Old Flood Gate — Thunder Storm clearing 

away, Charles Barber, 

View taken near Anagassen, in the co. of Louth, Mrs. Chester, 

Portrait of Thomas Parr (old Parr) in his 153rd year, A.D. 16S5, - 
The Veiy Rev. Walter Blake Kirwan, Dean of EaUala, 

preaching on behalf of the Female Orphans, Hamilton, 

Cattle Piece, Eugene Verboeclchoven, 

Landscape — View of Genoa from the west, Andrew Wilson, 

Landscape^ View of Genoa from the east, Andrew Wilson, 

Landscape — View taken near the coast of the Mediter- 
ranean, between Genoa and Spezia, Andreiv Wilson, 
Landscape — View taken near the coast of the Mediter- 
ranean, between Genoa and Spezia, Andrew Wilson, 
Lady and Child, Romney, 
Portrait of the late Earl of Charlemont, Pompeo Batoni, 

Saint Paul, 


The Music Lesson, 

The Singing Lesson, 

Portrait of William IV., 

Portrait of Canning, 

St. Cecilia, 

The Good Shepherd, 

The Adoration of the Angels, 

LR.ndscape and Figures, 

Vandych, . - - . 

Tintoretto, - - - . 

Karl de Moo^'e, 
Karl de Moore, 

Sir David Wilkle, 
Sir Thomas Laim'encc, 
Carlo Dolci, 

Coreggio, - 

Pierino del Vaga, 
N. Berghem, 

Old Lady, 
Hai-es at Play, 
The Alchemist, 
Fete Champetre, 
Venus disarming Cupid, 

B. Benner, 

Paul Potter, 

Gerard Bow, 



The Irish House of Commons. — " Henry Grattan moving 

declaration of independence," Nicholas Kenny, 

JBrig leaving Samsgate, Kent, £. Mayes, 

Ophelia, Arthur Hughes, 

View from Richmond Hill, Surrey, G. Hilditch, 

Portrait, {Flemish School,) 

Mai'ine View, Joseph Vernet-, 

The Holy Family, Andrea del Sarto, 

The Irish Volunteei"s assembled in College Green, Wheutley, 

View of Annamoe Bridge, Co. Wicklow, George Nairne, 

- Charles Barber. 

- Charles Barber. 

- Mrs. P. M. Chester. 

- E. E. P. CoUes. 

- E. R. P. Colles. 

- Edward Cooper. 

- Edward Cooper. 

- Edward Cooper. 

- Edward Cooper. 

- Edward Cooper. 

- Edward Cooper. 

- The Earl of Charlemont. 

- The Earl of Charlemont. 

- The Earl of Charlemont. 

- John Gernon. 

- John Gernon. 

The Marquis of Conyngham. 
The Marquis of Conyngham. 

- John Farrell. 

- John Gibson. 

- John Gibson. 

- John Gibson. 

- John Gibson. 

- John Gibson. 

- John Gibson. 

- John Gibson. 

- John Gibson. 

- Henry Grattan. 

- Edwin Hayes. 

- Arthur Hughes. 

- George Hilditch. 

- Peter La Touche. 

- Peter La Touche. 

- The Duke of Leinster. 

- The Duke of Leinster. 

- B'l. A. Lentaigne. 



533 The Nativity, 

537 Head Study, 

538 Madonna, 

539 Marriage of St. Catherine, 

540 Child's Head, 

Philippo Lauri, 
Fiate Modesto, 



541 Troutbeck— Village of Westmoreland, 







Rembrandt, • 

542 Astronomy, 

543 Halt of Cavaliers, 

544 Halt at the Smithey, 

545 Cattle, figures, &c. 

546 Landscape, 

547 Landscape and fignu-es, 

548 Nymj^hs Bathing, 

549 Hare and Fruit, 

550 Head, 

551 Head, 
652 Virgin and Child, 

553 Portrait of a Burgomestre, 

554 Landscape, 

555 Martyrdom of St. Sebastian, 

556 Magdalen reading, 

557 Madonna, 

558 View in Venice, 

559 Belling the Cat, 

560 Flowers, 

561 Fruit, 

562 The Welsh Bard, 

563 " Beneath the Hawthorn Tree," 

564 The Temple of Vesta, Murch, 

565 The Arch of Titus, March, 

566 Total loss of the Intrinsic, of Liverpool, with all hands, near 

Kilkee, a few miles North of the Mouth of the River 
Shannon — January, 1836, R.B. Beechey, 

567 An Artist's Studio, Cumming, 

568 Age receiving instruction'from youth, /. B. 

569 Waiting for orders off Cork Harbour, T. N. 

570 Fruit, D. W. ruiimhacJi, - 

571 Transaction in the Map, Thomas Cooky, 

572 Sunset at Sea, Claude Lorraine, - 

573 Regret, G. Morant, - . . . 

574 Head of the Infant St John, Murillo, - 

Carlo Bold, • 
Van Os, 
Van Os, 




- Alexander M'Carthy. 

- Alexander M'Carthy. 

- Alexander M'Carthy. 

- Alexander M'Carthy. 

- Alexander M'Carthy. 

- Mrs. William Oliver. 

- Alexander M'Carthy. 

- The Marquis of Ely. 

- The Marquis of Ely. 

- The Marquis of Ely. 

- The Marquis of Ely. 

- The Marquis of Ely. 

- The Marquis of Ely. 

- The Marquis of Ely. 

- The Marquis of Ely. 

- The jMarquis of Ely. 

- Lord Ward. 

- Lord Ward. 

- Lord Ward. 

- Lord Ward. 

- Lord Ward. 

- Lord Ward. 

- Lord Ward. 

- Lord Ward. 

- Lord Ward. 

- Lord Ward. 

- Charles D. Young. 
( 'harles D. Yoimg. 

Excellency the Countess of St. German a 
Excellency the Countess of St. Germans. 


- R. B. Beechey, Com. R.N 


- Lord Cloncurry. 


- James B. Brenan. 


- T. Newenham Deane. 


- David W. Ra.imbach. 


- Thomas Cooley. 


- H. Westropp. 


- G. Morant 


- Rev. Dr. Russell. 



575 St. Francis in the Desert receiving the Stigmata, 

576 Portrait of Archbishop Usher, 
677 St. Jerome translating the Bible, 

578 Woody Scene, Hnnting Party, &c. 

579 Cattle crossing a Stream, 

580 The Cup found in Benjamin's Sackj 

581 Group of Figures, 

Caracci and P. Bril, Jonathan Osborne, M.D. 

- R. Pearson, M.D. 

Albert Durer, - - William Jameson. 

Wynants and Wonvermans, The Marquis of Ely. 



(French School), 

Cktade, ... 
Salvator Rosa, 

Salvator Rosa, 


The Earl of PortarlLngton. 
The Earl of Miltown. 
John Bloomfield. 
The Rt. Hon. Jiidge Ball. 
James E. Stopford. 
The Earl of Miltown. 
Samuel Cart-wright. 
The Earl of Miltown. 

582 Dutch Boors Smoking, 

583 Landscape, with Banditti, 

584 Landscape, Figures, and Waterfall, 

585 From the Milton Gallery, 
686 Landscape, Figures, and Waterfall, 
587 The Virgin and Child — Duplicate of a Picture in the 

Tribune of Florence, Coreggio. 

688 St. Cecilia, Domenichino, - - 

589 St. Catherine, Honorio Mari Narii 

590 The Coronation of the Virgin, Pierino del Vaga, 
691 An Interior, with Christ, Mary, and Martha, ' SteenivicTc, 

592 Firing a Salute. Peters, 

593 Portrait of Vossius, Sandrart 

594 Cattle in a Landscape, A. V'an de Velde, 

595 Virgin and Child, formerly in the possession of the celebrated 

Engraver, Longhi, - - • > - - - H. Westropp. 

596 MeiTy Making, Teniers, • - The Rt. Hon. Sir Wm. Somerville, Bart 

597 James the I. and his Family. Mytens, - - • Henry Rosenthal. 
698 Portrait of Charles the II. Sir Peter Lely, - - William Ruxton. 

599 Portrait of George Duke of Albemarle, Sir Peter Lely, - William Ruxton. 

600 Scene in Holland, Tilhurg, • • The Rt. Hon. Sir Wm. Somerville Bart, 

601 Holy Family, School of Andrea del Saiio, - - Lady Juliana Bayly. 

602 Portrait of William the III. Sir G. Kneller, The Rt. Hon. Sir Wm. Somerville, Bart. 

D. Ross of Bladensburg, 

Mr. Duffy. 

Lady Jtiliana Bayly. 

J. S. Lrtug;'hnan. 

The Earl of Portarlington, 

The Earl of Miltown. 

Thomas Ford. 

The Earl of Portarlingrton 

603 Portrait of the Duchess of Orleans. Sir Peter Lely, 

604 Saint Agnes, Elizabeth Sirani, 

605 Portrait of Sir Peter Lely, Sir Peter Lely, 

606 Shepherd, Sheep, and Goats, Rosa di TivoU, 

607 Portrait of the Countess of Desmond, Gerard Dow, 

608 St. Michael. From the Palazzo Riccardi, Florence, 

609 The Horse Fair, Wouvermans 

610 Magdalen, Velasquez, 

■ The Earl of Portarlington. 

- Henry Grattan. 

- James E. Stopford. 

• Lady Juliana Bayly. 

- The Knight of Kerry. 
Pietro Pervgino, Lady Juliana Bayly. 

- Henry Grattan. 

* Mrs. Nevin, 

611 Portrait of Thomas, Lord Fairfax, Vandyck. 

612 Portrait of Philip Stanhope, Earl of Chesterfield, painted when 

ho was Lord Lieutenant of Ireland in 1745, Thompson, 

The Hon Sir P. Stanhope, Baxt. 



613 Portrait of Prince Charles Edward, the "Pretender," 

614 Early Morn, Cvyp, 

615 Twilight at Sea, James Danhy, - - - 

616 Portrait of Henry Flood, and others, 

617 Marine View, Dubbels, . . . 

618 Meeting Room of Three Societies of Rhetoricians, which 

existed at Haarlem in the 17th Century, . - - 

619 Head of an Old Woman, Martin de Vos, 

620 St. Jerome, Spagnoletti, 

621 Napoleon I. in his Imperial Robes. Presented by him 

to the City of Rome in 1810, Gerard, 

622 A Study, G. Norland, - - - - 

623 Bacchus and Aiiadne, Bomney, - - - 

624 View of Calcutta, ... - „ . 

625 Adoration of the Kings, John Van Eyck, 

626 Judith bearing the head of Holophernes, Garofalo, 

627 The Roman Peasant Boy. Mrs. Col. Smith, 

628 The Seasons. Samuel Lover, - - - 

629 Angels appearing to the Shepherds, Weslodl, 

630 The Angels appearing to the Shepherds Both, • 

631 The Mouth of the SeheUt, Backhuysen, - 

632 The Flight of Europa, Beschey, - 

633 Landscape and Cattle, Domenichino, 

634 Storm, Baclhuysen, .... 

635 Portrait of Oliver Cromwell, WalTcer 

636 Landscape, Cattle, and Figures, Van de Velde, 

637 St. Boromea, (poi-tion of a panel of a Sacristy door,) 

638 The Annunciation, (portion of a panel of a Sacristy door,) 

639 Village Festival, ■ Teniers, ... 

640 Madonna and Child, Raphael. 

641 Irish Peasants, /. Haverty, ... 

642 Poi-trait of the late Earl of Charlcmont, Gainshorovgh, 

643 Design for a Town Hall, City of Cork, T. N. Deane, 

644 View of tho Island, Clew Bay, Co. Mayo, with Fishing 

Boats, &e. R. B. Beechey, . . - 

645 Landscape and Figures, Barrett, 

646 Death of Adonis, Barry, - - . 

647 Landscape — View in Kent, Geo. Williams, 

648 Jephtha's Rash Vow, Rubens, 

649 Elena, H. Munro, .... 

650 The Holy Family, A.Cooper, 

J. H. Reid. 
Mrs. West. 
James Danby. 
Henry Grattan. 
The Marquis of Ely, 

J. H. Reid. 

The EarlofPortarlington, 

Rev. J. MulhalL 

W. F. Burton. 

Robert Smith. 
Edward Cooper. 
Edward Cooper. 
Very Rev. J. Curtis, 
Veiy Rev. J. Curtis, 
Mrs, Col, Smith. 
Samuel Lover. 
Robert Smith. 
Charles Brien. 
Charles Brien. 
Charles Brien. 
Charles Brien. 
Charles Brien. 
Charles Brien. 
Charles Brien. 
Charles Brien. 
Charles Brien. 
Mrs. Barry. 

J. Haverty. 

The Earl of Charlemont. 

T. N. Deane. 

R. B. Beechey, Com. R..N. 
William Anthony. 
William Anthony. 
Charles Brien. 
The Earl of Enniskillen. 
H. A. J. Munro- 
A. D. Cooper. 





Dalila asking forgiveness of Sampson, W. S. Burton, 

David with Head of Goliah. 

A Gleamy Day in England, Earlswood Common, Surrey, 

Head of an Old Woman, 

Roman Ruins, Claude Lorraine, 

A Portrait, ...... 

Venus preparing for the Bath, W. Etty, R.A. 

In the Meadows near Sturry, Kent, - . . 

Passing Shower, near St. Laurence, Isle of Thanet, 
Com Field near St. Peter's, Isle of Thanet, 
Bantry Bay. Ireland, Q. Tutill, - 

William S. Burton. 

G. E. Herring. 

Earl of lliltown. 
John Bloomfield. 
John C. Grtmdy. 
W. E. Bates. 
W. E. Bates. 
W. E. Bates. 
G. Tutill. 


PRU SSI A— CO Hte'mtefi;. 

Portrait of Humboldt, author of Kosmos, Begas. His Majesty the King 

Portrait of Ideler, the celebrated Ghronologist, Herz. His Majesty the King 

Portrait of Rauch the Sculptor, Begas. His Majesty the King 

Portrait of Cornelius the Painter, Begas. His Majesty the King 

Portrait of Bessel the Astronomer, /. Wol^. His Majesty the King 

Portrait of Schiukel the Architect. C. Schmidt. His ilajesty the King 

Portrait of L. Tieck, Translator of Shakspeare, Stickler. His Majesty the King 

Children at a Brook, Scheinbrueck. 

The Singing Lesson, Pistorius. 

Svnas Landscape, Scheuren, 

Henry Percy's Death, Houze. 

The Battle of Brienne, Raymond de Baux. 

The Weisse Horn, from the Nicolai Vale, Switzerland, K Holldein. 

Little Girl going to School, Pistonus. 

Hannah bringing Samuel to the High Priest Eli, Huebncr, 

ApoUo amongst the Shepherds, C. Becker^ 

Summer Wild Flowers, Dietrich. 

Ithaca, looking towards Greece, Max Schmidt, 

of Prussia, 
of PiTissia, 
of Prussia, 
of Prussia, 
of Prussia, 
of Prussia, 
of Prussia. 

680 A Savannah on Fire by Moonlight, — from sketches made on 

the spot during the late Government Boundary Expedition 
to British Guinea, E. A . Goodall, 

681 Evening Scene, Barrett, * 

682 The Departure, G. Morant, 

683 Madonna, Magratk, 

- ^dwafd A. Goodall. 

- T. Berry. 

- G. Morant. 
«• J. Magrath. 



684 Fruit, from Nature, 

685 The Entombment, 

686 The Eose, 

687 Landscape, 

688 Vulcan and Venus, 

Charles Levjis, 

John Van Kessel, 

689 Miss Foote and Madame Vestris, as Olivia and Viola, in 

Twelfth Night, FradeUe - . - . 

690 St. Peter delivered from Prison, Mrs. Bayly, after Zuccheri, 

691 Our Saviour bearing the Cross, Mrs. Bayly, after Sehastiano del Piombo, 

692 The Virgin, Infant Saviour, and St. Francis, Ligozzi, 

693 A Friar at his Devotions, Pkhersgill. 

694 Waterfall. 

695 View in Venice. 

696 The Patience of Griselda, Cope, - - - - 

697 Lady with Hawk, Pkhersgill. 

698 Tlie Guitar. 

699 Portrait of George Washington, Gilbert Sfeiuarf, 

700 Marine View, 31iss Matkiorne, . - - - 

701 Portrait of William III. Helen Trevor, - 

'J 02 A Boar Hunt, Valatti, . . . . 

703 "Sine Cerere et Baccho, friget Venus," J. Haverty, 

704 Conflict between Cavaliers and Puritans, Miss Palliser, - 

705 Christ driving the Devils out of the possessed Men, John Tracy, 

708 Narcissus, M. Angela d' Caravaggio - - - 

707 Wooden Bridge, Co. Wicklow, Miss Semple, 

708 Drumkeiran Glebe, Co. Fermanagh, 3Iiss Semple, 

709 The Grave of Will Watch, 

710 Glendalough, 

711 Eagles' Eock, Killamey, 

712 The Dance, 

713 Landscape and Figures, 

714 The Youthful Mechanic, 

715 The Juvenile Artist, 

716 The Crying Child for Meal, 

717 Edwin and Emma, 

718 Coronation of Constantine the Great, 

719 Altar Piece on gold ground, 

720 The Entombment, 

721 Portrait of the Artist, 

722 The Crucifixion, 

723 Head of Christ, 

C. 0. Morgan, 
C. G. Morgan, 

C. Nairn, 

SaJvator Rosa, - 
Miss Trevor, ■• 
T. Cooley, 

T. Cooley, - 
Elmore, ... 

Cimabue, - 
Careggio, . . - 

M. Angela Bunarotti, 
Franlcs, ... 

Albert. Durcr, • 

H. Bunn. 
C. Coppinger. 
Major DiUon. 
Eev. D. Flynn, 
W. Knox. 

W. Knox. 
Mrs. G. Bayly. 
Mrs. G. Bayly, ' 
Mi-s. G. Bayly. 

H. A. J, Munro. 

Eichard Hetnphill. 
Miss Kate Eathborne, 
Miss Trevor. 
Mrs. Eothwell. 
J. Haverty. 
Miss Palliser. 
John Tracy. 
T. Tepe. 
Miss Semple, 
Miss Semple. 

Cecilia Nairn. 
Earl of Miltown, 
Earl of IMilltown. 
Miss Trevor. 
T. Cooley, 
T. Cooley. 
John Barlow. 
Henry Hodgson. 
Henr}' Hodgson. 
Henry Hodgson. 
Henry Hodgson, 
Henry Hodgson. 
Henry Hodgson. 



724 Ruth follows Naomi in her departure from Moab, while the 

• other sister, Orpah, alarmed by the dangers she may meet 
with out of her own country, returns to her father's 
house, Count Spezia (Rome). 

725 Cimabue going to Paint, near Florence, finds Giotto, a young 

feoy, Sketching upon a Rock, the flock of Sheep of which he 

was the Shepherd, Count Spezi-a (Rome). 

726 Portrait of Henry Grattan, Joseph. 

727 Portrait of James 2nd Duke of Ormond, Sir & KncUer, 

728 The Ninth Hour, J. O'Eeeffe, - - - - 

729 Portrait of the Earl Macartney and Sir George Staunton, 

Sir Joshua Reynolds, 

730 Portrait of Chief Justice Bushe in his Robes, 

731 Landscape with Figures, Pcmissin, 

732 Dogs, O. Morland, 

733 Portrait of the Right Hon. R. L. Shiel, 

734 The Gardener's Shed, Hurrison, 
^735 Portrait of the Chief Justice of Ireland, 

736 Madonna, Sassoferrato. 

737 The Shell Boat, Pickersgill, 

738 Portrait of the Rt. Hon. the Lord Chancellor, 

739 Companion to No, 147, Be Grey, 

M. Cregan, P.R.H.A. 

Miss Wyse, 
Catterson Smith, 


J. H. Smith. 
Mrs. O'Keeffe. 

S. M. CaldweU. 

T. Bushe. 

The Earl of Enniskillen. 

H. Luscombe. 

Thomas Lalor. 

George Roe. 

A. Lefroy. 

P. M'Dowell. 

The Lord Chancellor. 

The Hon R. O'Grady. 


740 Scene from Macbeth, "The Discovery of the Murder of 

Duncan," Louis Haghe, ... 

741 The Blind Girl at the Holy Well, F. W. Burton, 

742 The Wife and Daughter of the Chamberlain of Otho, King 

of Greece, Mrs. Murray, ... 

743 Fruit Piece, 0. Lance, . - . - 

744 View of Mitchelstown Castle, co. Cork, Mrs. M. Digges La Touche, 

745 Portrait of Miss Helen Faucit (in chalk). Burton, 

746 View of the Great Sugar Loaf Mountain, cO. of Wicklow, 

from old Connaught Road, Henry Newton, 

747 Drawings of Sligo Abbey, James H. Oiven, 

748 Dead Game, Miss F. Pentland, - - - 

749 Snow Scene, Mist F. Pentland, - - - 

- Her Majesty the Queen. 
Lieut. Gen. Sir G. D'Aguilar. 

- Ashley La Touche. 

- G. Lance. 

Mrs. M. Digges La Touche. 

- The Rev. J. A. Malet. 

• Henry Newton. 

- James H. Owen. 

- Miss F. Pentland. 

- Miss F. Pentland. 



750 A Sketch in Arundel Park, Sussex, P. W. Men, 

751 The Church of St. Michel, Ghent, from the Quai aux 

Herbes, P. W. Men, - - - . 

752 A Smithy, near Little Hampton, Sussex, P. W. Elen, 

753 Entrance to Foynes Harbour, /. Haverty, 

754 Foynes Harbour, /. Haverty, - . . 

755 View of the Galtees Mountains, from Mitchelstown Demesne, 

Co. Cork, Mrs. M. Digges La Touche, - 

756 Flowers, V. BaHholomew, . . . 

757 A View of Sackville St. Dublin, M. Angela Hayes. 

758 Watermill, Ashford, Derbyshire, Charles Marshall, 

759 Two Jewish Children, ..--.- 

760 Portrait of a Cat, Miss Trevor, 

761 Portrait of a Boy, ...... 

762 Portrait of a Girl, ...... 

763 Sketch in Kent, F. Corri, 

764 The Wood Nymph (in pastel,) 

765 Bantry Bay, R. L. Stopford, 

766 Carriganass Castle — Evening, 

767 South Stack Light-House, near Holyhead, 

768 The last stand of the 44th at Cabul, in 1842, 

769 Red Ridmg Hood, C. H. Weigall, 

770 The Death of the First Bom, A. Warren, 

771 A View on the Thames, near Gravesend, Kent, /, F. Nash, 

772 Mill, Ashford, Derbyshire, C. Marshall, 

773 Clonmacnoise, King's County, Mrs. Jane Earith, 

774 Gypsies' Encampment, Mrs. Jane Earith, 

775 Domestic Scene, B. Mulrenin, A.R.H.A. 

776 The Bride, B. Mulrenin, A.R.H.A. 

777 Hunting Lodge of Queen EHzabeth, Epping Forest, Essex, W. J. Baler, W. J. Baker, 

Mrs. Oliver, 

R. L. Stopford, 

R. L. Stopford, 
M. Angela Hayes, 

- P. W. Elen. 

- P. W. Elen. 

- P. W. Elen. 

- J. Haverty. 

- J. Haverty. 

Mrs. M. Digges La Touche 

- V. Bartholomew. 

- Charles Marshall. 

- Mrs. Nugent. 

- Miss Trevor. 

- Mrs. Nugent. 

- Mrs. Nugent. 

- V. Corri. 

- Mrs. W. H. Ohver. 

- R. L. Stopford. 

- R. L. Stopford. 

- R. L. Stopford. 

- Thomas Webb. 

- C. H. WeigalL 

- A. Warren. 
J. F. Nash. 
Charles ^larshall, 
Mrs. J. Earith. 
Mrs. Earith. 
B. ]\Iulrenin. 
B. iMrenin. 



'786 St. Peter ifepentant, after denying Christ, Pautin (hi^rin Pili^ 

*787 Young Girl playing with a Squin-el, Antigna^ 

788 The Eeturn fi-om the Fields, Antigna. 

789 Forest near Lake Tingot, Algeria, (pen and ink drawing)) BaccusL 
700 St. Hugues praying in the Forest, Bacciiet. 

791 An Almazara or Spanish Oil Mill, Balf owner, 

792 A Pastui-age in Normandy, Salfowrier, 

793 Swiss Shepherdess of the Canton de Yaild, H. Bertkoud. 

794 Environs of Susten, Haut Valais, Switzerland, iS". Berthoudt 

, 795 Jane Shore condemned to die of Hunger in the Streets of London, Biard, 

796 LoTiis Philippe d'Orleans visiting the North Cape, in a Lapland boa% Biard. 

797 "View of the Ruins ef Charlus and of the Mars River (Cantal)j A. Bonheur. 

798 Dead Nature, Mile. Juliette Bonheur. 

799 Study of a Fox, Mile. Mosa Bonheun 

800 Study of a Dog, Mile. Rom Bonhettr, 

801 The Dancing Gipsj*-, Boulanger. 

802 View of Royal, Auvergne, Bov/rgeoisi 
603 View taken at Thiers, Auverghe, Bourgeois. 

804 Jesus Christ and the Woman of Samariaj Cafnma^ekx 

805 Study of a Dalmation Hound, A. Chazal. 

806 Landscape, with Cavalcade, Cihot. 

807 Landscape, Cibot. 

808 Partridge and Thrush, Cow. 

809 Birds, Coic. 

810 Dance in the Island of Ischia, A. Colin. 

811 The good Conscience, A. Colin^ 

812 St. Elizabeth of Hungary, distributing Alms, De&oJti. 

813 View of the Titlis Mou:itain (Switzerland), I)^ontenuy\ 

814 M.->rgaret of Anjou after the Battle of Exham, 

815 The Little Gleaner, Etex. 

816 Maternal Bliss, /. Felon. 

817 View in Normandy, Lion Fleufy. 

818 Landscape — a Pasturage, A. Qiroux- 

M 2 



819 Flowers, /. Goullet. 

820 Landscape in the Environs of Algiers, C Ch'olig. 

821 Flowers and Animals, Mme. Guillot d'Olsy. 

822 Italian Family, Honein. 

823 View in Normandy, Huber. 

824 Roman Mosaic, the Temple of Sybil, near Eome, (the property of Dr. Olliffe, Paris,) Eineldi. 

825 View of the Tivoli Cascades, Lapito. 

826 View — Forest of Fontainebleau. Lapito. 

827 The Brothers of the Redemption ransoming Captives in Afi-ica, 

828 The Flight into Egypt, Emile Lecomte. 

829 The Tales of the Queen of Navarre, Lecomte. 

830 Paradise Lost, Gabriel Lefehure. 

831 The Family Breakfast, Gabriel Lefehnre. 


832 View of the Harbour at Nice, 

L. Garneray. 

833 Ophelia, 

834 Hamlet, 

835 The Twilight, 

836 A Hunt near Chantilly, 

837 The Prayer, 

838 Landscape, 




839 The Last Moments of Coxmt Egmont, (Engraving after Gallait), 

840 Virgin Mary, (Engraving after Raphael's original,) 

841 A Moorish Woman, Matout. 

842 View taken at Bruges, Justin Ouvrie. 

843 Interior of a Kitchen, Pascal. 

844 Captain Montrose. Perignon. 

845 Young Child gathering Grapes, Perignon. 

846 Halt of Light Cavalry, 16th Century, Philippoteaux. 

847 Rita, the Neapolitan, Marcel de PigneroUe. 

848 Fruits, Louis Rey. 

849 View near Edinburgh, Louis Rey. 

850 The Valley of Meyringen, Bernese Oberland, 

851 An Inundation Scene, Rouget. 

852 Henry IV. of France and his Children, 

853 Napoleon L, Rouget. 

854 The Illusion — The Deception — (Costumes of the 

Time of Lotiis XIV., Serrure 

855 The Blessing, Guillemin, 

856 Sarah, the Bather, Tassart, 

857 The Temptation of St. Anthony, 

858 The Poor Family, Tassart, 






Monsieui- Suisse* 
Monsieur Suisse. 
Monsieur Suisee, 
Monsieur Suisse. 



Viollet Leduc. 

Van der Burch. 

Van der Burch. 

Theodore Gudin. 

Jules Jacott. 

859 The Nest Robber, Tassart, 

860 View of the Gulf Puzzuoli, Naples, Thuillier. 

861 View taken in the Environs of Algiers, Thuillier. 

862 The Water Seller at Malta, Valfort. 

863 Swiss Costumes (two drawings), Amedee Varin. 

864 The Interrupted Meal, after Edouard Girardet, Amedee Varin. 

865 The Improvisatiice, Jides de Vignon. 

866 View of the Borghese ViUa, Rome, 

867 Snow Effect in the Valley of St. Gothard, 

868 Sunset on the Banks of the Seine, near Chalon, 

869 The Creation, Gosse. 

870 The Birth of Christ, Gosse. 

871 Death of Judas Iscariot, < Paulin Guerin Fils. 

872 View fi'om Bucchaness, near Peterhead — Scotland, 

873 Jesus Christ expiring on the Cross, (Drawing after Karl Dujardin), 

874 The Bifferare, Mme. Jacott Ca/ppeleere. 

875 The Sylphide, C. Muller. 

876 Sarah, the Bather, E. Signol. 

877 Water Colour Drawings, Mile. Thuillier. 

878 The Queen of Heaven, (Chromolithography), Thurivanger. 

879 Jesus Christ Curing the Mother-in-Law of Simon Peter, 

880 The Lion Hunt Horace Vernet. 

881 Miniature of the Duchess of Sutherland, after Winterhalter, 

882 "Les Moissoneurs," on Porcelain, after Leopold Robert, 

883 View of the Downes, near the Pond of Cazeaux, 

884 View taken at Sestas, near Bordeaux, 

885 View taken at Salleboeuf, 

886 View taken at Izon, 

887 View taken at La Sauve, 

888 View of the Abbey of Bellefont 

889 View taken at Izon, (Evening,) 

890 A bye Road, (chemin creux,) 

891 Bordeaux's Moors, (i'usain,) 

892 Forest of La Ceste, 

893 Banks of the Dordogne, (Vintage Gatherer,) 

894 Halt on the Banks of a Stream, 

895 Watering Place, 

896 Oaks, 

897 Ruins of tlie Magdelaine at Sauternes, 

898 St. Emilion's Quarries, 

899 Baza's Cathedral (fusain et plume,) 

Monsieur Suisse. 


Madame Laurent. 
Madame Laurent. 

Leo Drouyn. 
Leo Drouyn. 
{ do. ) 
(Black Chalk), 
( do. ) 
( do. ) 
( do. ) 
(Black Chalk,) 
( do. ) 
{ do. ) 
( do. ) 
(Black Chalk,) 
( do. ) 
( do. ) 
(Quil and Charcoal,) 

Leo Drouyn. 
Leo Drouyn. 
Leo Drouyn. 
Leo Drouyn. 
Leo Drouyn. 
Leo Drouyn. 
Leo Drouyn. 
Leo Drouyn. 
Leo Drouny. 
Leo Drouyn. 
Leo Drouyn. 
Leo Drouyn. 
Leo Drouyn. 
Leo Drouyn. 
Leo Drouyn. 




900 Ave Maria, Sussmann. ... Berlin. 

901 Ulysses after his return to Ithaca, reposing in a Grotto, Sussmann, Berlin. 

902 A 







Colleetiou of original Drawings, by the Old Masters, thej^roperty of 

Hekrt Arrowsmith, Esq. 80 New Bond St. London : — 
Parmigiano. Three Specimens in one Frame— Oite in Pen and Wash, One in Red Chalk, and One 

in Chalk. 
Amidano, 'Pupil oi Pai-miff-kino, A Sacrifice, In Wash. 

Albano, Holy Family, Pen and Wash. 

Pasinelli, Slceteh, In Black Chalk. 

Gidseppe Galleotti, Study for Fresco. 

Guiseppe Galleotti, Study for Fresco. 

Sehastiani Galleotti^ Study for Fresco. 

Lucca Giordano, A Battle, 

Andrea SaccM, Sacrifice by Abram, 

Tiepoli, Wounded Horse, 

Giddo, Studies of St. Michel, 

Guido, Repentance of St. Peter, 

Franceschini, Study for Crowning a Saint. 

A. Caracci, The Titans, Pen and Wash. 

Murillo, Saint, Pen and Wash. 

Claude, Study, Pen and Wash. 

Swaneveldt, Landscape. 

In Sepea Wash. 

Wash and Pen. 
Wash and Pen. 

Rousseau, Pupil of i^wmieveldf, 


Paul Bril, 
Vail Brielst, 
Van Bridstf 
Be Bov/rg, 
Van Drielsi, 
Niciolo Poussin, 

In Wash. 

The Fortune Teller, 
Three Subjects in one Frame, 
Landscape, Indigo Wash, 

Ship in a Gale, Wash. 

Sliipping, Water Color. 

Abraham and the Angels, 

In Chalk. 

In Pencil. 


Stormy Weather, 
Studies of Trees, 
Studies of Trees, 
In Wash. 
Indian Ink Wash. 
English Sports, 
Color Wash. 
Indian Ink. 

Water Color. 

In Red Chalk. 

In Red Chalk. 

Wash and Color. 
In Conte Chalk. 




903 A Stable with Horses and Figures, P. F. van Os, 

904 Yiew of Amsterdam by Moonlight, with 

Ships, &e. C. Tmmerzeel. - A. T. Cramer, 

905 A Dutch Village intersected with water towards Evening, 

by Moonlight, J. T. Ahels, - - - - 

906 The amval of the Queen of England at Flushing, with the 

escorting Squadron saluted by the Ship, "The Prince 
of Orange," on her passage to Antwerp, on the 18th 
August, 1852, A. Pleysier, - - - - - 

907 View of the Strand at Scheveningen, A . Pleysier, 

908 Agitated water, with several Vessels entering at the 

Nienwediep, A. Pleysier, - - - - 

909 A Passage in an old fashioned Dutch House, in the back part, 

a street seen by moonlight ; in the foreground, a maid 

servant lighting a candle in a lantern, H. Van Hove, B.Z. - 

910 Interior of a House ; a lady sitting on a sofa, attended by her 

chamber maid, dressing her hair, P. F. Van Wyngaardt - 

911 Review of the Album, A. Verhoeven, H. Hilleveld, Hz, 

912 Ruins of the Castle PieiTifond, near Compiegne, 

France, L. Manedoes, Do. 

913 A Landscape at Sunset, Lamoriciere, Do. 

914 Dutch Landscape — A Winter View, /. /. Spohler, Do. 

915 Moonlight, L. de Winter, Do. 

916 Interior of a House — Le Coup R^flechi — ("The Premeditated 


917 Moonshine, 

918 Strand View, 

919 Dutch Summer Landscape, 

920 Strand View, 

921 Naval Engagement, 

A. Verhoeven, - - Do. 

L. de Winter, - - Do. 

L. Meyer, Do. 

W. Bodeman & E VerboecJchoven Do. 

F. Gudin, Do. 

F. Gudin, Do. 











922 A Sbipwi-eck near Vera Ciiiz, A. Mayer, 

923 Agitated Sea, Ch. Bmchez, 
924: A Landscape — "The Jura Mountains," Collens, 
925 Rippling Water, J. G. Sehotel, 
928 Agitated Water, A. JTulk, 

927 Agitated Water, A. Bulk, 

928 Stm^mer Landscape— Panorama, Tisscr, 

929 The Hague— Town Yiew, 

930 Amsterdam Orphans going to Chm-eli 

H. HilleTeld, Hz. 



A. Waldorp, G. de Vries, Jz. 
M. F. C. Ten Kate, Do. 

931 Winter View, 

932 Town View, 

933 Dnteh Maritime ViBage, 

934 Painting, 

£. C. Sneiders <k O. Bouehez, Do. 

G. Springer, Do. 

W, A. Van Deventer, Do. 
B. DonJcer Curtius, 

935 Landscape, G-uelderland — The first breath of the 

Tempest, P. L. Dubourcq^ 

936 Guelderland Hilly Landscape by day, with Cattle, ^.Z. 6^er;, - 

937 Dutch Farm in the Morning, A. J. Offer mams , 

938 View in the Hague Wood — Evening, A. J. Offermans, 

939 The Mother of Jesus, and St. John standing by the 

Cross : — "When Jesus therefore saw his mother, and the 
disciple standing by, whom he loved, he saith unto his 
mother. Woman, behold thy son ! Then saith he to 
the disciple, Behold thy mother ! And from that hour 
that disciple took her unto his own Jwme." — John, 
Chap. xix. ver, 2&, 27. /. A. Kruseman, Jz^ 

040 Jesus and the little Child : — " Whosoever therefore shall hum- 
ble himself as this little child, the same is greatest in the 
kingdom of heaven." — St. Matthew, Chajp. xviii. ver. 4. T. A. Kruseman, 

841 A Town View, A'. Karsen, G-. de Vries, Jz. 

942 View on the Y at Amsterdam in W^inter, C. Steffclaar 

943 Country Fair in the Environs of Amsterdam, C. Steffelaar 

944 Dutch Landscape, clouded, /. Pelgrom, - 

945 Procession with Torches by Moonlight, /. Pelgrom, 
948 Country Fair, /. Pelgrom, . , . 

947 Liiudscape — Panoramic view, representing thetown of Rhenen, 

with its environs, situated on the borders of the 

Rhme, J. P. Van Wisselingh, . - - - 

948 A Girl reading a Letter by Candle-iight, Wm. Van dcr Wo^'p, 

949 A View on the Coast of Holland, with fishing boats, TT'. A . Van Devaiter, 

950 A Painting, /. F. Van Deverder^ 


A msterdam. 

The Hague. 
The Hague. 
The Hague. 









The Hague. 
The Hague. 



951 Hugo Grotius, with his Family, and the faithful domestics, 

Elsje Van Houweningen and H. Van de Velde, in the 
prison of Loevenstein, reading and explaining the Holy 
Scriptures, in 1620, C. J. L. Portman, 

952 Scene of an Inundation in North Holland in 1825, by 

moonlight, C. J. L. Portman, 

953 Landscape in the vicinity of Verviers, Belgium, 0. A. Roth, 

954 Landscape, with Trees, F. H. Hendriks, 

955 The Stranding of a Merchant Vessel on a Rocky Shore, 

the Crew endeavouring to save themselves, with a Steamer 

O. G.Kannemans, 

M. F. H. de Haas, 
0. Neurdenhv/rg, 
C. Newrdenbwg, 
S. L. Verveer, 
K. F. Bomhled, 

E. Raster, 
S. Van Den Berg, 

lying to take them in, 

956 Water View on the Dutch Coast, 

957 An Old Gentleman in his Study, 

958 A Farmer paying his Labourers, 

959 A Painting, 

960 The Difficult Trade, 

961 A Dutch Village by Moonlight, 

962 Dutch Landscape, 

963 A Man-of-War, crowding sail, on the Coast of Holland to clear 

a lee shore, P. J. Schotel, 

964 Two Figures by candle-light, in ancient costume, ■ /. Rosierse, 

965 Confidential Participation, by candle-light, /. Rosierse, 

966 Companion to No. 965, /. Rosierse, 

967 Iron Mill in the vicinity of Breda, North Braband, F. L. Huygens, 

968 Dutch Meadow, with Cattle and Herdsman, /. Van Ravenzwaay, 

969 The Painter Fentoresso and his Daughter, T. Van Westhreene, w.z. 

970 An old Italian Shepherd, fainting from fatigue, and suppoi'ted 

by his Daughter, C. Kruseman, A. A. Weimar, 

971 A Church at Antwerp, Genisson & Williams, Do. 

972 An agitated Sea, with Shipping and a View of the English 

Coast, Louis Meyer, A. A. Weimar, - 

973 Still Water — A Dutch River, with various Vessels, F. J. Vanden Blyh, 

974 A Dutch River, by moonlight, F. J. Vanden Blyh, 

975 Arrival of the Steamer from Tilburg m 'th the coi-pse of 

His Majesty, King Wm. II. at the Marine yard, 
Rotterdam, P. Schiedges, Josh. J. Crooswyck, 

976 View of Rotterdam, ----- Do. 

977 A Brig coming to Anchor, .... Do. 

978 Market Boats under Sail, .... Do. 

979 Market Boats leaving the Harbour, - - - Do. 

980 Market Boats laying to alongside a pier, - - - Do. 







The Hague. 

The Hague. 









The Hague. 

The Hague. 
The Hague. 

The Hague. 






981 A Strand on the Dutch Coast — Fishennen agroimd, Josh. J, Crooswyck, Rotterdam, 

982 The Reading of the Bible, J, J. Ecchhout, I. Hollander, Brussels. 

983 The Visit of a Physician, W. Mlckers, • - - Rotterdam. 

984 Workshop of a Painter, L. J. Eausen, - - • Amsterdam. 

985 A Chamber with a Lady and ChUd, L. J. Ila'iisen, • - Am.sterdam. 


986 A Visit to Poor People, Carl Huiner, 

987 Forest Landscape, Wm. Klein, 

988 Oberwesel on the Rhine, Wm. Klein, 

989 Stags, Fried, ffappel, 

990 Return from the Chase — Landscape, P. H. Eappel, 

991 Sketch on the Reichenbach, in Switzerland, L. RauscJi, 

992 Beech at Scheveningen, Holland, 

993 The ISIiss interrupted, 

994 Landscape — Norwegian winter, 

995 Rhine Landscape, 

996 Netherlands Landscape, 

997 Italian Landscape, Rocca Secura, 

998 Stags going to the Foimtain, 

999 Matin Song of Italian Herdsman, 

Carl Adloff, 
T. B. Sonderland, 
M. T. Bagge, 
C. Jimglieim, 
Caspar Scheuren, 
E. Von Guerard, 
Fried. Happel, 

Theod. Maassen, 

School of Painting, 






1 A Greek Girl. — Sir C. L. Eastlake, P.R.A. 

2 A Jewish Synagogue. — S. Hart, E.A. 

3 The Dangerous Playmate. — ^W. Etty, E.A. 

4 The Bagpiper. — Sir D. Wilkie. 

5 The Wooden Bridge. — Sir A. W. Calcott, 


6 Malvolio. — D. Maclisej E.A. 

7 The Duett.— W. Etty, E.A. 

8 The Woodland Gate. — W. Colline, E.A. 

9 Bathers Surprised by a Swan. — W. Etty, 

10 The Age of Innocence. — Sir Joshua Eey- 
nolds, E.A. 

11 A Lake in Cumberland.— J. C. Loutherbourg, 

12 Crossing the Ford. — W. Mulready, E.A. 

13 The Carrara Family, 1406. — Sir Charles L. 
Eastlake, P.E.A. 

14 Eeading the News. — Sir D. Wilkie, E. A. 

15 Cupid Bound.— T. Stothard, E.A. 

16 The Chapeau de Brigand. — ^T. Uwins, E.A. 



18 Clarissa Harlowe. — C. Landseer, E.A. 

19 A Syrian Maid.— H. W. Pickersgill, E.A. 

20 The Pride of the Village. — J. Callcott 

21 The Casement. — G. S. Newton, E.A. 

22 The Columns op St. Mark, Venice. — E. P. 

23 Dutch Boats in a Calm. — E. W. Cooke. 

24 The Windmill. — J. Linnell. 

25 Sancho and the Duchess. — C. E. Leslie, E.A. 

26 Venice.— C. Stanfield, E.A. 

27 Sir Thomas More and his Daughter. — J. 
E. Herbert, E. A. 

28 Arabs Dividing Spoil.— Sir W. Allan, E.A. 

29 Eed Cap. — G. Lance. 

30 Intemperance. — T. Stothard, E.A. 

31 The Enthusiast. — T. Lane. 

32 The Flower Girl. — H. Howard. 

33 Venice, the Grand Canal. — J. M. W. Tur- 
ner, E.A. 

34 The Countess. — Sir T. Lawrence, P.E.A. 

35 The Raffle for the Watch. — E. Bird, E.A. 

36 Florimel and the Witch. — F. E. Pickersgill. 

37 The Last In.— W. Mulready, E.A. 

38 Uncle Toby and the Widow. — C. E. Leslie, 

39 The Stolen Bow.— W. Hilton, E.A. 

40 The Astronomer. — H. Wyatt. 

41 Cottage in Hyde Park. — Nasmyth. 

42 Wood Cutting in Windsor Forest. — J. Lin- 

43 The Meadow.— Sir A. W. Callcott, E.A, 

44 The Church op St. Paul at Antwerp. — D. 
Eoberts, E.A. 

45 Morning on the Sea Coast. — F. E. Lee, E.A. 

46 Sea Shore in Holland. — Sir A. W. Callcott, 



47 Cattle : Early Mokning. — T. S. Cooper, 

48 A Dutch Feret. — Sir A. W. Callcott, R.A. 

49 EuiNS IN Italy. — E. Wilson, E.A. 

50 The Penitent.— W. Etty, E.A. 

51 Cottage Children. — T. Gainsborougli, E.A. 

52 Hadrian's Villa. — E. Wilson, E.A. 

53 The First Ear-ring. — Sir D. Wilkie, E.A. 

54 The Cavalier's Pets. — Sir E. Landseer, E.A. 

55 Youth and Pleasure.— W. Etty, E.A. 

56 The Death of the Stag. — Sir E. Landseer, 

57 Nebuchadnezzar and the Fiery Furnace.— 
G. Jones, E.A. 

58 Dr. Johnson in the Ante-room op Lord 
Chesterfield. — E. M. Ward, A.E.A. 

59 The Council of Horses. — J. Ward, E.A. 

60 The Victim.— A. L. Egg, A.E.A. 

61 Eest in the Desert. — W. Muller. 

62 The Village Festival. — F. Goodall. 
" And young and old come forth to play. 

On a sunshine holiday." 

63 The Fair Sleeper. — H. Wyatt. 

64 Interior op Burgos Cathedral. — D. Eo- 
berts, E.A. 

65 The Fall of Clarendon — E. M. Ward, 
A. E.A. 

66 The Peep-o'-Day Boy's Cabin. — Sir D. Wil- 
kie, E.A. 

67 The Old Pier, at Little Hampton. — Sir A. 
W. Callcott, E.A. 

68 The Newspaper. — ^T. S. Good. 

69 A Fete Champetre. — T. Stothard, E.A. 

70 The Port op Leghorn. — Sir A. W. Callcott, 

71 The Battle of Traf^vlgar. — C. Stanfield, 

72 Lake Avernus. — E. Wilson, E.A. 

73 The Prawn Fishers.— W. Collins, E.A. 

74 The Scheldt, Texel Island. — C. Stanfield, 

75 High Life.— Sir E. Landseer, E.A. 

76 Low Life. — Sir E. Landseer, E.A. 

77 The Crown of Hops. — W. F. Witherington. 

78 The Bathers.— T. Stothard, E.A. 

79 The Cover Side.— F. E. Lee, E.A. 

80 The Truant.— T. Webster, E.A. 

81 Eebekah at the Well. — AV. Hilton, E.A. 

82 The Installation.— B. West, P.E.A. 

83 The Stepping Stones. — W. F. Witherington, 

84 Westminster Bridge, 1745. — S. Scott. 

85 London Bridge, 1745. — S. Scott. 

86 Falstaff AND Anne Page.— C. Clint, A.E.A. 

87 The Tambourine. — P. Williams. 

88 Fair Time.— W. Mulready, E.A. 

89 The Infant Bacchus. — Sir Martin A. Shee. 

90 The Farm-yard.- T. S. Cooper, A.E.A. 

91 Juliet and the Nurse. — H. P. Briggs, E.A. 

92 The Wayside in Italy. — P. Williams. 

93 Imprudence of Candunles. 

94 The Tired Soldier. — F. Goodall. 

95 Lady Godiva. — G. Jones, E.A. 

96 Spaniards and Peruvians. — H. Briggs, EA. 

97 Mythological Battle. 

98 The Sepulchre.— W. Etty, E.A. 

99 A Highland Cottage. — A. Eraser. 
100 The Lake of Como.— C. Stanfield, E.A. 

Kean, Charles, 3 Torring-ton Sq. London : 

Portrait of Chalrles Kean. Sir W. AUan, E.A. 

C. Kean in Hamlet. A. E. Chalon, E.A. 

C. Kean in Macbeth. A. E. Chalon, E.A. 

Mr. and Mrs. C. Kean in Lovell's play of the 
Wife's Secret. A. E. Chalon, E.A. 

Miss EUen Tree (now Mrs. C. Kean) in Pau- 
line in the Lady of Lyons. A. E. Chalon, E.A. 

Miniature of the late Mrs. Kean, widow of 
Edmimd Kean, by A. Chalon, E.A. 

Miniature of the late Edmund Kean, in the 
character of Brutus, in the Fall of Tarquin, by Stump, 



Miniature of Miss Ellen Tree, Sir W. Ross, 


Miniature of Charles Kean when he left Eton 
CoUege, by Stump. 

Miniature of Mary Kean, daughter of Mr. and 
Mrs. C. Kean, when 18 months old, by Miss Sharp. 

Edmund Kean's Play BUI of his first appear- 
ance in London. 

Edmimd Kean's Play Bill of his last appear- 
ance in London. 

Play Bill of the first appearance of Edmund 
Kean and his son Charles in Glasgow. 

Sword presented by the late Lord Byron to 
Edmund Kean. 

Turkish yataghan presented by the late Lord 
Byron to Edmund Kean, and which was the last sword 
he wore on the stage. 

Andrea Ferrarra, basket-hilted sword, pre- 
sented to E. Kean by his admirers in Edinburgh, 
and which he always wore in the regal scene of Mac- 

Snuff'-box presented by the late Lord Byron to 
Edmund Kean, the lid a beautiful specimen of mosaic. 

Cardinal Wolsey's Hat, purchased by Mr. 
Charles Kean at the sale of Horace Walpole's efiects 
at Strawberry Hill. 

Dagger which belonged to Henry VIII. pur- 
chased by Mr. Charles Kean at the sale at Strawberry 

Original miniature of Nelson, by E. H. Cham- 
berlayne.- (FzfZe Life of Nelson). 




Anderson, Matthew, Dublin : — 

1000 Equestrian statuette of the Queen, Count D' Or say, 

Bailt, E. H. E.A. London : — 

1001 Eve at the Fountain, . * i » * ^ 

1002 The Graces, ........ 

1003 Youth resting after the Chase, . . . * i 

1004 Nymph preparing to bathe, - * ' • • 

1005 Bust of Lord Gough, ...... 

1006 Bust of late John Lawless, Esq., . . . b . 

1007 Bust of Lord Brougham, - - - » * * 

1008 Bust of Sir John Herschell, * . . . . 

1008 A Bust of Douglas Jerrold, - '■ 

Barter, Richard, 23 South Frederick St. Dublin :—- 

1009 Group — Lesson interrupted, . ^ . . * 

1010 Group — Venus and Cupid, . . . ^ . 

1011 Bust of the late Thomas Little, M.D. LL.D. 

1012 Bust of Dr. Little, - ...... 

1013 Bust of NoblettR. St. Leger, Esq. .... 

1014 Bust of Miss Catherine Hayes, - - - ' - 

1015 Bust of Miss Mayne (posthumous),- . . * * 

1016 Bust of a Lady, ....... 

1017 Bust of a Gentleman, . . . . ^ . 

1017 a Glass Case of Medallion Likenesses. 

Berwick, Walter, 6 Upper Merrion St. Dnblin : — 

1018 Group — The Young Champion Boy defending his Sister 

from a Snake. .... /. Gfott, — EomC) 

1019 Boy taking Italian Greyhound Pup from its Mother, /. Oott, 

1020 Child embracing Italian Greyhound, /. Gott, 

1021 Bossuet Preaching, £esse <b Co. Pai^, 





- Marbls. 



Baeee, a. Paris : — 

1022 Statuette, (exhibited by Miss O'Brien,) ...... Marble. 

1023 Statuette, (exhibited by Miss O'Brien,) -.--.. Marble. 

Baetolini, L. Eome : — 

1024 Praying Girl — statuette, - - - - - - - - Marble. 

Bell, John, London : — 

1025 The Child's attitude — statue, ....... Marble. 

Eauch, Maek R. 

1025 a The Danaid. 

BuENETT, Feancis, Dublin : — 

1026 Young Musician, -....».. 

1027 Busts of Wellington and Moore, upon one stand, - . . - 

BUTLEE, T. London : — 
1027a Bust of the late Peter Burro wes, Esq. -*.*.. 

Cahill, James, Dublin : — 

1028 Vh-gin and Child, .... . . 

1029 Nun instructing a Girl, - - - ^ 

Ceccaeini, Francesco, Belfast : — 

1030 A basso relievo of the late Duke ofWellington, , » . . - Marble. 

DoHEETT, W. J. Dublin : — 

1031 Small statue — Boy and Bird, .. = -.* * Plaster. 

Walesbt, Thomas, 5 Waterioo PI. London : — 

1032 Equestrian Statuette of Field Marshal Arthiu- Duke of Wellington, modelled by 

Count D'Orsay, on black marble pedestal and plinth, surrounding the edges of 

which are reposing lions and a richly foliated wreath. . • - - Bronze. 

Cahill, Miss, Cork: — 

1033 Bust of a Lady of distinction, by Canova, .«-.•»*. Marble. 

DtJEANT, Susan : — 

1034 Girl and Bird, • - . . - . - - - Plaster. 

Caen Stone. 

- Marble. 








Eaele, T. London : — 

1035 Pastorella— statuette, ........ Marble. 

1036 Abel and Thirza, --------- Plaster. 

1037 Silvia and the "Wounded Fawn, ..-..-. — 

Cheaenlet, E. Salterbridge, Cappoquin: — 

1038 Cupid and Calypso, /. Gott, ----- Marble, 

Cooper, Edward, Markree Castle, CoUooney: — 

1039 Cephalus and Procris, by M'DoweU, (his first work). 

1040 Leda by Scaccioni. 

Farrell, Terence, Dublin : — 

1041 Model of a Monument erected in Flitton Church, Bedfordshire, to the memory of 

the Coimtess de Grey, -------- 

1042 Bust of Theobald Wolfe Tone, ------- 

1043 Model of a Monument, commissioned by the 18th Royal Irish Regiment, and 

erected in St. Patrick's Cathedral, Dublin, to the memory of Lieutenant- 
Colonel Tomlinson, . - - - - 

1044 Bust of Earl de Grey, . - = . . 

Faerell, James, Dublin : — ■ 

1045 Hunter reposing, ------ 

1046 Madonna and Child, . - - - - 

1047 Pet Dove's return, . - - 

Farrell, John, Dublin : — 

1048 St. Lucius, ------- 

1049 The Wanderer, ..---- 

1050 Alfred, ....-- 

Faeeell, Joseph, Dublin : — 

1051 A Bard, 

1052 St. Lawrence, --------- — 

1053 St. Joseph, ...-..--. — 

Fakeell, Thomas, Dublin :— 

1054 Statue of Master Barton, --•---«• Marble. 

1055 The Lost One, - - - - - - - - - Plaster . 

Fletchee, a. : — 

1056 Bust of the late Mrs. Hemans, - - - - - - - Plaster. 

Portland stone. 






Foley, John H. A.R.A. London : — 

1057 Innocence, ...» 

Frances, J. London : — 

1058 Statue of Her Majesty tlie Queen, 
1058a Bust of Her Majesty the Queen, 

1058b Bust of His Eoyal Highness Prince Albert, 
1058c Bust of Richard Brinsley Sheridan, 

Fulton, Mrs. Anne, Stillorgan, co. Dublin 

1059 Statuette of Phocion, 

1060 Statuette of Meditation, 

1061 Statuette of Silence, 

Geefs : — 

1062 Sleeping Cupid, - ^ . . 

1062 A Cupid in the attitude of supplication, 

Hanigan, E. Dublin : — 

1063 Flaxman's Morning — copy, 

1064 Flaxman's Night — copy, 

1065 MedaUion.— Tlie Faiiy in the Blue Bell, 







HoGAN, John, Dublin : — 

1066 Hibemia supporting Bust of Lord CloncUrry, executed at the instance of a Lady 

since deceased, ......... Marble, 

1067 Drunken Faun, ---...... Plastei-. 

1068 Statue, life size, to the Memory of the late Thomas Davis, Esq. - - - Marble. 

1069 Monument to the late P. Purcell, Esq. ...... Plaster. 

1070 Monument to the late Doctor Scanlan, ..---.__ 

1071 Monmnent to the late Right Rev. Dr. Fleming, in the act of consigning his Cathedral 

and Appandage to his Successor, Right Rev. Df . Mullock, Bishop of St. John's, 
Newfoundland, ----.. ^ . - — -- 

1072 Monument to the late William Beamish, Esq. ...--_ 

1073 Bust of the late Daniel O'Connell, ----.-- Marble. 

1074 Bust of the Rev. Theobald Mathew, ......_ 

1075 Bust of the late Thomas Steele, ...... Plaster. 

Jackson, Willtam, M.P. : — 
1075 a Oroup of Bacchante, with Panther, by Philippo (Inaccherino, 

•• ]Marble. 




Jones, J. E. London and Dublin : — 
1076 Statue of William Dargan, Esq. . . . . . 

" Those features so massive, that forehead immense, 
Prove the block forms the head of no blockhead 
"UTiat a face full of talent, and goodness, and sensoy 
♦ Has that man with his hand in his pocket. 

" Tliat hand holds no hard, sordid gripe of his gold, 
Eor the good of mankind he'll unlock it ; 

For science and art thousands freely are told. 
By this man with his hand in his pocket." 


1077 Bust of Her Majesty Queen Victoria, - - - . 

1078 Group of Children and Animals (portraits), . - ., 

1079 Companion group, do. do. - • ' 

1080 Statuette (imitation silver) of His Grace the late Duke of Welliagton, 

1081 Statuette — The Favorite (portrait), - . • . 

1082 Group of tlie Chiidreii of James Stirling, Esq, 

1083 Statuette of Baron Meyer de Rothschild, on horseback vrith doga, - 

1084 Bust of His Ezcellency the Lord Lieutenant (the Earl of St. Germans), 
10S5 Bust, the Countess of Eglin^on, - . . . - 
1083 Bn?t, the Earl of Eglinton, .... 

1087 Bust, the Earl of Clarendon, . - - - . 

1088 Bust of the late Daniel O'Comtell, - - . . . 

1089 Bust, George Eoe, Esq. - . . . . ^ 
'1090 Bust, Mrs. Dargan, ---... 

1091 Bust of the late Pierce Mahony, Esq, .,.-.. 

1092 Bust, Thomas Brassy, Esq. .... 

1093 Bust of Sir John Benson, - - - ^ . .■ 

1094 Bust, William Fairbaimy Esq. -.•..., 
Bust, .John David Barry, Esq. of Paris, . .. . « 
Bust, Sir Mathew Barrington, - . .» ^ . 

1097 Bust, Sir Charles Fox, --■-..- 

1098 Bust, Sir William Betham, - w . , .. 

1099 Bust, James Perry, Esq, ------ 

1100 Bust, William M'Cormick, Esq, - - - - .- 

1101 Bust, WiniamAnketell, Esq. - - . - . 

1102 Bust of the iate Alexander Nimmo, Esq. - - - . 

1103 Bust, William Dargan, Esq. . - . - . 

1104 Bust, the Bev. Dr. Sadleir, . - . . - 

1105 Bust, WilHam Harvie, Esq, - - - - 




1108 Bust, Mrs. Williara Harvie, ....... Marble. 

1107 Bust, Lord Rossmore, ........ — 

1107 a Bust of the late James Ferrief, Esq. .-<■... — 

1107 b Bust of James Gwj'nne, Esq. ..-..*. — 

1108 Bust, the Empress of the French, - - . ' . . . . Plaster^ 

1109 Bust, the Emperor of the French, - - , - •■ - ^ ^ ^ — 

1110 Bust, Loui.s Phillippe, - - • ' . . . . , __ 

1111 Bust, Sir Henry Pottinger, ....... — 

1112 Bust, Sir Richard Mon-ison, ....... — 

1113 Bust, Wffliam Keogh, Esq. " - - - " ^ - - — 

1114 Bust, Charles Lever, Esq. - *• ■• •• - - . ■• - — 

1115 Bust, Albert Smith, Esq. ... - - . . . - — 

1116 Bust, Sir Robert Kane, President of Cork College, .... — 

1117 Bust, Rev. Dr. Heniy, President of Queen's College, Belfast^ '• - ' — 

1118 Bust, Surgeon Cusack, ........_ 

1119 Bust, C. P. Roney, Esq. (Secretary to the Exhibition), .... — 

1120 Bust, William Cogan, Esq. M. P. -.--..- — 

1121 Bust, Dr. Waller, - - - - - . - - . — 
1121a Bust of N. D.Murfihy, Esq. - - - - * '^ . _ 

1122 Bust, Dr. Petrie, - - - - -- - - - - . — 

1123 Bust, Colly Grattan, Esq. -.-.---- 
1123a Bust of Edward Jones, Esq. ^ ^ - =. _ - ^ — 

1124 Bust, Michael Balfe, Esq. ...... ~ — 

1124a Bust of Master Tennant, -...-.. — 

1125 Bust, Sir Thomas Deane, -....*,. Plaster. 
1123 Bust, Dr. Lyons (Cork), - - - . - ^ . - __ 

1127 Bust, Lord Denman, - ^ - ... . . — 

1128 Bust, the Duke of Cambridge, - . . . . . . — 

1128a Bust of Major Edwards, - ' - ' - ' - — 

1129 Bust, Charles Copland, Esq. - - - - - '^ ■ - — 

1130 Bust of Favanti (Miss Edwards) ......._ 

1131 Bust, Miss Tennent, ..--...._ 
1131a Bust of the Nepaulese Ambassador, ^ ^ ^ ^ -^ ^ — 

1132 Bust, Hon. Miss Copley, - - - . . . . . _ 

1 133 Bixst of the late Sir Robert Peel, ......- — 

1134 Bust, James Wallack, Esq. .....-._ 

1134a Bust of Lola Montes, Countess of Lansfeldt, - - - - .. — 

1135 Bust, Sir William Hackett, late Mayor of Cork, ..... — 

1136 Bust, the Earl of Ellesmere, ......._ 

1137 Bust, Sir Henry Marsh, Bart. - .... . - . — 
1137a of Captain Williams, - » -'- - - .— 

N 2 


1138 Bust, J. M'aiashan, Esq, -----... piaster- 
1138a Bust of Lady M'Nem, _ 

1139 Bust, Surgeon Eynd, ------.. _^ 

1139a Bust of the Rev, Mr. Hartigan^ ----*.. _^ 

1140 Bust, Mrs. Cogan, - -----..._ 

1140a Bust of Miss Gemon, ---*--. ^ 

1140b Bust of the Rev. Peter Daly, - . - - - - . _^ 

1140c Group — the Children of William M'Cormick, Esq. London, - - - .^ 

Kennedy, Miss : — 

1141 The Rival Spinners or Broken Hack, ■> ^ - . j . Blastef, 

KiKK, Thomas, the late, Dublin : — 

1141a Bust of His Grace the late Duke of Noi-thumberland, * - .s - Marble. 

1141b Bust of the late Abraham CoUes, Esq. M.D. ----._ 

1142 Sir Sydney Smith, ----....,.. Plaster. 

1143 The Young Champion— group. "A boy defending his sister's bii-d's nest," - Marble. 

1 144 Bust, George IV. (Contributed by the Bank of Ireland), - - - . — 

1145 Bust, Nelson, (Ditto) ---.-.._ 

1145 a Bust of the late Dr. Kirby, --..-....,_ 

1146 Bust of the Right Hon. F. Shav/, --.--.._ 
1146 a Sleeping Child, - ~ ~ ^ ^ ^ ^ . . Marble* 

1146 b Bust of the late Judge Burton, .» = -»-*-...^ 

KiKK, Joseph R, Dublin :-— 

1147 ChHdren at Play, ---.-...._. 

1148 Statuette, Cassandra Prophesying, ----- ^ - . 

1149 Statuette, ----.-..... _^ 

1149 a Group emblematie of the Great Exhibition of 1851 —designed for a centre piece 

in silver or gold, ---...... Marble- 

1150 Ruth and Naomi, ----.-.-.., Plaster- 

1151 Creation of the Dimple, - - . . . . ^ ^ 

1152 Andromeda, - - ---... ^ 

1153 Bust, the Dean of St. Patrick's, --..... _^ 

11^4 Bust, the Provost of Trinity College, - - - . w . ^^ 

1155 Bust, Lord Dnnboyne, ---.....- _^ 

11 55 a Bust of the late Thomas Moore, ■ - ^ . ^ .- . : 

1156 Bust, the Rev. Dr. Todd, --.--..■. Marble.- 

1156 a Bust of the Rev. Dr. Todd, -^ -.-... . Plaster. 

1157 Bust, the Rev. Dr. Ellington, - ..... Plaster, 
1157a Pjh c>f Dr. Magee, late Archbishop of Dublin, - - .■ w . ^ 



Kirk, Miss :— 
1157b Tlie Infant BacchiLs, 

- Plaster. 

Kjkk, W. B. London : — 

1158 Pastoi-al Age, - - - - - - 

1159 Iris Ascending, ----.-... 
1159a Half-sized Model of a Statue of Justice, executed colossal size for the new Court 

House, Belfast, - . - - - ^ - 

Lawlob, John, London : — 

1160 The Bather— statue, ---..... 

1161 The Emigrant, — statue, ---.-... 

1162 Boys Wrestling — group piece, --..... 

1163 Solitude, Statuette— Art Union Prize, ...... 

Langfokd, Earl of : — 
1163a The Hon. Maiy Pakenham and her favorite Dog, - . - _ 

Marochbtti, Baron, London :^ 

1164 Equestrian Statue of Her Majesty, ...... 

1164a Bust of Miss W , -.--... 



Parian Marble. 



Livi V. Cakbaea : — . 

1165 Statuette, --...-... 

1 166 Guardian Angel, ---..... 

MTDoNNELL, Frances (Deaf and Dumb), London :— 

1167 The First Born, ........ 

M'DowELL, P. R.A. London : — 

1168 Eve, 

1168a Psyche. " Her sorrowing heart recalled her absent love with bitter sighs," 

Macmanus, Henry, Dublin : — 

1169 Bacchante I'eposing, ....... 

1169a Topsy, --.-..... 

Marshall, W. Calder, E.A. London : — 

1170 Sabrina, - - . . . 

1171 Dancing Girl Reposing, ....... 

1171a The first "Whisper of Love, . - - - - 








Monti, R. London : — 

1172 Tlie Playful BatLur — statuette, (Portrait), - 

1173 Heloise— Bust, .... 

1174 Veiled Vest- J— Bust, 

Moose, Chkistophek, London : — 

1 1 74 A Bust of the Earl of Carlisle, 
1174b Buai of Professor M'Cullagh, 

1175 Statue, Sir Michael O'Loghlen, - 

1176 Bust of the late T. Moore, - 

1 i 76a Bust of His Grace the Dnke of Leinster, - 

1177 Bust, Lord Plunkett, 

11 77 A Bust of the late George Stephenson, 
1177b Bust of Lord PIiiiLkett, - 

1178 Bust, the Bight Hon. the Lord Chancellor, 

1 1 78 A Bust of the Eight Hon. the Lord Chancellor, 

1 1 79 Bust of the late Surgeon Carmichael, 

1180 Bust, Master Stwlman, 

1181 Bust, Lord Moiptch, 

1182 Statue, Sleeping Child, ... 

1183 Bust, Sir Edward Bla-keney, 

1184 Bust, John Philpot Curran, 

1185 Bust of the late Josish Dunne,. 

1186 Bust, the Earl of Derhy, - 

1187 Bust of the late Judge Burton, 

1 187 A Bust of the late Serje.'int Warren, 

1188 BiLst, the Earl of Clarendon, 

1189 Bust, Sir Philip Crarapton, Bart. - 

1190 Bust, the Marquis of Anglesey, 

1191 Bust, Jonathan Henn, 

1191a Bust of Judge Perrin, - , -, ,„..t.Ja. 

ItluNKO, Alexandek, London : - 

1192 The Brothers' little Pet. Group, - 

1193 Paoloe Pi-ancesca. From Dante. Group, 

1194 Egerirf.. fV^de Charles Mackay'a poems), - 

1195 The Seasons, alto relievo, - 

1196 Innocence, A Study. - - . 
1196a Bust of a Highland Boy, - - - 
1196b Medallion of Lady Constance Grosvenor, 













Nanetti, C. Dublin : — 

1197 Virgin and Child, 

1198 Erudice — showing the mode of finishing plaster casts, 
1189 Cyparissus, ..... 

1200 Leda and the Swan, > . . - 

No^LE, Matthew, London : — 

1201 Statue of the late Sir Kohert Peel, 

1202 Bust of the late Duke of Wellington 

1202 a Bust of Lord Nelson, .... 

1203 Bust ofthe late Sir Eobert Peel, . 
1203 a Bust of the late W. Etty, KA. - 



Pan OEMO, C. the late : — 

1204 Caractacus. Group, ... 

1205 The Pet Dove, .... 
1205 a The Eescue, .... 

1205 b Bust ofthe late WUliam Deane Freeman, Esq. 

Papwokth, E. G. Jun. London : — 

1206 The Tired Water Carrier, - 



Powers, Hieam : — 

1206 a Greek Slave, 

Phtsick, Edwaed G. London : — 

1207 Female and Child. (Group), 

1208 Head of the dying Saviour, 



Powell, G. E. Dublin : — 

1209 Magyar's Daughter. Small gi'oup, 

1210 Statuette of Arab Girl and Horse, . 

1211 The Combat of Caffirs and Dragoon, 

1212 Mameluke and Horse, 
1212 a Prairie Indian and Bison, 


Rambaut, P. R. Dublin : 
1213 Study from Life,. - 




EicHAEDSON, Ed WARD, London : — 

1214 Sketch for the llecumbent Portrait Statue of a Peer in the Robes of the Garter, 

since executed, hie size in alabaster, ...... Plaster, 

1215 Hand and llreast, ........ Marble. 

1216 Study for a Portrait Statue of Sir Walter Scott, -...._ 

1217 Statuette of the Great Earl of Pembroke, Earl Marshal and Guardian of Henry III, — 

1218 Sleeping Nymph, . . - . . , - - - Plaster. 

1219 Horse in full action, .... .... 

Eoss, Henry, London : — 

1220 Bust, Miohael Angelo, 

1221 Bust, Raphael, 

1221a Bust of the Duke ox Wellington, 



SiEViEK, London : — 
1222 Bust of the Marquis of Anglesey, 


Thoentceoft, Mrs. London : — 

1223 Bust of Her Majetty, 

1224 Statue, Prince of T\'ales, 

1225 „ Princess Royal, 

1226 ,, Princess Alice, 

1227 „ Prince Alfi-ed, 



1228 Bust of the late Chief Justice Bushe, 

1229 Bust, George III. (contributed by the Bank of Ireland,) - 

1230 Bust of the late Duke of Wellington, ( do. ) 


VANEEiii, GiocoMO, (contributed by Mrs. Carmichael) 

1231 Crouching Yenus, ..... 

1232 Boy extracting a Thorn from his Foot, 


West, Mrs. : — 
1232 a Statuette of Ariadne, 


Williamson, B. Belfast : — 
1233 Bust, 




1233 a Bust of Napoleon III., - ...... Marble. 

Cloncukrt, Lord : — 

1234 Cupid, by Bernini, ......... Marble. 

1235 Bust of Julius Csesar, ........ — 

1238 Bust of Homer, - - - 1 ..... _ 

1237 Bust of the Genio of the Vatican, --..... — 

1238 Bust of Phocian, ------.-._ 

1239 Bust of the Virgin, by Bemini, ....... — 

1240 Bust of TasRo, . . . . . . . _ 

1241 Bust of the Laughing Faun, ....... — 

1242 Mask of Medusa, - ....-..__ 

1243 Allegorical Statue of Hibernia, ..-...._ 

Chaklemont, the Earl of 

1244 Bust of Dean Swift. ---..... Marble 

Beuce, Sir Heevey, Bart. Downhill. 

1245 The Centaur, - - --..... Marble. 

1246 Statue of Minerva, (antique) .-.-,,- — 

1247 Statue of Leda, (antique), --.-... — 

1248 Colossal Head of Jupiter, ----... — 

1249 Statue of Flora, .---..-._ 

1250 Statue of Socrates, ........ — 

1251 A Statue, (antiqiie), ........ — 

1252 Sleep, (statue), -.---...._ 

1253 Infant Hercules, (statue), - - - . - - - — 

1254 Head of Young Marcus Aurelius, --.... — 

1255 Bacchus, (statue), .--..... — 

1256 Cupid and Psyche (statue) ....... — 

1257 Agrippina, - - - - . - . . . — 

1258 Bacchus and Ariadne, (statue) - - . . , . . — 

1259 Head of Venus, ---..-.-._ 

1260 Eonaan Senator, (statue), - ...... — 

1261 Cybele, antique, (statue), ....... — 

1262 Juj^iter, antique, (statue), ....... — 

1263 Dying Gladiator, modelled in Tiber clay, ..... — 

1264 Copy of Medici Venus, -.:-...._ 



1265 Dolphin and boy by Eaphael, 

1266 A Mosaic — ruins in Rome. 

1267 A Mosaic — ruins in Rome. 

1268 A Mosaic. 

1269 A Mosaic. 



1270 Bust of Pope Pius tlie 9th, . , - . 

1271 Theseus, from a reduction in Alabaster, made by Mr. Che- 

verton, from the original in the Elgin Collection, British 

1272 llissus, fi-om a reduction made by Mr. Cheverton, from the 

original in the Elgin Collection, for the Arimdel Society. 

1273 Groups, subjects from the Heathen Mythology, each chiselled 

out of one block, by Franco. Bertos. This series was for- 
merly in the possession of Napoleon Buonaparte. Contri- 
buted by John Gemon, Esq. 




CoLE, Lady Feances, 15 Lower FitzwUliain St. Dublin : — 
1274 Bust of Edward VI. by Roubilliac, 


White, Hon. Mrs. 12 Merrion Sq. North, Dablrn :- 

1275 Voltaire and Rosseau, on pedestals of Jaolo Antico, 
1275 A Boy and Dog — Group by Pampelona, of Florence, 
1275 b Girl, Cat, and Bird, by Pozzi, of Florence, 


White Marble. 

CaozlEE, Thomas, Seafield, Donnybrook : — 

1276 Bust (executed at Florence) of Captain F. R. M. Crozier, R.N. F.R.S. commanding 
H.M.S. "TeiTor," in the missing expedition, under Sir John Franklin, which 
sailed from England, May 19th, 1S45, *----- 



Bbonze Articles. 

Elkington, Mason, & Co. 22 Regent St. London :— 

1277 "A Daughter of Eve," designed and modelled by John Bell. 

1278 "Eustace de Vesci," A.D. 1215, modelled by Eitchie. 

1279 Stephen Langton, Archbishop of Canterbury, A.D. 1215, modelled by John 


1280 Death of Tewdric, "Tlie Great King of G went and Glamorgan." 

1281 Colossal Bust of Marcus Aui-elius, from the Antique. 

1282 Colossal Bust of Melpomene, Ditto. 

1283 Colossal Bust of "Lucius Vei-us," Ditto. 

1284 Group, of Queen Elizabeth entering Kenilworth A.D. 1575, by Jeannest. 

1285 Charles I. on the Battle Field of Edge Hill, by Jeannest. 

1286 Theseus reduced by Chevei-ton for the Arundel Society. 

1287 Candelabrum, in the Greek style, i-epresenting :\mp.zon hunting, by Jeannest, 

1288 Bust of the Duke of Welluig-ton, by WeigoU. 




1289 Cupid Captive, - 

1290 Psyche calling Cupid, 

1291 The Cradle of Love, 

1292 Veiled Bust in Marble, 

1293 Madonna in Marble, 

1294 Christ in Marble, 


Van Linden. 

H. Yan den Broeck. 


1295 Young Drummer of the Republic of 178&, 

1296 Child with Greyhound, .... 

1297 The child Jesus preaching in the Temple, 

1298 Spartacus, in bronze, - ... - 

1299 Om* Saviour praying in the Garden of Olives, - 
1299 a Francoise de Rimun (Bas Relief in Marble), 

1299 b Bust of the Empen Napoleon III. in Galvanized Zinc, 
12990 Statuette in Plaster— The Pope Pius IX. 

David d'Angeri. 












1300 Fetnaie Bust in Italian costume, 

1301 Madonna, in alto relievo, 

1302 Bust of Shakspeare, 

1303 Medallion of James Watt, - 

R. Piehl, Berlin. 

F. Ochs, Berlin. 
Dankherg, Berlin, 

m BEONse. 

1304 t»anaid, .... 

1305 A Nun, ..... 

1306 Ariadne, ..... 

1307 Madonna, .... 

1308 A Fisher Boy, .... 

1309 Humboldt, 

1310 A Bull, - - ' 

1311 A Cow, - - 

1312 Amazon, .... 

1313 Cow with Calf sucking, - - 

1314 Ducks, .... 

1315 An Owl, .... 

1316 Boy with Newfoundland Dog, - *■ 

1317 Girl with BuU-dog, 

1318 A Dog of Swedish race, - - 

1319 A Lion startled by a Snake, - - 

1320 A Bnll-do^ Bitch with Whelps, 

1321 Amazon, after Kiss, - . - 

1322 Victory, after Eauch, . ' <• 

1323 Statue of Beethoven, 

1324 Infant Jesus scattering Christmas presents. 

Pischer, Berlin- 

Franz M oiler, Bertirit 

Wolffi Berlin, 







1325 Minerva supporting a Waixior in Battle, 

1326 Infant Jesus dispensing Christmas presents, 

1327 Morning, ... - (gronps) 

1328 Evening, - - - - „ - 

1329 Tlie Seasons, - - - • „ - - 

1330 The Hours, ----„-• 

1331 Infant Jesus dispensing Christmas gifts, >» * " 

1332 The Nymph Echo, ---»•' 
1331 Night and Morning, bas reliefs, . . . - 

1334 Bacchus and Amor, ...... 

1335 Christ blessing Children, - . . . . 

1336 The Virgin IMary with the Infant and St. John, 

1337 The Virgin with the Infant, seated, - - • - 

1338 Kneeling Genius with Harp, . - - - • 

1339 Boy Listening, - • - ' • ' 

1340 Victory Seated, . . . ^ * . 

1341 Victorv Standing, ...... 

1342 Bust of Thorwaldsen, • . . . . . 

1343 The Colossal Bust of Frederick the G-reat (from the grand 

equestrian statue, Unter den Linden, Berlin), - Rauch. 

1344 Bust of Prince "Waldemar, of Prussia, - - - Wittig. 



Eielder, Berlin, 




H. M. the King of Prnssis. 
H. M. the Kinij of Prussia. 


1345 Bust of Shephei-d, after Thorwaldsen, 

1346 Bust of Paris, after Canova, 


tn ZINC. 

i347 Amazon, bronzed, » ■ 

1348 Hercides and Bidl, - - 

1349 iTl-ederiek the Great, - 

1350 Battle of a Frog with a Lizard, 



1 1 aft 

\A hi UNC